Joe’s Latest Message on the Ascension Scenario


by Georgi Stankov

Today I introduced in the latest energy update my friend Joe Boehe from Germany, who regularly channels messages about Ascension. After our email correspondence he has channeled a new very important message that also reveals some of the reasons for the perennial delays in ascension, to which we, the PAT, became the most prominent victims. 

Now we have another confirmation from an independent source that the Galactic Federation has blocked our earlier ascension dates due to their reluctance to participate more actively in the overall process of ascension. We have discussed this issue on many occasions in the past. The reason for this reluctance was that they wanted many more of their slumbering star seeds to ascend, although they did not fulfil the requirements.

This was the reason why we decreed on August 13 that we will not help the fence straddlers any more as we were depleted by this inhuman effort, and then one more time when I vetoed in October that we will not participate in any religious dramas after our ascension. The last veto sealed the destiny of several billion believers, who will now stay back and will not participate in the mass ascension on Dec 21.

We will know the exact details after our ascension when we will acquire our unlimited awareness and knowledge, but, from what I get from my HS these days, the GF has behaved like a thrifty bargainer on an Oriental market, hoping that we, the PAT, will render the flying miracle rug, with which we were supposed to heave their slumbering ground crew to a higher dimension.

I must add that Joe has no idea about all these discussions, which we have led in the last several months, so that this message is not tainted by his knowledge. However his HS knows that I regularly read his messages and now this message has been actually given for me and the PAT.


Latest Message on the Ascension Scenario

Joe Boehe, December 6, 2012

The humanity of the earth has come a long way now to experience what is known in the planetary evolution as a major civilization leap. It expands its knowledge, its skills, its means of communication and the use of new forms of energy in a new life, without having to die for it, only because humans were chosen for this transformation.

A compression process of this size and quality demands exceptional measures that take their time and must be carefully choreographed and executed.

This universe lives in a dual state. It is its job to work out differences and find out what kind of advantage is associated with a particular condition. Moreover, the combination of the male earth, i.e. the earth on which you live at the moment and the female earth was a tremendous action that has cost a lot of energy and a lot of persuasion. Mankind did not want to have anything in common with this so maltreated male earth. But in order to realize the ascension of the earth, both earths had to be merged without them colliding  or melting. The delays caused thereby are caught up.

Something has always gone awry in the last time and therefore now in the final stages of the process of change of the Earth to the 5th Dimension, the extreme tranquility is a hard test of patience for all of us. Everything is accomplished now, everything is in flow. The children of God must now only wait until the point is reached, where the maximum power is available and the grand shift can commence.

Therefore have patience and do not begin to doubt yourself or tell each other  fairy tales. The day and the hour will come, when it will go off. It is planned,  that  until 12.21 everything should be completed as to ensure that the spacecrafts can still accommodate as many people s possible who have stayed back, before next year the reshaping of the surface of the 4th dimension, which is your current realm of life, can begin.

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