Energy Update -December 17, 2012

by Georgi Stankov

Today is marked by another powerful surge of source energy with a pronounced pull to the higher dimensions. I feel it strongly and you must have also felt this significant pull in your bodies and fields. The Influx of extremely high frequency healing and cleansing  energies that now penetrate matter and 3d-space-time are incredibly strong within my hugely expanded field which is now fully merging with Gaia. The whole day long I am having a burning skin like a torch and witness the huge “evaporation” of human dross such as aggressions, hatred, doubts and similar negative human emotional and thought patterns through my field. 

As I have mentioned already, last night the final decision was made to drop a substantial portion of humanity for not being able to qualify for ascension. Today the lean package of ascension candidates has been finally wrapped up and made ready for its final shift on Friday to the new earth.

I visited this night in the dream state the new 5d-earth A again and was overwhelmed, just as the first time, by the overall atmosphere of bliss and wellness that permeates the whole landscape, the most intensive nature – flora and fauna – I have ever seen, and all new humans. The new earth was so peaceful and ecstatic at the same time that it is impossible to convey this sensation in cumbersome human words, as there is no correlate for this all-encompassing bliss in the present dire reality.

I remember, among others, watching the sun set, which seemed to never end, through a huge veranda window that overlooked a beautiful see bay with a crystal clear, sparkling water that was constantly changing its colours. Then I visited a resort on the Black See coast, which was supposed to be the famous “Sunny Beach”, but the architecture was completely different. It was an eclectics of all European styles – Spanish arabesques facades, interrupted by Palladian villas in Renaissance Classicism, lavish Baroque palaces and Neogothic mansions, just to mention some of the architectural styles that were represented in this miraculous resort.

I was staggered by the beauty of these buildings and could not believe at first glance that my stupid and incompetent countrymen could´have built these beautiful houses, until I realized that they were built by souls from the higher dimensions, while most of my former countrymen, just as many other souls on this planet, will not make it to this paradise.

I was straddling with my mother along the peaceful streets of “New Sunny Beach” without any vehicles, and she was as excited as myself. This is rather surprising to me as I do not consider her eligible for ascension. But if this dream is indicative for her ascension, which I am inclined to accept, as Sunny Beach is her birth place (Nessebar) to which she strongly clings, then the bar must have been set very low for all those humans who will ascend on Dec 21 and till Dec 30. We may have managed indeed to heave more people to the 5th dimension than we currently estimate.

This will be of course a huge success. After all, there must be a tangible compensation for all our inhuman efforts to awaken these slumbering masses and to stay beyond our originally planned sojourn on this toxic planet in order to save their souls. And this notwithstanding the reprimand from Dorie’s HS that it has never been our duty to save any soul in this illusory holographic 3d-model on the earth  – this has been a false interpretation of our human compassion under the conditions of maximal separation – but only to change their dark mind programs.

We have discussed this topic extensively in the past and the unanimous conclusion has been that our success would be rather modest. We may though prepare ourselves for some positive surprises, namely, that we might have nonetheless saved more people than the current disheartening picture of the deeply slumbering masses purports. Our ideas must have gone viral underneath and have changed the subconscious of the masses for the better, if one consider the fact that even some Internet trolls are beginning to get infected by our esoteric ideas of ascension in the last few days. And this is already a huge and rather unexpected success.

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