In the Name of the PAT

by Arthur Seletse, September 26, 2012

Dear George,

It seems that everything, all the energetic processes have been completed and we as the PAT only await our final detonation/supernova/ascension. No more test runs or ascension scenario prolongings, just only our ascension.

The PAT members have had a telepathic understanding and communication with one another, since the official opening of this damn website. *Joke*. Sorry if you do not like my joke, but I had to add in some humour for the fun of it.

Who are the helpers of humanity? Wilcock and Beckow? Surely not!

Who are the helpers of the higher realms with regards to the ascension scenario? Berlinghof and CA? Only in a crazy world!

Who are the helpers of Gaia? Humanity? If only they could see with their own blind eyes!

Who are the conduits of energies on Earth? The Light workers? Had they sufficient light and energy in them, they might have been able to call  themselves “Light” workers.

Who will be the liberators of humanity? The Orion Empire? Definitely? They are to liberate you away from light and freedom!

Who are the helpers of the entire ascension process? The GF would like us to help their own incarnates ascend and further the ascension process!

Who are cosmic legends throughout the universe? The New Agers who want to ride in black limousines to Neptune!

Who are the designers of the rainbow bridge to link between all the dimensions? Survivalist individuals who believe in only one reality!

Who are the openers of stargates who have a high light quotient? Of course, the dumbed down masses from Darkenville ( Earth B)

Who are the representatives of the Second Coming of Christ? Doomsday fanatics who believe the world will end soon!

Who are the future leaders of humanity in the new, golden age of Aquarius? The likes of Carl Calleman who thinks nothing will happen this year!

Who are some of the greatest servants of the light? The Elite Supreme who wear black suits and sunglasses out in the rain!

Who will be the new Earthkeepers of Earth A (ascending earth)? Banks from all over the world!

Who is the discoverer of the Universal Law of All-That-Is? Empirical scientists, no doubt!

Who are the members of the PAT? The Catholic Church and their money-hogging cardinals!

Who are the new ascended masters? Calling out all Orion-made presidents.

Who will ascend? All Christian dogmatists who fear death without doubt!

Which individuals have direct contact to their HS? Lost in translation fraudulent esoteric gurus!

Who are the  true representatives of all I have mentioned and of All-That-Is, the Source, the light?The PAT members, the soon to be full ascended masters, who will descend full blast upon humanity in their time of need, trial and tribulation.

Love and Light PAT members, Love and Light….

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