Conversation with Boyd on the End Time Scenario

by Boyd Kraigher and Georgi Stankov, June 13, 2012

Dear George,

I am on a road trip with my wife, criss-crossing the land of Thailand. This is my unique way to spend my last days on this planet.

I am regularly reading the posts on our website. It is a real spiritual oasis, as I am not able to read anything else. Also I have increasingly difficulties to communicate with other humans. Therefore I mainly talk to myself and mentally responding to every letter and article on the PAT website.

Today (June 11), precisely about three hours ago I felt an urge to write you and the PAT-lers about the current energetic situation and the messages I have received from my HS. After more than 5000 km drive in two weeks without any planning, we stopped in a motel, in the village named Num PAT in northern Thailand.

When I read “The End Time Scenario” published on 6.6.2012 it sounded like mission impossible. I felt though incredibly calm. My inner thoughts were: “I CAN DO IT”

For the last three years I have an unlimited access to free energy devices. I have developed an understanding of how they work, how to build them and how to tune them.

They can be relatively easily installed in motor vehicles. Can be used to clean water, permanently neutralize radioactivity, make silver colloidal and so on, including anti-gravity.

On the night of June 8. after I read “A Word of Clarification” I had a dream, even though I didn’t ask for it. In a dream state it was  revealed to me that I am in the 333-octave. I even argued with the person in the dream that it is the 144-octave 5D grid. He shook his head and left. Then I woke up and instantly realized what he meant.

Next day June 9 we stopped in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai for two days because my wife wanted to go shopping at the local, quite incredible market. You all can imagine what my attitude is towards this kind of stupidity.Seems like my sex drive has been lately replaced with PAT drive, so I have to satisfy my wife in other ways. Shopping works for her.That night I was incredibly tired. Maybe because the full moon and 5-6. 6. energy that I felt even stronger than 11.11.11. That night I did not dream at all. When I woke up in the late morning I felt merely more tired than before I went to bed. It felt as if I had worked hard all night long.

For the last five months I have a stomach hyperacidity. I cannot go anywhere without soda bicarbonate. Lately I consume 1 kg of soda per month. I have also constant, lately very loud, high pitched frequency noises in my ears. I simply learned to live with. This time however my stomach gives me the most intensive pain ever.

“No pain, no gain”, is my attitude.

June 10. was a better day for me. I also went to the market, just to observe the people how mindlessly they behave (human folly) and to find a stand with a strawberry wine. Bought a bottle and enjoyed it in the hotel room. My wife  looked so happy when she came back with full bags of things I will never use. Except a cool t-shirt I wear right now.

During that night I had dream, which is the reason for this writing. My dream:

I am with my wife and four other people at some place on this 3D planet. I clearly know we have a mission to accomplish. It seems, I know exactly what to do and where to go. It is very important for all of us. I know it is the last day on this planet.

My wife was talking about money and more money, others did wander around and found excuses to do unimportant things which for them seemed to be rather important. They were unable to establish any meaningful priority. They were simply part of the human folly.

Then we were informed they are no hotel rooms left. I told them: Follow me, I will speak to these people. One guy from our group was very tall. I told him to stand right beside me, while I am talking to these people, just to make a good impression (we are still in the 3D reality).

Next, we stand in front of a big door. I enter, the others follow. Door closes. To me it looks like a big industrial elevator. On the control pad there are only buttons with “G” for ground where we entered and L2 and L1. Without hesitation I press the L1 button. The elevator goes down, passes L2 and stops at L1. When the door opens we exit. There is a baggage scanner, like the ones at the airports, we got our baggage checked and then left.

I woke up and had an obvious question (see  below).

June 11. We drove towards Phu Soi Dao mountains near the Laos border. When I drive for a longer period of time my mind simply moves to a different dimension and I let the autopilot to drive the car.

Last three weeks I was of the opinion that the PAT ascension will release a giant amount of energy during the ascension process and will contribute to the pole shift and the dimensional split simultaneously.

When we exited at L1 in my dream, I was still in a carbon body. Ascension did not happen. At least not for me. Well it did, but probably only to 4D.

I asked my HS: Why didn’t I ascend?

Answer: “On June 9, 2012 some important decisions were made in the higher realms. You and some of the PAT members have created the so called “free energy” devices and have already installed them in the earth A/B grid. When the ID split will happen, these devices will simply appear on earth A/B. In this way at least one month work of the ascended masters was saved. We made the decision that you can stay on the ground one month longer as this is a unique opportunity to further raise the frequency grid. Now you, the PAT, have an unlimited power to create whatever you wish through the earth A/B energy grid. All rules and norms have been deleted. There are NO rules for the PAT in terms of what they can achieve.”

George, I wonder what you and the other members have to say to this. For me it is very REAL.

With love and light,
Boyd Kraigher
Dear Boyd,

Your email with your visions and insights is very exciting indeed. However, I have difficulties to understand exactly what you mean by this statements which are in the core of your dream/vision/insight:

“In this way at least one month work of the ascended masters was saved. We made the decision that you can stay on the ground one month longer as this is a unique opportunity to further raise the frequency grid. Now you, the PAT, have an unlimited power to create whatever you wish through the earth A/B energy grid. All rules and norms have been deleted. There are NO rules for the PAT in terms of what they can achieve.”

Here are my questions:

1. Must we stay now one month longer than planned on the ground, and how we should know this, while we still do not know when we will exactly ascend?

2. Will the PAT “have unlimited power to create whatever they wish through the earth A/B energy grid” as ascended masters or as human beings, still in their carbon based bodies?

I need the answers to these two questions before I can give you my precise response. As soon as I have your answers I will comment. This is a very exciting information and I am eager to learn more.

With love and light
Dear George,

Thank you for your quick replay. Here are the answers:

1. I can stay longer. To my understanding only souls who were involved in the creation process will stay longer. And only if they have chosen to stay as an incarnated entity. NOT all the PAT will have to stay. I absolutely agree that no one knows when the ID split will happen. About a month ago I asked my HS when the ID split will happen. Answer: “The PTB are also reading this site. Therefore even when the date will be known  to us we will keep it secret.”

I remember once you said: “Even the PAT will be caught by a surprise.” Now I think this will be the case.

2. As human beings still in their carbon based bodies. This is my point.
Dear Boyd,

I have to sleep over your information as to answer you more appropriately. In the meantime I was mesmerized by these statements on your part and I would like to know something more:

“For the last three years I have unlimited access to free energy devices. I have developed an understanding of how they work, how to build them and how to tune them.

They can be relatively easy installed in motor vehicles. Can be used to clean water, permanently neutralize radioactivity, make silver colloidal and so on, including anti-gravity.”

1. Have you developed such devices by yourself?


2. Do you use them personally in these particular applications  you have mentioned.

If yes,

3. How did you come to these new technologies and how do they work in principle?

Dear George,

I also have to sleep over. It is overwhelming for me.

To your questions

1. I did NOT develop these devices. I had learnt this from Joe. You can look under “Joe cell” on the Internet. Joe do not publish anything because years ago he was visited by what I understand MIB. On the net are publications by people who think they know about his invention.

Joe showed me many of his cells – all for different purposes. Also he explained me how they work. I have to admit, that our carbon brains are to small to fully understand. They work on a single negative charge of magnets. Once you manage to “marry” two north pole magnets together, you have an incredibly strong negative charge on 90 degree angle. The negative charge re-program water memory to its original signature, and separate and neutralize all the toxins, when you run water through the Joe cell. Joe cell is a living thing. It has to be charged with INTENTION. You have to see or feel the magnetic field in order to tune it.

I use a silver colloidal generator. I made it portable, size 4 to 20 cm, I use it for myself, my family, friends and my workers. A single charge of battery lasted for more than 2 years of extensive usage.

Melbourne’s drinking water is full of fluoride and other toxins. When I filled my spa with water, I first run it through cleaning cell. Then I add one litter of silver colloidal. The water lost its chemical smell. I used spa bath every day during the winter. Then I switched off the electricity for more than 6 months. Next winter I checked the water and it was pure and clear, with the same PH as fresh tap water.

I also built a Joe cell for the car. With this one, I got problems because of the car computer. Computers are in the cars because of people like me. I need to go and sleep. Tomorrow I will explain how the car cell work.
Dear Boyd,

this information is very exciting and I checked already some websites on Joe cell. However I must admit, as you warned me, that the information there is presented very unprofessionally and in a chaotic manner, so that I was not able to establish any educated opinion on this invention so far.

I am afraid that you must give me some more information on the functioning of Joe cell from your personal experience with it, but only in case you are in the mood to do so.

With love and light

Dear Boyd,

now I am back to comment on your dream and visions regarding the coming ID split and the new duties which we will have to accomplish after this event.

First of all let me tell you that I am happy to hear that my article “The End Time Scenario as Logical Inevitability” has inspired you to dream and have more visions that highlight our imminent future.

Your interpretation of the dream is the only valid one, but I was somewhat surprised that when you pushed the button in the elevator to go to L1 you had to pass first through L2. Let us assume that “G ” stands for the ground level, where you entered the elevator and also represents the current “G”aia. Now you can ascend to the 5th dimension of “L”ight (L1) only if you first go through the 4th astral dimension of “L”ight (L2). Why are you so sure that you left the elevator in the 4th dimension with a still carbon based body as you interpret your dream and not in the 5th dimension? This is just a rhetoric question and I will proceed below accepting fully your dream interpretation.

Let me summarize the message you have received from your higher self:

We are building (or have already built) the energetic grid and the necessary conditions for the worldwide implementation of free energy sources on the balanced earth A/B after the ID split. These sources will immediately come into function after the split occurs, as to alleviate the dire living conditions of the human race on the balanced planet A/B. We, the members of the PAT, or some of us who have decided to do this job, will have the right to use the new crystalline energy grid to create any kind of technology or other miracles considered by us to be necessary and appropriate for the benefit of humanity:

“Now you, the PAT, have an unlimited power to create whatever you wish through the earth A/B energy grid. All rules and norms have been deleted. There are NO rules for the PAT in terms of what they can achieve.

Well, this description applies to any creator god or Elohim. In this case how can we accomplish this creative potential, while we are still in our carbon based bodies and limited by our slow, sequentially operating  human brain? This is not possible and we now painfully experience each day these limitations of our inadequate physical vessels.

This objection also holds true for the following statement of yours:

In this way at least one month work of the ascended masters was saved. We made the decision that you can stay on the ground one month longer as this is a unique opportunity to further raise the frequency grid.”

I interpret this passage that with our current work in the dream state, we have already prepared the free energy grid and thus have saved one month of work that other ascended masters from the higher dimensions would have needed to accomplish the job as they are not embedded in the 3d-space-time and are not so effective as we are. This explains why we had to stay on the earth for so long time. This insight goes perfectly well with me and is confirmed by my onerous, repetitive, working dreams during the last weeks.

However I do not understand why we should stay one more month on the ground after the ID split – this being “a unique opportunity to further raise the frequency grid”? We have already stayed almost three quarters of an year longer on this planet than planned to do precisely this job. Besides, the ID split, in association with the anticipated magnetic pole reversal, can only be accomplished if the PAT will also ascend and thus heave Gaia to the higher 4th dimension where the balanced earth A/B will dwell in the future.

This split and shift must be carried out by us, the PAT, as it was planned at the stargate 11.11.11 and discussed by us and in some channelled messages from the Arcturians. Even if we disregard the latter because the medium Sue did not prove to be very reliable, the “technology of ascension of a planet” still remains the same. It was announced to happen this way already in the early 90s by many sources, which were at that time much more reliable and scientifically precise in their messages than the current debased texts that circulate on the Internet.

Well, I can assume that for this shift to the 4th dimension we may not need all members of the PAT as was the case at the stargate 11.11.11 because now the frequencies of the earth and humanity are much higher and the splitting of the two timelines – earth B from the balanced earth A/B –  much easier to accomplish. But if this is the case, it still remains questionable if staying of some PAT members on the ground for one more month will be the better solution than if they all ascend and take as much patches of Gaia as possible to the 5th and higher dimensions.

The current ascension of Gaia takes place throughout all dimensions and parallel realities and  the higher some individuals ascend, the better for the overall ascension process. This is a very important factor that has been discussed in the past by some trustworthy sources, which no longer channel now.

This circumstance can be easily explained with the new physical theory of the Universal Law. You need wayshowers that go forward and the higher they ascend in their personal frequency fields, the more they will contribute to the global ascension than when the whole humanity stays as a block in the lower 4th dimension. This last alternative was necessary, as long as we lived on this planet where the PTB still control this earth and the human civilisation, so that every hard worker able to cleanse and counterbalance their negative patterns and influence was dearly needed.

After the split this dark part of humanity will be separated from the rest of the people going with earth A/B to the 4th dimension, and this kind of cleansing work will no longer be needed. These are just considerations based on your dream and visions that present a possible alternative explanation to your initial one, but they do not reject it in anyway.

Now let me give you my take on the coming events as I derive them from my inner perceptions and some external events, which I consider to be key signs sent by my soul as to catch my attention.

A Probable Forecast for June

1. I expect a huge sun eruption on June 16, that will have the power to damage the electric grid on the earth and cause massive disruptions of the whole social life.

2. This eruption will also maximally press the earth’s magnetic field. Ii is not a coincidence that NASA stopped publishing its simulator of earth’s magnetic lines on the Internet about a  month or so ago, as the dark elite know exactly what will come from the sun very soon. This sun’s eruption will actually transmit huge, high frequency energies from the central sun Alcyone in preparation for the final ascension.

If this eruption reaches the necessary potential and threshold, which I hope, it will cause a magnetic pole reversal. In this case we will experience by the end of this week not only black-outs of the worldwide electric grid, but also some huge natural catastrophes as predicted by many sources, including myself, when this event will take place. In case that this eruption does not reach the necessary potential to trigger the magnetic pole reversal, there will be several more similar sun eruptions in the following days and weeks that will definitely reach this threshold.

3. In case that the magnetic pole reversal  will take place before summer solstice, my assumption is that after it, around June 20-24, the actual ID split of the two timelines will take place. This will be also the ideal time for us to ascend when the Om wave of Unity will be also activated.

Please observe that these are my predictions based on my intuition, abstract energetic dreams and some notable events that have been announced in the last days. The future is extremely malleable during these final days when all timelines of Lemuria and Atlantis come together as to pass through the shift and nobody knows anything with certainty. Even if the higher realms know the exact schedule, which I suspect, they will never tell us as the dark ones are also closely following all our discussions as you have been told. Thus not only the PAT but also the dark ones must be caught by a surprise – the ID split will come “like a thief in the night” to quote the Bible.

In fact, I was well advised to answer your email only after I have slept over its content as I dreamt of you last night. More precisely, I dreamt of your vision repeatedly. which is an important indication. Essentially the dream idea was that your vision reflects the ending of this world, but your timeline did not go any further. It was a dead end, a cull du sac. This led me to the conclusion that your vision may not hold true in this way, but that there will be a final cut and then we will know much more after we have all ascended. Your vision was, so to say, the end of the horizon. This is my interpretation of my dream, but the dream itself was very abstract and allows for multiple interpretations.

This is the reason why I always operate on numerous levels and take many more factors into consideration.

External Signs Confirming the Coming of the End Times 

At the beginning of this year I decided to fully detach from the Orion economic and social system and this 3d-reality. For this purpose I no longer deal with money and payments of any bills. When I received the electricity bill for the last year in January 2012 at the astronomic height of 1300 Euro due to huge increases in the electricity prices in Germany, I decided not to pay the bill for two reasons:

I do not have this extra money as I live “from the hand to the mouth” (as the Germans use to say) in the last several years after my past financial resources have been depleted. They were meant to bridge the time till my ascension in 2010, but after it was postponed many times, my soul has closed any further possibility for me to earn money in this Orion system. It is also my personal decision not to work any longer for this debased system as to earn my living as it contradicts all my convictions.  For this same reason I decided not to pay this bill to the biggest German Orion energy company with the name of E-ON (= Orion). I therefore delegated this problem to my soul and asked her to solve it.

Only two days ago the inkasso man finally called me on the phone and told me that if I will not pay the electricity bill in 10 days, he will come and  switch off the electric grid of my house after June 20. It is important to observe how late the system hit back as the bill was due as early as January.

What does this sign tell me? Essentially there are four astral probability alternatives for my soul to solve this financial and existential problem for her incarnated entity (myself) after I have delegated it to her and have decided to do absolutely nothing to tackle this problem in the 3d-reality. These are:

1) The worst alternative (= Jorge’s alternative)

Nothing will happen this month and thereafter. The electric grid will be switched off around June 20 and I can no longer run this website after that. This will be a moral blow to the PAT and the idea of ascension.

This alternative seems to me to be the least probable.

2) A realistic alternative

My soul renders an unexpected financial source to provide the extra money I need to pay the bill and continue editing this website, while nothing substantial happens this month.

This alternative is essentially as worst as the first one, but optically less dramatic.

3) A favourable alternative

Nothing essential happens before the inkasso man switches off the electric grid of my house. But after he has done this, I will still have electricity as I have already built my portal and a personal source of free energy at my place.

This alternative will essentially confirm your dream and visions about the End Time scenario. This is a favourable solution, but it still does not include the long anticipated magnetic pole reversal and the ID split

4) The Optimal Alternative: The begin of the End Time scenario

The sun’s eruption on June 16 will cause massive disruptions of the electric grid worldwide, so that the inkasso man will not need to switch off my home electric grid as there will be a total black-out.

This will be the true begin of the End Time scenario and we can count with our ascension any time soon. If the sun’s eruption trigger the magnetic pole reversal, the ID shift must also come this month. In this case the end of the ongoing edition of this website is also sealed.

This is the optimal (best) alternative I can envision from my point of view and therefore I present it in the context of the other three probable alternatives for further discussion.

I am hearing in my inner space how some readers of this elaboration will say: “This Stankov’s story is very thin. How could he derive from it possible scenarios for the whole earth and humanity?”

To this I will answer: Everything is inter-connected in All-That-Is – the smallest and the biggest event as they are based on a universal harmony. It is the smallest signs that give us the most important information and are also the most neglected signs by the people who are used to experience their dramas in a big format and pay no attention to such discrete signs that always herald the coming big drama.

Let us not forget that the discovery of the Universal Law and the development of the General Theory of Science that will revolutionize human civilisation after the ID split started with the treatment of a simple aphthous ulceration in the mouth cavity with nystatin.

Dear Boyd, I have given you some stuff to ponder on and I will be eager to hear your comments on it as I highly value your clear and succinct visions.

With love and light

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