Personal Opinions – April 14, 2013

Letters tot he Editor

Dear Georgi,

WOW, talk about very excellent and comprehensive!!! Your analysis of the latest energy events has so many light bulbs going off in my head I’m going to need a pair of sunglasses to go over it again! And THIS is why you are the Captain!

I feel a very deep resonation with this information Georgi, and I thank you tremendously for pointing out where my HS has been using my restricted 3D thinking to keep us plugging along from one energy wave to the next!

I woke up with a monster headache this morning, so I will not be attempting a connection with HS, at least not this morning, perhaps later this evening. I need to go over your analysis a few more times as well, to get the full scope of things. I also look forward to reading April’s new message as I’m sure it will contain very detailed and insightful information AS ALWAYS! (no matter how our HS tricks us into delivering it!)

Thank you SO much, Georgi!
Lots of love to you!

Dear Dorie,

it takes two to tango and I was inspired by your analysis first. I am sorry to hear that you have been hardly hit this morning. I am also under a huge wave, but without a headache. This wave has the potential to dissolve my body.

I would not wait for April as she may not be able to establish contact with her HS this weekend.

See what you can get from your HS, knowing that after all, no matter what we do here on ground, it will be irrelevant and will not accelerate our ascension a single second. It will come when it will come and it is obvious that we are on the upward spiral and nothing can stop the process itself, but nobody knows for sure when it will come.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I have just read your new posting “Our Analysis of the Current Energetic Situation” and find it to be absolutely brilliant. I agree with every point that you present.

I have personally felt a huge change in my experience since April 9th when the Elohim announced this arrival of Christ Consciousness energy. It was at this moment that I realized that we had left the March 31 energies.

In fact I was going to write to you today about the fact that every night since April 9th when I have the deepest part of my sleep cycle, usually 11/12 midnight until 3/4 a.m., I am hearing a very loud, constant sound in the higher realms, where before it has always been silent. I have no idea what it is indicative of and perhaps it’s only delineating the arrival of a new phase in the ascension process.

I have also had a recurrent dream every night since April 9th (4 nights now) where a few of us are on a barge that is open-ended at both ends. We have left the departure dock and we are approaching a “new” dock/port and trying to dock with the “destination” dock.  There is some water coming over both ends of the barge as we encounter difficulties in lining up to dock, as there are small swells in the deep blue sea.

This dream is telling me that we are on board and have our destination in sight with imminent success, but there remain minor issues to address prior to docking.

Thank you Georgi for putting all of this in perspective and in such a smooth and comprehensive fashion.

With love and light,

Dear Carla,

I am glad you like and confirm our analysis on the current energetic situation. Of course we all speculate from a very limited point of view and surely omit many important aspects that are leading in the decisions of the HR, but the overall feeling is that we have added some new energetic weapons /means to our arsenal prior to the detonation of the PAT supernova as to have an easier start as ascended masters after the ID split when the shit will hit the fan.

I have read in the last days for the first time in many months some channeling messages that warn that very soon many people will leave this earth through death experience due to huge natural catastrophes as their soul contracts have already ended and because this is part of the divine design to cleanse this planet before heaving it and humanity to the 4th and 5th dimension. And this fact indicates that we are on the cusp of the detonation of the PAT supernova and the ID split.

With love and  light

Good morning, dearest Georgi and all PAT members.

Today during my physical exercising, I got the message from my HS to add a little something to the current cc-waves symptoms, which are affecting all of us, and me especially hard these days as we shared on this Forum.

Here in Mexico there’s an anecdote about how in a bucket full of crabs, the one who’s trying to climb upwards and get out, will always be in danger to get caught by the others and pulled back into the lot of crabs. They apply it here as to say that generally people will not allow anyone to advance or progress, and rather pull them back into the usual mediocre level (slumbering humanity). I wanted to go into details how I personally am affected once and again, from these cc waves and the impact they have on my mental and emotional state-of-mind… And the synchronicities on my daily level. So I go to my PC and that means the first thing I normally do is reading the newest SOAR’s…

And reading your “Our Analysis of the Current Situation”, it all came together!

Dear Georgi, you wrote. “… we had to undergo these transformations of our brains and CNS and at the same time transmit these codes of neuronal and DNA changes to the masses and all LW. When we ascend and the system collapses, these people will be mentally and emotionally better equipped to comprehend and accept the new changes without falling in old negative timelines and thus jeopardizing the ascension process with their negative, fear-based responses.”

The word “had to” rings in me, and I am pushed to add: We wanted this to happen just as it is happening now… (on a certain level of our Consciousness).

We are not only bombarded by cc waves and likewise cosmic energies, that push or heave us upwards, but right at our sides are these energies of our fellow humans, trying to pull us back into the Orion System’s illusions (dito the Crab’s Seduction).

Yet, we PAT’s and LW are still available and willing (more or less consciously), to aide this planet in the Ascension Process. The duality or polarity of this scheme is now clear to me, as we still experience the polarity of this 3D reality. Yet, whenever I am allowing both opposite ideas to come into ONE, then I become inwardly more relaxed and quiet, this pulling and dragging apart soothes out and I BECOME the SILENCE, from where I can function again, “normally” as a PAT member. (Forgive my humble intent to explain what I am concluding).

Which leads me back to my HS / Soul contract and communication… Plus the Ego involved… The facets in ourselves are numerous and multiple insights are coming in all the time and all at once, which sometimes is overwhelming. Your article of today has helped me again like it has numerous times before, to clear my mind (at least, for this day, haha!).

I salute you with Gratitude, Love and Light:


Greetings Captain!

Since the summer of 2012 I have been following spaceweather events and find strong synchronicities between bigger energy waves and rises in the sun activity (sunspot number, sunspot activity, changes in the magnetic field, solar wind etc). There is usually a delay of a few hours between the event in the sun and the earthly time, at which I notice the energy change, but still the correlation is inescapable.

I did not mention this to you since I assumed you knew it and wouldn’t care much anyway. I did see the potential of using this data as “proof” to alert the masses but that endeavour failed, even with my most open-minded and spiritually oriented acquaintances.

It failed because they do not feel the energy changes in their bodies, so when I point out the synchronicities between energetic sensations and sun activity they believe it is my overactive imagination that is erroneously leading me to perceive an energy change when there is none.

Honestly, if it weren’t for your website, in which you and the PAT precisely confirm my energetic impressions, I would have started to doubt myself as well, despite the fact that in the majority of times my perception of energy changing occurs prior to checking the spaceweather alerts, and so the latter could not have informed the former. Yet, group think is strong and if it still has this strong influence on me, despite me being aware of it, I can only imagine the degree to which most people are effectively trapped in collective beliefs, without knowing their beliefs are stemming from the collective instead of their own personal  impressions. It is thus no surprise that the masses aren’t ready for ascension. It would take a massive, worldwide DMT trip to get them ready, and even then…

But I digress. The main reason I write to you is to point out a very succinct and independent news forecast which includes earth and spaceweather. The link for today’s news is:

Thank you and the PAT for everything.

Ana Catarina

Dear Ana Catarina,

thank you for this weather link – it is good indeed. You have addressed a key issue – that of credibility when most people have a very restricted and limited perception and awareness and cannot perceive the energies we regularly experience. I have this problem on a daily basis in my family.

I can also confirm that there is a strong correlation between the sun flares and the waves we personally experience. But in this particular case it was the first time in two years that I spoke of a “monster wave” and it happened that this particular wave on this day was the strongest for some time and also damaged some electromagnetic devices.

Altogether this correlation should not be exaggerated, but it is an important indicator that our sun has changed profoundly its activity and function and now only serves as a portal for the energies of the central sun/ source, which are then modulated further and used by our souls and the higher realms to achieve specific changes and transformations in our bodies.

With love and light

Hallo George,

I have just read your latest energetic update, and fully agree with your view. The past days I had the feeling that we are going to stay longer in order to relay more light energies to the masses.

IMO this is just more optimizing by the HR, just as was already done in the past. They want a bigger harvest. The reason that the masses are not able to handle our appearance should not be a reason to delay the ascension process further. They have a choice to go to earth A, A/B or B. They can all make a clear cut decision according to their respective conscious development. On top of that they are blessed with 3 choices, I bet that is also new in this Universe.

You see once we are ascended, and appear in front of humanity, who knows what delays we might encounter then to get everything under wrap before end September, unless that term can be extended.

We have had the discussion last year, that the masses need an external event to give them the chance to wake up as they will not wake up in a hundred years by just effecting changes from within. I feel that we have done much for the LW in the past weeks and somewhere the line should be drawn.

I also favour a mini version of our Ascension, either individually or in small groups, as this will likely lead to less interference from the dark ones.

in love and light,

Dear Joe,

thank you for this validation of our analysis. But this time we have all processes in full sway and it is only a matter of finding the optimal point in linear time to trigger the Supernova as we have already entered the No-time zone and the only thing that now matters in the Now is the optimization of our efforts on behalf of humanity. But the process is irreversible and the source pulse cannot be stopped any more.

With love and light

Dear George

I am not getting that this is over, the process continues this time I feel. I feel strongly that the PTW are in deep, deep trouble and maybe that is why they are gathering for M. Thatcher’s funeral?  Either way as I said before I feel that this is important for them and important for us – can we on the day as the whole PAT put an energetic band/shield around them and their plots. If they gather en masse like this they must need to do some sort of ritual together; can we say NO to it?

I confirm the wave today (April 13) and I am exhausted by it – drained. But this morning I woke up and had the Phil Collins song play – well this line of it “oh think twice it’s another day for you and me in paradise”. The first thing I think in the morning more or less is “still here” so I felt surprised and felt that it was of significance. I am sure that we are close, very very close now. It seems to me as simple as the energetic conditions being perfect and we cannot predict when the will be hence the thief in the night analogy that so many of us got. This is the sense I am getting and it is lovely to be getting such a clear message as so far my own higher self has not let me down, given me dates or false promises. I am also sure that whatever decrees we make to get out of this must fail as I imagine that we pre-agreed that we would stick with this to the bitter end and any form of get out would be null and void.

I still see the light energy, which you have confirmed as so from the sun in the spiral with us negating the dark energy upward in a spiral/cone getting wider and wider. I also see that when they meet, the earth moves into or is in the centre. Also this turning away from myself makes sense too; turning away from the 3D self and it’s limitations. As far as living here goes, we all have to make some efforts to not only survive, but have some sort of reasonable quality of life, while we do our duties, so as not to fall into depression in my opinion.

I though of something else a while back, which was how about a co-ordinator for each country that we live in? At the time that I thought it I was in Spain, but now I am back in the UK and living in the maisonette, I would love to meet other PAT members if they wished to do so.

Rather a long e-mail from me this time. I hope that this wave is not too severe for you.  My deepest regards and admiration for you the strongest of us all.

In love and light

Dear Maria,

thank  you for the energy account. I can also confirm that today the energies are much more harmonious and uplifting and that they herald a kind of anticipation of the coming paradise. But this is still a preliminary feeling and I suspect that it will take some more time. We can no longer predict or influence this event as it will come all of a sudden, but the signs are very promising.

I am not sure if we need to do anything about these powerless stooges that will meet in London for the funeral of the Iron lady, but I have no worries that they will be able to achieve anything in terms of satanic rituals. This time is passe.

Actually our job is finished and we can only sit and wait and see that we are not involved  in any actions or 3d-dramas whatsoever, which is still not an easy thing to avoid, given the irrational behaviour of our surroundings.

The fact that we have survived to this moment shows that we are the bravest of all souls in this universe.

With love and light

Dear George,

I finally got some time to write an update from me. Nothing out of the ordinary.

• The first two weeks of March I was sick with the usual flu symptoms. These waves affected especially my throat. Actually today I feel like I’m getting sick again.

• I feel a mild pain/discomfort accompany with a pulse feeling on my knees.

• The old dizziness and ringing (different kind of tones) in my ears continues from time to time almost everyday. Also the partial blockage of external sounds when the ringing starts.

• A week ago I started getting very hungry as you and Jerry, but the only difference is that I feel like eating and I eat. I actually feel the need of calories when I get these hunger attacks.

• I haven’t been depressed or sad like many of you.

• Some friends have gotten eye problems, like conjunctivitis and tearing eyes.

• Viking has been complaining of burning skin sensation inside and itchy legs.

• I think parallels realities of this incarnation are still merging. Two days ago we went to a friends house. I haven’t been in the past month. When I got there I saw a chicken coop next to his house. It was not there before. I mentioned how nice this little house came out and asked when was it built. My Viking said: It has been there for about 2 years already. I took a look of the coop from different angles and I’m pretty sure that house was not there. And I’ve been there countless times.

I’m very happy to see that many PAT members are genuinely starting to understand the fluidity and complexity of ascension and that time does not exist in this process. We won’t get a date of Ascension, period. It’s like experimenting and cooking something new. You start adding spices, tasting, etc. You don’t really know exactly at what time the food is going to be ready, but you know when you are near to finish because you are getting close to the desired taste. By the way, that’s the metaphor I got from my soul sometime ago.

I found a comic (find attached) that reminded me of the lady, in need of attention, who wrote on her blog : “Let me make a statement about the work of Stankov: I have learned what I need to know elsewhere. I do not need someone who proclaims himself to be an Ascended Master…” bla bla bla..

The quote on the comic by Stephen Covey says: “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

Feel better.


Dear Moni,

thank you for your comprehensive account. From which I gather that you are surviving quite well, with all the well known caveats.

Your cooking metaphor is very good and I would only add “that too many cooks spoil the dish”. In our case we have so many poor cooks from the New Age movement that meddle in the ascension process or let them being heaved /dragged piggyback by us to the 5th dimension that we may never reach the real taste and flavour as to serve the dish. Hence we go on cooking and being cooked /boiled by the incoming energies. This is another metaphor – not as good as yours, but in the same vein.

While jumping from one timeline to the next one, take care that you do not enter a real Viking timeline when these savages carnage and pillage Europe.

The quote from the comic is spot on and I am tempted to send it to this infuriated lady, but she actually does not deserve my attention.

Hold the northern Scandinavian Portal of Europe in good shape, we will soon need it.

With love and light


Another round of big cc wave here and my brain is not connecting with this channeling (Margolis/the sphinx). Is it saying there is more we need to do? I don’t know how much more disconnected I can be in 3d while still having a body residing in it.

“It begins with disconnecting from all that is within your human reality, disconnecting from all that is human”

Please explain.

Love & light,

Dear Sheryl,

this message is not addressing the PAT, but the New Age community which is still fully stuck in their trifle human affairs and are not ready yet for ascension. That is why the sphinx recommends the ascension of those few who are ready as to unleash a real cultural shock among the still sleeping star seeds.

This has always been my argument for an earlier ascension of the PAT. Unfortunately the HR needed us on the ground until this moment. Now we must show humanity how it is to be an ascended master, so that they truly begin to follow our example. We have seen that until now they are not only reluctant  to do this, but  are also very belligerent against us.


Hi Georgi!

On a daily basis now, the secret file vaults are opening and previously banned videos are being released, and re-uploaded.

It has made my everyday 3d existence bearable, as I can finally laugh inside from satisfaction, knowing that it has not been in vain, that I am sane, as I stood my ground and spoke my truth.

All 52 miles of guarded documents from the tombs of St Peter’s need thorough dusting, while already, the stench of foul secrets is surfacing and the sinister global schemes are unravelling. I know, the Light will show the way, the Justice in the Highest for All will be recognized as she sweeps the scum off the earth.

It is the end to this hideous and unholy organization which emasculates men, disempowers women, abuses children and rapes the land, while glorifying the suffering of the Christ.

Oh you Filthy Vatican, with your dirty laundry, evil priests and satanic popes!

The Jesuits, the Nazis, the Mafia, the Knights of Malta, the Zionists, the Masons, “the Fed”, IRS, the Bank of England of Rothschild, the City, the Bushes, CIA/KBR/ Halliburton/ Blackwater, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations, the UN et al.

The list goes on and on and always leads to Rome, the Vatican Bank, while bowing to the head of the beast, the Jesuit General aka the Black pope.

On that note, I wanted to attach the following article. Not that it’s anything new, but surely is easy on the eye.

by William Thomas
Does the Vatican hold your mortgage?
The Greatest Story Never Told:

with bright Light,

Hi George

Just a quick note to say I don’t know how you cope with these waves time and time again.  Plus you continue to edit the website. I thought I was gonna die last night.  The wave started on Thursday at 12pm for me and by 7pm I could barely walk. I still feel like I’m wearing my skin inside out.

The night was terrible with alternating cycles of immense downloads which made me burn up and then transmitting the codes to places and people. Never has my body given off such heat. Then shivering with cold and pain as I sent the codes out.

Today I’m still raw and weak. I really wonder how you manage to handle this as often as you do.

I have no insight to offer I’m afraid but fear the whole PAT will have to reach the continued state of velocity that you have before we can ascend as a unit. If that’s the case, we could still be on the ground a bit longer.

I hope you’re feeling better today.

Love Debra

Dear Debra,

I hope you are wrong in your assessment. In fact I think that these are really the last waves of ascension and that we shall be released very soon.

I assume my endurance is due to my long experience with these waves – you reach a point of indolence, where you continue to function like a robot, no matter how bad your body feels. I have reached a remarkable dissociation between physical depletion and persistent mental presence that helps me run the show independently of the waves.

But today (April 12) even I had some difficulties to put together my most elementary thoughts. This could be due to the huge expansion of our divine mind, which is about to leave all limitations of our physiological brain with its slow, sequential transmission of neuronal action potentials and to reboot onto the speedway of unity consciousness of All-That-Is, as Daniel has so well described in his latest report.

Wish you a quick recovery!

With love and light

Well I much prefer your assessment. Daniel’s account is fascinating and left me feeling hopeful. Perhaps I’m just a bit down and fed up today; usually I’m more optimistic.   Thank you for your reply and for being a constant source of strength and focus on our goal.

Love Debra

Dear Georgi,

although I am not one to write in very often and not someone with a very strong presence on the web site, I have been reading your postings on a daily basis since August 2011.  There are no words to express my gratitude for the invaluable information that you provide.

All my life I have been “searching” and at 68 years old have finally found the “truth” thanks to you and the PAT. I experience much of the same symptoms and energy experiences as most of the PAT. Last night I had a dream that I was attempting to read some very important information that I was to share with others. I was very frustrated as I was unable to either focus on the words or it was written in a different language. Upon awakening, I have had a very strong feeling of “something” about to happen.

I also see a half circle of what appears to be multi-faceted diamonds on the right side of my face/ head. When I close my eyes it becomes brighter. If I close one eye or the other it is still there. I get the feeling its a portal or part of an opening of some kind. Anyway I just wanted to touch base with you and I look forward to the time when we can all meet each other.

Much love and light to you and the PAT,
Jan Pelletier

Dear Jan,

thank you very much for your dedication to this website and the PAT. You are definitely seeing the aura of your left brain portal, which is now fully opened and encompasses the whole head and beyond.

We all hope that this ordeal will finish soon and that we will be allowed to leave this earth.

With love and light

Interested to read how the energies are affecting the PAT. I have felt ill since last Sunday and have been in bed for most of the last 2 days. It feels like I was hit by a train and then run over by a steamroller!

Flu like symptoms, chest problems, chills, aching joints, very tight and painful hamstrings, head pain, even louder ear noise than usual. Total body weakness. Also a feeling that my legs are dissolving (like shimmering waves ). Needing and wanting to sleep all the time.

I’m with Dorie – did someone sign us up when we were not looking!

Really hope this comes to a climax soon as I am rapidly losing interest in life. How are we all managing to get through this?

Bless you George and all the PAT.


I began to feel somewhat better later in the day and last night (April 11) as well, but still very fatigued, but this wave (waves) is not over and will continue into the weekend, is what I am getting. There will be brief respites. All of those PAT and others who are now ready for physical ascension will surely feel their affects. The physical symptoms will change as the wave changes. Right now very dry mouth and thirsty.

I don’t know what will be at the end of this wave and I don’t think anyone else does either, but we will all be in a new place and I know that message is very vague. What more can really happen to us anyway. Because I have lost so much, as many others have, it can’t be any worse, unless my physical body completely destructs, which would be OK too.

My concern, and this may still be too negative, is for the condition of PAT members in sustaining themselves due to their continued bombardment, they are on the brink of not being able to care for themselves in 3-D. All the talk about ego etc. sounds good and is correct, but facts are, physical needs have to be cared if we are to stay here and this is going to have to be addressed by our ego if HR won’t keep us here much longer. In my opinion the idea that ego somehow has created this condition and needs to stop worrying about how we will survive is not doable. As long as we are here in 3-D, this will be an issue, unless we become a zombie, which is probably close to accurate as well. I can tell you first hand what destructive force these relentless waves can have on so many levels and there is not always a healing at the end of them. I still hope for the best and that is all I can muster at this point.


Dear Jerry,

thank you for your valuable comments on the current energetic and existential situation of the PAT. It is indeed so as you describe it. I also sense that we have entered a new wave cycle that will continue into the weekend. I am already under another broader wave with a steady descent of source energy that has laid me flat more or less (on April 12).

There is also a very intensive deletion of all human thought patterns ongoing, that have been considered so far as normal and sane, but have in fact always been a camouflage for deep-seated fears. This cleansing will affect in the first place all light workers who have attracted too many negative timelines and must now release them abruptly and very painfully as to qualify for ascension and this mission. Therefore, in case we are still on the ground, we will surely witness some spectacular emotional and mental decompensations / nervous breakdowns on the part of the LW, before the great chaos breaks loose among the masses.

Under these rapidly changing energetic conditions, it is a real conundrum how the old system is still kept afloat and I expect huge collapses and financial crashes any moment from now on.


Dear Captain,

Haven’t reported in physically before like other PATs, it wasn’t correct till now. I have had pregnancy symptoms since Dec 2012, then on the 10th my cake making relative brought me a sugarcraft baby and a heron flew low over me in my garden. The stork has been and the labour pains confirm it.

Today 12th it’s the after birth. I had crying and vulnerability like a pregnant hormonal mother to be as mentioned by others prior to the birth. All I know is when baby wakes, I need to get on with it and quickly, it’s rousing now.

Other info I live in the north of UK guarding the earthstar chakra over York, which is a cosmic portal for Gaia. My belief is birthing will occur in each grid area like a rollout wave as the current pat energy downloads do. I always get warnings for symptoms usually seven hours after from Dories posts, but three days earlier when linear dates are used, more like you Georgi. My current other symptoms are also 4th chakra pains, left ear GAIA heartbeat, body not big enough compressions, eyes very blurred as third eye comes on line. I do get all the other stuff too and it’s been very bad, however it’s not everyday you birth a new age and species, and epoch.

I woke up April 94, and ascended all, but the physical in late 99, then the job took off as you know. Bless you for picking me up when I found you April 2011, you know it when you are in the company of a master.


Dear Lynne,

I am very happy that you have contacted me in the proverbial last minute and in addition at such an auspicious time, immediately after your birthing. The only thing you have forgotten is to tell us the gender of the baby. I congratulate you to your newly born baby who must be an adamantine child and thus coming from the highest dimensions. These children are not only a precious gift to the mother, but to the entire humanity.

Yours has been a great endeavour – to cope with pregnancy and the LBP at the same time – and I am happy to hear that you have managed both challenges so far. Now comes the time of insomnia with a lot of care for the newborn, which can be equally challenging. But as our days are numbered on this planet, this should not be a great problem for you.

Wish you both all the best!

With love and light

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