The Beginning of the Sociopathic Revelations of the Elite Concerning Their End

by Fiona Fairchild and Georgi Stankov, December 4, 2012

Hi George!

This is hilarious, I had to pass this on to you for your entertainment. Just received this from one of the elite sociopaths I know and love. Here we go – their version of the world as it is unfolding before their very eyes straight from the NY Times. Have a beautiful day, see you soon![]

Love and Light

Dear Fiona,

The panic in front of the looming Dec. 21-event must have stricken the top of the awakening elite. If the New York Times publishes such an article for the first time, their angst must have reached gargantuan proportions. They no longer know how to deal with this terrible knowledge about their impending end and the gallows humour of the sentenced to death is their only escape.

I have also observed this same phenomenon with the Internet trolls who used to write me a lot of nasty emails and now stopped doing it as their fears, while being constraint to read our website, became so huge for them to bear that they could no longer support it, although they were paid with blood money by the dark secret US-services to do this.

If you are a coward and the scum of society, you cannot bear any truth at all and that is why they preferred to disappear in their rat holes, instead of entering an open and truthful dialogue with enlightened beings and ascended masters as the PAT members are. All of their emails were namely written from false email addresses as they feared my responses, so that I could not respond to them directly, but only through this website. They simply love the darkness and hate the light and that is why this month will be their end. One can only have pity for such cowards, no matter how dark their souls are.

This laughable article in the NY Times is the best proof for me in what an insoluble dilemma the elite has dug into currently. I have seen this behaviour with the red nomenclature shortly before the communist system collapsed and I know its symptoms very well. The US elite have fought for more than 60 years this dreadful outcome, hoping in their madness that they can avoid Heaven’s “wrath” as part of their karma.

Their resistance to cosmic laws simply reveals how psychopathic these entities really are. And now, knowing that they have fully lost to the light, i.e to the PAT as the chief bearers of christed light, their last resort is the gallows humour. This is already a sign that the inner impulse has already begun to work subconsciously in some representatives of the dark elite.

Psychologically, such dumbed down human entities can only approach the dreadful truth of their end by addressing this topic with respect to other people, whom they believe they can demean with their sarcasm as they know nothing else – no love, no pity, no compassion. However they forget to consider that those who believe in ascension and the end of this world will ascend and be saved, while only those who do not believe, will stay on a catastrophic earth B or die this month. They have not grasped this cosmic conundrum yet with their petty brains.

Of course this simple truth is carefully hidden in this kind of gallows humour, to which this pitiful newspaper of NY Times has resorted to as to deal with the fears of the elite (Who else reads this rotten newspaper?). You pretend to be talking about another person sentenced to death and not yourself and then you mock at his desperation. But it is your desperation, Moron and not that of Jews or New Agers. This is the last treacherous resort of human illusion.

However, this kind of illusory tactics have not saved a single person, whose soul has decided that this is his end. After all, the soul is the master of this charade on earth and we, the PAT, know this fact at best and have given up our egos long time ago. This is what these morons of the dark elite and their barking dogs have not grasped yet.

Our souls decide alone who will ascend and who will die this month. It is as simple as that and this kind of cheap humour to which this “renowned” New (York) Age No-Time now resorts only shows that the elite is just beginning to realize the dreadful truth. In the coming days we will see many more irrational expressions of their exponentially growing panic.

For me personally, this kind of articles is the actual beginning of the revelations: I have never expected that they will come straight forward with the truth, as they cannot bear the truth, but only in this convoluted sociopathic way due to their gargantuan angst that has stricken them in these last days, after the Christed light has descended upon earth and humanity last week due to our huge effort as conduits of this light, as extensively discussed on this website.

With love and light

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