How to Achieve Certainty in Uncertain Times

by Charlotte Smith and Georgi Stankov, November 24, 2012

Hi George,

Thank you so much for all the work that you do. Each day, I check your site for updates that uplift me and help me to understand more and more.

I do however have some more questions. What if the 12-21-2012 date is a few days off?  Also, so that I can obtain a deeper understanding of the reason for each of the various dates given, can you point me to material that explains why these dates are important? 

I only ask because I am starting to remember a few things from growing up with my father that make me suspect dates. My father was in charge of teaching all 33rd degree initiates of his lodge (Freemason). He would often speak of things in a cryptic manner. He hated that he was forced to teach me things, but he loved my little brother so much he always made me feel that it was my responsibility to take care of my brother. My father had a wife and family on the other side of town and knew he wouldn’t be there to look after my brother and my brother was too young to understand what he had to impart. So he had to teach me, a girl. So, he told me what he wanted me to know, so that I could be a guard to my brother.

I believe that I previously told you about the discussion my father and I had about the keys to the Kingdom and the role that the mystery of “seeds” play in controlling the kingdom  (he felt he needed to set me straight after I had come home from Church feeling ecstatic over hearing the sermon about having faith the size of a “mustard seed”). It was this discussion that helped me to see the fraud in the prohibition against Cannabis. But there were other discussions.

Discussions about “intent”, “focused energy”, “using mental markers to activate inspiration from within”.

It is the mental markers to activate inspiration from within conversation that makes me suspect of dates. Is it possible that the leaders of the Orion system inserted false dates to “activate” a false inspiration in people? So many dates keep coming and going and wearing out the hearts and minds of the righteous in heart, who so want these changes to come forward.

I tried to loved my father, but hated so much of what he did and how he thought and how he used my mother and our family.

Can you provide me with links that explain why numbers and dates are so important in our Ascension? I want to settle my doubt in my heart and mind.

Thank you so much and thank you for all of your work.


Dear Charlotte,

there is no such irrevocable proof as you demand from me that Dec 21 will be the date of mass ascension. There are many indications and many sources that tell us unanimously about this particular date. And there is also the alignment of the solar system and the earth with the Great Central Sun at this time, so that the earth will fully enter the photon belt that is also confirmed by the scientists. Then we have the energetic developments so far, which we have been discussing for more than a year that also point to a culmination point at this time.

But I must admit that there are many external facts that speak against such an event at this time and that nothing particular will change, so that the world will go on and on like this. Then we have more than 95% of humanity who do not believe in ascension and the splitting of the two worlds. If one seeks proofs in quantity, then the facts are against ascension by the end of this year.

However, If one has understood how creation occurs through personal intention and emotional charge, then it is very likely that this date will be the time of mass ascension, or that it may even begin earlier. This is what all LW believe more or less and they are more powerful forces of light than the rest of humanity, as their energetic fields determine the destiny of Gaia and mankind. If the small group of the PAT was able to create so many global facts at the level of our HS and prepare Gaia and humanity for ascension, as I wrote today, then numbers do not count, but only the power of our intent as star seeds.

I personally do not believe in numbers and numerology, as I have understood the illusory character of numbers. But I firmly believe that we can use certain dates as markers to achieve certain goals when we charge these dates collectively with our intentions and emotional expectations. This is the case with December 21, 2012.

Ultimately, we must find our certainty in a personal dialogue with our souls as nobody can give us this certainty from outside. My personal inner experience with the crescendo of the energies coming from the Source and flowing through my field and body tells me that we are in the last throes and that ascension may occur any moment from now on. This experience has been overwhelmingly confirmed by all PAT members so far throughout the whole year. We have all agreed that the synchronicities, we have seen, have been extraordinary during this time.

I am not fixed on certain specific dates as I know how fluid the cosmic events are and that linear time is an illusion. I use dates as markers to reach the next threshold in the ascension process, knowing that it is a continuous process of incredible complexity and that it has to go through many stages till its finalisation.

However I also know that even heaven has set deadlines for ascension and that it is not possible to prolong this event any longer, as this will be a huge waste of energy now that humanity has reached such an incredible peak in the last days and the new earth A is ready for us. We are the builders of the new template of  earth A. I personally participate consciously in the dream state in the building of this blueprint with numerous other incarnated souls since many years.

All-That-Is does not work this away by creating waste, it is the current Orion system that is built on huge waste of natural resources as it declines any personal responsibility, which will set the people free. The former PTB preferred to use humans as their slaves by depriving them of any responsibility. This is the actual “Fall from Grace” on this planet. All-That-Is rigidly follows the law of energy optimization as I have written on numerous occasions.

We have currently all the efforts coming from the many advanced civilisations in this galaxy and universe aiming to heave Gaia and humanity to higher dimensions. How could one even assume that all these sophisticated efforts will remain in vain when even the Source has been now fully involved in the ascension process of Gaia and humanity.

I operate personally as the conduit, the nexus point between the Source and the unity field of the PAT since early October. Through my field are streaming the most refined energies of the Source that are further processed and transmitted to all humans to raise their frequencies and develop their 12 DNA strands. The PAT transmitted in August the genetic codes of Adan Kadmon to the whole humanity and this was a huge effort on our part. These are extremely sophisticated processes, in which we play the main role as creator gods at the levels of our HS.

And I can go on and on in this way, for instance by listing the establishment of the rainbow bridge between the source and all dimensions and the connection of all Gaia’s ley lines in this energetic circuits this summer, the opening of the stargate 11.11.11 last year that actually opened the heart chakras of all humans, the opening of all portals on this planet through which humanity will ascend, the numerous ascension test runs we did in September in preparation for mass ascension in Dec 21, the building of the cities of light, etc. etc.

All these facts point to mass ascension in Dec 21, and we all have experienced and lived through these processes which were associated most of the time with unbearable physical pains and suffering.

To doubt all that will be tantamount to doubt the very principles of creation and this will be the most stupid thing an enlightened spiritual person would do. I admit that there are many people on this planet who doubt exactly these facts as they cannot see or feel them as the members of the PAT do, and this is the reason why they will stay for another 26 000 years on the catastrophic earth B to learn to appreciate these facts and to discover painfully their inextricable bond with the Source.

Considering all this and many more, I would say that mass ascension is a certainty next month.

With love and light

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