How the PAT Implements the Law of One on the Earth as Divine Authority

by Daniel Akkerman, February 28, 2013

Dear George,

The last few days were absolutely exhausting, I spent so much time sleeping it’s just incredible. At least it was possible to sleep (more than 12h a day!) for once, but being awake was still exhausting and every day I waked up with headaches and exhaustion.

But the real reason I am mailing now is what just happened. First, I had a very strong nausea/pain coming from the 3rd chakra. In these moments I easily lose connection with the 3d world opening up even more for the higher realms/HS. HS whispered something about the balance of power. Power relating to the 3rd chakra.

This intense pain was not really me, but an abstraction of all the pain/power issues of the entire planet and all else that is in this ascension process. I felt with me the PAT and how we act divine authority, as explained beautifully by April in her last message.

During all this I was trying to figure out what was happening exactly, and what I had to do. This phase felt extremely important and I connected more clearly with HS after changing the way this pain was experienced to a more neutral observer point of view. This time the information came not in words, but it was very clear, the “balance of power” must be toppled. This “power” was referring to this pain and nausea in the 3rd chakra. Then I realized, toppling the balance of power is another way of saying “letting the first domino fall”.

It really felt like everyone was there and then the balance of power fell, and the pain and nausea were gone instantly. And with that came a huge blast which hit the entire earth and everyone on it. I felt how this blast shattered right through their etheric core, this must mean beyond the veil and straight to their souls. At first I was unsure what “through etheric core” exactly meant, but now I see it is through 3d and 4d (also behind all illusions/lies/programming/etc).

This blast contained a message which I now see I’ve demonstrated (and also the PAT) throughout all our lives. I always thought 3d life would be a lot more bearable if I just had somebody to love who understands it all around me, like a soul mate, and wondered why this was never the case. This was always the source of my greatest doubts and disappointments, but at this moment I realized this separation was needed to make it possible to see that “love always abridges everything“. I always knew this was the case, but never quite accepted it, I never really thought it was necessary and always wondered why it had to be me. In other words knowing it didn’t make it easier at all.

“Love always abridges everything“, this was the message which was transmitted with this blast, and finally at that moment doubts and disappointments stopped bothering me, like they were just gone. It felt like a very profound insight which cannot really be explained in words, but I am sure you understand what it means. And it felt like it was not just me having this insight, but also all the others hit by the blast.

From HS I then received this was the fall of the first domino, and the ascension process of those around 95% who were paused is now continuing. But really there is a bit of an inner conflict with this choice of words. I feel some doubts because there have been so many delays in the past. So because I do not want to make wrong predictions, I say it is my HS, but as we all know this information comes as an inner realization, and this inner realization is the real “message from HS”. We are in a way the HS, so placing the source of this information as from HS in this case sounds to me like I’m trying to externalize it, so I can say in some days if there is no ascension that the information from HS was wrong, instead of that my information was wrong.

I guess this is why I’ve been a bit more quiet with HS messages, although this was not a conscious decision. And I think these doubts must end some time before ascension, so I guess that’s why I’m talking about them now. But it never feels to me like the message I get, or anything posted on the site isn’t true. It just feels like that is very true but the 3d world isn’t true, which is also something very true. But again knowing that doesn’t make it easier at all, it just makes it harder, but you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Anyway, it feels now really like this time we will make it, and it will happen. The energies are incredible and at the moment I even feel happy like we are there already. At the moment I’m still physically here, but it’s like a party is going on and I’m already present, just awaiting my full arrival. A feeling of completion without any doubt, full completion I’ve never felt in human life before. I really mean it when I say this moment is the best I’ve felt in human life so far, so that is promising.Ascension cannot be far away, it is here now.

Love & Light,

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