We Will Detonate the PAT Supernova on Friday!

by April Bender, December 19,. 2012

Dear George,

OMG, these last days have been purely incredible! I can’t even begin to describe the joy, REAL joy, elation, bliss, peace, CALM, that has permeated me. FINALLY!!! I’m fully immersing myself, opening myself, to this warm, soothing, liquid light energy now emanating from the Central Sun. And on top of this the dreams, the visions, have expanded explosively. 

There is not one doubt form in my vibration. We WILL DETONATE THE PAT SUPERNOVA ON FRIDAY! This again, might be a process that occurs over a day or days, it’s hard to say, but Source has led me on a journey these past days, that really clarifies (for me) what is about to happen. And after all, a smaller detonation no longer makes sense logically, as we’ve reach this critical alignment, the max potential “shift” date. OK so now let me back up, and I’m sorry but I hope you have a bit, so that I can put this into better context for you.

The first major vision/experience was while meditating, and was just a couple days before you posted your experience. In this vision I too had entered 5D. And the sunset was just as you described! So beautiful, blissful, a deep deep feeling of peace and contentment. I couldn’t stop staring at it. It seemed to have so many layers to it, a depth and richness. As the suns rays emanated out onto the land, you could see shimmers in the sunbeams, and upon closer inspection, information flowing in the form of codes. It was wild! Unfortunately I did not have the experience of being around buildings or a city, though I could see one off in the distance. No, I think I was standing in our meadow. The one, I too have dreamed of before, with the most beautiful and exotic looking of wildflowers, and trees that towered so high and majestic, like they no longer had a care in the world. So as you can imagine I was quite surprised to read your recent 5D account, but couldn’t help smiling in knowing and awe.

So next, I came across this 2012 video. It’s a bit cheesy but has wonderful renderings and graphics that clearly explain what exactly is so special about this alignment. It’s a rather long video, but if you watch just the first 25-30 minutes or so, you get the basic information. He then goes on to discuss all things 2012, but the main take-away from this entire video is the fact that we are actually looking at a grand triple solar alignment on Friday between our sun, Sirius, and Alcyone. Of the latter is a 225 million year cycle that also just so happens to be ending on 12/21/12, along with our suns 26,000 year cycle.

I can’t explain this as well as the video does, but if there is truth to this, which I believe there is, this is much BIGGER than at least I ever realized. He also adds in of course the matter of our immersion into the Photon Belt, the end/collapse/zero point of time, etc…Anyway this video really helped me to understand and see in a very clear way, how the entire galaxy is involved in this affair, and perhaps why it may have been more conducive for us in the end, to wait and utilize it, especially given the “slumbering” circumstances.


Maybe you already knew all of this Georgi, but this was news to me (the triple sun alignment.)

That night, after watching this video, I sat down to meditate. Almost immediately I found myself in my light-body, seemingly floating along in outer space. I could see all 3 beautiful suns aligned before me, but one was bigger, brighter, more glorious than the others, and slightly further away. This is the one I felt my light-body drawn toward, and it indeed was being slowly pulled toward it. I allowed it to draw me in. It was just indescribable Georgi! I was still a ways out from it but could somehow use my vision to zoom in on it, see the different fabric and depth to it. Suddenly I found myself wondering how it was able to pull me in. It felt magnetic in nature. Looking up, I realized I had a large-bluish white crystal affixed in my crown or crown chakra. It was lit so bright, the light stretched out towards this enormous sun.

And it was then I realized that somehow the sun was drawing me to it through this jewel like, orb like, thing at the crown of my head. Next, I could begin to make out a city within this huge sun. This city was just incredible, awesome, and I know this will sound really cliche but I heard the most beautiful strains of song/singing rising up. For some reason I felt/feel like this represented the Throne energies. At what level I cannot say, but it was exquisite! In the next moment, I found myself on the back of some sort of divine winged creature, soaring into this lovely solar atmosphere! Completely free, completely content, completely loved. I look over, and no kidding, and see the entire PAT riding along on similar mounts. It seems to be our victory lap. Joy, freedom, a sense of magnificent accomplishment and intimate camaraderie fill the air. It is our moment together, to savor the fruits of our journey before individually moving on to serve in various locations.

So the day after this experience, yesterday or Monday, I busted out the old Keys of Enoch. Under the chapter, God Loves His People Israel, the page and place my eye caught just so happened to be the following:

You who behold the wisdom of God are the guides and the stepping-stones for the whole earth.

Metatron and Uriel have issued forth the pure and unmixed Light. Michael oversees the Light which comes forth to you. And Melchizedek receives your Light and gives you the “consciousness of the Light” to be used to create your spiritual body of Light.

Wherever you speak, rejoice with the children of uprighteousness and Light for the children have won over the paths of the earth. 

These are the children who manifest the gifts of the Spirit sent forth from the Father’s jewel which has been placed upon their foreheads. The crystal is bestowed by God so that the mind can receive His command directly as in the days of the first Adamic creation when the jewel body of light was a physical reality.

It represents the divine Love expressed through the Shekinah-Holy Spirit infusion into the physical body. Hence, this crystalline structure aligns with the body to free it from the vibrations of karmic bondage. 

This allows the body to break the nogan shells of memory which hold the pathways of the soul in a singular pathway of simplistic faith, based on serving the elemental nature of physical creation with a “Jesus faith,” without attending to the development of a “Christ body.”

And through this new alignment Metatron showed me how Man could create crystalline correspondences between biophysical and geophysical grid structures that could amplify signals for prayer and healing by the faithful.

These jewels of consciousness regulation are part of the Urim and Thummim jewels of consciousness creation. Each jewel corresponds to a higher Urim and Thummim governed by entities of Light who operate direclty with the Thrones of the Universal Mind (in our Father universe.) 

I saw how the vibrations of the Urim crystals were used to activate the grids so that the foundations of three-dimensional negativity were shifted, and the treasures of the Masters were brought out of the earth…

It then goes on to talk about the “cycle of rounds,” a new book of Genesis as consciousness is reseeded into a new “time cell,” etc…

Anyhow, I see that these crown jewels are important for many, many different reasons, but above all they are needed to finalize the reprogramming of  humanity, fire/realign the grids, cause the final ID split per our detonation sometime during the alignment, and these jewels somehow mark us as Masters, on the threshold of planetary ascension. Georgi, I thought I also remembered you having this jewel or orb encounter in your third eye or crown a few months ago, around the time you became the official nexus point of the web? Am I totally off?

I’ve never had this many blessed encounters with the divine in such a short amount of time. Occasionally, in the past, they’d toss these out to keep us motivated, but as I said, everyday it continues to build and I find that is the best confirmation EVER!

So I know that this is a little all over the place Georgi, but honestly, I just can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! The Hierarchy is so close to us, even and especially the big guns! This is about to get really weird, wild, exciting, and amazing! And thinking back to our joyride on the winged creatures, I’m so glad to be journeying there with you and the PAT!

I would understand if this is too messy to share on the site. I just really wanted to share it all with you and am so glad you sent me a note, just when I was thinking about writing to you but worried it would all be too much babble.

Much love and light,

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