Become Aware of Your Power – and Stop Creeping!

by Jahn J Kassl, September 22, 2014

translated by Franz

The Dead 

Since 7 July up to 28 August, at least 2,133 Palestinians have been killed (in a time span of only 52 days, murdered by the Jews/Zionists  /Israelis). This figure includes 362 persons who could not be yet  identified or their status established. Of the initially verified cases,  1,489 are believed to be civilians, including 500 children (187 girls  and 313 boys), 257 women and 282 members of armed groups. 

Many fatalities involved multiple family members, with at least  142 Palestinian families having three or more members killed in  the same incident, for a total of 739 fatalities. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, over 11,100 Palestinians, including  3,374 children, 2,088 women and 410 elderly were injured. Preliminary estimates indicate that up to 1,000 of the children injured will have a permanent disability and up to 1,500 orphaned children will need sustained support from the child protection and welfare sectors.

The ongoing fighting has resulted in significant civilian casualties  and damage to infrastructure and civilian property all over Gaza. Over 9,000 people have been injured, including at least 222 boys and 132 girls aged between one month and 17 years old. As of 3 August, over 10,600 homes were severely or completely destroyed. Children witnessed parents and family being killed and were confronted with the added distress associated with displacement – and being separated from their families – in addition to the tense and volatile situation in shelters. An estimated 373,000 children will require specialized psycho-social support. Gaza Initial Rapid Assessment (PDF)… 


The Silence 

And of all this in our independent and free Western media nothing!  These crimes are not worth one syllable for our politicians,  not worth one minute of silence for any parliament. 

The Zionists rant and rage in the protection of the antisemitism club, and swung it as soon as somebody criticizes Israel’s criminal regime. 

Crazy world, the re-interpretation of the truth is complete, only the “department of truth” is still lacking; above is below and good is evil. The USA and their vassals still have the sovereignty over the interpretation, yet it dwindles increasingly, because more and more human Beings awaken and the elites see their hopes dashed.

The System 

The mass media lose readership en masse, the politicians lose any trust and the Pope, who does what every Pope always does: admonish others to reverse without reversing himself. Just as well a cannibal could ask for the relinquishment of human meat.

The system implodes and nonetheless the madness goes on. Still. How long and why? How much longer? Until the bitter end. And this, because our opposition is paltry, our determination to withdraw from the system is inadequate, and our willingness to look into the eyes of the truth is weak, and the last consequence is missing. Therefore the 1% elite continues to rant and rage. 

Obama, who “is really good in killing”. 

Merkel, the High Priestess of the NWO in Europe.

Cameron, whom, totally credible, the “heart threatens to break” due to the Scottish ambitions. 

The Queen, a resilient snake, which like no other, pulls the bloody strings in the background and keeps them in her hands. 

The Bushes, the Skull & Bones rat’s nest, which came to power through racketeering, had their fingers on the trigger in the murder of both Kennedy’s (1963 and 1968) and afterwards elevated to a crime syndicate, which searches its equal in world history. 

The Clintons, actually in the middle of everything, where the military industrial complex pushes through its interests and where the self-benefit of the Clintons is preserved.

And finally the old Henry Kissinger, who instead of sucking up mother milk must have sucked human blood, otherwise his uniquely gruesome vita cannot be read.

An incomplete list, yet a cross-section of those representatives, which until now determined the game and now recognize that the game and the game of their successors has been lost. Their downfall is irreversible, is sealed and it is only a question of a short time. Their deeds are so much the more desperate, and so much more diabolical are their means, whereby they would like to forestall the inescapable.

The genocide in Gaza, being done by the Zionist regime in Israel, verifies this in a gruesome manner and can be applied as an example to many regions in this world, because what Netanjahu finishes in Jerusalem, the US troops finish together with their NATO vassals somewhere else in the world. Death rules everywhere, such as there is no tomorrow and no court of law, where these butchers would be held responsible.

In the meantime one deviously and with omnipresent mass media deafening noise declares Putin the bastard and Russia is called the new rogue State. So that, according to plan, the deeds of the actual bastards remain invisible, and the arsonists still play the fire brigade.

This cynical game worked at least until now. Yet this is now over, because an awakening, of at least a part of mankind, looms ahead.

What can be done?

To withdraw from the system, whenever and how it may be possible for you.

The lies and impositions become brasher,  to the extent as politicians and the presstitutes become more desperate. Because: Gaza is everywhere in the world, where the dignity of a human Being is flouted and the life of a human Being is worth nothing!  

Each bomb is preceded by verbal armament, and the political world events have actually reached this level some time ago.

What can be done? Remain standing on your conning bridge! Do not relinquish the command over your life or get it back! Avoid newspapers, television, and industrially prefabricated food (supplements). Eat vegetarian, because for our animals every day is Gaza, Treblinka or Auschwitz. Drink pure water. Allow yourself the luxury of a simple life. And simple is: Let go of comfort and expose yourself to the seeming trouble of a life far from mainstream and political correctness.

Think your own thoughts, and if you rock the boat – so much the better! This is a good sign of your non-conformity. Go the conscious path of self-knowledge. End the dictatorship of outside determination.

The dead of Gaza also mean the slow dying for us, as we do not recognize of who is responsible for the dead! As we do not see who is responsible for it, this chalice of horror will not pass but will be turned over to us! 

The New World Order (NWO) means the extinction of human lives not more, not less. Exactly this happens in many parts of the world for several years! We must face these facts, the sooner the better, because we are dealing with a pack of bastards for the majority of our elites, which declares the lie as truth and distorts the truth into a lie.

We will prevail as we become conscious of our strength and power as self-determined divine Beings. 

Become aware of your power!

Because: „The great ones will stop ruling, if the little ones stop creeping.”  Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805), German philosopher and writer

In Love

Jahn J Kassl

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