Second Message from My HS on PAT Ascension

By Dorie Bowlin, July 15, 2012, copyright 2012


Dear Georgi, I am truly in gratitude to all the recent articles from you and the great contributions from the members of the PAT. Along with the current energies, the topics being discussed have created a resonation within me which has sparked a storm of communication from my Higher Self. I’d like to share some of the conversations with you that have come from the most recent posts. The first part of the conversation was a questioned posed to Higher Self about the upcoming events, which will spark the ID Shift (see below).

The signs that ID shift is imminent are becoming more and more prevalent to those of us who are paying attention. While the those around me still seem to be so unaware, I only have to look in my vegetable garden to see that the 3D reality is burning to the ground from the intense Light energy that is being blasted on us right now. Thank heavens I’ve been provided with signs from nature that “show” me that this illusion is dissolving, as this is the only other source of information, besides your daily postings, that I have to keep my spirits high as we wait in the void.

Thank you again for all that you do to keep us moving in the direction of home!

Much love and Light, Dorie

The Message

For one to speculate on the outcome of social upheaval versus cosmic intervention is indeed a very good question. Those who have always sought change through the peaceful path of resistance have created changes within their own personal world and spaces.

However, to change mass consciousness, revolution must occur in order to have minds shift on a mass scale thus catapulting the energies to the frequency of energy which separates the two worlds; dimensional frequency B and dimensional frequency AB. As the world you are currently viewing is a holographic illusion or “program” inserted by insidiously destructive foreign invaders, a new program or hologram must be inserted into consciousness among the populace of those who sleep, in order to awaken their minds to the fact that they have been asleep. That can only happen if big events take place FIRST to shake them up from that sleep.

The new program will be one of the Light, causing many to have to review, and review quickly, where they have allowed their souls to fall victim to enslavement of the worst kind – that of separation and limitation. What will happen, WILL happen within a blink of an eye, as foretold, for the only remaining thing that is needed is for one final mind to “shift” the balance of the scale that has held darkness in power.

And while the dark energies that have been in control have already been removed, the illusion that they created remains within the minds of those who are in bondage. To explain, it is much like the effect of removing the chain from an elephant’s ankle – the animal has become so programmed to restriction that it believes that it’s chain is still there even after the bondage has been removed. Thus, this is why revolution must occur, for those who are asleep are much more unaware than even the elephant… they are not even aware that the chain around their ankle even exists.

Inter-dimensional shift occurs as a result of freeing the last mind that finally tips the scale. Know that all probabilities are in play and are playing out, but like a shell game the final event that will trigger the tipping of the scales will not be revealed until the last moment in order to keep the powers of darkness “off balance”.

The members of the PAT are INDEED the most highly evolved souls on the planet at this timeWhat is most difficult for your human minds to accept, but what NEEDS to be accepted in order to bring about complete ascension within the next few weeks, is this very truth!! 

It is understood that you have had very limited access to your Divine abilities until NOW, but NOW is the time you must be accepting of your GOD/GODDESS abilities by intending, focusing, and then manifesting your visions into that of your complete ascension by month’s end. 

Do not continue or allow yourselves to fall prey to the tricks of the remaining small fragments of 3D mind programming that may still lurk within your clay vessel minds. Do not continue to be tricked into believing that you are still within 3D reality, instead KNOW that you are fully conscious Light beings in the dimensions of 5D and beyond.

And while the symptoms of the Light Body Process ravage your bodies, whether it be physically or emotionally, understand and look upon this experience as only the transformational process that is reminding you of your ranking and status as Creator Gods and Goddesses of the New Earth, a status that is well deserved for the hard work and sacrifices you have made for your voluntary contribution of Light incarnation within a physical vessel upon this toxic planet. You went into the veiled world of illusion disguised as “limited humans” only to ascend beyond the illusion as an example of what a true human being, in it’s fullest potential, can become as an “ASCENDED MASTER”.

You are already victorious.


Dear Dorie,

This is another excellent message from your HS that could have as well been written by myself. It has always been my deep conviction that humanity needs a true revolution in order to offset emotionally the current stalemate of the old matrix, which is mainly kept alive by the false, fear-based emotional patterns of the masses. Only after these patterns are collectively broken by the people, can the necessary energetic impetus be achieved for humanity and Gaia to ascend.

This is an invariant motif in all my articles dedicated to the social dynamics in the End Times, beginning with my article from last year “Why America no longer needs New Age gurus but a true Revolution” until my last discussion with Julia on the same issue two days ago.

Your HS also confirms our knowledge that since July 9 the members of the PAT have become unlimited creators as the new Earth Keepers /Caretakers of humanity. This date was given by my HS as a pivotal date without telling me initially the actual ground. But it is logical that the more we ascend in the higher vibrations since the opening of the last stargate on June 21/22, the more powerful and immediate our creation abilities will become.

The confirmation that the PAT members are the most evolved souls on this planet has been the leitmotif of this website since it was first opened, even though it has attracted a lot of critics by other people.

In my latest article on “The Dark soul of Obama” I have already demonstrated how immediate creation works when I purged the dark entities from the Rockefeller /Rothschild faction out of this planet and universe under the guidance of my HS. At the same time, I eliminated all cyber attacks and Internet blockades on the website of Keshe Foundation and other potentially endangered alternative websites.

In my dream reported to Charlotte in the latest PAT comments  I depicted how I met with Angela Merkel on July 14 in the lucid dream state and demised her as a head of state by taking over her responsibilities on behalf of the PAT as the new caretakers of humanity. In the meantime, I have received many more confirmations from PAT members that the days July 14/15, are pivotal for the final purging of the dark cabal before the ID split and ascension can take place.

In this respect I am happy to hear that your HS confirms that our ascension will occur by the end of this month. Although dates no longer matter in front of the incredible energy build-up, which is now transforming this planet and its population beyond recognition in front of our very eyes, it is always very consoling to have such additional confirmation of our forecasts.

I personally believe that we need a powerful and sudden world revolution, triggered by an avalanche of revelations as a result of the powerful energies that now envelop humanity and open the human minds before the actual ID split. Mankind needs the collective emotional tsunami of a true human revolution to fully awaken before it can enter the ID split.

The subsequent restructuring of the society can take place after the split with our help as ascended masters under much more favourable conditions. For this reason I only recently forwarded an alternative vision that we may as well ascend by the end of this month, although the ID split has not yet happened and then appear in front of humanity and unleash the actual avalanche of revelations and the world revolution. It is highly unrealistic to expect that the current corrupt politicians will do this. This will be the long anticipated “Second Coming of Christ“, which I have extensively discussed on numerous occasions, lately in conjunction with Apollonius of Tyana, the real Jesus Christ, and his followers, the Essene, the honourable ancestors of the PAT.

From this succinct elaboration it becomes evident that we are now reaching the final timeline, where all alternatives converge in the certain event – Ascension of the PAT and Gaia. After all, your HS explicitly says that “we are already victorious”. This is also my assessment, notwithstanding all the hardships the PAT members must still endure in these last, most auspicious days.

With love and light



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