The Physics of Ascension

by Georgi Stankov, December 4, 2012

This succinct channeling below dealing with our Ascension between 12.12. and 12.21 this month describes surprisingly well the energetic foundation of any ascension process. It prompted me to write this article on the “Physics of Ascension”. 

Until now no light worker outside the PAT and this website has grasped the simple truth that speed does not exist and that it is an illusory perception of vibrations in terms of frequencies by restricted human senses. There is no space and linear time, both of them being tautological concepts of speed within the limited human perception that creates the illusory notion of space-time as extent. Hence the existence of the current holographic model of 3d-space-time on earth that is embedded in the higher dimensions of the source.

The concept of holography is now very poorly understood by conventional physics, which rejects the existence of higher frequency levels and dimensions beyond the electromagnetic spectrum (EM spectrum). The frequencies of these higher dimensions are beyond the limit of the EM spectrum, which is determined  by the Hawking radiation of black holes or by the Compton frequencies of the elementary particles, which is one and the same quantity as I have proved in the new Theory of the Universal Law for the first time.

This basic theoretical knowledge is very important to understand the current popular esoteric concept of “zero energy” (zero point, etc.), which is simply a naive idea of the basic fact that space is eliminated as an illusion in the higher dimension beyond the 3rd.

From this scientific point of view, ascension of Gaia and humanity to the 5th dimension will be a sudden leap to higher frequency levels. This leap will be triggered by the opening of the stargate 12.12.12 and then will encompass the masses at the latest on  Dec 21.

We the PAT will ascend beyond the 5th dimension because we come from the Source. This aspect has also been tackled in this channeling message and that is why I consider it to be valuable and have published it on our website.

Now, from the point of view of the new physical theory of the Universal law as presented in the section “wave theory” (volume II), all dimensions and realities are superimposed wave systems or levels and thus U-sets that contain themselves and the Whole as an element. One can regard them as octaves that resonate to certain frequency patterns, so that there is a harmonic convergence between the different frequency levels/dimensions. Each level is thus defined by a specific frequency range and is separated from adjacent levels by a frequency gap pr leap.

An octave is thus a harmonious repetition of vibrational patterns at different frequency levels. When a total harmony is reached, a low frequency level may begin to vibrate all of a sudden at a higher frequency level and to merge with the higher dimensions. The same holds true in the other direction. This is how lower frequency ranges such as 3d-space-time are created from higher frequency dimensions by lowering their vibrational patterns.

The very existence of the holographic model of 3d-space-time on earth is a sufficient proof that ascension is possible and a very common phenomenon in All-That-Is, as energy exchange is a closed process and takes place in both directions as proven by the first law of thermodynamics (law of conservation of energy).

This is what will happen between 11.12 and 21.12.

In wave theory, this condition of total constructive interference is defined in a rather clumsy manner as to be “in phase“, just as to be “out of phase” simply means having the condition of destructive interference. What the conventionally thinking physicists have not realized so far, is that when the electromagnetic spectrum of the 3d reality reaches the threshold of constructive interference with the frequencies of the Source energies (from 5th to 12th dimension), streaming for instance through my field and the unity field of the PAT and also engulfing all humanity ready to ascend (the Internet trolls are left out), this harmonious cosmic octave will augment all of a sudden the whole electromagnetic spectrum of Gaia beyond the current limit of Planck’s constant, which is the elementary action potential of 3d-space-time.

This constant actually determines the properties of the 3d space-time, first and foremost its extent perceived as space-time. The higher frequency dimensions have different action potentials beyond the measurement with current material devices that also belong to this 3d-material reality and determine their different energetic properties.

Let me reiterate at this place one more time that the EM spectrum is the actual 3d-reality of matter, as all matter is created from the photon level = EM spectrum and vice verse as I have proved for the first time in the history of physics by deriving all material constants and masses of elementary particles from the mass of the Planck’s constant, which is a constant of the EM spectrum or photon space time (see table on homepage).

The whole 3d-reality is incessantly created by the energy exchange between photon space-time = EM spectrum and physical matter. This is not known yet to failed conventional physics and this fallacy prohibits the scientists to understand the current process of Ascension. Most of them will not even need this knowledge as they will not ascend.

Let me know explain how ascension is accomplished from a physical point of view based on the theory of the Universal Law. The augmentation of frequencies of matter on earth has commenced with the first harmonic convergence in the summer of 1987. Many of us have started to increase our frequencies in the early 90s step by step, when our LBP began. At the same time our body fields are huge transmitters of higher frequency energies from the Source, which we dilute and transform as to send them further down to the rest of humanity and Gaia through our three lower chakras. These aspects of our mission have been extensively discussed on this website.

The augmentation of frequencies takes place initially at the level of the astral bodies and chakras, where they cannot be measured with current material instruments and later on at the level of the elementary particle of matter – the so called Compton frequencies  (see table on homepage). These frequencies can be measured only in comparison to the Planck’s constant.

And here comes the crux of the matter. If this constant also changes its frequency and energy accordingly, the result will be that the Compton frequencies of matter do not change in the blind eyes of present-day, experimental physics. Scientists simply have no other way to measure these fundamental natural constants as to find out that the frequency of matter is constantly rising in the last years, but to compare them to the Planck’s constant. This is not known in physics nowadays and this its chief failure. I hope you understand now the irony of heaven, the joke it plays with the dumbed down human scientists of the old Orion system of total confusion.

The whole current SI system of measurements in physics is based on the Planck’s constant, as it is the only system of reference in this reality. This is how humanity and its scientists were dumbed down to complete ignorance as to what is currently ongoing on this planet.

Of course if you are a scientist and also feel the augmentation of the energy frequencies in your light body, as I do since 1999, you will know it, especially if you have also established the necessary theoretical framework to explain this phenomenon. However most scientists are not part of the ascension process and thus must remain completely  agnostic to the very end.

In this sense the stargate 12.12, which is a perfect alignment of the earth with the Great Central sun and the photon belt, will simply create the condition of maximal constructive interference of Gaia and humanity with the energies of the Source. Both of them, being U-sets of the Source and thus superimposed wave systems, will be in total phase with the Source. This will create a huge energetic potential that will simply transform the EM spectrum = photon space-time = matter of Gaia to the frequency levels of the 5th dimension all of a sudden. Now such potentials are regularly observed in quantum mechanics under the conditions of constructive interference. I have discussed in volume II that this also holds true of superconductivity which is still a dream of failed human Orion science.

This is a  phase transition similar to that of ice kept under pressure. When the pressure is lifted, the ice immediately evaporates without melting first. In this case the zero point marks the transition of matter = 3d-space-time = EM spectrum from one aggregated state to another, where space no longer exists, but only vibrations in terms of frequencies.

This is also the elimination of speed as a holographic illusion of human perception,   mainly through vision which is restricted to the narrow spectrum of the visible light. This circumstance explains why the higher dimensions exist in the Now, that is to say, one does not need any linear time to reach any other reality, no matter how far away it may be  in this universe, but only to raise or alter the frequency of his intent.

Here we close the circle of our gnostic knowledge.

The Merging of Time with the Higher Dimensions:
Council of Angels and Archangel Michael, December 4, 2012

Greetings from the Council of Angels and Archangel Michael.

We wish to speak to you this day of the time-space continuum and how this is shifting and crystallizing into a new paradign….as you know time does not exist in the higher dimensions; time as you have known it is a creation of the earth plane and the 3rd dimensional paradigm. The “time space continuum” as you have heretofore known it is collapsing yet at the same time expanding and merging with a larger energetic influx of these higher dimensional energies. Your realities of the third dimension and time are disappearing. This is why time has been accelerating in every NOW moment; as you have noticed in your perceptions, “time” continues to speed up and this has been accelerating in each “day” of your “now” moment. What is happening on a universal level is this 3d time holographic plane is now disappearing and merging into the higher dimensional 5th dimensional reality matrices which are intersecting with your realities, your world, your earth, your bodies, and your life. Time has been speeding up quickly so that your now moment will begin to match the higher vibrational frequencies of these 5th and 6th dimensional energies which are influxing into your realities now. We are soon reaching the apex of the crescendoing of these two vortexing energies; that of “speeding up time” which is simply an accelerating of the vibration of your reality – merging and blending with the higher vibrational frequencies of the 5th and 6th dimensions. Time as you know it is disappearing from your realities and consciousness (even to those who are “unaware” this is happening and unfortunately causing some disorientation which can be dissolved with an increased awareness).

As time continues to “accelerate” at faster and faster “speeds” or VIBRATIONS, it begins then to match the vibration or “frequency” of the higher dimensions. As planned by the Creator Source, this has been happening slowly over time, and is now increasing in acceleration… the time period between 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 are portals and gateways for the merging of these energies – of that which was formerly your reality of “time” and “3rd dimension” with the NOW reality of the 5th and 6th dimensions – it is during this time that these energies will dance their final dance with each other, crescendoing into an alignment of the 5th and 6th dimensional energy frequencies and vibrations into your now apparent realities – this is the time for your bodies minds and souls to be attuning thoroughly and completely to these frequencies – the method for this is to connect into your higher self with intention, free yourself of the lower vibrations of anger, fear, resentment, hostility and rage, forgive everyone of everything, and align with your higher purpose of integrating within these new dimensional frequencies within your “world”. Everything will be occurring for you with intention, awareness, and focus, so that you will completely attune with these new vibrations. Your soul essence does originally come from vibrations even higher than these, although your physical human body and mind may not remember it – your true essence is of the highest vibrational source – it is now a remembering of this which will take you on the path home, for this ascending into the higher dimensions is one form of leading yourself back to your true Origins to Source and to your true Home. Know, then, that your source essence is of the highest vibrational frequency, and now connecting in with your Higher Self with help you to FEEL this and to remember this and to naturally tune into these 5th and 6th higher dimensional frequencies which are in fact even lower in vibration than your true source. So you see to tune into these will be of the utmost ease once you are connected back in with Your Higher Self, as it is natural for your soul essence to resonate with the Higher Vibrations.

We wish you much love, light, beauty, and peace as you continue to attune yourselves to these beautiful higher frequencies of love, light, and universal harmony.

Until next time, sending you soft light and much love.

– Council of Angels and Archangel Michael.

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