The Longing for My Soul – A Personal Journey

by Denise Godber, July 19, 2014


Georgi Stankov

We have entered the time of simultaneous synchronicities. For instance the day when the 6D fleet came to us and we had a very long and deep conversation with these powerful entities, they also contacted Jahn and gave him a message, which I have not read yet. When I read his latest message ” The Nature of Transformation” channelled by Babaji, this is what I immediately wrote to him:

Dear Jahn,

a very strong message, in all respects, in content and literary.

The longing of the soul is the inner staircase to God, this has always been the case with humans and all mystical writings are characterized by this desire. Even those of many Christian founding fathers, which I actually do not particularly like. But this desire has always been there, for all seekers at all times and one only needs to read the poems of the fourteenth century (Trecento) in Italy to sense this longing for God and All-That-Is immediately.

None of this can be found in today’s esoteric literature and this is the main reason why the New Age movement has failed so miserably.

In other words, you cannot transform a little bit and then ascend, one must be fully dedicated, with body and soul, to this end, just as a woman cannot be a little bit pregnant …

In Love

And today, only two days later, Denise from Italy sent me this beautiful, introspective poem about her inner journey back to the vastness of her soul. These are the kinds of serendipity that are now constantly accompanying our pathway to ascension and merging with All-That-Is. When the outer world begins to crumble, the inner psychological space of the human personality begins to expand and to substitute this waning illusory reality with a new, infinitely more beautiful dream of unlimited freedom and immediate expression.

Fateful to my tradition to support all artistic impulses coming from the PAT members, I present to you this wonderful poem of Denise Godber from Italy, where this kind of poetry has a very long tradition.


Dearest Georgi,

What a wonderful gift to read your words once again along with Carla. What beautiful Souls you are. I have been keeping up to date by reading Jahn’s blog, of which l am enormously grateful. Together the information is simply “Wow”!

The last message on “The Nature of Transformation” made me think about a poem, l wrote at the beginning of May. That day I found myself thinking, thoughts that caught my attention and so l started writing them down. I would like to share it with you and Carla.

Bless you both.
Denise, Italy

Denise Godber

Many a time have l cried for the choices
Of the lower self and its conditioned ways.
Many a time a soft whispering of Spirit came forth to guide me,
To say: Awaken! Awaken! It is  time for your heart.
Use its discernment to show you the way.
Have courage, have faith, heed only your own sources,
For the illusions will play with you day after day.

Only heart knows the real journey you will be taking,
For it’s a solitary one of trust and unfolding.
The You that is calling is hidden inside you,
Patient and strong, ever young and all knowing.
The mind it is fighting to have its own way,
It has its own stories and ways of approaching
That constantly attack your new ways of being.

Alas it has found that a free ride was enticing,
But the work to be done, is by you alone.
Understanding is confusing to the beliefs still existing,
And only a change of perspective will help you move on.
A good dose of courage and pushing Self forward
Will heed new results and spark a new flame.
This flame comes into action, ever guiding and growing
And connecting to others and deeper in Self.

The vision of life is beginning anew,
The love of All things Is natural and has a fresh view.
The heart leads the way, without thought or hindrance,
It knows, it just knows and You trust in this knowing,
That Creation is easy and beautiful and loving.

A step in a direction guided by Soul,
it’s not where we thought it was, where we would find it…..
……..our mind tried to tell us, it was leading the way.

Only now, with our hearts we truly just know
That this is a personal journey, we make in and through us
Of releasing our thoughts of duality experiences.
Source tells us, it was never intended for us
To be in any permanent separation from the real feeling Us.

It’s done. it is over, we are moving on
And the moment has come to lay down the old,
For boredom of mind has overwhelmed the experience.

It’s been done and repeated and watched and let go.
I know others may still do it, while l decide to move on,
So with love in my heart and understanding of Soul,
I wave a final good bye and thank the experiences.

It was good, while it lasted and taught me a lot.
Source calls from our hearts,
We know it is time.

Light Body, Merkaba, pulsing around
Let go and let be and breathe in the life
As we join in the One,
The One that is always.
We blend and Unite in Divine, sparkling Light.

It is a feeling of Home,
The Home that we dreamed of.
It’s here, it is now and we release into It
We receive an embrace of something like bliss.
Before we had dreamed it,
Now it feels like a gift.

It is here, it is now.
I find my heart smiling.
I’m told l have earned it, and l humbly accept.
So Thank you to all and above all myself
As l let go of old and sink into……

…. Self.
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