Asama Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on June 2, 2013

first published in English on June 4, 2013 in

Translated by Georgi Stankov


Since two days my wife and myself experience how our beloved son NOAH simply does not obey what we tell him. He is loud when he should be quiet because his brother sleeps next door, he puts things into his mouth, which do not belong there and he bothers and interferes in the game of his brother or does not allow him to play … a very untypical behavior that comes now to the fore, and certainly with an important background. 

Then I received from ASANA MAHATARI the following message:

Loved ones!

Indeed, at present new discharges have begun on the earths 4D and the holograms of 4D are flooded with the dynamics of the events coming from 3D – however only to a certain degree, for verily: it can happen only that much as the Creator allows for the growth of this world.

A certain recklessness, a boundlessness regardless of other people, madness and insanity are now spreading around and Noah has incorporated part of this pattern in his child’s personality, and that is, besides the fact that he walks through his pure potentials of human development, the reason for his current unwillingness to follow what is to follow. In a way, he perceives the interferences of the worlds and transfers them to a certain extent into his human daily life.

How should you cope with this? Please remind and admonish Noah, set limits, as you do it already, that is exactly the medicine that Noah’s personality needs, as to stay anchored in the middle. Do it and the sky and Noah will thank you for this.

Now to the world affairs: Big events occur now, and the game of change has gained momentum that pushes many new doors wide open, and closes other doors at the same time. The possibility has been propelled that the catastrophic events will be now mitigated on 4D and the possibility has been closed that there may be a reversal or a reassessment on 3D. This is a done deal as of today.

It becomes cogent now that many people who receive messages from heaven, are lost in the maze of events and are no longer able to separate the chaff from the wheat. It becomes also evident that some arise themselves over the others, and that some believe that they were the sole preachers of truth, while others declare loudly, the processes of change, including the timelines, were only given to them or only known to them. Many write today so to speak “as to safe their life” because they have realized that now it comes to the last big game and because they have realized that if they join this process, they can gain a lot of attention.

Those who are a clean source for years and forward the messages of heaven in a natural and unexcited manner, are now the anchors of this time, the true beacons of light of this time, the Light Warriors, who will not waver at anything, neither at the impostures, which are pouring upon them, nor at the ridicule and scorn, from which they retrieve in a wise manner.

It is a time when boundaries are burst. For the good, since it is the boundlessness that has to be learnt, for the worse, as many people think, now everything is permitted, and they interpret this boundlessness in a wrong way, only in their favor.

Discharges are discharges, there is no other alternative to this, and everyone can protect himself from them in that he stays permanently aligned with the primal source of all being and carries all the time the song of the Creator in his heart, and sings it at every opportunity: I AM ONE WITH YOU MY GOD AND YOUR LOVE FEEDS ME ALL OVER.

This time brings everything to the fore, reveals everything, supports those who have found support in themselves and uproots those who still dig elsewhere for their own roots. Those, who search today for the truth in the many messages that are published and  attributed to the light levels of being, search in reality for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

That it is worth seeking becomes cogent when one realizes that it is always the ones that find the treasure trove, who by their own inner knowledge, by their own intuition, through their own, already mastered transformation, are moving directly towards this goal without indulging too long in the search.

It is the Time of All Times! Up is down, light is dark, good is evil – everything is wrong and vice versa. So how to know? In the esoteric jungle, human blunder goes hand in hand with the arrogance of many “rapporteurs of heaven.”

Listen when meekness encounters you, stay away when market clamor reaches your ears. Discern now, because it is now the time when your discernment is required. The worlds have dissolved, the earth is new, and only those who are firmly rooted will inherit heaven.

There are many and there are a few at the same time – compared with the number that was predicted to ascend to the light. Accept what is given to you. Distinguish well and clearly, wisely and fearlessly – because the darkness appears frequently as a luster full of light in these days.

God is great. I am what I am. I’m with you, who are equal to me. I am


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