With Love From the World Healing Centre Lofer in the 5D City of Light Raetia

Sarah Smucker, November 17, 2014


Dearest Georgi,

First of all I want to say a very belated happy birthday and I am very sorry that I missed your Nov. 1 day, as I have not done in the 3 years since I’ve started to read your website. You may or may not remember that Leo’s birthday is just 20 days after yours, 21.11.51 .  I am very sorry I missed wishing you well on your 63rd birthday, even though I know you did not wish to celebrate it in this form on this earth.

After 4 months in the U.S.,  we were so relieved to leave the North American continent, and as I soon as I walked onto the Austrian airlines plane I felt somehow breathing a sigh of relief. I don’t include Vancouver and Banff where you are creating your beautiful vortex, as I have spent much time in that area in previous years and know its’ power even if the general population is very numbed and sedate, as my friend likes to call them.

On our way back to Croatia from Wien we spontaneously decided to drive through the Wachau valley and on to your beloved Lofer, new capital of Raetia. I wanted to see for myself. I can report of course that it is very powerful energy here, even though I find some of the village folk in Lofer quite blinded and deaf to any kind of sensitivity or spirituality. But we know this already.

I have to say though that even in small ways the vortex of truth from the throat chakra opening and the true compassion from the heart chakra opening seem to manifest in our minuscule everyday experience and encounters with people. The experiences run the spectrum of as you mention— heart-opening compassion for all that lives and the “thrashing” about desperation and despair at the state inner and outer of the world in front of our eyes. Bravo to Travis for articulating this so brilliantly.

I love this from your article of today, regarding the PAT…”of the true sincerity of the PAT, your ability to open your hearts, minds and psyche and to share your precious experience with other people, while disregarding in a sovereign manner as Creator Gods, all the petty considerations of ill-understood privacy and Orion-tainted “political correctness”.

I cannot tell you how long (perhaps eons?) I’ve been waiting for a teacher/ friend/ compadre/ master/ court jester/ coyote/ hyena being like you to waltz not only into my life but all the lives of seeking beings, and all of slumbering humanity.  Thank you so much for your presence and perseverance on our behalf, Georgi.

As for Lofer, the energies are indeed powerful here. We have had the occasion to drive around the villages here, Reith, Unken, Weissbach, Saalfelden and further afield a bit as well. I pasted the photos and labeled most of them. I’m sure you’ll recognize the peaks.  I don’t know if you feel like it as i know you are knocked down now and I don’t expect anything but really only want to cheer you up with some photos I took to remind you of the area you and Carla ascended from last Nov. 28th, almost one year ago….but I would love to know why Lofer, how is Lofer the future center of the 4th dimensional earth?  There is indeed something incredibly powerful here, being in a bowl surrounded by huge massifs and also the water running through every corner, but there is also a veneer, a certain strange quality here, maybe it is the sinister lingering of the negative overlapping timeline- energy that pervades everywhere. I very much loved Unken and Reith, St. Martin and Weissbach too.

I know you detailed how Munchen will be the technological vortex and center of New Germania, and most of Austria and Tirol and northern Italy and parts of northernmost/Slovenia. (does Raetia also include Wien and Styria?) And why the ancient region Raetia? does it have anything to do with the tribes of Raetti and Bavari or is mainly the energetic quality of the area itself despite it’s horribly dark history….?

If you do not have time or energy to answer, no problem. I was curious how you came here in the first place and wrote the Universal Law here in these valleys.  These mountains and this region are indeed magical.  We definitely felt better as soon as we entered these peaks. Even my mother commented on Skype how glowing I appeared.

—as a side note—  On the way from Wien, we actually visited a friend and open soul who lives near the border of Czech republic in a small valley near Laa an der Thaya. It is mostly agricultural area but i felt something also extremely ancient and ethereal in that area and on the land.  I enclose a few photos of the environs too, at the end of this email.

Most of all I just wanted to send you love and light from Lofer, to you and Carla,


p.s. I hope the new galaxy is populated by young wise old souls like Travis. bless him.  i honestly cannot imagine how any young person now could not feel suicidal. we live on a suicidal planet with a suicidal population. I especially love the wise owl rock formation (see photo below) overlooking Lofer . I wonder if you saw it while you were here?

Sorry, I was just made aware that the pictures do not appear. I myself can see them. I have asked Chris to solve the problem. – George


frYyzDE.jpg (640×480)

Dear Sarah,

I just finished reading your travel report (Reisebericht), as the German say, from Lofer for the second time and enjoying the wonderful pictures and am in a hurry to tell you how overwhelmed I am by the beauty of this report. Of course I will publish it on the website as I would love to show the PAT how the future global healing centre of the Light city Raetia now looks like.

I fully agree with you that the present-day 3D Lofer and in particular its inhabitants have nothing to do with the 5D crystal city of light, which will extent to 7D. Raetia is just a symbolic name for this city and has little in common with the former Roman province. It only designates the geographic area of Central Europe which is indeed rich in history and tradition, both of the light and of the darkness. I personally think that the new city of light will include many more European cities such as Vienna and Zagreb as templates, as we will be able to create anything we wish. Actually even giving names to these new cities of light makes no sense, but satisfies the need of the human mind to anchor its thoughts in material visions. The most important asset of Lofer are the huge crystals in the surrounding mountains which are part of the Inner Earth Agartha and create this unique energetic atmosphere there. Of course this holds true for the whole region which you have visited.

The most important thing for me Sarah is that you think of me and I am always deeply moved by your affection. Please send my best wishes to Leo for his birthday and let us hope that this time it is indeed our last birthday in this reality.

I forwarded your email to Carla, who loves Lofer and she also hugely enjoyed your picture report. She is very ill today – has a relapse of broncho-pneumonitis and still a sore, painful throat and is in a state of fever without high temperature, also suffers from a severe headache. I was hoping that this will be spared to her but this cleansing portal is huge and devastating to us. She sends you her heartfelt greetings and thank you for the wonderful pictures from Lofer. I will publish tomorrow Carla’s message from the Elohim on this portal of truth, where much more information is given what is currently happening with us and Gaia. It very much feels as if we have entered the final phase, where the truth is the redeemer of all human evil and pain. This is how I sense it now and I am really excited what will come next.

By the way Czechia (Moravia) is also part of Raetia. It is very interesting that you have sensed relief arriving in Austria, Europe. I also sense a huge dark cloud south of where we live, over the USA and have no desire to visit the USA, although the border is only 10 km away from where we now live and this part of the USA is very beautiful according to Carla. I have such reluctance to cross the US border as during the Cold War the Iron curtain when I lived as a political emigre in Germany. Funny how the situation changes. If somebody would have told me ten years ago that I would get my information predominantly from Russian news outlets, such as RT I would have laughed at him. But here we are now, and this perspective helps me a lot to gauge how far this reality has changed in the meantime for the better, even though the nastiness is now surging everywhere like a hundred heads hydra.

With love and light



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