The Programs of Hive Mentality of the Masses have Been Disconnected and Cleansing is Complete. First Ascensions of the PAT Are Due This Week

by Dorie Bowlin and Georgi Stankov, February 11, 2013

Dear Dorie,

this week I am alone at home. My younger daughter has departed yesterday evening for Vienna to begin with her studies and has taken one of the two dogs, a one year young and very agile hunting dog. The older one, which is very calm and obedient, has stayed with me. My wife has gone early this morning with a school class to Paris for a 5 days education visit (she is a teacher in French) and will not come back until late Friday or Saturday. I am completely alone at home without any disturbances, as I have wished it for this End Time and ready for a GO. 

The announced source pulse leading to first ascension waves this week was initially scheduled to begin today, Monday. Actually it started on Wednesday and further augmented on Friday to reach a peak yesterday, on Sunday. It followed the same pattern as the dress rehearsal for ascension last week, which was also ahead of schedule. Today the energies are at a very high level and intensity, but rather harmonious and very well to bear. I feel myself in a very good shape for the first time since awhile and ready for my ascension.

Can you please check one final time with your HS and ask for an interim report as to how the masses have responded to the last energy surge and whether they are ready for our ascension and appearance this week. According to my estimation, the people seem to be ready for this event and a plethora of sources confirm this assessment indirectly, when one reads between the lines.

I assume that you are also preparing for your ascension and that the circumstances at your home are now favourable (calm) for this event.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I’m just quickly checking in. I have a really busy day today, but I want to make sure you get this information before I go! On the night of February 9th, I had a dream that we were standing next to what appeared to be an ant hill. But what was coming out of the ant hill looked to be more like parasites. We killed them all as they came out of the hive. I opened up the ant/parasite hill and saw that only a few were still alive. They were in a huge state of confusion as to what had happened because their source for getting food (just like the worker ants are in an ant colony) had been completely destroyed. Also, I saw my sister-in-law in the dream. She is extremely religious. I saw her going completely insane. This is what HS has to say about this dream:

“The programs that exist within the hive mentality have been disconnected and cleansing is complete. While the program still exists, the program/mentality can no longer be fed. The masses are now ready and prime for your arrival, as soon their reality will be turned completely upside down. This interim period between what is real and what is illusion is critical, as world events continue to spiral out of control and the matrix of their world collapses leaving the truth exposed. Your Light will guide them to safety. It is time for your mission on this planet to finally be revealed.”

Georgi, last night was the first night in a long time that I remember having a dream, where I was having fun! I feel our work cleansing work is finally done! I’ll keep you posted if any new info comes in!

Much love to you!

Dear Dorie,

let me first congratulate you for your birthday today (Feb 11th), which I forgot to do in my first email to you. I wish that all your dreams come true this week, beginning with your birthday. This is a very good omen indeed.

Now to your dream. Obviously this is your interpretation of the same dream activities we did together, about which I dreamt this same night and reported to you: “Both of us being fishers, who throw their nets side by side as symbolized by the web of light and then collecting them with numerous fishes/ human beings inside. I reported on this dream in my previous email to you as follows:

“I dreamt very chaotic this night (Feb 9th), but I remember that we were working together. We had to change the mindset of the masses in tandem. We did it by encircling them in the web of light and then attracting them to us and swirling them around like in a vortex. The transformation of the people was very smooth and we worked very quickly and concentrated. The overall impression was that we did a terrific job.

This experience and feel in the dream state are now fully confirmed by the dream interpretation of your HS. The most important message/ validation, I was waiting for, is that now “the cleansing of the old hive mentality of the masses is completed”. This is what I sense today in a most strong and compelling manner, after I had another very severe and debilitating cc-wave with a severe headache and multiple joint and stomach pains on Sunday. This kind of wave always takes place when there is a full-fledged ascension test run as announced by your HS for today – Monday, Feb 11th.

From this I gather that we are now fully in the planing and very much successful in our efforts to awaken humanity as never before. This reinforces my inner, intuitive conviction, with which I woke up this morning, that this week will be the week when our dreams will come true. I feel physically how we are carried on the crest of this source pulse and propelled to the highest dimensions.

In my opinion and information from my HS, the PAT has now fully integrated the connection at the nexus to the source and all members have released all their 3d-templates, so that they are now ready to ascend this month in a rapid series of waves, beginning this week.

Please inform me with a short notice if you get any additional information in the coming hours that seem to be the most crucial ones in our final preparation before ascension.

With love and light

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