My Infinite Gratitude Goes to the PAT

Georgi Stankov, July 31, 2014

I am truly overwhelmed by Your outpouring of compassion, moral and financial support in these last few days and my infinite gratitude goes to each member of the PAT. We all go through our tribulations and have to overcome huge challenges each single day. Most of these sacrifices we make, as the Guardians of the New Galaxy, the Logos Gods of the new 4D worlds and already ascended masters – the true Members of the Planetary Ascension Team and brave warriors of the first and the last hours – we commit on behalf of humanity as to open new pathways of ascension for many lost souls. That is why we decided to stay longer in this reality after the failed ascension test run on May 28th this year, although we have already ascended last year.

Any challenge we now embrace is no longer of personal character but on behalf of the whole humanity throughout all epochs and parallel timelines of Gaia, in which we are energetically present. The more we advance on the spiritual ladder, the bigger our sacrifice becomes. And it will stay so to the very end, which is now perceivable to each one of us. Since several days I have the strong intuitive knowing that my surgery will stipulate the occurrence of the big events that will bring about the long awaited Change on this uppermost timeline. Hence the urgency for me to go to Munich, Germany to undergo this operation. Each personal event is closely related to the destiny of all of us and that of mankind.

The faith of the PAT in our Cause – the Ascension of Gaia and Humanity – may have gone through some hard proofs during the time of my silence, while Carla and I were fully immersed in the Birthing of new Gaia with her 5D Paradise, where Lemuria, Atlantis and many other unknown past human civilisations have already merged into the most beautiful 5D and 6D world in the new Golden Galaxy, and the creation of the new upper 4D worlds, where the incarnation cycle of humanity will continue in all eternity under new, brightest perspective, as the latest prophecies of Elijah reveal to us.

Words cannot express my gratitude to all the true PAT members for their indomitability to carry the crucifix of this life and not waver in front of the many, seemingly insurmountable earthly challenges and still to bear the light. As I have already mentioned in a previous publication, only several days ago St. Germain came to us after we lifted up the new Galaxy to the 5D and almost split it from this one during the period of July 18th – 26th, when most of you must have gone through hell. He told us exalted: ” You are now victorious” and he meant the whole Galactic Ascension Team (GAT) that has accomplished this incredible Creation, which is incomparable to anything ever seen so far in this omniverse. Therefore, it is no surprise that all of you will ascend to the Source (12th dimension) after we have finished with our supervising of the new 4D worlds in about 90 years earthly time from now on (see Elijah’s Prophecies)

Our reward has never been of this world as we are also not of this world. This has never been so true as in these last days. But as long as we are still part of this world that runs on worthless fiat money, any financial support is first and foremost a moral support that enables each one of us to carry the light to the very end. Hence my heartfelt “ThankYou” to all of You.

The Captain of the PAT and the new GAT

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