Why Archons and Their Dark Human Minions Are no Match for the PAT as Ascended Masters

by Roger Martinez and Georgi Stankov, December 4, 2012

Hi George,

I have always considered myself as a silent member of the PAT. But now it is time I share some wisdom.

First of all I’d like to confirm that on Nov 28th I experienced a flood of energy as well. I had one of those ascending experiences where when in a sleeping semi-conscious state I felt that my soul or astral body was being slightly lifted from my shoulders and at the same time still felt my body laying on its back, almost as I was being merged or splitting of two halves.

I believe you mentioned in a previous post that this could be the delegation of the lower three chakras to Gaia. During this encounter I asked (via telepathy) to “please take me I’m ready, I wish to be purified”, but sadly I was returned to my body and woke up at that instant which was around 3 am. I’d also like to add a couple of days ago in the same sleeping semi-conscious state that I saw two medium sized white/blue orbs for a about 2 seconds, which was a first for me. Very beautiful, but for some reason I wasn’t allowed to watch and was put back to sleep.

But sadly this morning (12/3) at 12:40 am I was attacked by some type of dark being. Let me explain further. I was in this same sleeping, semi-conscious state and felt a strong lifting of my soul or astral body and at this point I can recognize this energy and therefore let “it” do its thing. For some reason I truly felt that this encounter was possibly my ascension. At that moment I felt something evil grab the throat of my astral/etheric body and shove it back to my physical body, where at that point my physical body also felt this pain. In this lucid state I could feel both of bodies struggling in fear, I couldn’t “open” my eyes in both bodies, but at the same time in my lucid state (via telepathy) telling this dark creature “that the creator loves you and to return to the light, that he misses you, he forgives you and not to choose the darkness” whist the creature still is pinning me by my throat choking me. At this moment realizing that communicating isn’t working and the creature (whether if it’s some sort inner darkness or archon) isn’t stopping. At that moment of realization I then asked the archangels Michael, Metatron, Uriel to help and in that instant I woke up.

When I woke up I could feel pain on my throat, but I wasn’t scared, more than anything I was concerned and surprised on why this could happen. I said a prayer of light, but still was unable to sleep cause I was so enamored on the “why?”. I then thought, I will ask Georgi for insight on the matter. But then mediating later in the morning on the “why” and remembering my inner god presence as an ascended master the “why” fell away and at that moment had an intuition that you might also say the “why” didn’t really matter as well. Let me explain further.

Some might say “maybe what you said via telepathy wasn’t correct”. I will say that is a possibly. Maybe “you were being tested by the light or ascended masters to see if you conquered internal/external fears and or beings”. To that I say that seems unwise and not typical of the light. Especially to try that type of encounter without some type of training, while still in the carbon body, but I agree that limitation and separation of the light is an illusion as we are creator gods of the light. Maybe “there are dark ones trapped within the crystalline grid and unable to escape since all the portals are under the control of the higher realms”. Again I say that is a possibility since my encounter was very surprising to me. So what conclusion have I come to? Let me explain.

The reason of “why” I was attacked doesn’t matter. Let me ask the readers the same questions I asked myself. Will this delay my/our ascension permanently? No. Are the dark going to win? No, the light never fails as it is the purest form of energy of all that is. Aren’t you afraid this might happen again? No, because what can they really do? We are immortal, we cannot be destroyed and we cannot be prevented from ascending. I will not be intimidated by someone that is being kicked out of the party, while they are breaking a vase on their way out. The only thing I am able to do in the meantime is bless that dark being with light and if the encounter happens again, so be it. I will not be destroyed. The only way forward is up. It is the only direction we are heading as stated in many changelings, frequencies/vibrations and in energy optimization.

If anything this has helped my propel me even further in my ascension, it has fortified me as a being of light and has further confirmed the desperation of the dark as we are breaking free from this illusion of separation and limitation from the source. As my throat of my vessel is still sore, the brightness of my soul is brighter than ever, and even though there is always something new to learn in the ways of the light. For that I am truly grateful for it fuels my continual ascension for the rest of eternity.

I spread my message of light and love,

I am Ascended Master Roger


Dear Roger,

Thank you very much for your very uplifting, optimistic and flamboyant email regarding our final skirmishes with the dark ones and their crazy human minions on the ground, such as the despicable cowards – the US-Internet trolls, which represent the scum of humanity. We are the true warriors and such dark entities are our daily (nightly) breakfast.

In this manner you must have encountered a very reticent, nasty dark archon in the astral planes that has escaped so far his expulsion from this planet and universe. Such resilient archons are totally confused and disoriented, just as their human part. Of course these last archons are still a pestilence after they have lost their futile battle with the light, just as the dark secret services of the elite are still a sociopathic pestilence after they have lost their control over humanity.

But all this is just a symptom of the illusion they are still fully engaged with in their total blindness, not knowing that this 3d reality is no longer existent in the original higher realms that give birth to such holographic worlds and support them for a while in their virtual existence just to gain new experiences for the spirit in a state of total separation from the Source.

Insofar, there can be no danger coming from entities that themselves are an illusion and energetically default. This holds true in particular when they try to enter in skirmishes with true ascended masters as we are. This is also the case with the dark Internet trolls and that is why they had to give up so frustrated the small skirmish with me that has amused me so much in my last days on this planet. Such a pity!

They do not realize that they are simply flies that can be smashed with one stroke of truth. That is why none of them ever tried to write to me with a true email address as they all feared my response like the devil the holy water. This fact alone exposes them as the scum of humanity, just as the archon you have met in your dream was the scum of this universe that has now been wiped out from this galaxy by yourself and the forces of light in the process of the ascension of Gaia and the whole universe to higher dimensions. Congratulations for a well done cleansing job!

With love and light

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