The ID Split of Gaia and the Merging of Galaxies

by Christy Decaro, August 2, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I would like to thank you and the PAT for all that you have done to help humanity and Gaia prepare for our ascension.  My mother has been receiving messages from her HS for about a year now preparing her and us for what is about to come. She passes these along to my brother and I and, because she does not fully understand what is being told to her, we help her with understanding her messages. What’s amazing is that she has no computer or Internet access and had not heard of the PAT, until we told her about you, but she hears and feels the same as all on this site.

Let me share with you the message that my mother received yesterday:

“The closer that we get to the shift, the vibrations are going to increase with intensity. We are going to receive surges throughout our body. Nature is aware of this. This is what is happening now because time as we know it is coming to an end.

I have been reading your site for many months now and have thought many times about emailing you with questions that I would have, but would always find that my question had been answered by you or another member of the PAT.  I was like you all knew what I was thinking.

Yesterday was such an amazing day for me that I felt I had to share my experiences with you and the rest of PAT.  Because I live in Florida and my family lives in Nebraska, we rely on email to communicate our messages to each other. Yesterday I was trying to access my email on both my phone and computer to re-read a message that my mother had and to read the new one for the day. However my email kept being blocked. I was able to navigate to other websites, emails, etc., but my email would not function.

Finally I said “enough is enough” and felt like I was being attacked, so very loudly I stated that “whatever dark forces are attacking my email I banish you from it, you are not welcome here and you cannot block me from what is mine” and immediately my email came back up and worked just fine. I was very pleased with myself after that point. I spent most of my free time yesterday stating the decrees for our ascension.

About an hour after I had arrived home, my little dog kept barking at me and pulling me to go outside, like there was a fire in the house. He felt it was very important for us to go outside. When we went out, I looked into the North West at the sky and I saw the most beautiful, amazing thing I have ever seen in my life. I felt that my trust little dog knew I had to get outside to witness this.

What I saw above the storm clouds was an oval shaped cloud that had the most amazing colors, like a rainbow, but nothing like I have ever seen before. I immediately went for my camera and began recording. Then out of nowhere a second oval shaped cloud, also with the same glorious colors, appeared. The cloud on the left then began to spiral around moving towards the cloud on the right. The best I can describe this as is, it looked like two galaxies about to collide with one another.

As I kept watching, these two spiraling clouds moved closer together until they merged and became one. Today, when I read the PAT comments and saw the picture that Daniela has sent in, I knew I had to share what I saw with you and the PAT.  Thank you again for all that you have done. I and my entire family are ready for take off!!

Love and Light,

Christy, Florida USA

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