How to Prepare Mentally and Emotionally for the Coming Shift

by Georgi Stankov and Catalin Panov, March 15, 2013

Good day Mr. Georgi,

My name is Catalin Panov, I am a Romanian, but living in Germany, Karlsruhe for 5 years. I am a marine officer and at present I am at anchor with our tanker in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia waiting to discharge. My email may surprise you, or perhaps you will be annoyed by my decision to write a few words to you, in which case I apologize, my intention is not to disturb you in any way. Therefore I fully understand if you don’t reply because I understand very well that you are caught up in very serious and more important business than writing to a lost soul as I may be. 

I would like to tell you that I am very well familiar with all these stories about dark cabal, reptilians, underground governments, etc. and all the manipulation of the human kind since the dawn of humanity, having read a lot of books and seen hundreds of hours of documentaries. I also tried many times to spread these facts among the people surrounding me and I found out that many are ignorant. I felt frustrated that things that are not anymore hidden and can be easily analyzed and judged with common sense are ignored by many and they are not touched in their soul by these despicable acts which humans are doing against humans.

I always felt that something is missing in all this, some kind of real guidance for the masses, and that was until I found out about you and your website. It saddens me that I found you too late…, but I still have hope that I will be able to read and more importantly understand what you are trying to teach us.

As you said that nothing is random, I learnt about you from my colleague here, a Croatian Chief Mate, who was reading your book and he told me few things about the 5th dimension, I felt that that was what is supposed to happen… His book was in Croatian and therefore I tried to find it in English, in the same time he was also curious to read your website, which he never did because he read the book now on the ship. We do not have Internet access as at home, but only for emails using ship�€™s satellite equipment. But we were lucky to arrive here in Saudi and, even if we are 5 miles from shore, we are able to have some weak signal, which comes and goes and be able to read your site, but with big difficulties.

I would like to tell you that in the beginning we didn’t understand much, for us it is hard to comprehend the amount of information you give in such a short time (3-4 days)…, but we understand that the time is running out, therefore I read day and night trying to cover everything I can, and every day we meet and discuss what is new on your website and what we think and understand.

I must confess that we access your website and we are so eager to see what your PAT members have written and also what was your answer that I feel like in the communist era when people were listening Radio Free Europe. So now I will try to ask you some things we didn’t really understand.

We are concerned about what will happen after 21 March. You said that the magnetic poles will shift which will cause all electricity and Internet and communication to stop functioning. We wonder what might happened with us here on ships in the middle of the oceans.. will our navigating equipment still work? ( like gyros, gps or even our own electrical generators and main engine)… We are trying to evaluate and be prepared for what is happening and try to see what will have to do more like a risk assessment:

In the beginning we thought that everything will happen very fast, but now we read that one of HS said it will start in March and end up in June or even later, which means that everything on earth will still function and we will still have time to finish here our contracts (May) and go home, reunite with our families and prepare ourselves for these events. Will we be still able to fly home? We already speak with our wives, who feed us with more info, since their Internet is better, and they also understand or try to, what is going on and that we’ll have to make a decision.

We have already decided and for us there is only one option – to choose the truth and the light. We have also instructed our families that in the event communication will go down and we should face a decision separately then that should be it… I may sound stupid to you, but I admit I feel a bit confused, but try to understand also my position that we found out about you and your movement and about what is really going on just few days ago.

We are like stranded here with limited means of communication and feeling that we are running out of time, and this thing came as a surprise for us. So if you can take a little from your precious time and give us a small advice about what we’ll have to do in our particular case, we will very much appreciate. If not, we understand and we’ll try to do our best and trust our souls for a better decision when the time comes. We are full of hope and we wish you and your team and the rest of humankind all the best and send our love and good thoughts.

May the truth and light prevail.

Catalin Panov

PS: I would ask you not to publish my email, in case you think of that, since I feel much embarrassed about my low level of understanding, but, if you think that it will do any good, feel free to do whatever think is best, whatever you decide I’ll understand. Bear in mind that it took me much courage to convince myself to write to you. Thank you very much and I really hope I didn’t make a fool out of myself and didn’t waste your time or create you any kind of discomfort.

Dear Catalin,

I am very happy that you have decided to approach me and ask the tough questions that actually every human being should ask these days. First of all let me tell you that I am really impressed that the truth we try to disseminate through our website now “rules the waves” in all oceans, and not Britannia or the Reptilian British queen as was once the case. This is a great development in itself.

I can imagine that you are now overwhelmed by the information your have received from our website in the last few days, but let me tell you that ascension in the current End Times is an ongoing process that has entered its most intensive phase as early as 1987 and has only now reached its final culmination. These are exceptional times indeed, and we all have incarnated at this time precisely because we wanted to experience as incarnated souls these unique events first hand and even shape them in the best possible way.

In this sense you are even in a better position than most, so called “light workers” or “New Agers” who are chewing these topics for decades, but are at present even less informed than you are, as they stubbornly reject the information on our website because it runs contrary to their petty human perceptions, which they will have to let go off very soon. What I want to relay to you is that you are better prepared for the coming events than most New age veterans and this is very good news.

Personal awareness is the key to our future destiny. There is only one security now and this is the full awakening and enlightenment of each and every individual. This state of the mind and psyche will determine not only human fate in the coming days and months, but will also guarantee the success of personal ascension to the 5th dimension on the new earth A, where all our current problems and challenges will no longer exist.

I can very well feel in your situation as I have Bulgarian relatives who also work on international tankers and freight ships and sail in all oceans and to all continents. They are for many months away from their families and subjected not only to the unpredictability of the weather, but also to the endemic financial fraud and machinations of the Orion shipping companies that often let their crews stranded in a foreign haven without any money and declare bankruptcy. In this sense I do not know which peril /danger is the more imminent one for you – losing control over the ship navigation at sea or being exposed to the financial fraud of your employers. This is just an example to put your perceived problems in the appropriate perspective.

As you have correctly mentioned, we are not living in a random world, as everything that occurs in our lives is the result of a very precise coordination of our souls from the higher realms.

Therefore, one can be more safe in the middle of a tempest in the big ocean, while sailing in calm waters in the eye of the hurricane, while other people, say Reptilian politicians from the elite, may die all of a sudden at home protected by bodyguards due to energetic incompatibility between the new powerful energy surges coming from the source that sweep over humanity and their personal low frequency patterns of thinking and feeling that will make biological life for many dark entities on this planet impossible very soon – at the latest after June as published on our website.

This is what is actually happening to many dark cabal these days, be they reptilian shape- shifters or clones, but you cannot read about this in the mainstream media, and only in rare cases when they are so famous as the British Queen, Kissinger or Berlusconi. The latter is now in hospital, but an Italian court has already demanded a medical attest if he is truly ill, and he may not be able to render it, as the original Berlusconi was killed three years ago and substituted with a clone.

So you see, life is dangerous everywhere and the most so in the current citadels of power, where the dark cabal should feel most secure. Compared to them, your lives are infinitely more safe as long as you continue unabated with your soul evolution. But this is obviously the case, so that my advise is redundant.

Of course there will be chaos when the detonation of the PAT supernova will take place and the ID split of Gaia and humanity will commence end of this month. But, as published in our last articles, it will take some time till these changes will fully unfold on the earth. There will be also a lot of natural catastrophes, but nobody who is scheduled to ascend or stay on the new balanced 4d-earth A/B will be harmed by these perils.

It is also true that many people will leave this earth by a death experience in the course of this year as their soul contracts for this incarnation are now coming to an end. They will move either to the new earth A or to Celestria in the highest levels of the 5th dimension, where their soul families dwell. This is all part of the End Time scenario and extensively discussed on this website. It is unfortunate that these aspects are deliberately neglected /avoided by most other esoteric sources on the Internet, as the current light workers who issue such sites are still driven by basic human fears and prefer to close their eyes for the truth.

I have just read a very inspiring message in German, which I would like to quote in this context to back up this observation. I assume that you speak German as you wrote to me that you live in Karlsruhe, Germany for five years:

“”Noch ist die Welt krank, noch sind Heilungen von großem Ausmaß nötig, noch dominieren finstere Menschengruppen diese Welt; und sie scheren sich keinen Deut darum, was sie Mutter Erde und den Menschen antun.

Noch ist die Dunkelheit weit verbreitet, noch sind die Übergriffe auf die Freiheit des Menschen an der Tagesordnung, noch sind Mord und Totschlag die Verbündeten vieler, die sich dadurch selbst einen Vorteil versprechen.

So also sieht die Welt heute aus, und deshalb sieht sie so aus. Sich hier etwas vorzumachen, ist unnötig, denn wer es nicht sehen will, der wird damit auf geeignete Weise konfrontiert, denn wahrlich:

Erst durch das unverstellte Erkennen dessen, was IST, kann Heilung geschehen, da erst dadurch erkannt wird, wo der Hebel dafür angesetzt werden muss.

Wegzublicken und zu sagen: „Die Welt ist gesund und ist erhoben, die Welt ist im Licht und die Menschheit bereits aufgestiegen“, ist überflüssig, denn ein jeder, der das Weltgeschehen betrachtet, sieht, dass dem noch nicht so ist. Wunsch und Realität klaffen hier bei manchem Menschenkind auseinander, jedoch ist es auch der Wunsch, der schließlich diese Wirklichkeit einer in Liebe geeinten Menschheit hervorbringen wird.

Diese „düsteren“ Aussichten ändern jedoch nichts daran, dass der Aufstieg fortschreitet und sich zu manifestieren beginnt.

English Translation:

“”The world is still sick, still are cures of great magnitude necessary, sinister people groups still dominate this world, and they just do not care about what they are doing to Mother Earth and mankind.

The darkness is still widespread, the attacks on the freedom of the people are still committed on a daily basis, even murder and manslaughter are the allies of many, who hope to extract an advantage for themselves from such crimes.

This is how the world looks like today, and therefore it looks like this. Here to delude oneself is unnecessary, because who does not want to see it, will be confronted with it in an appropriate way, for indeed:

Only by an undistorted recognition of what IS, can healing take place, as only in this way one can detect, where the lever needs to be inserted.

To look away and say, “The world is healthy and lofty, the world is in the light and humanity has already ascended” is redundant, because everyone who looks at the world events knows that this is still not the case. Desire and reality are breaking apart in many a human’s world view, but it is also this particular desire that will eventually bring about this reality of a united humanity in love.

This “gloomy” outlook does not alter however the fact that ascension progresses and begins to manifest itself.

In other words, it helps nobody to close his eyes for what is coming next, as it will come inevitably. Blindness has never been a good protection. Knowledge on the other hand – always. Just as you may have lived through, I remember very well how the communist system collapsed in Eastern Europe within days and nobody was prepared for this paramount event  – neither in the West, nor in the East. The result was a much bigger cacophony than before the collapse, and these countries could not recover since then from this mental and social chaos and moral abyss, in which their unpreparedness with respect to the real dangers of the Orion capitalist “free” market threw them in the early 90s.

The situation, with which the whole humanity is now confronted, is very similar to that after the fall of the Iron Curtain, but this time many-fold more disastrous and sweeping. The whole old matrix will crumble overnight and all human instincts and habits that have guaranteed survival in the past will no longer work, as their programming has been deleted in all human cells, brains, and DNA-strands. This is what currently is happening on a global scale and we, the PAT, are the driving force behind this massive and profound reprogramming of humanity as we are the most powerful transmitters of Christed high frequency energy from the Source.

As the above German message confirms, this process is unavoidable and that is why we are here at this time – to experience this incredible transformation of humanity of truly cosmic proportions. One should be indeed happy to be able to participate in these dramatic events. The result will exceed all human imagination and expectations. We will heave a large portion of humanity to heaven – to paradise – in the coming days and weeks and will enable the rest to enjoy a new civilised society on the balanced earth A/B with modern 4d-technologies, such as free energy and anti-gravity transport without the meddling of any dark sources from the 4th astral level as they have been contained by the PAT last year, as another channeling source has confirmed just today:

“Darkness has, for the most part, been lifted and its only fading influence is the one that’s being fed by humanity which, as has been said, is feeding into a disintegrating illusory hologram. The original negative astral beings who have manipulated the minds and hearts of humanity and of the cabals, who have themselves manipulated humanity, are no longer working from a position of negativity and are instead experiencing a self-instated pure form of containment that goes far beyond what many of the cabal heads are experiencing at present (The containment of the human cabal will be fully installed after the detonation of the PAT supernova and our appearance as ascended masters in front of humanity, comment by George).

The containment we speak of is on a level so massive that these souls are becoming completely cleansed and purified and again, a hologram has been built for humanity to feed your negativity into before the initial happenings on your world (are brought forth).

The formerly-negative race that is the Annunaki experienced a similar form of containment, and are now working to diffuse the dark souls more than they have already been diffused. Upon exiting and successfully coming out of their own forms of containment, the aforementioned lower astral beings will also be working for the Light and with you all in a way that will let you know they are genuine and positive, rather than misleading.

This is because every motive, intent and thought is known in the higher realms and there can be no lies; only truth and honesty. If any soul has the idea to mislead, it is automatically known by every facet of the ascended souls existing in their specific octave of consciousness. So you see, positivity and harmony are all common place and no type of negativity can be fed.

It is precisely this success of the PAT in combating the dark archons and the former PTB that has established the energetic foundations of the coming inter-dimensional shift, from which most humans will immensely profit as long as they do not succumb to past fears and thus lower their body frequencies.

Only the dark cabal that is now in power will be the losers of these events, but this has always been their free decision. They could have resigned from power many years ago, as initially provided in the divine plan for the End Times. In that case the destiny of humanity would have been much brighter and more peaceful at the beginning of this millennium than we have unfortunately experienced and suffered from in the last 10-15 years.

I hope that with this elaboration I have addressed your questions and have eliminated your worries and doubts, in case there have been any. And by this I also include your friends and colleagues on the ship. I wish all of you a quick and safe return back home to your families, where you will safely participate in these most spectacular events in the whole universe, and not only on this small planet.

With love and light

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