Adama of Telos Discusses the New 12 Chakra System

by Carla Thompson, August 15, 2013

Dear Georgi, 

Adama of Telos discussed the new 12 Chakra system with me and asked me to share it briefly here with you.
A woman by the name of Annette Sassou has produced a product called the  “12 Activations of Light”. These recordings include channeled information from Adama and AA Michael, as well as the frequencies needed to achieve completion and integration of our crystalline system. It’s very interesting and I must say that since I have listened to these activations, I have had huge openings on an almost daily basis.
I normally wouldn’t recommend anything, but this has product had such an impact on me.  Georgi, I leave it up to you.  Maybe you don’t care to post it, just provide the link.  Just let me know. 
A quick review:
First               White                        Ascension
Second          Violet                        Balance of Feminine and Masculine Energies
Third             Gold                          Resurrection of Divine Blueprint
Fourth           Pink                           Divine Relationships
Fifth              Blue                           Divine Expression
Sixth             Green with Violet      Divine Vision, Healing, Co-creating Heaven on Earth
Seventh        Yellow                       Connection to Divine Mind, Wisdom and Portal 
                                                        to Upper Five Chakras
Eighth         Aquamarine                Divine Connection and Healing of the Four lower
                    and violet                   bodies (Physical, emotional, spiritual and with
                                                       ethereal) 5 Feet above the crown
Ninth           Magenta  
                   and turquoise             Connection of the Hearth and Throat, Immortality;
                                                      Connection to the Cyrstalline Grid of Gaia;
                                                     Turquoise 10 feet above the crown
Tenth           White and Gold        Divine Connection to Creator; Activation of the
                                                     Gold (flecks) Light body 15 feet above the crown
Eleventh      Pink and Gold          Divine Connection to your I AM presence
                    (Peach)                    20 feet above the crown 
Twelfth     Opal (All colours)      Divine Unification of All Chakras;  Activation of the
                                                    Light Body  ~ 30 feet above the crown
Please let me know what your thoughts are on presenting this. Thank you.
With love and light,

Dear Carla,

there is no problem for me to publish this information although I think that it comes too late for the PAT and has not much relevance now. But we must also think of those that come after us.

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