My Final Ascension Dream and Reflections

by Garrett Mitchell, September 26, 2012

Hi George and PAT members,

I wanted to share a dream I received this afternoon (9/25). It was very abstract like most, if not all our dreams are but I will do my best to remember the key points with a little input from my intuition/HS.

I was just outside of an island like piece of land and it was surrounded by water and some sort of mountain like barricade on all sides. There was a strong presence radiating next to me, I can’t see it but boy can I feel this presence very warm and loving and it communicates to me that we are to go inside and it/they would take me across the water and through the barricade and place me where I need to be.

In an instantaneous whoosh like motion I found myself in the middle one of two lines that were formed in front of what looked like a movie or concert ticket window where you would buy the tickets for the event/show and it was communicated to me that I was to wait there while this form/presence went and talked to some of the beings in the front of the lines. After a few moments of patiently waiting silently and observing all the other beings in the lines talking and having a grand ole time with other beings I felt pulled, literally pulled, by this presence up to the front and as I passed many of the beings that were in front of where I was standing they began to focus in on me and the feelings that I felt when I passed by each one of them was that of, “hey why is he cutting the line, we were here first.”

Immediately this presence sent out a wave which insulated me while at the same time sending out an energy band which I perceived to be strongly alluding to the fact that this one is not to be f’ed with, meaning me. I must say it felt really good to be and feel that special and protected. This radiation then got in one of the two lines and I was standing in the other and there were now only like four or five beings in front of where we placed ourselves and I felt this female radiation from behind the window of the ticket booth telling one of the beings trying to get tickets that they were already given a ticket and they cannot get another ticket for someone who was not present and that they needed to come and get their own ticket.

Then I felt her focus in on me and she said something to the effect (sorry can’t remember all the details) dear one your part of the first show have you not been given your ticket yet?….You are very weak compared to others that have already went in. Is that why you were last to get here? The presence that was with me then communicated to her that I was the anchor for those others that didn’t have to go through it in its totality (LBP maybe?) she then very courteously and lovingly asked me to download to her some of the experiences I went through physically etc. while she did some things on what looked like a weird looking computer.

Well after my usual 3D oh it could have been/could be worse mumbo jumbo that I usually tell to anyone who asks me how I feel or what’s wrong with me she stopped me and let out a huge compassionate sigh and communicated back to be me, “I have said to them countless times to get you guys out already! It’s time to prepare for the second show now, enough! She then went on to tell me, “I almost got my wish twice now but each time they say, “We want the first show to be the best, they deserve it. They have got this far we want them to go all the way now.” She then broke off that transmission from them and said to me, “But now being that you showed up, as you are an anchor, the final circuit has been established and connected and the show will start.”

I was handed a golden ticket that looked like the ticket in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and was instantly transported back to my body and in my bed and I immediately heard this passage from dear April’s HS, “Remember, this is a collective PAT process, focused energetically by Georgi as captain and key master. Therefore all PAT members must reach or integrate each step or light body, before moving to unlock the next dimensional light body.  This is how you build the bridge. They it continued, “It has now been constructed and anchored by you and I. Please go back to sleep you need it.”

I laughed out loud and said aloud, “I was asleep why did I wake up at all? I looked at the clock and it read 1:15 pm. I heard a trailing laugh and the next thing I knew I woke up again and the clock read 6:00 pm sharp. Within one small movement of my body I realized I was hit with yet another wave which shouldn’t shock me as I have woken up with a different type of wave since 2002 without a single days pause but was hoping and prying that I wasn’t going to have one since apparently we completed our tasks as a unit. I was a bit miffed and instantly I heard, “Go to your computer.” I did, fired it up and to my 3D surprise (not) I found an update in which it seems we all were hit with the same wave of varying degrees on the same day.

While I do think this dream was self explanatory you are more than welcome to reply with your input. The only part I can’t be sure of is who the being was with me. I really want to say it was you George as I shared in the dream in which many of us PAT members were opening dimensional levels this past weekend and it was of a similar radiation. And if it was my HS I doubt giving you the credit really matters at this point as long as the job gets done I doubt she cares who I give the credit to. She just doesn’t have that 3D make-up obviously.

I also want to take another moment since I don’t do it enough at least in writing to say Thank You to all who positively contributed to George’s site. Which include April, Dorie, Gail, Marilyn, Daniël, Skyler and all the other wonderful Crystalline’s, Eugene, Eva, Mara, Jerry, and ALL THE OTHERS, as this list could go on into infinity it feels, who have responded and those other PAT members who’s voices have yet to be heard but will be in one way or another I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! Without you I would still be stuck wondering why I feel so sick with a shit ton of ailments and I would still be shuffling off to one 3D doctor, specialist, holistic healer etc. after another looking for one person that could help me or at the very least shed some light on what I was/am going through and what I could do to help it. I now know it’s bigger than anything this 3D world is able to understand let alone help with. They will now see me and all of us in all our glory in blinding light and they will say to themselves, “I knew he, they, you, were different. I just didn’t know the extent.”

And a very SPECIAL THANKS to George who has brought us all together energetically. You have allowed me to relax as much I can through this newly (to me, 2011) discovered process of epic proportion known now as the Light Body Process and who has given me irrefutable scientific proof of every twitch, pain and feeling that has ever passed through or around my body and mind. The pressure and stress that you have willingly put on yourself in respect to this process of embodiment and ascension is of mammoth proportions, at times deathly proportions I’m sure and I can’t imagine the utter shit you have to deal with in your e-mail box and all the unseen energies that swirl around you not to mention the unsupportive energies by the very family who should be there unconditionally for you while you physically go through energetic hell.

Put aside this ideal of ascension for a moment, the very fact that you feel sick, I liken to a continuous flu, should bring about some kind of compassion and at least a little understanding as everybody has had the flu at least once in their life and can empathize with what it feels like. I know for one we weigh on the minds of our loved ones and they have a great deal of concern, at least in my experience, for us but we are powerless to appease their ideal of 3D living no matter how hard we try.

I did the job, work, school, relationship, friend and traditional doctor way of life for four years, doctors or healers up to Jan of 2011, conditioning can be hard to turn away from when listening to outside voices, after I entered that most intensive phase in 2002 at the age of 17. It was awful to say the least. The more force on our part we exert to do the little things in 3D to appease others and sometimes ourselves the harder we are hit or electrocuted by both their energies and that of the surrounding areas. We truly are between a rock and a hard place with very little wiggle room and unless you are dealing with it personally you can’t even begin to imagine the strain that we feel just being, which you would think is the easiest thing to do until it is forced upon you day in and day out.

I feel like I could go on and on, but it might sound like even more ramblings, but with the very real feeling of something coming over the horizon in mere moments of 3D time as stated in my dream added with the burning of my heart chakra and the almost deafening pressure in my head and crown area I wanted to let you George and ALL members of the PAT dispersed around the globe that I appreciate you and love you for all that you have done for me and creation.

And most of all for keeping it REAL with personal experiences, channels, and cold hard facts, which has more than enlightened my mind as well as allowing me to breath a tad bit easier knowing I’m not as alone as I once perceived. I’m so glad my HS made this site just my second trip into the spiritual, esoteric scene because from what I read on here there is a ton of crap out there with much misdirection, thank you HS with a smile and a wink.

Seriously I will end this rambling session now!

I LOVE YOU ALL and I will see you on the flip side as they say. I will be the bright glowing figure in the back of the room/landscape or whatever feeling out the situation in typical timid Garrett fashion waiting for the right time to approach.

To our many delusions, as the outside world tells us. Cheers!!
Much love and Light,
Garrett Mitchell
Minnesota, USA

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