The Time of Revelations – a Clarification

by Georgi Stankov, September 13, 2014

Make no mistake, the time of revelations is Now. All the revelations humanity needs to awaken can be found on this website. We need not wait for these revelations to occur in the future linear time.

When the mountain does not come to the prophet, the prophet must go to the mountain. In other words, when the masses do not come to us, the current prophets of humanity, that is to say, we must ascend first and then come to the masses as Creator Gods.

It is as simple as that. We do not need future revelations to awaken the people, because their awakening can only come from within, from the soul, and only then can they see the already existing revelations. This is what I call “instantaneous soul revelation”.

Only recently I had the powerful vision that one morning I wake up and check the number of visits on my website and, instead of being several thousand, they have jumped all of a sudden to more than one million. This is how the time of revelations will manifest in this reality shortly before the MPR will be triggered. In order for this to happen, some dramatic miracles must take place first in order to demonstrate to the masses the true nature of a human Being – his multidimensional character as Creator God.

I am aware of the fact that I am repeating this topic again and again, but it is absolutely necessary for you to understand from a psychological point of view, why some of us must ascend first and appear in front of humanity before the “Day of Days” can come. Without this demonstration of our divinity that will shake humanity to its core and will awaken it from the current  interminable nightmare, no evolutionary  leap in the collective awareness will be possible.

Humanity can change this Orion reality only after it has awaken from its current total amnesia and decides to dream (imagine) a new more beautiful reality. A somnambulist  has to be awaken in order to stop him from perpetuating this bad and dangerous habit every night, even at the expense of scaring him to death.

This is what is intended on a global scale with the MPR and this is the divine plan of the Source for humanity in these End Times. It has already happened numerous times on lower 3D and 4D timelines. Hence all moral objections from the point of view of a false perceived humanitarianism are absolutely obsolete and meaningless. They only reflect the lack of understanding of the immortal nature of the soul and her incarnation cycle.

Hence I am still very confident that my initially announced scenario for the End Times (see homepage) is still valid – more than ever – and that the energetic potential of its realization is now looming big on the horizon.

Life is a movement in a circular motion as everything we create is happening in the now and changes the already existing energetic condition within its given parameters. Dramatic changes can only happen during a phase transition.

For this uppermost mother planet the phase transition will be ascension, respectively destruction and descent to a lower timeline. For humanity this will mean death experience for the vast majority of incarnated souls and transition to Celestria, or transfiguration and ascension to the higher realms for the few selected light warriors and current Logos Gods. This is the quintessence of the current reality and everything else that is produced nowadays is a linguistic mess – be it esoteric or trivial.



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