Wake Up, Americans!

by Kari, the Sunshine Girl, May 5, 2013


Good job responding to Desiree. I live in America and I can vouch for them being very dumbed down. Hardly anyone knows simple history and I must admit, there is a lot I do not know as far as earthly facts go.

But I feel into situations and people and constantly gauge the temperature of human awakening. I have been laughing at the news for a long time now. I do not listen to presidential speeches as I cannot stand the energy of them. I can not even hear newscasters, but for a few seconds before I begin to feel nauseous. I am very sensitive to media. But I know that if it is coming out of an American president’s mouth, it is not harmless, but is of a dark agenda.

Her ego wants to take these terms like, “dumbed down and stupid Americans, seriously”.
This is proof that she is not on the ascension path or she would not identify herself with a nation or take these words to heart.

I don’t care at all what you say about Americans. I am not American. I am a sovereign and eternal creator being. I have been irritated at all the people who are constantly taking offense to your distaste for American ignorance. So what? Get over it, people. It’s only the programming that makes you get so defensive. You don’t need to defend a state or a country. You are beyond those limitations. We are all One.

Georgi is just using the terminology he needs to in order to make his point. He knows there are PAT members in America as well as awakened individuals. He is simply calling an ace an ace.

The Orion empire has a severe agenda in the United States and therefore the programming is ridiculous here. In fact, it is so bad, that when someone starts calling out the truth,(Georgi), people turn on them and start defending the very government or country that is responsible for their slavery! How ludicrous is this?

I wasn’t even going to write anything, but I’m really OVER it.

Wake up people! 

Quit taking offense to every remark and read between the lines. Allow yourselves to absorb the full picture instead of getting hung up on seeming insults. As Americans, you’ve been trained to think you are superior and that you must defend your country to any naysayers in order to be a good citizen. Pshhh!

Well, doesn’t that sound exactly like what “Loyalty Day” would love to accomplish?

Quit defending a country and start defending the human race.

Better yet, start acting like a HUE-man. Get over your fantasy that Obama is awesome, too. He’s not. He hasn’t done shit for us except for weaken and divide us even further. He’s not on our side.

Get over the shock factor and start thinking for yourselves or you’re going to be headed straight into a hellacious reality. And then who are you going to blame? Georgi Stankov? For creating a website that has gathered a lot of people that are having very similar personal experiences? For exposing more of the dark cabal and it’s minions?

Oh, maybe it wasn’t presented to you nicely enough? Well, stop reading it! But quit blaming people for your shit reality. Georgi didn’t create this clusterfuck. He’s just trying to help us transition out of it. And if he doesn’t choose to be politically correct, well, I for one, am thrilled! Because politics are bullshit.

Seriously, I wish you would just quit reading this website because every time you write in to defend Americans or talk about how something on her hurt your feelings; you are really just wasting our time. You are not contributing anything of value. The most evolved people are bored to tears that you are still hung up on some linguistics.

You would do way better to just frequent lightworkers.org because they have sugarcoated
most everything for you. But this website is different. It’s not here to entertain you and to give you warm fuzzy feelings (although sometimes it does).

It’s here to INFORM you and to WAKE you up.

Thank You,

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