Sananda – The Ascension Scenario

Reply to Georgi Stankov’s question and comments from July 5, 2014

channeled by Jahn J Kassl on July 6, 2014

Translation in English by Georgi Stankov


by Georgi Stankov, July 12, 2014

On July 5, after I had read the latest message from Sananda “Turning Away From the Light Path,” that Jahn had sent me, essentially announcing the failure of most light workers to wake up for the light and ascend:

A new low point has been reached. Now many human Beings fall off from the path of Light, because they get lost in their impatience instead of anchoring themselves in the Now. Instead of experiencing the innocence of a child each day, many human Beings let themselves be captured by the “wave of impatience” and they are being swept away by it. These human Beings are fully deprived of the complexity of the ascension and also it is impossible for us to still reach them, because they have lost the trust, the devotion and the Love for their Masters of the light realms.

God’s word remains unheard and the “callers in the desert”, those, who incessantly herald ascension and transfiguration are treated with scorn.

Shortly before the finish, shortly before the victory of the summit, shortly before the mighty gates into the Light open for all of humanity, they say goodbye to the path of Light and fall back into sluggish and dark time…”,

I was urged to make the following observation:

Dear Jahn,

It is good to know that the ascension process is now progressing independently of the decisions of the people, ie it is autonomous, because we have been awaiting for so long again and again to give these people as fickle candidates one more chance.

Could it be that with these delays that were a double-edged sword, we have lost in the end more ascension candidates than we have won? If this is so, and I am inclined for a long time to see it that way, then the strategy of HR has completely failed in this regard.

About this there must be some serious discussions after ascension and Sananda is not convincing in this message, because it is not enough to put the blame repeatedly on the incarnated personalities. A balanced view would also require an explanation as to why we had to make so many delays, which were also confirmed by Sananda and the other sources that you are channeling, when the ascension could have and should have certainly taken place sooner rather than later.

I am thinking here of the new moon portal end of May, when we were officially notified by the Agarthans and Adama that we would ascend, only to postpone our ascension again. I was very angry at that time with the Agarthans that they did not come again to tell us the reason for this new shift. Since then I am so angry with Adama and the Agarthans that they no longer dare to appear here. And rightly so.

Pardon me, but I find that this message from Sananda is inappropriate in this respect. We get so many unqualified and unilateral announcements and then when the course of the events changes, they simply remain silent and make no comments on these alterations. Why is that? Are we too stupid to cope with a subsequent explanation? Apparently, they think we are so stupid.

I complain about this uncritical one-sidedness of all channeled statements, including ours, since the beginning and have no comprehension, why it is not possible to make more differentiated statements, where the errors and false assessments of these same sources should be subsequently discussed.

Maybe you should dig deeper in this direction, because it is our right, to pursue the truth without ifs and buts, as Sanat Kumara has recommended in his latest message. This should also apply to all sources, not just for us. Again, this is an over-simplification.

With Love

I immediately received Jahn’s response as follows:

Dear George,

many THANKS for your disquisitions and stating quite rightly the proper questions. For me this message is actually a clear confirmation of the developments of recent events.

I also believe that we are held by the HR as neither too stupid, nor otherwise (we certainly are not!) But that these are only able to express themselves clearly, when it is clear.

This shows to me that the spiritual planes cannot always be knowledgeable, since the potentials are “flexible” up to our exhaustion. Here meet and collide prophecy with spiritual reality.

In short, I think that the explanations will follow in retrospect, but not until then, when these are possible – whether Agarthans or HR, what is absolutely correct to me is that a lot cannot be accurately measured also from “above” .

And, today I even got a message that says that a super 3D Planet is created (without dogs) for the dark ones. I report to you here, as I assume that this is altogether of significance for the further process of ascension. Although it does not  concern us, everything is related.

I myself keep my inner ears open, and am still prepared for any coming adjustment. And, so far I have, at least this applies for me, always learned in the right moment what I had to experience. through it with a lot of effort.

Given the totality of my tasks, I am actually grateful that not every detail of knowledge is given to me, otherwise I had to work out. What I also see is that, although we must very often live with shifts and disappointments, the underlying reason has always shown up. As it will be in this case. Finally, it is often so that we all come on our own to know why something has been delayed or happened differently than originally planned.

I send you love and I am very optimistic. Another round in the ascension merry-go-round? I am ready, though the enthusiasm wears off …

Because the victory is ours.

In Love

Dear Jahn,

I thank you very much for your very constructive response, to which nothing more can be added.

The fact is that we create our reality in the Now and thus we have only insufficient knowledge how it could be if we would have decided differently, even if we have the opportunity to explore this in parallel probability alternatives. But it is not the same.

I find that the principle decision – earlier ascension with risks, but with an earlier wake-up of the masses versus delayed ascension with a few risks, but only with a handful of leftover, hard-nosed Light Warriors, as the other potential candidates were left by the wayside, is absolutely the central question of the End Time scenario and not a detail that overwhelms us unnecessarily. It is this central theoretical question that has unfortunately never been discussed and that is not right.

The information that a super-dark 3D earth was created makes sense, as where should all these dark entities go, after we have ousted them from so many new holograms and they are no longer allowed to pollute new worlds and planets.

With Love

The next day I received at 18.00 clock (CET) the following news from Jahn:

Dear George,

I have received this message (see below) two hours ago. It is not proof-read, etc. However, I send it to you, as it is probably good.

With love

Sananda’s Message

Loved ones,infinite is the love which is given to you, infinite is the love that you are giving to others.

I am Sananda

The ascension continues on and on, and all the adjustments and changes needed cannot affect the ultimate result, the completion of the ascension.

A lot of power and endurance is required from those who carry the energy on this earth and keep the ascension energy for this planet. These are a few people and it does not concern at all most of the ascending ones. Those who are on the “front line of ascension” have to shoulder in fact most of the burden and to them the scepter of a Creator God will be transferred at the end of time.Until then it is mandatory to understand the time, to accept the ascension process in all its facets and to remain anchored in the deep knowledge of the correctness of all things, even if their meaning is very often only gradually being revealed.

To the question raised by Georgi and discussed by both of you, whether a “previous ascension with many ascending ones” would have been preferable to “a later ascension with a few ascending ones“, I announce as follows:

1) The ascension occurs neither earlier nor later, because it takes place in the Now for over two years.

2) All time-specific perceptions and considerations are part of the whole and reveal the great arch, but cannot always exactly determine it.

3) The ascension finale was indeed postponed until the very last point in space-time, since it was and is still the goal to provide as many people as possible with the conditions for their awakening.

And that is the crucial point.

Until  today it has been the top priority of various ascension teams on both sides of the veil to offer the people on earth conditions, so that they wake up, partially wake up, or can ascend.

The main task of the heavenly realms of light, the Galactic Federation of Light and the Universal Federation of Light was, and still is, to bring up as many people as possible through the finish line until the threshold for planetary ascension is reached. For this purpose all, already on this time level fixed ascension scenarios of the past months have been repeatedly modified and adapted again and again to the new circumstances.

What was and is this all about in detail?

1) The fickleness of the people was, and is the major theme. That is to say, many people initially decided to ascend to the light. Then, the light levels of being started with the nightly training and generally with the clarification work in these people.

After some time, many people began to avoid this training – as well as the light – and they stayed away from the lessons. This meant, they granted themselves breaks and unduly long recovery pauses instead of going quickly through the “valley of tears”.

Some people no longer followed this track to themselves and to the light and some returned to our ships of the Federation. Everything obeys the free human will. It was indeed a permanent “relocation of the chairs” and the decisions were often revised.

All this was allowed because this unique time and this unique process make this possible.

Every person who was ready for ascension at one of his planes of consciousness was offered this opportunity under the greatest energetic effort of the new ascended masters on the ground, because it was their duty at this time to hold the energy of ascension on earth, and even more, to support the tottering humanity to such an extent, so that they do not fall.

Furthermore, a “rapid ascension with a risk” and with far more ascending ones as they can be today was withdrawn because this ascension could have never been a complete one.

This means most of the still unresolved, but in principle ready for the ascension people had to be retrieved from the (3D) earth and brought to higher realms of the 4D worlds, so that they can accomplish this there. The fifth dimension or higher levels of being and vibration were out of reach for the broad flock of people. Even today, this can be achieved only by a few and all the shifts and changes until now cannot alter anything on this fact.

There have been, and are, only a few true seekers at all times.

Who is willing to unconditionally dedicate himself to the enlightenment of his being? Who is willing to give up everything? That was the case at all times and is still an invariable part of this level of experience and this affects all processes of ascension.

In addition, the desire of many angels was born and was fulfilled by the people, to enter for a short period of time this level of experience by taking a place in a human body (walk-ins, note Georgi). That is to say, this (3D) level was maintained, while the ascension was further building up, so that as many beings as possible could have, through certain soul transfers or partial soul shifts, an experience in a human body.

This was also another reason for adjustments, which was perceived by the light warriors in the space-time as a “delay”.

And again this perception concerned primarily the light warriors of the first and the last hours. Those, who are doing their service, while risking their entire being, because at all times, it is you who hold the energy in the world – together with us on the other side of the veil – so that the ascension of humanity can happen in the first place.

I tell you: Many of you would have long been raptured, if you would have just walked on this earth for your own sake!

A service of love, that could not be greater.

Furthermore, we have already commenced  with your attunement to the “Now“. To grasp the “concept of the “Now” intellectually is one thing. It is though something completely different to integrate the concept of the Now in one’s human consciousness, even if this consciousness is awakened. For some time, we no longer say “soon”, but “Now”. And this now also takes place in the Now.

It is important to understand that the ascension takes place indeed now and in the Now.

It is important to let oneself constantly in this Now-consciousness and be always aware of it. What is most significant is that a human consciousness – which is of course natural for the divine consciousness – can never fully grasp this concept.

All errors and also the temporary dissatisfaction of many light warriors with the current course of the ascension and what has been achieved so far result out of this limited perception of the “Now-concept”. And that is not a flaw or a defect, but it is human and absolutely natural!

For it is precisely this limitation that makes life on earth for an awakened angel that you are from the beginning of time so interesting and exciting, so important and magical.

This discrepancy between divine awareness, that you are, and human limitation, which you experience as a human being, makes your sojourn on this level of experience of being so significant. Because, while you seek to overcome the human consciousness and attain the divine consciousness, the certainty arises in you that you already know everything, understand everything, are everything – and as soon as you approach this impulse as humans, it seems as if this knowledge eludes you at the same moment.

And exactly this state of perception is worthy of a human being, because this state is a natural one.

Overcome, completely overcome, will this state be in the moment of enlightenment – until then it is important to savor the experience of limitation and also to enjoy it – because this is unique in creation.

And now the following on the ascension process from the current situation:

1) Everything is in God’s plan – everything is ready for the further necessary events.

2) The number of the ascending ones into the light of the fifth dimension of being, is today, like since the beginning of this process, approximately constant.

3) The quality of the ascending ones is awesome.

4) All processes regarding knowledge that are still possible at this level will be breathed into reality and the teachings and clarifications for the fickle ones, who lose themselves in unplanned breaks, run until the last day of time.

Every child of God receives all the possibilities, and even if only one child of God would find the way back to heaven at the end, the use of all forces involved in this has paid off. The true rock in the breakers and the beacon on the hill are the ones who reflect this truth. For an enlightened one surmounts billions of unconscious human souls and can bring liberation to billions, if he decides to enter human flesh.

In summary:

Unaltered is the ascension process, The Now-time has been reached and the Now has been entered.

Many worlds were created, so that all the people can find suitable conditions, and meanwhile the Light Warriors of the first and last hours continue holding the energy on this planet.

When will the breakthrough to ascension come?

At the very moment, in which the crystallization point is reached; what has always failed so far was that at the last moment some light warriors have decided otherwise – as the groom who lets the bride alone in the hour of marriage.

The fact is: The light worlds of being are capable of infinitely much, but they are not capable of holding a sovereign human being from a sudden alteration of his choice.

Thus we always deal with what is, and we are urged to prepare all potentials, the environment for any development, but it is not the task of the Beings of the Universal Federation of Light to anticipate the decisions of the people.

How many times have you been informed about the reversal? How many last calls of reversal were given to you? How often a wake-up call was proclaimed?

Uncountable are these with the deep sense of carrying the ascension of this humanity into every corner of the world, so that at least the memory of it is anchored in the people, in a distant time, then, when they should and will be taken home by God.

Would more people have ascended  if we would have abandoned the tents earlier on earth or are there fewer today?

I say to you: Only a few are ready for the heaven of the fifth dimensional level of God! However, those that were and are, they are completely ready with their full heart and soul. Please do not block yourselves by cumbersome – though understandable – considerations!

You are humans of flesh and blood and subject to certain “limitations” that you have chosen. However, you are also spiritualized gods, limitless and eternal – who leave the corset of the human limitations in these days: You shall ascend.

The spiritual light levels are for ever among you and with you. And each section of the ascension process is accompanied by certain masters and beings.

For each section of the ascension certain light siblings from the Being take over the leadership and act as cosmic light-bearers for mankind. Were until recently the Agarthans entrusted with this duty, now it is the Universal Federation of Light and the space fleet of the 6th dimension. It is not far off until your desire will be fulfilled. And until then, I will stay and our eternal light Asana Mahatari will stay among you, because our presence among the people is since the beginning of time and until the end of time, the truth and the reason, why we have separated ourselves from the primary source of all Being. Truly: We carry this humanity with you, the light warriors of the first and last hours, in our hearts and in our souls. We are your brothers and sisters who can only return to God, after all the people have been raptured – eons have we traversed, eons shall we traverse.

Loved ones,

While everything is prepared for the last moment in time, you are already prepared, while the world,is ascending, you have already ascended, while you are waiting, you have already arrived, while you repine your destiny, you have already overcome it. While you live on earth, you are closer to heaven than to the earth’s ground, while you hold out for the light, you, yourselves, have become the light and have transfigured to love.

It is all told, it is all done!


In infinite love


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