The Last Accord of the PAT Symphony

by Marek Prochyra, July 30, 2012

Hello Georgi,

The information flowing from PAT members and the articles on your site nowadays are real masterpieces. It’s incredible how this whole process is intensifying with coming end of it all and how all pieces are interlocking into the whole picture. I’m urged to tell you what I’ve experienced over this weekend, since I don’t have anyone who could understand it.

Starting Thursday until late Sunday, I repeatedly fluctuated between emotions of deep sadness and high esteem, pride and love. The trigger and it’s occurrence that started all this emotional processing is very mysterious for me.

This trigger is related to music, since it has an enormous influence on me for my whole life. I can easily live without people, but not without music. When I feel certain emotions I’m choosing relevant kind of music to reflect them and by choosing specific music I’m creating emotions that I need at the moment – this is generally known, but this is all somehow amplified in my case.

I “accidentally” found on youtube a documentary of an alternative band, which I loved when I was a teenager. Through the last years I stopped to monitor this band. This one specific documentary was one of the whole set which covered the life of the band year by year through nearly 30 years they’re active – all theirs successes, personal struggles, etc.

By watching it, I found out that I’m fascinated by the facts that the members of the band openly discussed and that are normally hidden from the fans. I was feeling strong attraction, kind of magnetism that forced me to watch all of these documentaries and live concerts. I heard again all their old and new hits and I started to understand, really understand the deeper meaning of their lyrics, where many of them are spiritually oriented. As a teenager I felt only nice melodies, rhythms, but the words just only sounded nice to me.

I had to watch all these documentaries all the weekend without sleep – I couldn’t resist. There was something magical in all this that prevented me from stopping. With growing knowing and understanding of what they went through and how they started to influence the business that was at the start refusing them because of their novelty and strangeness, I started to realize a rush and increase of energies emerging in me, which grew with each hour.

Sometimes there was emotion of sadness, so deep that I couldn’t breath, my heart and diaphragm were squeezed at maximum. After few hours I had to switch to watch any of their live concerts, where I immediately felt emotions of huge admiration and respect for this band when I saw how they interacted with the audience.

Sometimes, these two opposite sides of emotions beautifully intermingled and merged together – I really wasn’t able to explain to my beloved wife what is going on with me.

I was also saying to myself: “Hey what’s wrong with you? – this is only one band out of hundreds similar to them. Be careful, you’re sucked-in into a multimillion dollar business, where such icons are created exactly for this reason – to gather energies from the sleeping fans and send them elsewhere. Watch out, you can easily sink into dark.”

But I couldn’t help myself. I felt the enormous energies of love flowing between the fans and the band back and force (The fact that after 30 years 3rd generation of teenagers still admires them and fills the stadiums speaks for itself) and I knew this band is different. With retrospective look, it’s obvious to me that they formed the musical business and gave the direction and ideas to other artists.

They’re still shy now in their 50s as they were as teenagers, and when I see how they hug and respect each other on each concert, I feel touched. After this week I feel as if they ’are my family and I’m connected to them.

I was still wondering and asking myself why I had to go through all this processing. At one moment I received this thought:

“This band is exactly like the PAT team“.

They were criticized for being different from others, they are still underrated for what they did in their field of competence and domain, they went through tough personal situations  that nearly terminated their existence and due to their strong will and dedication to their fans they survived until today.

And yesterday and today I read the following messages from Dorie and April:

Dorie: “Many FEELINGS come into play as the emotions move from disappointment, to frustration, and then again into rebellion as you wake up only to experience your body still residing in 3D reality. YET, it is these very emotions that are building the intensity of energy that will result in detonation of the “supernova” of ascension. Remember this, and your emotions will serve you well! As was previously stated, these final days, and this final push of energy that you have and will experience in your 3D minds and bodies, will be THE most intense and the most challenging, but you DO possess the WILL to see it to it’s conclusion – because you have ALREADY been victorious. Prediction or TRUTH? YOU decide and then experience THAT which you decide as your reality.”

April:Also keep in mind that what you are sensing with the solar plexus and the lower chakras may intensify, as your final clearing process (going to this deeper layer to cleanse/ transmute) is related to your final release and dedication of your lower chakras to Gaia. It is the other side of the same coin. The densest material to transmute lives within the lower chakras of the earth and humanity.”

These messages are especially valuable for me and related to what I’ve went through this weekend and helped me to understand the reason for the experience. I was illuminated by the knowing that each of us transmutes, transforms and clears with the help of incoming energies all that we can and that we do it naturally and logically by the virtues and gifts that we took here into 3D and that are our strongest tools.

With this respect the offer to make the final push or kick, punch, or anything related through our last, final decree is just next logical step and culmination of our effort. Obviously, we can sit with crossed hands, watch how the 3D reality is balancing on the edge, and simply wait until the pendulum moves over the final limit, or wait for the last drop to make the balancing cup to fall down – there is endless multitude of metaphors.

Or we can be THE ones who make this final act – who make the pendulum to move over the limit faster, or who jolt the cup.

Personally, I’m not attached to anything here, nor do I have anything to do here anymore, so waiting for something to happen, when I can actively do something is not an option for me. With this regard the suggested decree, even though not required, is a necessity for me –  one final accord in our orchestrated symphony, as you nicely put it.

So, captain, I’m notifying you and decreeing that I, as a responsible sovereign creator being, am officially taking Slovak Republic under my control and from now on I’m becoming its official Keeper, fully able to defend it.


Dear Marek,

thank you very much for your elated contemplations on music, tumultuous human emotions in the End Time and the symphony of the PAT. I am also surprised at times how smoothly the communication between the members works and  how the never-ending dynamics of intellectual and spiritual stimuli imbues the minds of the PAT members and spirals their perceptions to new heights.

I think that after our ascension these communications and reports of the PAT will be also read by future generations for their literary merits and not only as a historical document of paramount importance at the beginning of the new Golden Age of Aquarius.

With love and light


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