State-of-Ascension-Report-57: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-57, February 2, 2012

February 1,  2012

Hi Georgi,

As I have no doubt as to Who you are, for it is indescribable for me to put into words what my heart feels about you, I was hoping you can clarify for me what I have read on 3 separate occasions.  1. your Vitae:  In 1972 he experienced a deep spiritual catharsis (metamorphosis) and opened for the  higher transcendental dimensions,  2. to the editorial staff of the German newspaper where you write: I am in fact a representative, an entity from the highest galactic realms of cosmic providence for this planet and the whole Milky Way galaxy. I have spent more than 60 years incognito on this unfriendly and toxic planet, in order to prepare my mission and successfully accomplish it.  3. under Home,  it states: “With the help of the Highest Realms of Cosmic Providence, from where he comes as a soul.

I guess I’m wondering if you have always known what you are and what your role is as Divine Consciousness at this time?
P/S Chris did great with the new website.

Love & Light


Dear Theresa,

You should not over-evaluate my verbal announcements. Everything I have said about myself is also valid about you and any other member of the PAT. I have formulated it in a manner that provokes the people, who believe that it was only Jesus who had  these abilities and nobody else (most people do not even believe this or anything else, they are real agnostics) and when one ascertains similar abilities, he is considered an impostor at best and a lunatic at worst.

If I had not had the courage to say all this so openly, nobody would have visited my website and the PAT mission would not have taken place, and the stargate 11.11.11 would not have been opened, and mankind would not have begun to awaken, and there would have been no Ascension in Dec 2012. This is the actual dynamics that moves and shapes the events currently on earth. There are light workers, who talk about Disclosure, and the few who open portals and humanity energetically. This is the big difference between me and you, all members of the PAT, on the one hand, and, say, Steve Beckow and Wilcock on the other.

When I started writing on the Internet in 2010 after 11 years of boycotting  this medium, nobody ever dared to mention the word “ascension” and even less so about individual, personal Ascension. I was the first who broke this taboo and opened other people for this alternative. This is generally not acknowledged because the people do not follow carefully the events and have a very short memory. But you can check all the channeled literature and other New Age writings before Mai 2011 in Internet and see if anybody stated at that time that he is fully in the LBP and his aim is to ascend. I was the first one and I opened the path for others to follow. Not that they were not in the LBP already, some of you have been as long as myself, but I made this topic popular and firmly established in the course of last year.

If you have read my latest reports and the one that will appear today (56), I explicitly state that after first ascension was postponed at 11.11.11, most of the members  of the PAT have accomplished their cosmic ascension beyond the 5th dimension due to the fact that they decided to stay on earth longer than planned in their soul contracts. Thus there will be much more transliminal souls this year than myself, which is my greatest personal success in this respect. In this way, I have simply contradicted my initial announcement, which only confirms the saying “nothing is carved in stone” in this universe.

Now to your specific question. After this catharsis in 1972, I changed for ever and I knew at that time that I am different than the rest of humanity and that I have a mission to fulfill, but I still did not know exactly what. However, in 1982 I wrote a novel,which I did not finish, where I anticipated the discovery of the Universal Law 11 years later and the subsequent events. But at that time, I thought, it was my imagination.

The real knowledge and insights began to enter my consciousness in 1992, and after 1995 I had a fairly good idea of the upcoming scenario at the End Times. Around 2000 -2001 I was able to expand this scenario and enrich it with details, just as it will unfold this year, as one can read in the serials to my first gnostic book “The Evolutionary  Leap of Mankind”. The only thing I did not know at that time was the exact point in linear time when this will occur, as this cannot be known in advance. Since 1972, I have been incessantly inspired by the higher realms and my higher self, but this inspiration intensified after 1992 and since then I am in a close telepathic contact with the whole humanity and the higher realms.

The real challenge is, however, to present this knowledge in such a form and manner, so that it can also reach the other people. In the past, this was not possible, as most of the people were dumbed down and in a deep slumber. Now they begin to awaken due to our effort in opening the stargate 11.11.11.  and have now an Aha-experience. All of a sudden, my lunatic predictions seem to be very natural and self-evident. This is the dynamics behind the expansion of human knowledge on this toxic, closed planet, which is no longer toxic and no longer closed due to our efforts. And this has been accomplished in less than half a year time.

Finally, let me tell you that it was not a fixed fact that I would live up to my current responsibility. There were many stages in my biography, where I could have failed, and had, in fact, almost failed, and I had to exert each time tremendous psychical and mental efforts to liberate myself from the existential morass, in which I had put myself with my unreflected actions and ideas. The only thing that saved me anytime, was my flexibility to throw old ballast and start anew.

This is one of the reasons why I am so critical of all people, who do the same old thing over and over again, even if it is obvious that it does not serve them anymore and continue forwarding the same old ideas, as is the case with Steve Beckow, instead of making a clean new start and overcome the inertia of their past life.

I hope that I have answered your question a little bit.

With love and light

what are your thoughts on Cosmic Awareness? Not sure if you have read your new attack:

Dear Theresa,

I just read it and I just established contact with CA and the higher realms on this issue, and I have the answer. Let me tell you first that if I were CA and I were asked about myself, I would have made the same comments.

In order to understand this, you have to choose a higher vantage point of view. The first point to be considered is that none of the members of the CAC have any idea of dialectics and how one achieves certain positive results with seemingly “negative” behaviour. They all still cling to their fear-based duality.

The fact is that the CAC is in a disarray for some time and its members are a long way behind their planned evolution, although they were supposed to be much more evolved at this time. If you remember, even CA had to raise the red flag on many occasions in the past and warn the CAC-members in special messages that they may not ascend, if they do not change their attitude. In addition to this warning from CAC, I took the function of stirring them on the ground in agreement with CA and the higher realms.

If I would have done it the usual way, they would not have taken notice of me. In fact I did try this on several occasions under the guidance of my higher self, but they did not respond. Now I had to use some bigger grenades to awaken them and it worked. Until summer 2011 nobody in this group talked about ascension and now they are talking only about ascension. This is my success, no matter what they think about me.

It  is also a matter of  fact that CA was bluntly wrong on 11.11.11, by the way,  just  as I was, because this event was postponed in the very last moment and this information is very difficult to convey to these people as they did not participate in this event, but were only witnesses. Hence the clumsy explanations and rectifications of CA to the question of Anonymous, who put the finger in the wound. These people have never heard of astral probability alternatives as I discuss them for the first time in my gnostic book.

Now consider for a moment – do you believe that the higher realms use this kind of behaviour codex as the humans on earth? They know very well to differentiate between deliberate rude behaviour out of love that will push the person to learn more about ascension and expand his spiritual knowledge, and one who is rude because he does not know anything else, as most people on this planet currently are. If I were a rude person, I would be rude towards all people. As this is obviously not the case, but rather the exception, there must be always a reason for me to resort to this ultimate and unpleasant means to achieve a modest result among the sleeping light workers. After all, Jesus also went crazy, while cleansing the temple from the money-changers and nobody condemned him from the higher realms for this rude act, as it was meant against the fraudulent Orion monetary system.

Now, this all would have been very difficult for CA to explain to the CAC members, because it should have destroyed in the first place the fragile structure of CAC, as this explanation would have challenged all their, still very pronounced, fear-based patterns that they have to delete this year. But on their own, not with the help of CA, as it cannot intervene in the free will domain of humans. So it was opportune for CA  to be also rude with me in the same way as I use this means at times. I know this game and I hugely enjoy to play it with the higher realms, as there is a lot of heavenly humour in it. This has nothing to do with a real rebuke, but only gives the readers and the CAC members another riddle to solve.

The overt rebuke of CA also anticipated the present response on my part to you as a further complimenting to the general discussion and understanding what a true Ascended Master really is. It is a game at a very high level, where rebukes and fears do not play any role – it is the playfield, on which I play as an ascended master. And CA knows this very well. And it wants that the CAC members also learn it. So it gives them a chance – also through my present response that will be published in the next report. That is how Heaven interacts with humans in the 3d-space-time from an enlightened point of view, where humour is written with capital letters.

In addition, there is another major reason why CA apparently disregards my current role, namely to protect me and the whole cosmic project in the End Times. Just think for a moment. If I were the person, CA describes me, how comes that the higher realms asked me to take the responsibility for the coordination of the PAT and the opening of the stargate 11.11.11,which would not have been possible without our joint effort. Everything depended on this project, and there would have been no ascension of Gaia and humanity without us completing this job perfectly. Make no mistake about this.

Why did not Heaven delegate it to Steve Beckow or Wilcock, which rank better than me in CA assessment? Because none of them has the ability and the spiritual background to do it. If Heaven allowed Jesus to be crucified to achieve certain goals, why should not I fulfil the role of the “Prügelknabe” (the boy to be beaten for the pleasure of the king, as was the case in many king’s courts in the past). CA knows that its critique does not disturb me at all, as it is not true and that I stand above it as an ascended master. Otherwise, it would not be so rude with me – it knows that I can bear it up with humour. And now CA laughs from Heaven, while I am writing this sentence.

There is, in fact, nothing true what CA has said about me, but this is a very good camouflage to hide my real function for a while at these crucial times when the situation is still very precarious on the ground. You see, I have to square the circle – to  profile myself as to attract certain people as the PAT members, and at the same time not to disclose my true mission. This is a balancing act on a steep rope without a safety net.

Why was CA bluntly and deliberately wrong on my information given on my website. by saying that it is only partially true. CA knows very well that my whole theory of the Universal Law is absolutely true and that all my statements are axiomatically derived from this theory as it comes from these higher realms. I am only the conduit and I have always said this. But if CA confirms this, what none of the CAC members would appreciate or comprehend, due to the limited intellectual abilities, which are known to CA,  this would have thrown them in an unnecessary confusion and will not help them prepare for their modest ascension in Dec 2012.

Now, if you have read the channeled literature in the 90s which was of a better quality than now, there is a recurrent description of the mentality of a star seed – he must be the black sheep in the society that confronts and challenges everybody and everything and all, as to stir the people and awaken them. From an earthly point of view, this is usually defined as a “bad” behaviour and even condemned as “non-loving”. But from a higher point of view, this is a dialectical necessity.

Think for a moment – Heaven allowed the whole Orion empire to torment and dumb down humanity for thousands of year, so that humans can learn their lessons and considers this enslavement of humanity good and appropriate. Now comes Stankov and “offends” the poor Ruzicki in a letter – I hope you have read my letter to him to see how harmless it is in comparison to the dark deeds of the Greys and Reptilians and their human proxies. And what happened? All the complacency of the CAC group is gone all of a sudden, and they started thinking for the first time in years, also about personal Ascension.

I have thus fulfilled my function – I have seemingly offended Ruzicki and the whole group in order to awaken them. But have not harmed anybody in anyway. Quite on the contrary – I have pushed them on the road to ascension and they will be thankful to me for this urge after they have ascended, no matter how offended they may now feel. One must always distinguish between human perception and judgment in duality and the overarching cosmic function. Cosmic function is always neutral and benevolent.

Now, why  is it wise for CA not to tell the CAC members that my theory will soon transform science and thus the whole humanity. Because this will be a legitimation from Heaven for my theory. But according to the free will of humans, this must come from an inner insight, by the people on the ground. I can declare that this theory is absolutely correct as I have developed and written it. This is my right and duty to do so, with all possible means within the principles of love and compassion, which  do not exclude deliberate rudeness at times. I wished I did not need to use these means, but humanity is so dumbed down, as CA, itself, often reiterates in its messages, that most often this is the only means to awaken it.

There is a basic truth that one should  keep in mind all the time. It is without any importance what CA or any other source says nowadays, but what one feels is correct and true. If the CAC members were diligent and competent enough to read my theory and understand it, they would not have needed the opinion of CA on this issue, if what I am saying is correct or not. They should have known it. CA knows this ignorance of the CAC members and does not want to burden them with this knowledge that they will not be able to bear. So it spares them the details.

It spares them the most crucial detail that it was CA that urged me to stir this group with all possible means, as they were in an intellectual stalemate and disarray and had jeopardized their ascension process and now are on the path of talking about ascension and preparing for it. A topic they vehemently rejected only half an year ago due to their hypertrophied fears as a closed community, which I finally opened through my critics. In that case I was so successful that I do not care if I am now crucified with the criminals as Heaven did with Jesus or as CA does by putting me below Beckow and Wilcock. I will survive it, as I am immortal, as any other human being, but with the difference that I deeply know it  I hope that you now understand the cosmic point.

Now to the last point. If I did not announce that I will be the first ascended master, nobody would have discussed this theme and all the PAT members would not have gathered around my website and the stargate would not have been opened in the first place. This all is not known to the CAC members  and this lack of common ground for communication between us, the PAT members, and the CAC as well as between CA and the CAC precludes any other answer on the part of CA. They simply don’t get it what an achievement PAT and myself have accomplished for humanity and in cosmic proportions by opening the stargate 11.11.11.

What role does it play if a write in this context a single rude letter to somebody to awaken him. Should you judge a person on such a single letter if you had the all-encompassing awareness of CA? I have written in the last 5 months about 5000-6000 emails and 99,9% of them are loving, compassionate and informative as you can read some of them in the reports.There is no other person on earth who has spent so much effort to booster the morale of the light workers unconditionally as I have done in the last year. Do you think CA does not know this? Then it would have been the most faulty source.

Of course my behaviour is not an example for everybody to follow and I know this perfectly well. Those who appreciate it, may try to follow me freely without being influenced by CA.Then it is not about me, but about their own ascension. I am only the catalyst. Those, as the CAC members, who are dependent on CA messages cannot follow me – this should be cogent to everybody. They will not ascend before Dec 2012. But I and the members of the PAT will. What sense would have made for CA to tell the CAC members this truth – it would only have demoralized them, now that they have started thinking about ascension themselves. It would have been psychologically absolutely wrong. Therefore, CA discarded me as an example in the eyes of the CAC group, as they will never be able to follow the example of myself and the PAT. This is basic cosmic psychology  – never overwhelm an incarnated entity with tasks, he is not able to fulfill.

Now the last wrong statement of CA regarding my personality, namely explaining my behaviour with “his anger in life” is also bluntly wrong and should be obvious to anybody who has read and followed this website. But this statement fulfils an important function. It warns other people not to follow my example as they are still fully in their duality and cannot control so perfectly their behaviour as  I do and will do a lot of harm if they start to be as rude as I sometimes can be, because they have not yet learnt to do so from an unconditional love beyond human duality.

I can, and I always laugh at myself when I attack somebody as was the case with Beckow and you can read it. Second, if one reads my books and articles I say on numerous occasions that I am the most happy person on this planet to have  had the privilege to discover the Universal Law and I mean it. How could I be angry with my life if I am so happy to have made this unique discovery, which no mortal human being has been able to achieve in the last 10 000 years since this humanity exists. I know fairly well that my discovery is a common good in the higher realms, but this is another point. And I am even more happy that I was part of the PAT and had the privilege to open stargate 11.11.11. How could somebody who has received all this grace from Heaven be angry with life? This was the greatest joke CA has ever made in his 40 years of channeling the CAC-group and it laughs about it, just as I do now.

Third, in comparison to many stars seeds and members of the PAT, I have an intact and harmonious family, not an easy family, but an intact family and this is now extremely rare. I achieved this with a lot of insight and personal sacrifice, mainly by throwing a lot of old ballast and learning the female role better than most women can and thus incorporating the perfect balance of male and female  energies.

Now if CA does not know all these facts about my personality, it must be unable of direct knowing and telepathy and it must be hence more dumbed down than humanity. As this is not the case, the only possible conclusion can be that the statements of CA about my personality have nothing  to do with the real Stankov, but with a perverted image of him – on purpose. What will happen namely, when Stankov still ascend in the first wave and then again some members of the CAC accuse CA of wrong forecasts as was the case with Anonymous on 11.11.11. Then the CA would say.. “Discern yourself and do not believe even what CA says.”

And with this I finish my psychological analysis, why CA, just as many other channels, says a lot of things that are not true, but that these statements have a purpose and a function in the current limited human perception of duality. Namely to surmount it. I have done it long time ago. Now is the turn of the CAC members to follow.

With love and light

I must admit that cosmic humor never crossed my mind.  At this point in time where discernment is a Big issue, I began to analyze every feeling I received from the moment I arrived to your site and it was obvious that my spiritual growth didn’t happen on it’s own, I needed that “slap in the face” from you to awaken to the Truth. It is too easy to get caught up in the free ride expecting “others” will do the work for us, when in all honesty it is the most challenging inner journey one has to allow him/her self to make…
Love & Light
Dear Theresa,

Indeed, and on this tedious journey cosmic humour is the most liberating feeling one can truly experience. I have laughed all day long thinking about this story with CA, while cooking and talking to CA with a loud voice, and my daughter was concerned about my health, not that much, as I often talk loudly to invisible entities.

I have said it at the end of my book “The cosmic laws…” but let me repeat it once again. The true master at the end of his incarnation must start loving himself unconditionally with all his virtues and defaults. How can one prove best that he has reached this level, if not allow to be impressed or confused by what a channeling source is telling about him?

You see, the whole question to CA about me was absolutely pointless as you can make your own opinion on Wilcock, Beckow or Stankov by simply reading and watching what they are doing and saying. You do not need a channeling source as a crook to tell you how to evaluate a living person. But people like the CAC members are too lazy to do this discernment on their own and prefer to consume chewed information from a channeling source, as Beckow is paradigmatically doing these days. In this way, they need not think for themselves.

Anybody, who has followed closely the dramatics around the opening of the stargate 11.11.11 and the enormous progress of the members of the PAT during this collective effort, will know intimately what we have accomplished, and should be able to discern that it has never been about me ascending or anybody else, but about completing the mission and helping Gaia and humanity to ascend.

Misunderstanding always arises from lack of knowledge and a rejection to acquire new one. Then comes the inability to truly communicate. Nobody has been hurt by an open communication, not even by a gossip. 99% of all human calamities are self-made and the rest is free will. It is all a question of discernment and proper self-evaluation. Just consider, why should not I ascend, as CA says, only because I have announced in advance that I am an ascended master still in a physical vessel. This logic is so preposterous in itself, especially now when all channels are talking about us, humans, as ascended candidates who create their own destiny, that CA is either crazy or there is a pedagogic purpose behind such a seemingly “stupid” statement. This should be cogent to everybody.

You cannot create your own destiny, if you do not talk about it. It is as simple as that. Understatement has always been an Orionite trait to dumb down humanity and never a true human virtue.  Openness, as I practise it, is however the most misapprehended virtue on this rotten planet and is immediately condemned as self- esteem and arrogance, which are simple projections of deep-seated  fear patterns. It does not matter, whether I am a Bulgarian and thus an extrovert person, while the English are subjected to understatement – the English kind of understatement is Orionite enslavement by the numerous dark ones that have occupied this country for centuries. The foreign policy of GB is anything,  but an expression of understatement, quite on the contrary. It is the most outrageous form of political arrogance and so are most of its citizens – out of fear. Understatement as the Anglo-Saxons practise it is in reality fear-tainted camouflage for their pronounced arrogance, which they project onto other people and readily accuse them of this fear, which is their own. Sounds familiar, isn’t it. And for this reason CA confronted the CAC members with this distorted image of my personality, among other reasons as previously discussed.

With love and light
February 1, 2012

Dear George,

I am really curious about your opinion on Beckow’s latest development.  Last interview, travelling to a spaceship with close friends. Please, don’t forget to mention it in your next report!

In this order, please read it (short articles):

And here is the transcript (longer):

See also:

Dear Peter,

Thank you for the links. I read them carefully and I stumbled upon this statement of Steve:

“If it doesn’t happen, you can send my mail to the Himalayas.”.

Does it mean that he intends to emigrate to Himalaya the week after nothing has happened? I hope he will keep his word. For the moment I will not comment this show until we know the solution.

With love and light
Look, I don’t know.

Like you, I also tried to inform him a few times about his responsibility in what he’s doing with many people, but he’s the type who ignores everything that doesn’t fit into his view of world. He just didn’t have time to reply.

He uses one channeler (Linda Dillon), he only posts articles he resonates with, he ignores everything opposite of his point. It leads to nowhere.

I know that I experienced ascension in meditations and I know how it works (it has some special parts), I met “councils”, and I know for very sure that I am involved in this process. Call me PAT, Light worker, whatever. Who I met, what I arranged is something that cannot be faked.

I also met you last night in my dream, you, and two other fellows. I don’t remember what happened, but it doesn’t even matter, it was just a confirmation.

I know for sure that this whole thing is about the essence of ourselves, the humanity. Call it DNA or whatever, but that essence is the key because it is the first human type who could survive a period of darkness without perishing. I also know that the duality was dissolved about a month ago when the two parts (Adam and Eve) were joined together. It was amazing to realize that on a distant planet, ‘Eve’ was seeking for ‘Adam’ because he died and she didn’t want to leave him alone. I believe this was the unification of the two sides when Adam returned. The unified core was planted then into Earth. This is the essence of us. I also believe that we, humans we created illegally by some species and when an authority knew this, they sent someone to demolish this new illegal species, but he couldn’t. Instead, he gave free will to a pair of humans and let them to evolve. This essence we have is what was seeked by many ETs.

But now, the story is reaching its end. Our 3rd dimensional world structure is loosening, strange things happen, and I feel that in a few weeks (maybe months), radical changes come.

On Saturday, I met a ‘council’ of ETs and they planned to let this experiment alone because the progress of humanity is not that was precalculated. I didn’t let them by showing them who I am. This clarifies other meetings when really evolved beings just told me not to bother about this GFL stuff as they are all parts of this awakening story and what they do is just another game – on a higher level than ours, but not high enough.

So, I am really curious about Beckow’s travel. I give him a chance, everyone deserves chances. If he fails, I hope he changes his mind. If he doesn’t, at least the game will be more exciting. I like movies, so, let this happen.

Hope you also feel us, and never forget to laugh.

Your friend,
February 1, 2012

Hi Dear Friend Georgi!

I send you with this email a very clear view about reincarnation. It is a big pity that the catholic church forbade the theory of reincarnation and persecuted it as heresy.

I am sure that angels in other planet as Arcturus star system they really know the theology of reincarnation and for sure that none of them is lost when they die, i can believe that behind dead is a law so clear and predictable as mathematics are, and it is very urgent to spread that reincarnation is a fact and as many people believe it easier. We will find each other again with full and complete knowledge about our experiences in previous lives.

Karma is a law as we know and reincarnation follows exactly that law. I don´t believe that Buddha’s Nirvana for example is the solution for human suffering, did you think that Nirvana is a kind of nihilist spiriritual suicide? Buddha did not believe in the existence of Soul and he defended that only Karma is reincarnated again, nothing about a self or soul. Nirvana is the end of the cycle, but you become nothing because for Buddha there isn’t God, he was atheist and his ultimate goal is to destroy the self. I think that is foolish to destroy the cycle of reincarnations, the best choice in my opinion is to develop a very precise and exact theory about the life after death. Then we will not suffer, facing the possibility of becoming dead because we would know exactly where we will be reborn again and in the next life we will recall all our previous memories… did you think what a wonder could be to have such spiritual theory and teach it to wise people?.

We could wish to be reicarnated in a heavenly realm like another planet in other star system and if we die again we could record in our conscious that theory of reincarnation to be always aware of who we are, doesn’t matter if we are humans on Earth planet again or a being at any other planet in the Federation of Heavenly worlds. I think we are victims of those Orionite catholic priests that have they dogmatic roots in the Phariseean Sect.

Dear Anthony,

I fully agree with your thoughts about reincarnation and the importance of this knowledge for the spiritual evolution of humanity: I hope that this soon will be the case when this knowledge will be firmly established on a global scale after some of us have ascended and will appear officially in front of humanity.

If you are a little bit patient, the next, but one, chapter deals exactly with this topic and how Christianity and Buddhism approach the concept of reincarnation. It is the final chapter of my book on Gnosis “Evolutionary Leap of Mankind”.

In this sense you have anticipated this topic.

With love and light
February 1, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I think it has been since December that the sleep state here alters tremendously, maybe two or three times per week. It usually begins with a lucid dream state and then the intention to go into the heart or shift into a higher frequency. Then there is a quantum shift of incredible vibration and knowing.

This first happened with a spontaneous levitation of this spiritual body in the same room I was sleeping in, back in April (?) 2011. Just absolute ecstasy and euphoria and vibration. Once the mind realized what was happening, I became startled, and slammed back into the physical dreaming body with great discomfort and awoke.

Many other incredible phenomena since then… but, again, in this past December, I started ‘bridging the gap’ between 3D and 5D (+?). It began one night with that same ecstatic vibration of levitation in the living room, while my physical body was asleep. When I became aware of the physical body, I re-entered, and it was over. But this night initiated a long series of nights where greater capabilities, control, and integration were demonstrated from the 5D (?) body… dexterity, manipulating 3D objects, levitating/flying with greater accuracy, moving 3D objects with the mind, making them invisible, teleportation, etc.. but the greatest were the energetic experiences of ‘bridging of the gap’ as I call it.

The bodies could be aware of each other and have simultaneous senses (though the 3D senses are the obvious coarser ones, and the 5D still had vision  but was a quantum-shift in vibration). I could be aware of the physical body, feel it in the bed, and also feel the other… as if neither was actually me, but a manifestation from a higher order. Eventually, the bodies inhabited the same room, the 5D one seeing the 3D sleeper (often a sleeper WITHin the dream, so  1 or more levels down). In one of the coolest energetic experiences ever, the 3D body was in an empty bathtub (again, I slept in my bed that night, so this was in some other reality), and the 5D was levitating right next to it. I had simultaneous awareness in both, and the 5D one hovered over the paralyzed 3D body and placed his hand on the 3D one’s heart to transmit energy. I experienced this both as the recipient and giver. Indescribable. Beautiful.

Since then, there are not the two bodies, but a spontaneous 5D body of that quantum-shift in vibration. It has been able to speak, audible to 3D, from this space, although the vibration ‘toppled-out’ (like a top that slows and eventually topples); this happened when I visited a friend in the adjacent room that night. Last time, I was looking for my 3D body, because it had gotten out of bed and was looking for me?? But not THIS actual 3D body. But it was someone else when we met face to face, and yet still me. Interestingly, there is enough separation between the 3D life and this higher-frequency playground, like I create a separate 3D reality within the dream state to experience these things… although I am sometimes suddenly awake in my bed yet still in that 5D world. (I’ve been calling it 5D for ease of tracking; who knows?!)

Anyway, these are still continuing. Just yesterday, it occurred once in a nap, and then again overnight… And in my regular 3D dreams, I still get to fly…  having lots of fun on the way out of 3D here…

Apologies for running on and on here, and perhaps making little sense. I just wanted to report to you that IT’S HAPPENING! And I am just hanging out here in waking life, awaiting for the Big Shift. I am so excited to share in exaltation with the PAT very soon! Georgi, as always, your  steadfastness  and service is heartily appreciated. I can’t wait to meet you in ‘person’!

Almost forgot: Back when you were encouraging getting ‘the word’ out, I  felt inspired and wrote a letter that I have sent to 83 people so far, along with a CD of light-hearted and uplifting songs. These people were all the significant encounters I’ve had in this lifetime… even people that are nowhere near understanding. I just thought ‘what the hell’ and did it anyway. I’ve heard back from maybe 8, and at least 2 are totally in sync, which is neat. I attached the letter here for you because I think it’s a good angle for a more-general, less-esoteric audience, and perhaps you’ll be interested to see what you engendered. And though it harps on some personal details to establish credibility, it at least ends with inspiration for all so as not to totally freak people out that they’re in for the ride of their lives!

Much love,

Dear Trevis,

I hugely enjoyed reading your essay on spiritual experience (see below). It is beautifully written. The psychological approach is a masterpiece in itself, and no matter, how many people have responded to it until now (2-3% is a huge success to my mind), you should continue writing in this way, which seems to be your strength.

From your account on your recent experiences, I conclude that you have made  great strides in developing your MOS (multidimensional operating system) that will allow you to move through the dimensions. I think that you are ready for cosmic Ascension beyond the 5th dimension and you should now only patiently await the unfolding of the events which will sweep away present-day humanity. Then, your writings, which I can imagine you will expand, will be widely read as they appeal to all intellectually centred persons with a preference for a psychological explanation of their reality.

Well done! Among the best pieces of writing I have ever read in the New Age and esoteric literature. I will publish it in the next report.

With love and light

To All Whom It Concerns

By Travis Brown, January 12, 2012, Copyright 2012

As humanity witnesses the scaffolding of its current paradigm dismantling, a great spiritual opportunity births from the wreckage. Look closer. Some people on Earth may soon enter a higher-dimensional existence, wherein the physical laws popular science regards as sacrosanct no longer apply. It is the intention of this letter to psychologically prepare the reader for this possible event, so that those choosing to transition may do so with greater ease, and those not transitioning may more readily accept the event if it occurs, and thus ease their later ascension into the fifth dimension as well.

For those who have already dismissed this message and messenger, I challenge you to continue reading, if only for the entertainment of mental exercise. For all others, especially those for whom reading this letter will corroborate what you know to be true, or for those who will experience a remembrance or resonance with the information, I intend this writing most directly for you.

As a caveat: there are so many layers of deceit and illusion in this reality that one must practice discernment when seeking truth. Treading the path of discernment is integral to the process of awakening out of the current collective slumber of humanity, and must be done for oneself. Though one may use information to open to greater levels of awareness, each being is sovereign and ultimately must not abide in anything other than its own knowing. However, for those who are quick to arrive at a conclusion simply because information resides outside their perception of reality, I urge the investigation of the process of discernment itself. If a decision about new information is solely logical, derived from belief, or held with defensive conviction, it is likely guided by a unconscious emotional aversion. This disquiet may serve to protect the individual from premature expansion of consciousness, but when one is ripe for greater awareness, the visceral moods may be dissolved through honest self-reflection and meditation. Only then is a greater clarity available for  discernment of truth.

If I stray into pedantry or persuasion, it is not my intention, but the side- effect of establishing credibility and of giving voice to the desire that all humans may be free, existing in resonance with the true magnitude of their being. What I have come to discover is a greater reality beyond anything I could have previously comprehended, and yet which revealed itself quite often within the paradox of remembrance. I have concluded that these exalted experiences of awareness are far from foreign. On the contrary, it seems the experience of being human is what is foreign, insofar as ‘foreign refers to extraction from the familiar, one’ssource, one’s home.

The greater reality to which I refer is not bound by language or the linear process of understanding that is paradigmatic to third-dimensional awareness on Earth at this time. So to literalize and scrutinize what is written will only decimate this letter into incomprehension. The message will be most accurately received if the words are allowed to flow through consciousness, without attachment. For words have no inherent reality, as they are sounds which refer to concepts, which are themselves abstractions of an immediate visceral apprehension of existence. Everything here is intended to point to this greater existence, so its reality may be known not as object for debate but as inalienable, experiential awareness… So let it flow through.

The Back-story

I am twenty-six. I graduated from Davidson College with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and completed the first year of a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. Like many awakening people, I experienced an acutely disharmonious youth, rife with complex psychological turmoil, periods of major depression, existential crisis, and feint yet distinct gnostic awareness. There was not a framework for understanding this time as part of a process or even as anything beyond a near-complete submersion in duality.

At age twenty a ‘dark night of the soul’ ended abruptly. During a night while lying in a dizzying stupor it became clear that the battling of depression was one step removed from the depression itself. In other words, I was acutely experiencing the resistance and not what I was resisting. So I acquiesced, and in short, allowed depression to obliterate me. Twelve hours later, I awoke to the shock of a viscerally-shifted, depression-free reality. Beginning then, and with dedication and persistence, I painstakingly altered the cognitive and behavioral patterns that had created my previous hell.

That awakening was my first undeniable experience of ‘something greater. Spiritual reading and a little meditation increased self-awareness, bringing healing,excitement, and the curious first blush of remembrance. Though I severely lacked the vocabulary and framework to understand the changes in my perception of reality, I nevertheless knew I was ‘on to something’ really big and so followed the urge to delve deeper. Over the next few years, my intuition became stronger, my reading more cohesive, the meditations more disciplined, and the healing more profound. In short, this process was an arduous yet beautiful self-realization.

At twenty-four, there came another period of angst marked at its height by a psychosomatic yet debilitating heart arrhythmia. Following several synchronistic and sudden life changes in resonance with an inner longing, the arrhythmia immediately ended and my third eye opened.

A New Chapter

I soon began experiencing an invigorating and disconcerting psychic intuition, as well as seeing and communicating with beings outside of linear space-time. Of course, I diligently interrogated my sanity and had to confront many issues surrounding what was, in retrospect, a broad step beyond the status quo of‘normal’ consciousness. Eventually, I conceded that the ‘something big’ I was ‘on to’ was bigger than I had imagined. I had irrevocably initiated a process of spiritual awakening’.

I found this ‘spiritual awakening’ to be well-documented in varied esoteric literature. Though subjectively profound, it is essentially natural as an  inevitable evolution of the soul. So it can be quite humorous to allude to its reality, and then witness another either numb-out to the information, or fervently deny it and determine the messenger insane.

By way of meditation, counseling, research, communication with extra-dimensional entities, the purging of lower-frequency ego patterns, and spontaneous nighttime downloads of light-energy (via cellular vibration and frequency-augmentation of consciousness), it became clear that my journey would culminate in a dramatic change to the basic fabric of my being: I would physically and spiritually ascend into the fifth dimension of existence. And further more: there may be an ascension of a group of souls as a clarion call for humanity to spiritually awaken and later ascend en masse.

After a pilgrimage to Machu Picchu during the spring equinox of 2010, I returned to the U.S. and experienced a sudden, extremely-exalted cosmic awareness of superlative remembrance and knowing. Thus began a more arduous and rapid process of healing, as well as a heightened spilling of the unconscious into conscious awareness. Almost nightly for several months, the body experienced an intense vibration at a cellular level, and a recalibration of the brain and energy fields that cannot be adequately described. During a few months of meditating many hours a day, I experienced unfathomable states of exaltation, often realized by way of crossing thresholds of existential terror. Thanks to trust in the divine orchestration, dear soul-friends, and the cognitive frameworks of spontaneous kundalini awakening’ and ‘light-body process’, I navigated the insanity of these cataclysmic changes.

Extreme polarity of the frequencies of consciousness culminated in a catastrophic and total collapse of absolute hilarity  the realization of the preposterousness of assuming an ‘I’ experiencing a spiritual awakening. This ‘I’-notion had been a fictitious addendum to awareness, to Is, to Happening..


In the past several months, this awareness has grounded and eased while the physical vessel continues to integrate higher frequencies. An amazing surprise of late has been the sojourns interrupting the lucid dream-state: spontaneous immersions in a dimension of faster-vibration that is phase-separated by an energetic quantum-threshold. And though that may sound quasi-scientific or freely-interpreted, this parallel reality is profoundly visceral, an euphoric emanation of the heart, and known by consciousness as described.

Now, unless there is an experiential reference point in another’s conscious reality, attempting to describe such experiences would conjure fantastic science-fiction at best. Even then, words would be sorely amiss. This modality of being cannot be understood as an abstraction; it must be directly known.

In this series of immersions in a higher-frequency dimension, this consciousness here has incrementally experienced the beginnings of stabilization and coherence. Like 5D-101. Most interesting and wonderful has been the bridging of the energy gap between the third- and fifth-dimension and beyond. Yet most worthy of conveying is the sense that as far-out as all these alterations can seem upon an individual consciousness, they inherently underscore what is present- though often dormant- within every one of us.

The Message:
The loving- our essence.

Humanity is on the brink of an unprecedented shift in consciousness that is by no means restricted to simply living in greater peace, harmony, and agape with one another. For those choosing it, I anticipate a hyper-dimensional transfiguration in the direction of Source.

Now, I have done a lot of research, and amidst the empowering messages that resonate the truth within, there are others of endless confusion, fear and hype. any contain important, paradigm-destroying, blow-your-mind kind of truths that are so muddled in misinterpretation, unspoken agendas, and the deluded messenger unresolved issues, that it can be tempting to throw out the whole mess. So discernment is key.

Still, I encourage investigation into 2012-related topics for the purposes of both lifting the veil over the 3D world and affirming externally one’s own process of awakening. But it is the process – the inner work – that is crucial. Healing and increased awareness reveal our nature. And as the journey continues, it becomes increasingly obvious that there is much more going on than what the collective suggests. We are not human beings. We are being human. And we are nearing an epic tipping point. So inquire into the nature of Self. Be brave unto truth, transparency, and joy. Move yourself into resonance with unconditional loving, forgiveness, and prizing of oneself and others, through that great cosmic portal of the heart. I am positively in love with our unfolding potential and exuberant, awaiting the threshold.

Yes, it is actually happening. Very soon we are due for a profound enlightenment of humankind, far beyond our current capacity to comprehend.

May the Truth – what you Are – be revealed in full splendor.

And may all beings be free.



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