Spiritual Truth of End Time – Part II

Conversation with Sananda
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 22, 2014
first published on August 3, 2014 in

JJK: Today I woke up with a question and this question preoccupies me now in the afternoon: Why do so many wealthy and as rich designated human Beings have an issue with money?

Many are greedy or cannot have enough; some hoard (save) the money and pass on very little, as it does not serve their own benefit. Some human Beings hide their wealth, so that they do not have let go of anything, others preserve it, as if they want to take it with them into Heaven. And foremost: Wealth and abundance obviously are different things? How do they relate to each other? And thereby poverty is also per se not a sign of lack?


Let us illuminate the complexity of this issue, so that the view toward the nature of abundance becomes complete.

The Nature of Abundance

Indeed there are many, who hide their earthly wealth, their earthly goods from human Beings, so that they do not have to pass on anything? And yet these human Beings are able to increase it? Why?

It is good to know that every human Being, who is born into this world, has chosen one or several specific experiences on this level of All-That-Is. The experience to dispose of a high amount of money, possessions and wealth, is a choice that can be made fully consciously. Just as the experience of poverty is chosen and a multitude of suffering; all experiences, which can be recalled on this level of being.

Many human Beings, who preserve their earthly possessions and increase them under all circumstances, instead to share them with human Beings or let them flow into the world, must still learn the right handling of wealth.

For this it usually takes several incarnations, wherein very often, karmic ties develop, which at a given time must be balanced, because earthly wealth, abundance of this kind, is always connected to the issue of power. The question, how a human Being utilizes his given power that he obtained due to his wealth, decides the wellbeing of this human Being for many incarnations. The handling of money, the behavior of a wealthy human Being, as this experience is done for the first time, are in most cases ego based and has nothing to do with the flow of abundance. Thereby one always has to consider, which experience a human Being has chosen for himself before he was born on earth.

“Rich” human Beings can therefore live in lack as well as human Beings, whose poverty, yet very often not lack, can be seen.

Hence in this context we have arrived at the issue of “poverty”.

Poor is the one, whose survival it is not cared for and poor is the one, who does not know the spiritual reasons for it. And this kind of poverty is also chosen. In principle it needs to be pointed out:

Abundance means the inner assuredness that everything in the life of a human Being is cared for from the Source of All-That-Is. God takes care of everything needs to be internalized.

Abundance does not conform to wealth, to possessions or fortunes, but to the inner ability to experience God’s abundance and to partake of it every day.

Poverty on the Light Path

Why is there poverty, human Beings, who fight with actual existential problems and why can one very often observe this with light warriors?

Besides the fact that poverty also wants to be experienced, the poverty of many human Beings lies in karmic conditions or/and is based on their rejecting attitude toward wealth and wealthy human Beings.

Human Beings, who become aware and enter unto the path of Light, at the very first, will be confronted with all their unresolved issues. Thereby issues of money and power play a decisive role. Meaning, light warriors, before they regain abundance, must dissolve their blockages and must free their karmic ties, which have to do with issues of money and power.

If a human being has chosen his “awakening”, then he will inevitably be confronted with himself; consequently and on all levels.

This is not the case with much younger souls.

These agree with a life as a wealthy human Being and experience this; these human Beings usually are at the beginning of their incarnation cycle. Rich is not equal to rich and poor is not equal to poor.

Furthermore there is a small group of human Beings, the light warriors of the first and last hours, which live in God’s abundance, yet comprehensive wealth or financial securities do not appear. This condition serves the necessity that certain assignments of these Beings can only be optimally fulfilled in space-time under these conditions.

Yet everything for these light warriors is taken care of, and this knowledge is very familiar to these human Beings.

JJK: Why do some human Beings have such difficulty to separate from money, even though they have become aware of many things and why give some from the little that is available to them, much, and others then again pass on little from the many they have available?

I can see this very clearly from the supporters of Lichtwelt.

Many, it is the overwhelming number of those human Beings, who support us financially, give with intensity, joy and Love, which is unconditional and awe inspiring; either from the many much or everything from the little; on the other hand, no matter how much they have, some give just enough, so that they calm down their guilty conscience, some more, some less, yet never “unconditionally”.

Here appears the human face with regard to money, abundance, receiving and giving.

SANANDA: Those, who give little from much, carry out an inner struggle for existence.

The many always seems to be never enough and these human Beings foremost need security.

Security and Saving

Security that has been carefully calculated to the end of life.

Life without a net and in trust toward God is indeed something totally different, and many ambitious light beings must at first establish this ability and the awareness. That God is the one, who is everything and gives everything, and that at the very first it is important to fulfill God’s will, so that life fulfills itself, this wisdom is still not anchored in these human Beings and therefore still cannot be lived. Meaning that “unconditional giving” is impossible.

Furthermore these human Beings are not clear about the fact that every holding back of money blocks the flow of life. To “save” money is a great stupidity, because it means to save first on you.

To deny oneself anything cannot activate the flow of abundance, no matter how much money somebody has or how much wealth one calls its own.

To let money circulate, so that it flows, is the way. Thereby it is important to let money flow, where it can have a good effect.

Rich and Poor

This must be in an exact harmony with the inner orientation of a human Being. Meaning, it is not advisable to arbitrarily spend money, in the assumption that only then it can flow back. Everything that a human Being does must be seen in the context of his life and his assignments. Human Beings, who from the little of what they own, let everything flow to where their soul is, have understood, they increase their wealth incessantly and they live in God’s abundance. This behavior is predominant mostly in older souls.

JJK: Meaning, wealth is not necessarily a sign of abundance and the earthly lack of possessions no sign for poverty?

SANANDA: Rich is the one, who lives in God. Poor is the one, who doesn’t know God. This is the law. Everything that surpasses this or does not apply, describes the individual decisions of a human Being and the chosen experiences.

This dynamic obeys the game of karma and ends, as soon as a human Being decides to step out of it.

JJK: I now come to another issue: In half-sleep, it was not a dream, I suddenly saw in front of my inner eye Edward Snowden appearing. Totally present and clear. After that I saw a circle, a very big planet and then stars, which one after another flew into the circle and disappeared therein?

SANANDA: This scene reveals two things.

Edward Snowden

1.)The Being by the name Edward Snowden has revealed things to mankind, which it did not want to become aware of, things, which describe nothing else than the mode of operation and the nature of evil.

The consequences and results from these exposures will still much stronger become public knowledge than up to now and this truth really shakes the geopolitical framework, before it collapses. Since then the last remnant of trust in politics and their representatives have shrunk. More and more human Beings become vigilant toward the political establishment and foremost this is owed to these exposures. A second important point is that these truths have an immediate effect on the ascension dynamic, because lies, betrayal and insidiousness are redeemed. These are powerful energies, which are transformed, before the ascension can capture the whole world. On different higher levels of being of the fourth dimension, the memory of Edward Snowden is honored and the merit is recognized in its true value. Many of the newly ascended Masters on this level also partake already today in these feelings of “reverence” and “high regard”.

Separation of the Galaxy

2.) Flying stars in the great planets describe the separation of the galaxy and the development of this new galaxy.

The separation of the galaxy means that all living organisms of this galaxy mandate themselves to a new place in the galaxy. The great planet, from the outside recognized as a “round sphere”, is the place, is the new galaxy, whose guardianship has been transferred to you.

This became possible, because many awareness processes on this earth were initiated. And thereby the insight of a portion of human Beings that they were hindered in their progress by a dark power is of great significance.

The light warriors of the first and last hours, due to their steadfast posture in the battlefield of this time, had prevailed over all lower elements and thereby were lifted to guardians of this galaxy. And also the great masses of human Beings contributed their part, so that this could be fulfilled. Their part consisted in becoming vigilant and to withdraw the trust in the present rulers, and to attain strength, clarity and power within them.

Here a great multitude of events affect each other, recognized and still unresolved issues overlap each other, until the truth penetrates all and everything, because human Beings have learned to look at the lies. On all lower vibrating levels of 4D every exposure of a crime of the dark ones is a very helpful fact, because thereby the vibration in these worlds is increased in frequency, what makes the change to the fifth dimension very congenial.

Each level experiences the change in a unique and totally special manner, and this has been addressed here.

JJK: Once again I come back to the issue of money, and the factual poverty of so many human Beings, to the fact that human Beings are dying of malnutrition. Is this really the choice of these human Beings? Or do several things simply go astray; are some events not exactly predictable, despite all wisdom and knowledge, which is available to us before we are born?

SANANDA: Both apply, both are correct.

Dying due to Malnutrition

Each life offers different potentials or “role models”. Meaning that human Beings dying of malnutrition saw very clearly what is expected of them in this world. And they descended exactly for this reason.

For one, because through their “dying” they give a picture for humanity, like it could not be any more vivid, and this as long until individual human Beings react to it, whereby all of humanity gets into movement!

These conditions can only be eliminated, when humanity becomes aware of three things:

a) That this kind of dying actually exists.
b) That somebody is responsible for it.
c) That the responsible individuals have to bear witness and account for their crimes, have to ask for forgiveness and have to perform retribution, on the earthly as well as the spiritual level.

This existence, below any human dignity, reveals to awakening mankind that these conditions must be changed. And this awareness spreads out more and more. This is equivalent to the increase in vibration in this world.

Suffering human Beings in such a manner perform an invaluable great service of Love for this world and for humanity, or with this life they redeem their own enmeshments.

Different Now-Times

Furthermore in this case the multidimensionality of every human Being is of significance. Meaning that every human Being makes all experiences simultaneously! Poor and rich, impotent and powerful, godless and god-loving: at the same time.

With this overriding view certain situations lose their exclusivity, yet does not justify them. This fact makes things in this world not any better, yet it let the deeper sense and the whole be recognized: Everything occurs in the Now!

All ascending human Beings are now increasingly becoming aware of the Now. Therefore it says in the scriptures: “Do not condemn so that you may not be condemned yourself!”

“Self” refers to that you are a murderer in another existence, which you condemn here or a saint, which you ridicule here or cover him with mockery.

Everything always arrives at you, because everything starts from yourself.

JJK: A little bit confusing? Is it always like that?

SANANDA: It will only change, once a human Being breaks off all connections to his lower existences. Meaning as a human Being withdraws his whole multidimensional forms of expression from all 3D and 4D worlds or dissolves them, because he unconditionally and with all his strength wants to return into God’s Light. Then a totally different “Now-Time” becomes active, because every human Being recognizes himself as a multidimensional and foremost as an awakened Being.

Totally in contrast to a multidimensional unaware Being. Meaning the following: Enlightenment means of having dissolved all reflections of ones lower Self to all lower levels of Being of 3D and 4D.

The Now remains untouched. The experience of Now is the clincher. An enlightened one exclusively experiences his light-filled and loving Now and is no longer confronted by his dark characteristics. Totally different in an unconscious human Being.

This is important to distinguish, so that you correctly interpret the many pictures of your life. Murderer or Saint? An enlightened one has stepped out of this game – on all levels of Now.

JJK: Now this feels very clear to me. And the ascending ones now dissolve all lower Selves?

SANANDA: Yes, this happens now and at the same time is the condition for ascension. Thereby all levels of space-time can be left.

This experience as a low vibrating multidimensional Being remains always present in the infinite consciousness of an awakened one, yet all enmeshments to it have been dissolved.

This is another capacity that makes you so unique in the expanses of Creation, because most Beings have not exposed themselves to this experience, this multifaceted game of illusion.

You are truly “special” and as such recognizable everywhere in All-That-Is. Multidimensionality is not equal to multidimensionality. Thereby there are also significant aspects, which portray themselves differently with regard to levels.

JJK: I notice that the conversation now dies down…

SANANDA: Indeed. We have discussed the important issues, so that human Beings, who follow these lines, receive new insights and can connect current events directly with their life.

Additional insights will be given and many gifts from Heaven stand ready.

The Infinity of Creation becomes tangible;

For you, who have stepped unto the path of truth, have passed the bridges of the Light and have walked through the gates of Love …

In infinite Love I am that I am

– among you.

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