New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind – Serial 5

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 17, 2012

Translation from the German language:
by Joelle Torneros and Georgi Stankov

5. Serial: Chapter 4.

When you read this chapter, please consider what you have thought, believed and emotionally felt in early fall 2001 when this essay was written in order to appreciate its prophetic character, which also brilliantly applies to the End Time scenario of ascension.


IV. Subjectivity and Objectivity of Human Perception

1.   The basic problem of philosophy

The elucidation of the mechanism of psycho-energetic distortion of human perception solves for the first time in the history of philosophy the fundamental epistemological problem: What is subjective and what is objective? How can one distinguish a subjective truth from an objective one? It is obvious that the gestalt of everyday life depends decisively on the adequate solution of this problem.

From the vantage point of view of the parent 7F-creationary levels (another word for “higher realms”), human perception is deliberately designed in a limited way, so that the soul can gain some experience on this planet in a state of total separation from the source. Therefore, it is basically subjective. In this case, the perception of the soul should be considered as “objective”. In comparison to the perception of the causal worlds (see below), the perception of an individual soul is again subjective: it can capture All-That-Is only in an incomplete way. Obviously, the two concepts, subjectivity and objectivity, can only be defined and cleanly distinguished in a relative manner, with respect to a reference system.

Within the incarnated population of souls on earth, there are significant differences in the individual perceptions, which depend largely on the soul age. The smaller the individual and collective fear, the less distorted the perception is, and thus more objective, and vice versa. For this reason, the perception of an old soul, which is fear-reduced, is more objective than that of a younger soul.

In an old incarnated soul the densest layers of fear, which are in the astral body and prevent the exchange of information with the higher self in the form of inner impulses and inspirations, are largely deleted, so that the consciousness of such an old soul encompasses greater portions from the objective perception of the higher self. Compared to the baby, child and young soul, the consciousness of an incarnated old soul is thus extended: While it has access to the inner spiritual dimension, it acquires a certainty about some things, which a younger soul will reach only in a few thousand years when she has gained diverse experiences with fear-based patterns in many incarnations.

Old souls can see hidden interrelations, which do not exist for a young soul because the latter encounters these interrelations with an unconscious fear and negates them – they are beyond her perceptual horizon.

The perception, which is accessible to a young soul as memory – and her memory is very selective and short at the same time (see the current political and other discussions in the mass media) – is strongly deformed by fear and it automatically excludes all important information that enters her consciousness from the outer world.

But as the old soul cannot explain at present in a comprehensive manner how she arrives at such important spiritual insights, which are currently vehemently denied by the overwhelming majority of incarnated immature souls on earth, these notable differences are not socially honored and rewarded. Quite on the contrary, old souls are most of the time persecuted by young souls for their uniqueness, although they provide important clues about the current situation and future survival or evolution of mankind.

In the past, old souls were revered as spiritual guides and their statements were highly respected. The present-day facing outward, materialistically oriented society, made up mostly of young souls, mirrors the very limited psycho-mental needs of this soul population and does not tolerate any soul differences, let alone, a spiritual superiority.

The objective, transcendental perception of an old soul is, therefore, a social disadvantage in the current debased society dominated by young souls. Young souls hate nothing more intimately than being different, especially if they can not understand you, and immediately punish you for your uniqueness.  In this way they rid themselves of all possible external facts that point to their limited perception and knowledge and thus challenge their confidence and self-complacency. Everything that is different or even superior, is considered an enemy and must be suppressed or destroyed. This is the psychological mindset of every dark entity.

This fear-induced impulse of total rejection is prevalent in today’s time and leads to many cruel acts on the individual and collective levels: from bullying at the working place, through to war and genocide. Currently, young immature souls are almost exclusively occupying all levels of power in society as politicians, managers, directors, etc. They have gathered there because their incarnation plan provides for them for such experiences as power exertion and human manipulation at this low stage of their soul evolution.

The only thing they have learned really well in their game of separation so far, is to distinguish meticulously between friend (same mindset) and foe (deviants). They are still fully involved in this karmic game of separation and do not realize that the rules have changed significantly over the last decade and that the old rules will soon no longer apply.

All known and unknown war conflicts in mankind’s brief written and unwritten history have been caused by this state of mind of the young souls, who represent the majority of the incarnated human population on our planet in this final period. The history of mankind resembles a perennial war, which is only interrupted by a short breather that gives us the illusion of peace.

If there is no war between countries,  it will be fought instead within society – whether between left and right-wing parties, employers and trade unions, intellectuals and politicians – the war is to live out the subjective perception of separation of young warrior souls. Or, as Heraclitus says: “War is the father of all things.”

If everyone would feel connected to his soul and with all of humanity and nature, and this would say that he should feel first and foremost connected with All-That-Is, then there will be no more war on this planet. Because of the importance of this issue, I will deepen our discussion with a key event from the present.

2. Angst Related Distortions in Political Thinking as a Case Study

The response of the USA, which is mostly populated by young souls, after the recent attack on the World Trade Center in New York on September 11th, 2001, illustrates in a dramatic and compelling way the limited subjective, angst-laden perception of reality by this young, immature nation.

The unreflected unanimity of the American people to meet the terror with terror and instigate an illegitimate war against the innocent people of Afghanistan, without contemplating even for a moment the causes of this terror, illustrates the mindset of young souls and reveals their limited, myopic, ego-focused perception of reality.

Within this mindset, they have only a very limited range of response options. It is therefore not surprising that the Americans chose the worst one: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” – a reaction that someone, who is considered the founder of a world religion, has already rejected 2000 years ago as inadequate and primitive.

The history of mankind teaches us that no peace can be achieved by force – violence only begets violence. Why then was this truism forgotten not only by the Americans but also largely by the Western Europeans, given the fact how readily they gave their unconditional consent for the war in Afghanistan?

The external pressure from the Americans which was formulated by Bush in the (il)logic of a young soul with a striking candor: “Whoever condemns terrorism against the civilized world, must be with us, who is not with us is for Terror!” is not sufficient to explain the unreflected, submissive following of Europe. Here, the structure of collective fear in the industrialized nations must be also considered.

Before I get into that, first a short comment on Bush’s statement. The above statement implies the belief that the USA is the epitome of the civilized world. This is far from guaranteed and should be discussed by the world at large. Perhaps herein lies precisely the dialectical aspect of this attack – to unleash a constructive introspection in the West as to rethink fundamentally its notions about what is “civilized” and what is “primitive”.

Second, the obvious fact that most people in Western countries are against terror, insofar as it is directed against them (ongoing terror and war actions in other parts of the world, leave the Westerners in their overwhelming majority mostly undisturbed), does not imply that they are for the terror war against the Afghan “barbarians” or endorse a unilateral militarization of foreign policy in dealing with international conflicts.

This attitude becomes more evident from day to day after the initial collective panic that had paralyzed the thinking of the world community begins to recede. Just as the collective fear of further attacks begins to diminish, so does the distortion from the public eye, and the comments are becoming more differentiated, more thoughtful. In a word, the point of view is becoming more objective. It is no longer a black and white painting but also takes true shades, even if the parent astral imperative is still not considered.

Starting from the New Gnosis, we know that we do not live in a random world, but that the majority of the events on earth, especially those of great historical significance, are carefully planned in the astral realms. We must therefore assume that the attack on the World Trade Center was the right event, at the right time, on the right place, whereas the question of who perpetrated this attack, seems to be of secondary importance from this overall perspective. Depending on the further American approach, these questions may come to the fore but in a different direction than it is assumed so far.

A fundamental gnostic knowledge confirms that the point in time of our birth and death –  the beginning and end of an incarnation – are predetermined. They are carefully planned in the higher realms. It was a free decision of the victims of this attack to collectively say farewell to the world at this historic moment. In this way they have been of service to mankind: They established a new paradigm that is far more reaching and symbolic than it is currently suspected. However, the wording of the comments, revealed through the frequent use of “Apocalypse” and “End Time” in the mass media, shows that the inner impulse has begun to exert its impact so that the drama of the Evolutionary Leap of Mankind is getting a concrete gestalt in the collective subconscious. This gnostic knowledge frees us from false moral considerations and opens our eyes to the imperatives of the parent cosmic ethics.

Man has the propensity to gain new insights out of inner conviction and translate them into action or he must be forced into them by many painful experiences. This is the purpose of the incarnation cycle of souls on earth.

The recognition of the sanctity of all life is a fundamental experience that each soul makes at the end of her incarnation cycle. She renounces freely the use of force and not because of a defeat since that rarely leads to deeper insights.

A young soul or nation, such as the USA, needs more than one defeat – one debacle in Vietnam is not enough – to learn the lesson that violence can never attain peace. It can only come as a result of an inner change of values. Europe has learned this lesson only in this century, however, as evidenced by the recent events, not yet fully internalized.

So, what should the American government and its President do, if they were mature or old souls and had a more expanded perception horizon?

First, they must determine their causes. They should question in particular, why the world abroad is so hostile to the USA, as they claim and probably also feel to be so. Some answers came from the Arab world already but they were too easily ignored (limited perception).

For there is a fundamental unfairness in the distribution of wealth on this earth, which is imposed and maintained by the international financial architecture, currently dominated by the Americans. The Americans and their allies use these structures as an instrument of power over other countries in a way that they believe to be subtle enough to complacently ignore its insidious character and are surprised each time when they are brought to justice by their victims.

In particular, the Americans, who as young, immature souls deeply hate any kind of failure and willingly put the blame on the poor for their plight, while this blame may well take the form of a sophisticated economic theory or political doctrine, do not want to hear any of that. As the perpetrators of this glaring injustice, the Americans cultivate the art of bigotry and flawed apologetic, by preaching the panacea of free market economy, knowing that they are the biggest sinners against the true principles of a free market. The feeling of inner dishonesty cannot be, however, hidden from the Americans, because the collective soul of this nation knows the truth very well.

The suppression of spiritual truths is an act full of grievous consequences that can be discharged anytime to the outside with great vehemence. The suppression of truth is initially a product of fear: The collective fear of the Americans narrows their perception of the issues and concerns of the international community.

However, fear develops its own dynamics and has many faces. As the Americans do not want, and cannot accept the true causes of their angst, they develop the idea that they are surrounded and threatened by hostile states. In a classical Orwellian “New World Speak”, the young American souls condemn such countries as “rogue states” and in the best case as “ungrateful friends” or “wimps”. The vocabulary is just as tough and unforgiving as in the Wild West or in the Bible.

This attitude is not new and was already extensively exemplified during the Third Cold World War. What is new here, is that the American paranoia of a hostile encirclement no longer finds support in the astral atmosphere of earth, because the collective enemy patterns were eliminated there in the last ten years. For this reason, the fears of the Americans appear to the outside world as strange, indeed, as pathological. Their productive extension, e.g. the involvement of NATO allies in the enemy-friend scheme, appears also strangely weak and unconvincing. This is of course in a blatant contradiction to the military superiority of the Americans.

This discrepancy between the mental perception “we are surrounded by enemies and have the right to be afraid” and the material circumstances, to which one still attaches great importance: “We have the strongest weapons and will show everyone who is not ready to accept the reasons for our fears, as ultimately we can always take the right to declare him an enemy and destroy him in a war”, illustrates a major energetic phenomenon of the Evolutionary Leap, which is particularly expressed in the behavior of young souls.

On the one hand, we observe the living out of old fear-related beliefs, such as the statement of faith “We, Americans defend alone the Western civilization from being destroyed by the barbarians, which we now regard as Muslim terrorists and rogue states”. On the other, the protagonists go through the experience that the events that these beliefs have set in motion develop precisely in the opposite direction because they do not know that their outdated behavior no longer enjoys the support of the life-spending force from the higher realms. Instead of receiving gratitude from the rest of the world for their engagement as world gendarme, the winds of criticism are blowing increasingly in the face of the Americans, and their sense of a “Lonesome Rider” is reinforced by the day.

In this transitional phase of huge energy transformation on earth, there is a clear contradiction between intention and result, which only a few clear-sighted persons are able to identify. I use for this process the Greek word “oxymoron“. Oxymoron is a rhetoric statement, in which two contradictory concepts are ontologically connected, e.g. “eloquent silence” (of the higher realms) or “peace-keeping warmongers” (the American soldiers in war against the Afghan people under the cynical motto “enduring freedom”).

One can apply this rhetorical statement very well to describe current events. The Americans are longing for peace and tranquility and live in constant fear of terrorist attacks. At the same time, they believe that by waging war against the poorest countries in the world, they will be able to buy their peace. They consider themselves to be the most powerful and most advanced nation in the world and experience a strange feeling of doom and gloom that was not even known to the ancient Romans during the Fall of the Roman Empire. They preach the values of democracy and have a president (Bush), who, after fake and botched elections in a banana republic style, was elected by a minority and was heaved to power by the undemocratic decision of a non-elected body, the Supreme Court. There are numerous such examples that illustrate this principle.

The social oxymorons, we are currently experiencing, are the expression of the paradigm shift, which is always discrete, but now begins to clearly manifest in the physical realm.

All energetic processes in the higher realms enter with a certain delay (time lag) the 3D-space-time of the earth. However, they announce themselves at an early stage (see for instance the letters of St. Paul to the Thessalonians on the current End Time). The inner psychic tension that arises from the contradiction between old fear-driven behavior patterns and opposite experiences greatly accelerates the evolution of the slow, lazy by nature, human mind.

Currently, the old patterns of fear, which have characterized human behavior for thousands of years, are looming high. They are experienced as superficial mental depression and mania, which fizzle out quickly because they are not real. They leave to the parties involved a thoughtful reminder and the certainty that life goes on – on earth and even more so in the higher realms.

In this sense, the attack on the World Trade Center announces the beginning of a process that exposes the impotence of the most powerful nation (another oxymoron). Powerlessness generates anger, whereas genuine emotional power radiates peace and serenity. Anger is a reaction pattern of the lower three chakras when their energy flow is blocked by fear. It is the most destructive emotion of all, unless it is directed into creative channels. This collective experience is awaiting the last, biggest, most powerful and most arrogant nation in the world. High self-esteem precedes the fall (another oxymoron).

There is also anger on the other side. The feeling of inferiority and discrimination felt by the poor Third World, given the current unjust world order, intermingles with the radical interpretation of Islam in some countries and produces terror, which is an expression of anger and powerlessness.

As part of the Evolutionary Leap of mankind, there is always a balance of events that no spot on earth can escape: those who currently incarnate, make experiences and mutate.

The terror of the oppressed has existed at all times and it has not achieved anything. But the current indignation and warmongering of the “civilized world powers” in the face of “Islamic terrorism” simply shows that they, and not just the Third World, are still far away from a true civilization, one that has learned the lessons of the past and knows how to apply them in the present.

Symbolically speaking, the terrorist attack was directed against the current “world trade scam”  and its centre (Wall Street, the stock exchange and the financial capital New York). The collapse of the towers is not without precedent, as historically illiterate journalists try to convince us. As with the case of the Tower of Babel, it points to the Babylonian confusion of ideas in science, economics, politics and everyday thinking and announces their collapse.

The evolved souls, who supervised this attack of the dark ones against humanity from the higher astral realms, love symbols – symbols are energetic signs of great power and multiple functions. This was the reason why they allowed this event to occur.

The attack was not only of a symbolic nature felt by billions of television viewers, but also acted as a catalyst to the global economic crisis, which had already begun, and made it visible while deepening it at the same time. The current economic and political world order, which is a product of the perception and beliefs of young souls in the developed world, has to change fundamentally. There is no doubt about that.

The cosmic dialectics requires however that all aspects of young soul mentality be affected. The narrow-minded militant Islamism is just one manifestation of the young soul mentality as is the bellicose foreign policy of a world power. For this reason the Taliban government must go. For the same reason, the USA will not achieve its goals in Afghanistan and will enter a period of confrontation with the rest of the world.

The current debate, which is only seemingly out against Islamic terrorism, is really about the collective recognition of the futility of all forms of terror and violence. Therefore, I would not be surprised at all, if the scenario continues and it turns out, that there is no such terrorist group led by Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind behind this attack, but extremist American militia groups (I meant here derailed individuals masterminded by the dark deep state in cahoots with criminal zionist networks), which operate in the background and fight for the globalization policies of the U.S. government in order to install the NWO. That they make use of fanatic Islamists as suicide weapons, maintain contacts to the American criminal world and the intelligence services and, by the way, enrich themselves on the stock market because of their insider knowledge of the attack, as recently confirmed by the Securities and Exchange Commission, but not further pursued for no apparent reason, is of secondary importance. When the American people will find out the truth, they will be deeply shocked and their sense of national security will be undermined forever. The truth will simply present to them a mirror image of their false beliefs.

(At the time when I wrote this essay, end of September 2001, there were still no “conspiracy theories” as to who committed the 9/11 crime. They emerged a few months later but I studied very carefully the first reports on this event which were not well coordinated by the ruling cabal and their presstitutes in the mainstream media and contained a lot of contradictions, even outright lies. This clearly showed to me that this was a staged event by the deep US state to enter a new world war of hegemonic supremacy against the rest of the world under the pretext of fighting Islamic terrorists.)

I will show later on in the book that the Evolutionary Leap is accompanied by uncertainty and confusion of the young soul population in order to initiate the transgression of the young souls into the cycle of the adult, mature soul. The foreign policy defeat which the Americans will suffer in Afghanistan and elsewhere will play an important part in this psychological process.

One must not forget that this war is not legitimate and that the Americans have fought and instigated or financially supported more than 200 wars, military conflicts and civil wars outside their territory since WW2 without once officially declaring war and thus legitimizing it. In this way, they could not be officially branded as aggressors.

This fact sheds light on the catastrophic situation of international law, which the world power USA systematically torpedoes, as the inhuman treatment of captured Al-Qaeda fighters recently shows. From environmental protection, through the establishment of an independent international tribunal, to control of chemical and biological weapons, the Americans are blocking the creation of an equitable and effective international legal system, wherever they can.

This situation must and will be overcome. First, the facts must be disclosed. As long as the Americans insist on law and order, but tread blatantly on international law with their military boots, they cannot be an example of a civilized nation. The bigotry, the double standard of American politics cannot be a guiding principle of a peaceful, civilized world.

For this reason, America will not survive the Evolutionary Leap, just as the Soviet Union collapsed after the fall of communism. This is not a prophecy of a distant future, but the finding of real processes that shape the destiny of mankind currently in an effective and substantial manner. They are coordinated in an intimate knowledge of the inner psychic dynamics of the incarnated human population.

Each deep insecurity of the young soul summons her mind, which is a mere collection of traditional beliefs and is defined by me as “ego”. The ego of the young soul wants to retain control over the events because it denies the creative power of the soul. Consequently, it sinks deeper and deeper into the morass of its own blunders.

The current efforts by Western governments, especially the German, to restrict the freedom of its citizens and to adopt arbitrarily panic-stricken anti-terror laws, embody the futile effort of the political ego to stem the flow of cosmic events. Significantly, most citizens hardly defend themselves against this curtailment of personal freedoms because they themselves are deeply insecure and want to see their perceived safety in the custody of fake state authority.

Their disillusionment will come soon and will shake their faith in the state deeply. They are beginning to recognize that the national state is the real cause of terror, oppression and violence. From this knowledge, to the abolition of national states, which embody the principle of separation, and the creation of a loving, peaceful world community will be a short way, as the apocalyptic events will impressively show in the next few years.


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