The Separation of Worlds

Thomas Pafe, October 18, 2011, Copyright 2011

Let me attempt with some words as best as will be guided. We will start this painting with a brief description/overview of Dimensions – Planes:

Planes/Dimensions are various levels of consciousness each with its own characteristics and ways of thinking, feeling and experiencing.

Energy in the Universe (Frequencies) is represented by the Electromagnetic Spectrum which extends from zero to infinity. Everything in the Universe (all the kingdoms) is lined up inside this spectrum with their signature tones, with God being the sum total of all these frequencies to Infinity – the raison d’être of the name All That Is.

This electromagnetic spectrum is further sub-divided into frequency bands – Medium waves, Short waves, AM, FM, VHF, Infra-red, Ultraviolet, etc.; these bands are further divided into sub-bands called channels (‘In my Father’s house there are many Mansions there’). And these bands cohabit by virtue of the fact that they occupy different frequencies, exhibiting divers and interesting characteristic. The FM band for example has improved features compared to the AM band (3D vs 5D), can house many more stations, better sound quality, less affected by Interference – noise, larger bandwidth, accommodates stereo, etc.

Our spiritual barometer known as our light quotient (LQ) is just an indicator of the frequency band we belong to and raising our light quotient is switching from a next lower band to a higher frequency band. Clairvoyance can be described as consciously switching from our local band to a band, in which the activity is taking place, becomes visible with the understanding that every single thing/event in the Universe occurs at the same time, but in different bands.

Telepathy, in a like manner, is the ability to tune and perceive signals from different frequency channels. Final judgment or rather judgment day, as mentioned in most of our scriptures is just about a life review of how much light we carry – our light quotient – the frequency band we belong to. The conditions of poverty and lack are manifestations of the fear band frequencies, meanwhile the conditions of abundance and fulfillment are a manifestation of frequencies of love and joy. Our ‘Space Brothers’ can switch at will their frequency band – vibrations for their craft and occupants to become visible to us.

So multidimensional existence, therefore, is the ability to simultaneously operate in many different frequency bands. We swing between the frequency bands of love and fear in a random fashion on a daily base. “Like attracts like” is in fact a matter of frequency alignment and what you focus on expands, is choosing the frequency band we want to operate in (Our feelings and emotions determine our frequency of alignment).

Ascension is therefore the transition into a higher vibrating frequency version of Earth, an Earth of joy, balance and harmony. Gaia and all her kingdoms have been raising their frequencies for a long while now in preparation of this grand event – this is what the shift is all about.

In the advent of the pivotal date of 11.11.11 a portal will be opened letting in a stream of high frequency energy, which will affect Gaia and all its occupants. thereby catapulting our LQ.

Following the above sketch on dimensions, Gaia`s frequency will move close/graduate to the 4D boundary, they will coincide – they will overlap so to speak – creating a leak/crack/opening/fissure, whereby those who have crossed the threshold of LBP (light body process) will be able to pass through. These are the ones who have been called the 1st wave Ascensionees.

This group transiting through 4D from 3D would now need to go through another passage called the astral tunnel of 4D in order to go through the Corridor, also known as the portal leading into 5D. Sad as it appears to be, Gaia may have to spend the night in 4D lol; this is the process we have abundantly talked about – the separation of worlds. We will of course henceforth benefit from the myriad of opportunities associated to 5D.

This potent energy activation of 11.11.11 will also kick of the LBP of those who were not yet conscious of ascension at an accelerated rate carrying them to the next powerful energy opening of 21.12.12 resulting from the PBE (photon belt encounter)/Alcyone). The 2nd wave of Ascensionees will be the result of the above process. Nevertheless, some condition souls not prepared enough plus those still in denial/opposition will be destroyed by the strong light of this event as well as the devastating effects of these energies on the left behind Earth. These ones who have made the choice to leave, will therefore continue their evolutions were they deem appropriate.

I have heard that those of the second wave by virtue of the fact that they did not consecrate enough time for their LBP naturally will settle in 5Da, meanwhile the 1st wavers settled in 5Dc (each dimension like in the frequency bands contains further subdivisions/sub-bands)

It is essential that we acquaint ourselves with the process, leading us to this grand finale; just like George is doing through PAT (planetary ascension team). This elaborate process calls for some rehearsals; without that some may miss their slot in this last minute confusion. It is therefore imperative to take the decision to fully partake, otherwise it would be like standing in front of the pool and never taking the dive.

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