I Am Back Again!

by Georgi Stankov, March 11, 2013

I am back again from my self-proclaimed week of silence which was so dramatic and full of events that it was impossible for me to keep my vow of silence and seclusion. During these days I received so much information of paramount and eminent importance with regard to our ascension process that it was my duty to share this information with you immediately.

Nevertheless the reduced workload on this website helped me tremendously to deepen my contact with the HR and to streamline my perceptions after the dramatic kinks in the course of our ascension process, You contributed to this week of relative leisure with your patience and restriction in the email correspondence, for which I am very grateful to you.

In the meantime our telepathic communication has expanded and compensated for this reduction in verbal exchange. Very soon we will switch on completely on telepathy to exert our divine authority as collective consciousness, and human language will only remain of historical value for us.

Now we are fully back in our original ascension scenario as it was first elaborated prior to the opening of the stargate 11.11.11 – the detonation of the PAT Supernova and the triggering of the ID split. In the simultaneity of the NOW, the more the things change, the more everything remains the same as it has always been for eons of time.

As linear time is an illusion, the only real challenge, with which the PAT was confronted as a group and the most powerful transformative force on the earth throughout these last two years, was to keep a cohesive and congruent vision of its core mission and not to be distracted from the smoke and mirrors of this illusory 3d-reality. The physical pains that accompanied our cleansing activities added more than their fair share to this distraction.

Humankind is a weak species, the way it has evolved in its downward spiral for the last 12 000 years and it afforded a Tantalus effort of personal will and faith from the entire PAT to liberate our Selves from this abyss of darkness and then to heave a large portion of humanity to higher vibrations and more light. All this was achieved against all odds, objections, mistrust, hatred, arrogance, blindness and numerous other vices and fear-based patterns, with which we were incessantly bombarded from our surroundings!

This is all over now. The rest days we shall spend on this planet should be mostly free of any deep emotional and physical interactions with this reality. We must now attune to our new multi-dimensional mission after we have decided that our camouflage in human vessels has fulfilled its goals and is no longer necessary or appropriate.

Pantarei! – Everything is in flow and any clinging to a particular holographic model only hinders our spirit to expand to new realities, dimensions and ways of existence, where the energy flow, contrary to earth, is unlimited and free. We have never been truly earthly souls as most of the other incarnated entities on this planet, but trans-galactic and even trans-universal creator gods. Now is the time to return to our true Elohim nature and thus help humanity from a much higher level – from the Source.

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