Amy’s Vision of the PAT Ascension: The Sign of the Sparrows

by Amy Ruhland, July 27, 2012

Dear George,

I will try to write as rationally and logically as I can to what I witnessed this morning in my backyard. Due to a heavy wave that hit earlier, I could not hear HS interpret this occurrence, yet I knew it was of great significance. I will do my best here to describe exactly what transpired.

At approximately 7:30am, July 26, I opened my french doors that look out into our backyard. As I went to step away to get my coffee going, a great noise of birds drew my attention. In a few moments, not even one minute since I opened the doors, a flock of sparrows perched upon my lilac bush that is extremely close to this back door. My guess the distance is about 20 feet. They have never to my recollection came in this close to the house, just mainly staying in the trees out back, where I keep the bird feeders. In my opinion, this was a deliberate, thought out event that these sparrows chose to show me.

This group of about 50 birds were very excited, making quite the racket as they hopped from branch to branch. My jaw dropped in wonder, just standing there as quiet as I could be, along with a group of my cats, just watching to see what this was all about. Then, my cat who was laying on the table next to me, did a very unusual thing for him. He jumped up towards one of the doors, making a deliberate noise, which in turn made the entire group of birds take off as ONE. The sound of their wings in unison with one another was magnificent, a huge whoosh!

The cat who made this movement is named Karma. There are no accidents here.

Later on this afternoon, while resting after doing cleaning and dealing with this heavy wave I experienced today, the wave began to recede, and in so doing, HS began to speak to me. This is themessage of the Sign of the Sparrows:

“There shall be a noise/distraction so intense that it will startle us to the point we are totally out of mind, totally out of this reality. It is at this exact moment that we, the PAT as ONE, shall ascend in a great whoosh! We may feel extreme fear/anxiety for a brief moment, but that will be forgotten in the majestic flight we all will have. All in the world will hear/witness a great sound and be in great awe. ”

HS with me is very brief, to the point, and this time, was no exception. That and it is difficult to put into words what was expressed telepathically.

To tie this all in, I chose one of my angel cards last week, and for the life of me, I just couldn’t bring the meaning of it to the conscious level. I did today. The word on the card is, SYNTHESIS.

You may not even have to pass this on to the PAT for this may be the very day we ascend. The moment has deliberately been veiled to all of us, because the element of surprise is going to be the key to our ascension.

Love and Light,

Dear Amy,

your vision is of biblical proportions, like the “burning bush”, etc. It is quite probable that there will be a huge noise that will scare and put in awe the whole humanity when the “supernova” of the PAT detonates the ascension
process of Gaia and humanity. This event will be of cosmic proportions, beyond anything humans have experienced so far. We must expect that it will be so.

With love and light


HS just nudged me to inform me I forgot a detail, the last detail of the sign I received this morning, with the sparrows. As I was looking around at all my cats in wonder and in awe, I saw from the periphery of my eye, one last sparrow still perched on the lilac tree, for a few moments after the group left. Then he too took flight in the exact same direction as the others. I believe, this sparrow represents you.

There were other sparrows watching this event, so there will be witnesses to our ascension. Can you imagine how this one event is going to change those people in a drastic way??

Amy, returning to the Stars

Dear Amy,

the captain leaves the ship last, this is known. I may try to envision how this event – ID split and ascension – will transform humanity, but it will still be a pale idea of what will happen in reality. This is the reason why I believe that no channel ever mentions the ID split, and that we are the only group which talks about the ID split, as we are the main protagonists that will perform this event. The main protagonists always know more than the rest of humanity, as they must be informed in advance about their mission (role) in the current End Time drama.

With love and light

PS: While writing this email a butterfly entered my room through a very narrow opening of my window and made two majestic rounds in my room. The butterfly is a synonym for the human soul since ancient Greece. I guided the flight of this beautiful butterfly with my thoughts back to the narrow window opening and she found it with an astounding precision and left the room as she came. This was another sign for the imminent liberation of our souls from the shackles of our physical vessels.

Literature Recommendation:


I recommend strongly all members of the PAT to read the latest message from Metratron. It is an excellent summary and a survey of the many basic gnostic, scientific and physical topics about which I have written and we have discussed on this website during the last year. I must acknowledge that this is, most probably, the best message Tyberonn has delivered so far:

It is a must lecture for all of you before your ascension as to streamline one last time your ideas and concepts about the current 3d-holographic illusion of human life and the multi-dimensional reality, to which we will soon return. Although most of the topics are presented in a popular language, it is nonetheless surprisingly precise and fully covered by the new physical theory of the Universal Law. I would like to mention some of the basic topics that are discussed in this comprehensive Metatron text:

– linear time,
– abolition of linear time after ascension,
– reciprocity of space and time,
– space as congealed conventional time,
– omni-earth as holographic multi-dimensional model,
– the simultaneous co-existence of all human epochs,
– creation in the Now,
– the role of Planck Time as the universal 144-octave (frequency) of creation,
– the malleability of past and future in the Now,
– portals, time travels,
– time travels and multi-dimensional experiences of our souls in the dream state, etc.
– final confirmation of mass ascension on Dec 12.12.12 to the 5th dimension and its completion on Dec 21, 2012

The only major topic this source does not cover is the coming ID split and our ascension. But this has never been the topic of this source, as Tyberonn, the human medium, is not supposed to participate in the first wave of ascension and hence cannot receive such information.

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