PAT is God’s Spark That Will Ignite the Supernova of Ascension and the Wake Up Call for the Masses

by Dorie Bowlin and Georgi Stankov, September 11, 2012

My Dear PAT Fellows,

we have it in our hands – we are the only ones to determine how and when our ascension will take place. It has always been so – with all our decrees in the past and with our steadfastness to go our way and fulfil our mission. No higher council can make this decision for us. 

I have always advocated on this website the full sovereignty of the PAT members as the ultimate decision makers. This attitude has been now fully rewarded. We have always worked together as a collective cosmic mind incarnated on the earth. Each one of us has sent valuable impulses at the proper time to the rest of us to ignite the other members to complete his idea and create an all-encompassing collective vision of the PAT’s mission. This is how All-That-Is operates in an incredible interactive manner.

I will present below my latest discussion with Dorie that ultimately led to the simple insight that we are God’s spark which will ignite the PAT supernova of ascension and the ID shift, and that we are also the wake up call for the masses. This wake up call can only come from within – from a portion of humanity and not from outside, The GF has no say in this matter, no matter how preposterous their channels behave as to what they have to decide, but can only take the marginal responsibility for the pyrotechnic effects to our wake up call.

No matter how small our group is in numbers, as long is it exerts its global quantum effect to awaken the masses, as CA has explained more than 20 years ago (see Henry Bizon’s article from yesterday), we are the director of the show and the main protagonists of the drama at the same time. We are also the playwright and have the power to re-write in any moment in the Now what we want to experience. Now more than ever! Hence we are the demiurge of our destiny. Let us write collectively the last act of this magnificent human drama and perform it to the best of our unlimited creative potential. The working title has been given long time ago – THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST.

Charge it with your emotions, thoughts and the power of your imagination, no matter how wild your dreams may be. This all adds up to the signal that will detonate our Supernova. The more intensity on your part, the quicker we will  ascend.


September 10, 2012


I am so excited and have so much to tell you and validate with you after reading today’s post with Henry Clymer, but I am on my morning walk and emailing you from my phone, so I will keep it short for now. While on my walk, I wanted to contemplate the question with HS: ‘What will be the ‘Signal’ needed to activate PAT detonation?

Again I was shown the symbol of the cell dividing and HS said:

Just as a cell divides in order to replace the old with the new, it still must receive a ‘Signal’ from Source Consciousness in order to do so. This holds true for the PAT as well. As you are already fully activated for cell/timeline division, the signal/trigger/SPARK will come Source consciousness itself.”

Georgi, as I type this, I have so many goosebumps!WE ARE THE SPARK!

Dear Dorie,

thank you very much for this very important validation. I have always considered that the PAT is energetically independent of other energetic processes on the earth and humanity and only subjected to the Source. In this case the ultimate signal can only come from the source. The higher councils can only report to the source that the other processes are also ready for “go”, but the detonation of the PAT supernova can only be launched by the Source itself. But we still must wait for the other processes to reach first their threshold before we can ignite the God’s spark.

It will be very helpful if you discuss one more time this issue with your higher self and how much the timely ignition of this spark will be influenced by our decisions as incarnated personalities as to how we will individually ascend and where we will wish to appear first.

With love and light


I am working on that other email to you right now and I was asking those very questions! I understand that “all the ducks must be in a row“, but HS is trying to come across with something of great significance and I am HOPING that my human brain can grasp what is trying to come through! I’ll get back with you as soon I can figure out what is trying to be conveyed – I feel sorry for the Higher Realms in trying to use me as their channel of information. They are trying to figure out what file to use in my filing cabinet as a reference to what information they are trying to impart!

Much love,
Dear Dorie,

I am (im)patiently waiting for further clarifications.


Georgi, Georgi, Georgi!!!!

I am so excited, can you tell? Let me explain why:

Eugene from South Africa connected with me through email yesterday asking if I could validate some information in regards to his portal and being a member of the PAT. Well, I said, “of course you are a member of the PAT, as you were a follower of Apollonius and now here you are coming full circle!” As soon as I sent that email, I went to the forum and saw your latest post with Henry Clymer today (which I just loved!), saying that your appearance scenario, Georgi, was The Second Coming of Christ…with the PAT!!! I hurriedly sent Eugene another email saying, “OH MY GOSH, I just read almost the exact same words that I sent to you, in the post with Henry and Georgi today!”

For the last couple of days or so, as I’ve been contemplating my own ascension scenario, but HS kept reminding me of a dream I had and shared with you during the time we were trying to make Nystatin available to the world.  We were all talking about getting together and having a huge PAT party, perhaps even meeting in Italy. I received a dream where I was indeed in Italy with the PAT. I was standing next to a very tall ladder, and when I looked up, I saw a man on the ladder taking a picture of the PAT. There was a woman who came up to me, and when I looked at her I saw she was wearing a name tag that said “Celebration”.

So now after reading today’s post and hearing from HS that “WE ARE THE SPARK” that awakens humanity, and that the “SPARK” comes from Source Consciousness itself, I’d like to see what she has to say about the meaning of this dream and the process of how this will all be brought about “energetically”.


It is good to see excitement within your energy again Dear Child! We have given you so many clues, indeed so many HINTS as to how the end time scenario would play out. You were told many times “read between the lines of our messages” and yet you found it challenging to do so, as you are the channel and find difficulty in deciphering the symbols we use to communicate with you using the only files we can find within your filing cabinet!That’s why you are part of a TEAM. Where one lacks the proper knowledge or “file”, others can step in to supply the necessary information.

Today’s message to you however, was of extraordinary importance. What you were seeing BEFORE, and then interpreting, was that humanity had to reach a certain “threshold” of energy in order for the PAT Supernova of Ascension could take place– that there had to be a specific “EVENT” that would awaken humanity and ignite the PAT simultaneously. What you discovered in your conversation with us on your walk today, was that the PAT IS THAT SPARK from God Source, and that it is the discretion of Source to activate that spark at the most effective moment, as energy is never wasted. HOWEVER, it has now been decided that Source will use the PAT as the spark, as the EVENT/VISUAL that would awaken humanity.

We told you that we had many different “visuals” in our pocket! What better visual than for the PAT to ASCEND and Light up the sky, maybe have the Galactic Federation throw in a few extra fireworks, some holograms, a solar flare, and perhaps a spiral or two! But THE biggest ‘visual’ would be your appearance as Ascended Masters on the stage of the world!

Dear Child you know that your biggest dream was to stand at the podium of the church you grew up in and share the TRUTH, while you demonstrated the gifts you were endowed with. What better audience could you have now then the WHOLE WORLD to reveal those truths too? And so it shall be… this is the meaning of your dream.

It is understood that you are used to ‘thinking’ small. Certainly the 3D reality that you have been restricted to has not supported you in any way, shape, or form in allowing you to think and then CREATE as BIG as you what you have envisioned in your mind (This is what I have always striven to counterbalance on this website by urging you to think BIG, George). But understand that the things you wanted to create were the results of what is happening RIGHT NOW and what would follow as a result of your Ascension!

While certainly you were frustrated from not receiving the “exact” information from us that you felt would make it SO much easier to survive in 3D reality, understand that you were given only what was needed to be given in that moment to get you to the next step. Your human mind needed a ‘mystery to solve’ and it kept you occupied while the remaining processes reached their threshold. So in a sense, your individual personalities were formulating new ideas and new plans, creating the incentive and energy that was needed in order to play out the final scenario with the information that April provided in her last message – focus on your Personal Ascension Scenario.

And now we add, focus on not only how you disappear, but also focus how you will REAPPEAR as Ascended Masters making the MOST impact on humanity as a GROUP. Just as you have made decrees in the past which have moved you upward, now you can combine your efforts once again, not with a “decree” necessarily, but with the ‘objective’ to ignite your own fires and ascend. It’s imperative that you do so now, so that Source can send the signal to ‘spark’ the exact moment that detonation can take place that will make the most impact in awakening humanity, BEFORE the shit hits the fan! There is NO stopping you now! Source has made the call and given it’s final decision.

Congratulations to ALL of you for accepting the most challenging mission every assigned to the Bringers of Light. We applaud you on a job WELL DONE!


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