Autumn 2013 Announcement

Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 30, 2013
first published in English on August 1, 2013 in

The birth of a new, incredibly powerful energy is imminent and will completely change the world.

A wonderful autumn 2013 is proclaimed to mankind – endless wonders and enlightenment for all who now embark on new levels of Being.

God’s blessing is ubiquitous in your life, you, who have come to bring the light and saw the love.

I am Master St. Germain
Asana Mahatari

How My Higher Self Sees Our Ascension Schedule
by Georgi Stankov, August 1, 2013

Dear George,

yes, the A-day is approaching and coming – everything else should be awaited in a relaxed “tension” – and one should continue doing as if there were no yesterday and no tomorrow, but only the NOW. This is how I keep myself fit and I am rarely drifting in phases of impatience. Of course, my patience has been already highly trained (it should not be much different with you), so that I am very relaxed with respect to ascension.

In that spirit, I would like to thank you today for the many translations of the messages and the force that has reached in this way very many people. I use these lines for a thankyou because I am in “vacation” starting today – that is, although I shall continue receiving messages (less than usual), I shall not be active, neither with the blog nor otherwise. I withdraw fully for 14 days, and in particular from the collective “madness” and I shall be only with my family. This means that until Sunday this week I will bring forward the pending messages on the world of light blog, then there will be a pause. In the coming weeks, my computer will be in repair and I will have no Internet access. That is, if I get some messages until then, I will of course be happy to forward these to you – I will be online but only sporadically and in this case I will definitely have a look at your website. I will not respond to e-mails or will do this only very rarely.

Yes, the fall can come and in the appendix I am sending you the announcement of ASANA MAHATARI. This I will publish this week on Sunday / Monday and it shall remain for the next 14 days as a frozen image on our blog.

Let my best wishes accompany you, and the angels of heaven, all the time

With love

Dear Jahn,

This was so far the best cooperation that I have ever experienced in my life in the field of spirituality and exactly as I have always ideally imagined it. The reason for this is that you are the only person I have ever met who has a crystal-clear mind and brings it to the fore on the basis of immaculate spiritual ethics, which in itself is as rare as a 100-carat diamond. In addition, you have shown remarkable flexibility and your topics have immensely expanded, so that you could respond to the needs and concerns of the PAT and receive extremely valuable and timely messages, which you shared with us.

Therefore it does not surprise me that they were enthusiastically received by the readers. If you also consider that they are the most evolved souls on this earth, that is a resounding testimony for the importance and scope of your spiritual work. There was only one case where criticism was practised, and it was merely a misunderstanding, which I could then solve immediately.

Thus, your balance is impeccable  – obviously from my point of view as I leave your work in the world of light publishing house unmentioned, because I do not have the overview there – and now you fully deserve to go on holiday and devote yourself to your family in expectation of the A-Day. There could not have been a better timing, and I am very happy about our cooperation and thank you wholeheartedly for your valuable support at this crucial stage of the ascension process.

Actually any cooperation between spiritually enlightened people should run that way, but this is so rare on this earth. Let us hope that after our ascension on earth A such exemplary cooperation will be the rule for the benefit of all people involved.

And now to the announcement of Asama Mahatari. When I read it, I immediately received the following explanation / intuitive knowledge from my soul.

He promises us miracles and a new life in the higher realms in the fall, beginning on September 21st. I have known since the beginning of this year that mass ascension will take place in the fall. Currently, there is even the possibility that it will come sooner because the scenarios on the lower 4D earths have been worse than expected and this has accelerated / radicalized the whole process.

What I actually perceive is this: In the Orthodox Church, we celebrate the feast of the soul (zadushniza) forty days after a person’s death. Then special dishes of rice and sweet corn are prepared and they are placed on the grave, and after that the final arrival of the soul in Celestria (the higher realms of the soul) is joyfully celebrated. Not like the pagan catholic Bavarians who immediately after the funeral start to celebrate “moist and  cheerfully” (A German saying for a celebration with a lot of drinking merryround), while the family of the deceased is still mourning but has to serve the guests and distant relatives. I have seen a few times such burials in Bavaria and I was really disgusted.

In particular, as my friend Professor Georgi Schischkoff (in Salzburg), the editor of the German Philosophical Dictionary and two German philosophical journals, died and his Bavarian family on the part of his wife (the other part was still living in Bulgaria at the time of the Iron Curtain) was downright carousing at his funeral and no one knew him really or was interested in what he had achieved spiritually. The guests did not spoke of him at all (as is usual in such cases), nor did they want to speak about him when I engaged them in this kind of conversation because they simply did not care about this enlightened man. It was the most pagan Bacchanalia drinking bout that I have ever experienced and this has sealed my negative opinion on this most primitive and hulking people in Europe.

That much to this background. Now the concept of a period of 40 days after physical death as a time of adjustment of the departed soul, until she adapts to the multidimensionality of the higher realms, is broadly accepted, e.g. Jesus’ Ascension is forty days after Easter Sunday, etc.

What I then immediately perceived when I read this announcement, was that this mankind (matrix) will need 40 days after its “death”, respectively, ascension before it fully arrives at the higher dimensions and can handle the new multi-dimensional life in the Now. If this is announced by Asama Mahatari for September 21st, it means in plain words that the MPR (many deaths) and the detonation of the PAT Supernova (big first wave of ascension) must take place on August 12th. This date is not coincidental, it is the astrological peak of the Lion’s Gate, beginning July 25/26 and ending August 14th.

Therefore, this announcement gives in encrypted form the start time of the big events. I sense myself for some time that the period between the 5th and the 12th of August will be the most decisive one, exactly during your vacation time. For this same reason I have also postponed a planned journey at this time because I want to be present here and do not want to leave prematurely the captain’s deck.

That’s it. I now wish you a contemplative last time on this planet and we shall meet each other one whole eternity in the higher realms.


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