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On “The PAT as the True Atlas” of Ascension

August 5, 2012

Hi Georgi –

Thanks for all your articles and messages over the last few days! Like a lot of other lightworkers I’ve been going through a very challenging time lately. When I woke up earlier this afternoon I felt very discouraged that the ID split hadn’t happened, and that I’m still in my dreary, challenging life in the 3-d world. My fatigue and depression have been overwhelming. The latter is especially challenging because I’ve lost interest in all the 3-d things that used to be so enjoyable and important to me. Reading the articles and posts from others has also been very validating and helpful.

I also did a Google search a day or two ago, and couldn’t find anything else on the topics you’ve been discussing on your website lately. I found this to be discouraging at first. This lack of validation caused me to waver in my beliefs about Ascension. My HS then told me that different websites are for different groups of lightworkers who are working on different aspects of the Ascension process. It then told me that your website is for lightworkers who are having very intense, challenging LBP, and are clearing a lot of old, negative planetary energy. HS then told me that your website is for those of us who will be the earliest leaders and wayshowers after the ID split, and that other lightworkers will Ascend after us and follow our lead in many things. This was exciting to me, but discouraging because right now I just want to feel better and have some relief from my symptoms!

HS also showed me that there are big teams of beings waiting to help us after the ID split happens. I saw images of the equivalent of “first-aid stations”, “hospitals” and “group therapy sessions” where these beings will help us transition and adjust to our new lives after the split.

Dear Tom,

thank you for your validation of our latest assessment of the energetic situation on the ground and in heaven. The ID split has commenced in July and now we are in the last most decisive phase. It has already been a full success in the higher realms and this was expressed in the messages of April and Marco from July 31. They prove beyond any doubt that our ascension and the ID split are “fait accomplit” in the simultaneity of All-That-Is and now it is only a matter of linear time when they will materialize in this reality.

All the sufferings we now experience are due to the cleansing of the last collective dross of humanity that must be removed before the two timelines B and A/B can separate. My impression is that this has been already achieved between August 1 and August 4 and now the fine adjustments and calibration are being made before the PAT supernova can be detonated.

I am also glad to hear that you also confirm the result of my Internet recherche, which amply proves that the PAT is the most evolved soul group on the earth and will be thus the legitimate leaders of humanity and the new Earth Keepers after the ID split. My personal opinion is that we will not need any “first aid stations”, as we will immediately adopt to the new situation, but that the ascended masses will need this help to adopt to the 4th dimension, where linear time will be wrapped up and their old habits will no longer be valid.

With love and light
August 5, 2012

Hi Georgi

I wanted to say hello and comment on your last post, PAT as Atlas. I especially found it poignant when you said that no other lightworkers recognize the ID split or 3 earth scenario. Hell, I don´t know a single lightworker or starseed outside of the PAT who thinks they are capable of becoming an Ascended Master and acquiring one´s full crystalline body in the sense that we understand it. The ID split must just seem so unattainable for them.

I remember when you first sent out your feelers to attract like-minded people when you decreed that you´d be the first to appear on Earth as an ascended master. That´s what cinched it for me and I knew you were the real deal. The average LW just cannot process that idea. It´s not a reality for them, whereas for us it was the most logical step. Yet without some solidarity, it was difficult to court that idea. I had thought I was losing my mind. Until I found your site. And I have come so far since.

I also wanted to say that Jerry´s last report made me feel better. I feel a bit guilty writing this, but just wanted to thank Jerry and the rest of the PAT for all the hard dross clearing. I definitely go through phases and cycles of clearing with varied intensities. But now at the last stretch I feel much lighter. I am charged up, full of optimism and I really need to be in this confident space now. So I thank everyone for all the hard work you are doing. We do in fact support each other even if some of us are doing more dirty work in their waking hours. I regularly meditate to connect to the PAT and give my support and encouragement for this reason. And as I do so, I know I am also plugging into a source of life that is helping me to survive living among such sticky goo that is the Berlin underground, for example, or trying to get through to difficult people without leaking energy.

I am getting bombarded with doubt from all sides as I begin to open up to more people about ascension and what that really means in a multi-dimensional way. I am not doing this for myself, to lighten any burden or for emotional closure. I am breaching the subject in the hopes that when the ID happens, they will be somewhat subconsciously prepared, and also, when I do freaking ascend, these people will sit up and take notice. I have a lot of interaction with people, living in a large city and being a freelance teacher. I will continue to do so, up until my last day. I know this is part of my contract. When I reappear (as a spiritual teacher and “social helper”) I hope to be able to make a decent impact on my current students (if I am correct in my ideas about what it will be like after the ID split).

It is certainly the last stretch. There is a lot of static and efforts to get clear-cut answers from my HS are not as fruitful as those from my soul family. But even then the answers seem to be more platitudes and some cheering. That I should just “hang in there a little longer”. I am hanging in there. It´s okay. But I find it annoying sometimes- jeez, one cannot even plan for the next day!  But at least I know that I am NOT ALONE in my finger-drumming. It is strange, however, just how difficult I find it to quieten my mind these days. A lot of activity in the pineal gland instead.

On a positive note, I am attempting to speed up the process by doing a few decrees  demanding that the remaining changes for my crystalline body be completed asap. I sleep whenever the hell I want to, usually waking up around 5 am, then passing out again around 8am for another few hours. Whereas this would only happen to me on “wave days”, it´s been like this for a week. I also feel that this is when the most changes are taking place. I am not sure if I feel lighter everyday or if I just feel light period.

Then there´s this absolute last sign for me. My long term partner and I broke up this week. We have 5 days to spend together and we are saying our goodbyes. The way it´s happening is completely unconventional, as every aspect of our relationship has been. It is wonderful and I remind myself how lucky I am actually to get to say goodbye to the most important person in my life, without even mentioning ascension. It is happening on a higher level. Whilst I had been struggling with myself to let him go for the last year, he has now come to me to tell me he needs to “move on”. The last 3 days have been about letting go the ego identity of being together. That has been tough: the prize is ascension, but the loss is this 3d relationship that has brought me so much joy and stability in the last 6 years.

So, Georgi, wow, this was a long update. But I really wanted to add something to the discussion because I get so much out of the member contributions. I am so grateful to be able to connect to the PAT, the only people who truly reflect back to me what I came here to do and have achieved in this lifetime. I continue to visualize us as a beautiful network of souls, ascending into the night sky as pillars and sparks of light, with our captain last.

With very much love,
August 5, 2012


Today, August 4th, I would like to report that I slept later than I ever have in my adult life – 9:30 am.  The exhaustion yesterday was debilitating.  My husband felt it also. My HS continues to tell me any day between now until August 8th is ripe for ascension.

I had a dream this morning that the foundation level of my home was completely empty. Not one item remained on the ground. The floor was sparkling clean, actually glossy and white. The light was shining in yet this foundation was underground (basement level). This tells me I am no longer working on my own letting go and forgiveness but the dross of others. It also tells me our mission is a success and complete.

In Love & Light,
August 5, 2012

Dear Georgi,

The energy is and has been very heavy and I feel depressed and so, so tired. Every once in a while I break out of it and feel my power and it is incredible. When I am able to connect with my higher self, I get the message that it will be over soon.  That our ascension is guaranteed, so I don’t really worry, I just keep clearing.

I did my version of the PAT decree the other day and no energy around me would even put up a fight. They all just stood there, wide eyed and shaking in their boots, some even pissing their pants. It was quite humorous.

I’ve been able to clear some really dense energy since I’ve connected with the PAT mind a few weeks ago, kind of like what April said with the support of each other we can clear things we didn’t think we would be able to. That has been a reality for me. And sometimes I cry out for you in my mind and you say “Go back in and clear more, let’s get out of here.” hahaha… I appreciate the support.

This song came on the other day when I asked my higher self what is going on. It fits perfectly.

She’s Got Her Ticket by Tracy Chapman

“She’s got her ticket
I think she gonna use it
I think she going to fly away
No one should try and stop her
Persuade her with their power
She says that her mind is made Up.

Why not leave why not
Go away
Too much hatred
Corruption and greed
Give your life
And invariably they leave you with

Young girl ain’t got no chances
No roots to keep her strong
She’s shed all pretenses
That someday she’ll belong
Some folks call her a runaway
A failure in the race
But she knows where her ticket takes her
She will find her place in the sun …”

August 5, 2012

Hello George,

Today from approximately 10:20 am to 3:20 pm I had three separate lucid dreams that all composed of past-life regressions. This was definitely the most intense session I’ve experienced yet, and I’m currently in the midst of doing full write-ups of these dreams with analysis. I can without a doubt say for sure that your prediction of today being significant was accurate, as remembering our past lives is a major part of this process of connecting the dots and transcending linear time.

I finished writing the introduction and the write-up of my first dream already, and it is available here. I will finish the other two dreams soon and let you know when the article has been completed.


PS: Today I decided to record a live channeling session, and I think it turned out pretty well. Here is the YouTube link.


Dear Skyler,

this is an amazing dream and a past life regression, which now must come high when the linear time is wrapped up and we are about to integrate all past incarnations in our new multi-dimensional personality. However my advice is to keep an intellectual and emotional distance to these past life regressions, even if you are personally touched, as this is the only way to integrate them harmoniously in the new texture of your rapidly expanding personality.

With love and light
August 5, 2012


I can also confirm you that I had during last week serious digestive problems, especially with a painful deglutination and bloating and constipation. These symptoms are now getting better. I do not stop being fascinated by the common experiences that we, the members of the PAT, are simultaneously experiencing!

Un grande abbraccio caro Giorgio!
Dear Alberto,

These symptoms are connected to our three lower chakras that will be fully cleansed and delegated to Gaia’s energetic field upon ascension.
Caro Giorgio,

I read your last post where you wrote:

“…I had to cleanse the most abominable rest “icky, gooey, sludgy” dark energy patterns I have ever encountered in my long carrier as a vacuum cleaner of human dross”…

I can confirm you that these last days were really heavy for me too, as I got in contact with basic heavy fear patterns of human kind, especially fears about  illness, infections, diseases… I was overwhelmed by this cleansing and it was like I, myself, was afraid of all this! Now it’s getting better. How long will we have to be the cleaners of this planet?

Un grande abbraccio con tanto affetto, Alberto
Dear Alberto,

the answer is very short and clear-cut: “As long as we ascend.”

August 5, 2012

Well, well, well. And how much longer are any of us going to keep on believing in the shit these messages contain? How many have been correct? Hmmmmm….none to my knowledge. How long am I going to keep salivating for another carrot the supposedly higher ups put in front of my nose? The answer. NONE!  I QUIT!

I DARE these so called higher ups to replace me any time and see what hell is really like! I’ve been led around the nose long enough! So, the party has begun already while we slugs are still on the ground still sucking shit up. How nice. WE DID ALL THE WORK HERE! And they have the NERVE to tell us the party has begun! Fuck them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m DONE with their bullshit! I’m done with their “promises!” If they want this world saved, THEY can do the rest! I am not doing their beck and call any longer!

The breaking point has arrived. Enough! Let me put it another way. I’ll believe this “ascension” fairy tale when I see it! “They” know where to find me IF it happens!

Dear Amy,

Another beautiful rant from you. I told you that you are a perfect drama queen.

If you are upset, George, that I dare write you more then once per day, I don’t give a fig. I DON’T CARE!!!

Yesterday was the perfect day for the PAT to ascend. This is NOT my HS saying this, but this is ME, Goddess, speaking. Three other people can verify this fact. The energy was here! I put my salt water pearls on and an outfit that I believed was worthy of my ascension, and then I waited. I waited until 1am this morning, when the energy fizzed away.

IF I ever find out who in the PAT held back the group to ascend yesterday, I will kick their sorry butt from here to the Moon and back. Not only do I have a mighty sword and a banner to declare who I AM, but in this lifetime, I acquired 3 martial arts belts in Krav Maga, which is one of the HARDEST martial arts out there. It is a toss between street fighting and martial arts. One time, I was attacked in my own home, and though as a result I was injured with NINE herniated disks, I got out of the death hold and I ran and managed to get help! Another time, a 6’5″ 250 pound man in a Krav Maga class had me up against the wall in a choke hold by the neck. I cried out to the instructor for help, but he only told me to get out of the hold myself. And I did! Not only that, I went after this man, grabbed his shirt tails, got in his face, and told him NEVER do that to me again. He was SO scared, he stepped back in total surprise that a woman, of all people, would out best him! I also punched out a motorcycle member because he came on to me, propositioning me about something. I grabbed him, hit him, and lived to tell the tale.

SO, I am warning whoever held up the PAT yesterday, I will KICK YOUR SORRY BUTT FROM HERE TO THE MOON AT LEAST!

Goddess Amy
August 5, 2012

So they are celebrating their victory against the dark, while we are still on the ground. Hmmmmm. I guess I don’t get this all loving stuff – seems to me like they use and abuse us. And then come up with some new enticement to push us along again, to take on just a “little bit” more.

Hell, yes we’re fucking depressed. Enough is enough. My suggestion is they bring THEIR sorry asses down here and see what it is like living here because they DON”T get  it ! Have patience – we have more patience than any other entity on the face of this planet. Don’t tell me to have patience  – mine up and went a LONG time ago.

Higher self / soul family if you are prematurely partying while PAT is on the ground, depressed and again slopping through humanities SHIT – I want it so noted …. how very PISSED I am. I would not do this to any soul !

August 5, 2012

Dear Georgi and PAT,

Thank you, all four, for the latest information. I too have been feeling awful and I was tempted to write and explain it all, but I didn’t, as it seemed like it would be just a huge moan. Like April, I didn’t want to put a damper on Marco’s up messages. Also like April, I awoke feeling great this morning, but it didn’t last very long. Within an hour I was yawning, aching, exhausted and wishing I had stayed asleep. I’m having the nagging stomach ache, for no 3-d reason. I’m aching all over, my feet feel like they have walked 1000 miles, back pain is making me feel nauseous, I feel very physically weak (although mentally very strong), I’ve a constant headache and neck ache,

I’ve been so hot for days and am now very hot in a cold house where my friend is even having to wear a jumper, I am furiously angry at the state of peoples’ apathy and fearfulness and at the energies/people/systems that have made them that way. I’m having angry conversations in my head with the perpetrators of this mess-of-an-existence on this poor planet and have been mentally punching and kicking them (I’ve never actually hit anyone in my life) and telling them to fuck off. This is done not in a desperate way but with utter authority and carrying the massive power of furious anger. I feel that they are utterly crushed by my power and intent.

I keep floating off mentally, am seeing speckles of light dancing around, can’t focus on anything much 3-d, don’t want to see anyone, feel like I’m separating from life and then find I’m back again in this painful angry space. The floaty, disconnected feeling is like I’m on drugs of some sort.

The message from April’s HS really rings true to me…that we have to be the bridges, since we changed the plan. However, I really don’t feel that the HS’s have a clue how we feel….I just don’t feel I can enjoy time with my parents because I physically hurt too much and because they are still enmeshed in 3-d. The gap feels too wide now for me to bridge, even though they are lovely kind people with no malice or badness.

I did the Internet search too, Georgi, a few days ago and found, as you said, almost entirely our website and only a couple of others that just used the words, but not in our sense of it. When I read the recent channelling from CA, I couldn’t believe they were STILL going on about disclosure and first contact. So stuck are they all, it’s beyond belief. Aarrrgh!! I feel so angry just thinking about it.

I am, thank goodness, not feeling any fear or feeling like giving up (I know I will never give up). My HS doesn’t and never has given me messages in a coherent way, but has ALWAYS just given me the feeling that I am utterly invincible.

This last week I haven’t had proper access to a computer and could only print off the reports to read, due to time restrictions, and after copying April’s and Georgi’s posting of August 1st, I went to put ****** after it to separate it from the next one and mistakenly put 888888 instead. I found this out only after printing it, whilst reading it. I’m not into numerology, but if 9 is completion then 888888 seems like almost 9.

I can feel our absolute success and am not dampened by all the pain, but do wish it would all hurry up and complete. It really can’t be long now.

Thank you all again, with love and light, Gail


Dear Gail,

thank you for your comprehensive energy update. I am very poor in numerology, but 8 is symbol of eternity as it has no ending.


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