Announcement on the New Theory of the Universal Law

by Georgi Stankov, July 02, 2014

Herewith I announce the donation of

ONE MILLION EURO (€ 1 000 000,-)

to the first scientific institution that recognizes the eternal validity of the New Theory of the Universal Law and complies with the following rules as set below.

This donation is linked to the readiness of the scientists to analyse and verify in an impeccable scientific manner the validity of the new Theory of Physics and Cosmology of the Universal Law as discovered by myself in the 90s and extensively elaborated and presented in three of my scientific books, which can be found as free ebooks on this website

Stankov’s Universal Law Pres

Volume II: The Universal Law. The General Theory of Physics and Cosmology (Full Version) (the pdf file download is at the bottom of the introduction)


Volume III: The General Theory of Biological Regulation. The Universal Law in Bio-Science and Medicine

The German Volume I on Physics and Mathematics (1997) is available as a book and pdf on this website:

The new Theory of the Universal Law has been officially presented by myself at the annual conference of DGB (German Physical Society) in Regensburg, Germany in 1998 and is documented in its annals.

Since then no scientist has been able to refute this theory, although I announced an official prize of 100 000 DM at that time for the first scientist who would be able to achieve this in an impeccable scientific manner, e.g as a publication in an international journal on physics.

The Objective of this prize competition was fairly simple:

Does Nature need more than 100 distinct physical laws to operate as a harmonious Whole, as present-day conventional physics erroneously claims (see all textbooks on physics) or does Nature obey one single Law of Nature as discovered by Dr. Georgi Stankov in 1994 and anticipated as a possibility – “Weltformel (World Equation)” – by Einstein, Weil, Kaluga and other famous physicists and theoreticians between the two World Wars?”

This prize announcement is still valid.

To qualify for my donation, the scientific institution should summon a panel of top-scientists (physicists and theoreticians) in order to check theoretically and experimentally, as shown below, the revolutionary character of the new General Theory of the Universal Law and confirm the impeccability of all scientific proofs presented in my comprehensive textbook (Vol. II) on the new physics. These experts must be fully aware of the deficiencies of current physical theory (e.g. of the standard model) and cherish the sincere quest for scientific truth beyond petty human vices, such as greed, fame or simple excessive scientist’s ego.

As soon as the scientific institution confirms officially the beginning of the scientific exploration of my new theory by a panel of worldwide renowned scientists, I will transfer one third of the donation to this institution. When the panel announces its official verdict, e.g. through a scientific publication in an international journal proving the validity of the new theory of the Universal Law, the second third of the donation will be transferred.

Let me underline at this place the fact that the new Theory of the Universal Law confirms all mathematical results obtained in physics so far and only rejects most of the non-mathematical, descriptive explanations of these results. This fact alone elucidates why it is impossible to reject the new Theory of the Universal Law, as it will be tantamount to rejecting all empirically verified results in physics and why I do not consider this possibility in this offer.

The last third of the donation will be transferred when the institution makes an official nationwide announcement to all mainstream mass media about the existence and validity of the new

Physical and Mathematical Theory of the Universal Law 

and its major application as

General Theory of Biological Regulation.

Thus the first scientific institution to qualify for my donation will also officially acknowledge the beginning of the “New Age of Science” as embodied by the new Theory.

I recommend all scientists interested in the New Theory of the Universal Law to begin with the following Table

which shows for the first time in the history of physics and science the integration of all fundamental physical constants at one glance.

As it should be well known, until now gravitation cannot be integrated with the other three fundamental forces in the standard model. This is the greatest fallacy of modern conventional physics that discredits it as a valid theory of nature. This table shows how all gravitational constants and fundamental quantum masses are united with all fundamental constants of electromagnetism and thus with the other two fundamental forces, weak and nuclear. The full derivation of these constants is elucidated in Volume II.

For an introduction into the theoretical background of the new theory of the Universal Law the scientists should read my essay

The Universal Law of Nature

I wish all scientists in search of the scientific truth about Nature a full success in comprehending and implementing the new Theory of the Universal Law.

Dr. Georgi Stankov,

Vancouver, Canada

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