The Bottom Is Reached – Next Comes Our Ascension

by Georgi Stankov, September 24, 2012

We have reached the bottom“. This is the information which I received from my HS when I woke up early this morning at 5.00 am CET. According to him, we have finished with our cleansing and drilling activities at the 1st dimension and are now beginning to integrate this dimension into the other dimensions in the rainbow bridge and to connect it with the Source. This procedure will be completed in the next 24 hours. Simultaneously the 1st to the 3rd dimensions of Gaia – 1) the mineral world 2) plants and animals and 3) humanity – will be flooded with the extremely powerful high-frequency energies coming from the Source. Contrary to the past, this time the energies will flow predominantly through the rainbow bridge, which we have built between these dimensions and the Source. This will lead to a marked relaxation of the energetic tension that was laid upon us in the last several weeks when our bodies /fields were the only connection between Gaia, humanity and the Source.

The energies from the Source will fill the tanks for the PAT supernova. When the threshold is reached, we will abruptly detach from the three dimensions of Gaia, while delegating our three lower chakras to her and will ascend through our inner portals to the Source. Our carbon-based bodies will undergo a phase transition to light, which will permeate all dimensions and all our individual light bodies at each dimension along the rainbow bridge up to the Source. In this case, we will not even need a crystalline light body, but will be able to create one each time we wish to appear as ascended human masters on the balanced earth A/B or on the ascended earth A, respectively on its already existing blueprint in the 5th dimension.

Since this morning the quality of the energies in my field and body have significantly improved. They are much more light and harmonious and I feel much better physically and psychically than ever. For the first time since many years, I have the irrevocable feeling that we have successfully finished with our mission and will go home. Somehow I cannot eradicate the impression that my rant against my HS and heaven for their repeated delays of our ascension scenario on the fields yesterday has accelerated the whole process. In the new amiable energetic state one can more easily survive several more days in “animated suspension”, in which all PAT members currently dwell.

The moment when we will fully detach from Gaia and ascend through our inner portals to the Source, we will be completely liberated from all energetic tensions and negative patterns that have made our life on this toxic planet so tedious and exhausting. At the same time the new rainbow bridge between Gaia, humanity and the Source will be fully activated. This will be accomplished by augmenting all of a sudden one million times the Source energies that flow through the rainbow bridge. This will cause an explosion of light in all three dimensions of the earth and throughout all dimensions of this universe, so that Gaia and humanity will enter the ID split.

The detonation of the PAT will be most probably accompanied by a set of pyrographic and other optical effects which the GF will arrange for the masses as to make them aware of the beginning of the End Time of Tribulations. This will be the first “wake up call”. Its intensity will grow crescendo-wise when the subsequent events will begin to unfold in the human reality.

Now, according to my information from the HS, the ID split, which will commence with the detonation of the PAT supernova and our ascension to the Source, will fully materialize in this reality within a couple of days, probably a week due to the still persistent inertia of this material world. During this interim time when the tides of darkness and light will fully separate from each other, thus creating a new void for a short period of time – the same void we now experience –  there will be a chain of rapid events that will unfold in close proximity.

My HS tells me that it will not be necessary to unleash powerful sun flares as to knock down the electric grid worldwide, although the sun activity is always part of the equation. The PAT supernova itself will establish a new energetic condition that will offset much of the electromagnetic polarity on the earth. This is also a necessary prerequisite for the triggering of the magnetic pole reversal and, at the same time, an aspect of this geomagnetic phenomenon. The new electromagnetic situation on the earth will be sufficient to paralyze the electric grid worldwide. It will also establish the energetic foundation for all new 4d-technologies that will use free photon energy on the balanced earth A/B. All these processes are intimately intertwined and will occur simultaneously.

What will be the ramifications of the sudden collapse of the electric grid? It will lead in the first place to the total paralysis of all communications, such as internet, telephone and telegraphic networks through satellites and on the ground. All financial institutions such as banks, stock exchanges etc. will not be able to make any money transactions and must immediately close their doors. This will lead on its turn to the total stillstand of all economic activities. In addition, all electric trains and other vehicles will also stand still.

Please observe that it is only possible to partially substitute the electric grid with generators based on oil combustion when there is a local black out of electricity supply. But when the whole electric grid is disrupted worldwide, not even the petrol stations will be able to function and supply the population with oil as their pumps also function on electricity. This is given just is a simple technical explanation why all human activities will cease after the detonation of the PAT supernova when Gaia and humanity will be inundated with energies from the Source that will be for a short period of time one million times bigger than ever experienced before on this planet.

This is the actual reason why we now build this rainbow bridge which is an energy highway from the Source to this planet. Earth has existed for eons of time under total energetic quarantine, fully separated from the Source. This has caused its downward spiral to greater 3d-density and darkness, until we, the PAT, incarnated on it and reversed this trend.

As all national governments and other state institutions will be also cut from all kinds of communication, they will not be functional at all. In this way all national states will de facto cease to exist. This will also hold true for the health care system which cannot operate without electricity. Actually, with the triggering of the PAT supernova, humanity will enter the three days of darkness, which may be however more than only three days. We were told by our HS that the actual energetic pole reversal and final ID split will occur several days after our ascension.

Before that humanity will experience the total collapse of the old Orion matrix with all its political, social, economic, transport and communication systems. This will cause a huge shock among the masses. They will be in a total physical, emotional and mental disarray, as they will realize for the first time deep in their hearts and minds their total helplessness if they solely depend on external material structures. The fact that they can no longer rely on the old material system, to which they have clung for so long time, considering it to be the citadel of their alleged security, will unleash a profound revolution in the collective, materialistic mind-set. This will be the beginning of their rapid energetic transformation and ascension to higher dimensions.

Then the magnetic pole reversal will hit Gaia and humanity with its deluge, earth quakes and vulcano eruptions all over the globe. These cataclysmic events are necessary in order for Gaia to release its last negative dross before its ascension to the 4th and 5th dimensions. The same holds true for the human population, which is in retard with its cleansing of past dross and spiritual evolution compared to the other two dimensions of Gaia.

After we made our last decree on August 13 to stop helping the soul fraction of the slumbering fence straddlers, we actually introduced this catastrophic scenario. During and after the magnetic pole reversal, between one and two billion human beings will end their current incarnation through death experience. The rest of humanity that will survive the catastrophes will either move through the vortexes and portals that the PAT has opened to the 4th-dimensional balanced earth A/B, or will stay on the crust of the ravaged 3d-earth and will try to survive somehow.

Most of the elite and current dark forces in human or other bodies will also die in the course of the magnetic pole reversal. Those who will survive will hide for many years in bunkers underground, as after this event Nibiru will hit the earth hard with its tail full of asteroids. They will collide with the remaining 3d-earth and will obliterate most of the life on it for many years to come. This will prevent the remaining elite to establish its totalitarian regime of human enslavement on the catastrophic earth B as they have planned it for eons of times, knowing about the coming of the current End Times. Many people will die on earth B in the course of this year when Nibiru’s asteroids will hit this catastrophic planet. The rest will resort to a survival mode of life, most probably also underground in caves and other holes, as this earth will very soon become a desert planet.

About 4 billion people will be transferred to the balanced earth A/B, which already exists as a template (blueprint) and will be completely functional from the very beginning. We will definitely appear as ascended masters on this new planet and help humanity to establish the new structures of a more enlightened society. We will also help them use the new 4d-technologies which will be available in this new planet for all humans from the very beginning.

The big question is, whether we will also appear on the devastated earth before the final ID spilt has taken place and announce our leading role as the new Earth Keepers in front of humanity. I have pondered a lot on this alternative scenario in the last days and weeks, especially after we were urged by our HS to envision our own personal ascension scenario and official appearance in front of humanity. Only today I gained some more clarity from my HS on this issue.

It will be of great advantage if we appear officially in front of humanity just before the magnetic pole reversal will commence and the shit will hit the fan, but after the old Orion system has already collapsed. If we assume that we will appear three days after our ascension, the whole collapse of the system must be accomplished within these three days. Then the magnetic pole reversal, with all its catastrophes, will commence. This will quickly lead to the actual ID split of the two timelines – the ascending 4d-earth A/B from the catastrophic 3d-earth.

In this extremely crucial and vulnerable phase, we must show up in front of the masses as the new Earth Keepers. We cannot leave the stage to the remaining dark forces, no matter how weak, to aggravate the already disastrous situation by instigating further fear-mongering scenarios. We must appear on the ground as powerful creator beings and eliminate these remnant dark forces in an overt manner as to demonstrate to humanity that the final battle between light and darkness has been won by the forces of light.

This may include the abolition of the Catholic Church and the demise of the current pope as already discussed in our ascension scenarios, or the substitution of the current corrupt US-government in Washington D.C. with more decent people. Or we may not need to do anything at all, as all these organisations will simply cease to exist and we will just show to the masses our floating light bodies. The ascended PAT will be the embodiment of the victorious forces of light. This victory will be of great symbolic importance for all human beings who are still trapped in their duality, as the actual energetic victory has been already won by the PAT, but it is still not perceived by anybody outside this group.

In this scenario, the PAT will be the “wake up call” for the masses and their “Savior” at the same time. The much debated and expected “Disclosure” will also find its natural solution and the necessary revelations and education of the masses can commence. Our appearance as ascended masters before the actual ID split will actually serve as a rainbow bridge for the masses to overcome their angst of death as the final solution of human life. As soon as the people realize that they are immortal multi-dimensional beings as demonstrated by the ascended PAT masters, they will willingly embrace this new divine identity and will rush through the portals and vortexes to the new ascended balanced earth A/B, where life will be much easier in the absence of any extra-terrestrial dark forces.

I have always had the vision that our ascension must take place this month (September) after we announced our decree on August 13 and thus accelerated the process of ascension. The next month of October will be full of catastrophes and tribulations, before the final split of the two earth – of darkness and light – has taken place. The four billion human beings who will enter the new earth A/B will carry with themselves the psychological advantage of knowing that they will be better off after the experienced calamities. They will acquire a new understanding that these material events have no effect on their souls and identity and will for ever remain part of their physical past, which they will terminate with their first collective ascension to the new balanced earth A/B.  Then comes mass ascension to the 5th dimension by the end of this year, where the ascended PAT will again be the main protagonist in helping humanity transcend its current way of life.

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