Reflections on Relevant End Time Aspects

By Carolyn Thompson, January 27, 2015

Kudos to April Bender with her new blog full of great mind goodies!!!! That one is ‘a read more than once blog’, to get the full flavor!

I do agree that the Sacred Flames at present are of a different quality, higher frequency wise. We are now surrounded with very new energies and much of the old ways are no longer of value. Even the Energy Medicine techniques and Reiki symbols are old. Perhaps people are discovering they are not as effective. There is so much new information that is compatible with these dimensional shifts that many of PAT will bring in to this new time… like new symbols, methods and even different insights to our biological changes. Georgi, you recently wrote that you are going to write about new perspectives, health, and other things that are now relevant in our ascended Earth.

I have performed energy medicine since about 1985, and studied over 5000 hours of many diverse techniques, and guess what, I now use only 10% of all that study! My guidance said anything written before 1975 is OLD energy information. I have new techniques I am bringing in too. These are exciting days indeed.

Now pardon my ignorance for I only learned history in American schools and they really do not teach much of anything outside of USA history other than some dates and wars in Europe and Britain. I am also at fault for I am not interested in reading history, too busy with other interests. Most of the articles in the news here are pro-Israel, so it is hard to get an understanding on WHY the establishment of an Israel country is so important; so important to murder the previous landholders???

All I see is Israel being a major terrorist to every neighbor they have… are they wanting all that land for themselves? Suppose to be the chosen people? By murder and mayhem??? I see that Israel is aas pulling Washington puppets strings. They definitely want the Americans to fight their wars (and die) so they look squeaky clean. Some refer to those puppet handlers as Zionists, yet that does not seem to be the key to this part of world war equations. I am missing something.

I must admit I cringe every time you post some very blatant article spelling out America’s ‘bad asses”… that is because there is so much more to this whole world domination picture. It appears to me that there is a group of international or should I say people who belong to no nation that wish to control and make this their globe. American people become the tiny puppets and the fall guys for the controllers.

Had to laugh at the article Mia wrote about Obama…. as it is true that the last ten presidents all had to let the Alpha dogs sodomize them… part of their initiation in to the inner circle of puppets that rule governments.  The big puppets all go through many rituals in which they must endure in order to advance. And this starts at the state level too, in most states.

How this came about, in my own insights, is that people, in general, allowed the slow degradation of morals and ethics. First tiny white lies. OK, that was not so bad. Next a bit of stealing. Did not seem to hurt no one. And as those tiny little deviations were excepted, then they each and every breach grew bigger…. while people just stood by and said, well, OK that did not hurt too bad.

And so we have now… USA appears to be a privately owned corporation which owns people who live here  and all their lands and possessions. (Does it hurt now?) Britain’s population lives in pre-WWI conditions, for they have the same controllers. And other countries as well…. suffer from the growth of apathy, apathy of the erosion of wholeness and ethics. Many today think this is the way the world must work. Everyone can steal, just do not get caught…

I see what you say about the Orion influence and yet each person incarnate today is also a player on one or the other side of this drama.

I saw the movie “American Sniper” for my son wanted to see it. Clint Eastwood tries to place some well rounded viewpoints in his later movies and this one to me fell short. He wanted to show how war affects men, especially when they go home to their families and lives. The movie landed softly with this hero appearing to get well very quickly, which is a mistake. (spoiler alert) The hero died by a bullet through his head by another shooter at the time the movie was being made…. live by the gun, die by the gun.

Those who come from fighting in wars, do not really get “well”. They learn to modify their behaviour and to fit in, but the trauma comes and goes at any time. They have nightmares and reactions that they live with the rest of their life. My father talked long to me about it, and then when I was in college, most of the young men were coming home from Vietnam, so lost.

The movie reminded me of when Cindy and I met a young returning soldier, Dan, at college and he invited us up for a beer in his room. (College students just have bedrooms, for the most part) So we followed him up in to his tiny room, with two single beds on each wall. No chairs, Just a table, so Cindy sat on one bed and I sat on the other. We had our “plan” of escape by sitting across from each other and certain eye movements would flag time to leave in case anything got weird. His roommate comes hopping out of the bathroom and hopped up on bed next to me. He had no legs from the knees down. Dan sat on the bed with Cindy after handing us beers. We all introduced ourselves, what we were studying and such. Cindy noticed these Polaroid photos behind my head and mentioned them when the room went still, as she was ace at creating conversations. She also had poor eyesight even with glasses so as I looked behind me I saw about a dozen photos of bodies, burned, dismembered, shot up, and all kinds of dead. I kept my dread to myself, as the young man I was sitting next to went in to explaining that these were enemies they shot and those were their high school buddies blown up …. on and on. I looked at Cindy and she was holding her poker face well as I did. She and I both felt like we must be receptive to these men’s journey as it was all they had. They had little else to talk about. They were lost and were lucky to leave their room at times. They were displaced. Their high school friends who did not go to war, talked about football practice and girl friends; but these men had nothing but horror to reflect upon. Cindy and I stayed for a second beer and talked, gave them a few of our stories and bid them goodby, but not until we gave each of the bear hugs. Outside and for the rest of the day, she and I could not say a word.

Honestly, I see no way out of these ugly lifestyles, other than this dynamic path we Logos Gods are working on. This year will be intense in all areas. As PAT continues to elevate in higher frequencies, and as those choosing the lecherous paths plunge in to mega hells, and everything in between; it is imperative to keep our mutual goal of peace on Earth fresh in our minds every day.

PAT is a unit of force beyond imagination, and doing some impressive work in so many areas.


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