Announcement August 23, 2012

I have just moved to the new house, but unfortunately I still do not have any Internet connection. I am writing this notice via Chris’s phone. I have no idea how long it will take for Telecom to connect me, but I have read all your emails so far, without having the possibility to answer you, with some urgent exceptions.

Be patient and know that I am in very close telepathic communication with you and that we are steadily progressing towards our ascension date. I cannot tell you more now. It may be indeed a good idea to use these last days the “language of silence” and to connect more closely with our higher selves. This is what I have done during the last two days with a very good result.

Just one last remark. In the last days I had to possibility to talk to many different people during my move and came one more time to the conclusion that humanity is absolutely locked in its current holographic illusion, even when some individuals know a little bit more about what is ongoing on this planet. None of them have ascension and a move to a higher dimension on their ticket and none of them believe that this is possible. This confirms one more time my conviction that a clinical /surgical ID split and ascension is the only possible way to save this humanity and that without us, the PAT they would not have had any chance to make it.


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