State-of-Ascension-Report-7: “I have built my Personal Portal”

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-7, October 14, 2011

October 13, 2011

Hi Callista,

Thanks for all your support and effort during this great event and blessing of all time. I live in South Africa and it appears very few here are aware of the goings on. I spend much time studying up from various places as I guess many of us are or have been doing particularly for the last 10 years or so.

I have feverishly also just recently found and studied all Georgi’s writings and channelings and read daily his new posts. I am so curious, not being able to “see” the way you can, if I am building or have been building a portal and what it looks like… I have in mind exactly its dimensions colours and structure and when I first saw in my mind’s eye the portal it was already there, but I didn’t get this in a dream or vision as I do get other details not relevant to a portal, but as I am  sure you would know, confirmation from another is of great value.

My life has been one of great tribulations, but never enough for me to lose my zest for the next challenge. However the last about 10 years,  has been absolutely crazy…  huge huge challenges… and the last few years appears, I am breaking all contacts with so many around me… I look sometimes as the watcher at my life and gaze in amazement at what’s happening.

One event was when I died around 1998 shocked by an electric fence, my ex at the time saw me around 8 minutes later blue and gone, because she was waiting outside our yard behind the gate, hence the description of time. She called the paramedics and I was resuscitated about 20 or more minutes later on this 34Deg C day. Have no recollection of any ND experience, but about 5 months later had a most profound dream vision that kept me awake for the rest of the night.

A being of light, no other way to describe, a little taller than me around 7ft, I couldn’t see any detail of the being as the being was an almost outlined roundish human form with a robe maybe type look,  but with full white light, and it appeared to me in a calm isolated country  setting next to a large tree, where we were alone, offered me some orange juice which was set on a table with a white cloth. I took a glass of cool drink and then the being said one sentence: ” It is not your time to leave yet. You have important work to do”. I awoke with huge exhilaration as I realised undeniably that this was a real vision , not a dream. Well since then my path was one of radical change and experience.

My last 4 years has almost been one of total spiritual fascination, study and  tremendous introspection to say the least. I psychic told me that  apparently I was rewired during this experience as I was not interested at  all in being on 3D. I was too involved in my other realities to be concerned with my 3D experience. Not sure, if this is so or not. So this is a little background to help you. There really is so much in my story since 1991 (many big events compared to most around me), but can’t really share with people any more as they appear to be more upset by the stories. So now I know they are for me and for me to digest and to find the diamond in each experience, and which I have been doing the last 8 years. I  turned 50 in January.

May I ask as it was suggested in the other emails you can help confirm or describe the portal of another. Will you describe mine please. Thanks in advance.

Love and blessings to you.
Eugene du Plessis
Dear Eugene

Thank you for your email and thank you for sharing your special experiences. You have indeed been doing important work and this has led you to George’s website and the content therein which confirms your experiences. You are accurately and most ably describing your own portal to yourself, and so you do not need my confirmation or description of it. You know, as well  as I do, that it is a representation of yourself and has all the shapes and colours that define You.

I urge you to read the latest Ascension Report 5 on George’s website and carpe diem – seize the day, stay in the moment, and keep your heart open as we near Ascension!

Kindest regards and blessings also to you dear fellow traveller
I, Callista

Thanks for your reply and supportive kind words. Although I understand what you say clearly, I was hoping maybe you could shed light as to the portal not being built by me consciously now, or did this happen in my unawareness … When I looked recently, based on these mails to George and yourself concerning the portals, it was there, done, finished… except for two wider portals which were included in my second sighting a little later,.. since first seeing the first one and that it’s no more, it’s complete. The one is around my dwelling area, then one around the larger area of my province and a third around my country SA bordering a little into the sea at the country borders … They are all identical and stretch a little beyond our atmosphere, and hence I have 3 in one…am I  missing something or can you elaborate why the three and not one main portal. Is there a reason maybe or is it just a personal thing? What was surprising as I  looked, I first saw the one, then the other much larger ones. Is this my imagination running away from me? LOL
Love light and blessings.
Dear Eugene

It is normal for your portal to be changing shape and structure. My interpretation of what you describe is that you have provided a portal not only for yourself but also for the wider community and indeed your whole country. This is wonderful! Do not be worried about it – you don’t have to do anything. It is an energy field, which can take many forms and shapes depending on your desire. You have shown yourself that you have provided a portal for the whole country.

October 13, 2011

Hello, my name is Darryl T. I live in Chesapeake, VA in the US. I have read the articles by Georgi Stankov and is on his email list and requested on how to open a portal. He informed me to contact you, saying you are the expert in this field. Could you please help me? I am ready to go on 11/11/11, and to come back to help humanity (Georgi says he doesn’t know when that “time” will be, thou). Thank you for your help.

Darryl T.
Dear Darryl,

Do not worry overmuch about opening a portal. It is not necessary for ascension. Some of us have visualised or imagined portals in Dreaming and it will come to you if that is your intention. Those of us who have opened portals understand that there will be many using these portals and they are not just for us.

When the time comes for you to Ascend, you will do so, if that is your intention, whether you have a portal or whether you use someone else’s. However, it is fun to make your own so have a play and see what you come up with.

It is more important at this stage to have an open and loving heart and live in the NOW moment – this is preparing you for higher vibrations. Also listen to the needs of your body and get plenty of rest. Divorce yourself from the endless false videos from 3D, which will distract you and tire you out.
I hope this has answered your questions.
Kindest regards from Callista
October 13, 2011

Dear Callista,

This is in regards to a portal. Before meditating, I say the Edgar Cayce’s ‘Prayer of Protection’ and while meditating I visualize and my thoughts are; I surround myself in White Light and I bathe myself in White Light (picturing myself high on a mountain with a breathtaking view, with the White Light flowing through me and cleansing me). Later I see myself  sitting in a crossed legged position… I visualize the heavens open and a beam of Golden Liquid Light flows from the Great Central Sun, to the Earth Star through my chakras filling me with Light, and I hold Mother Earth and all her inhabitants into the Light… and direct my thoughts to… may there be  Peace and Harmony in this world and Good Will among all.

I had gone through a lot of stuff, a typical see-saw, but always invoked the White Light and the Violet Flame with prayer as I had no idea about LBP. Hopefully I am past that stage now. I have always felt alone and alienated and people thinking I’m weird.. funny it didn’t bother me, but often wondered about it, but now I know why.
Your comments will be appreciated if you can find the time.
Love n Light
Dear Olinda

Thank you for your email and I am sorry I have taken so long to answer you. I am answering many at the moment and it is great to hear from so many.

That is a lovely meditation and I thank you for sharing. I am an admirer of Edgar Cayce and his work.
You can read more about LBP on George’s website – here is the link

kindest regards from Callista

October 13, 2011

Hi Callista,

Thanks much for the letter. I am not so much concerned for the portal, but was quite curious as I have been studying the work of other teachers such as The 9th dimensional Pleiadian Collective (via channels Wendy Kennedy [mainly] and Nora Herold [secondarily] ) and Bashar via Daryl Anka and have heard plenty about the Light Body Process and Activation, but had not heard of the portal concept.

Really appreciate you taking the time to check out some of my songs and you sending me a note about my portal. Your description describes exactly how I feel! Especially when making or listening to these musical creations.

I attempted to read through all of the Ascension reports, but honestly I am having lot of difficulty with how negative George tends to be. I am a long time fan and student of the work of Abraham-Hicks and their super positive message. I know that George believes that we create our own realities with our thoughts, emotions, feelings and expectations yet he is putting lots of attention to these dark forces that he talks about. Hearing him say over and over for the readers to expect attacks from dark forces and how he is expecting all this negativity in his experience is really troublesome for obvious reasons. If you expect that stuff – of course you will experience it!

It also has been bothering me that each and every time he refers to our beautiful and wonderful planet that he calls it “this Toxic Planet”. On top of all this, he spends lots of time trash talking specific people, such as Mr. Wilcock and others. Not only does he mention them by name, but be cuts them down. I feel there is no place for this – if their work does not resonate with him, why publicly discredit them?

I have read Mr. Wilcock’s materials and he is a warm loving person, who clearly seems to know and teach about the ascension process that earth is going through. He does dive into negative forces much like Georgi, but to me it is in a much more positive way that Georgi. They both talked about the dark forces underground bases too which I thought was fascinating. Perhaps Georgi has not checked out any of his recent materials and is holding on to a misconception from past work that perhaps I am not familiar with.

I am sharing this with you because after I found his site last week and spent much of this last week reading his articles I really wanted to love the message but it is just too negative for me. The end result he speaks of is glorious indeed, but there is no need to fill it with such negative energy. Perhaps he feels putting all this attention to unwanted things has some value, but I am certain that it is only kicking up the dust so to speak and bring much more of this negativity into his experience.

I really appreciate the love you have shown me and I thank you for sharing it.

I  am quite curious about Mr. Stankov and his plan to be the first ascended master to be presented to earth and humanity and look forward to this. In the meanwhile I will read what I am comfortable with and quite soon will see you on the “other side!”

Thanks again for the note!
best regards,
Dear Brandon

I  am glad you have seen this aspect. George is very driven and focused because he has been allotted a very large task. At times he is very anxious for the people he considers himself responsible for.

in  New Age circles, the dark side of things is often ignored because its just too yucky and most people prefer love, peace, mung beans and tie-dye :) I am making light of this, but there is another side and we sometimes have to deal with it.

I  am a warrior from way-back and I don’t have much trouble – also, I live next door to an internationally renowned Shaman, who does a lot of the battling and clearing for me. But the dark side can take many forms, and much at the moment comes from the frightened egos of many around us (and also ourselves at times)..

Yes, the battle has been won, but there are still a few skirmishes out there, and they are concentrating on the likes of George and the PAT, who are doing just what the dark doesn’t want. So he was just trying to warn everyone. I have been attacked through emails from a group in the Canary Islands – then the next day, there was a huge earthquake there and I haven’t heard from them since. I just laugh at them, because I know we have won anyway.

David Wilcock, I have been watching him for many years and have had communications with him in the past. He has his own interpretations and we must remember that there are many paths to the top of the mountain.

Dearest Callista,

Just as i wrote that last email… a wonderfully positive article on Georgi’s site. I will forward him this email. Perhaps his emphatic negative messages were mistaken by my hypersensitive self and he has a specific reason for “beating the drum” as he did to make a point to those not as sensitive as myself. Either way this is exciting!
Thanks for being my new pen pal.
Best of luck, love and light!


PS – The reason I was bothered about the Wilcock comment was that nearly 4 weeks ago on his site he had the same message that the dark ones had been defeated… here is the article… in case you are curious…
it says what Georgi’s site’s big news is from today…  quite fascinating! The end message is VERY POSITIVE and to me this resonates.

Ocotber 13, 2011

Hi Georgi,

Thanks for the wonderful information on your site. I have been reading for about a week after studying Earth’s Ascension for the last two years. I have experienced mixed feelings about the contents of the site (read pasted email thread below between myself and your friend Callista for details).

I am writing you now to see if A) you could address my concerns as described in the note to Callista and B) to see when you plan to show yourself as the first ascended Master to all of Earth. In one article you said you were not sure if the Galactic Federation would Show up first or if you would present yourself to the public first but in a later article it sounds like you plan to show your self to all of mankind first, before the Federation shows up.

Either way I am very curious! Thanks so much for the work you have done here and please understand my comments in the note to Callista regarding what I perceive as some negativity contained within your articles.

I would love to hear your responses.
With love,
Dear Brandon,

Thank you very much for your email and now straight to your questions: Neither, nor!

If you have thoroughly read my last articles, I have explicitly said on many occasions that the members of the PAT, who are the most experienced warriors and ascension experts, as Callista for example, have already built their portals and will have the duty to hold them open for many other star seeds from the first ascension wave to ascend in November. After that they will also ascend. Me, being the coordinator of the PAT, or to put in military terms – the captain, will be the last one to ascend, after I have guaranteed at a higher level – now I am talking of myself in terms of a multidimensional personality –  that all of you have already ascended.

It is as simple as that. I have addressed in my previous emails the pedagogical purpose of outing myself as the first ascended master in order to draw the attention of the members of PAT to my website and to help them connect with each other. In this way they were initiated to open their portals. This all happened in a simultaneous manner in the last week or so. This “connecting of the dots” is a masterpiece of galactic coordination and synchronisation of incredible proportions, as the members of the PAT are coming from various highly evolved civilisations, some of which belong to the GF.

They are the ones, who will also prepare the ground for Ascension of Gaia and establish the New Age on earth against the machinations of the Orion Empire, thus preparing the ground for a real open communication with other evolved civilizations as those of the GF.

That is why they had to suffer massive attacks in the last several days, before the dark ones were ultimately defeated with the combined effort of the members of PAT, especially with the help of our collective meditation (please read the numerous reports on the positive effects of this meditation in our Ascension reports).  These are real facts.

This is not my imagination. The dark ones and their atrocities are very real (read also the latest message of CA on this issue) and very soon the whole mankind will learn about this, after the revelations will start with the opening of the stargate 11.11.11.

But first and foremost we will meet very soon with our cousins from the Inner earth of Agartha, as it has been announced in the last Arcturian message, channelled by Sue, and also anticipated in some of my previous articles.

I hope that this answers your question

in love and light
October 13, 2011

Dear Dr Georgi,

I read your most recent post on 11/11/11.  I have heard this date from many sources, including your nemesis Mr Beckow.  I really hope it does happen, I am not a doubter, and as the event is soon to be here, I don’t have long to wait to see if it is true.

I have been seeing  11:11 and 1:11 and 2:22 and 4:44  on clocks.  Especially the one sequences.  I think this is probably related to the 11/11/11 thing.   I am not sure what the other even numbers mean except for they are solfeggio frequency multiples of 111.

In 2009 I got quite ill. I contacted a MRSA staph infection from some polluted beach water.  I was in ICU for 4 weeks and another 4 weeks in rehab learning how to walk and eat again. I have pretty much returned to health better than I was before I got ill.  During my 3rd week in the hospital I had a near death experience (NDE) where I found myself in a white place. I felt surrounded by love and compassion and a great empathy for how difficult it is to be a human on this planet. I also learned that I and every other human is a part of God. I also experienced zero-time and non-local consciousness – my mind worked so well in that other place I was in. I had many of the usual NDE experiences except for I didn’t have a life review (I don’t think I got that far along in the process). But I did encounter a rotating tesseract (hypercube) in front of me.  The parts that were rotating through 3D space  were changing color as they rotated thru 3D space/time. I was told to change the hypercube to, that it had to change. I understood my task was to somehow change the vertices and make it 5th or 6th dimensional and at this point I went into a panic – not knowing how to do this. When you die you don’t lose all your human ideas right away.

Some other things happened and  basically I said “I don’t know how to do this”, I was afraid I’d hurt someone, and I said “I will not murder innocent beings with my blundering but you can do with my life what you want” – thinking I had failed the test – and since I had already died I wasn’t going to make my prospects worse. Immediately I found myself back in my hospital bed with the knowledge that no matter how bad I looked I would heal. Nurses surrounded me as I woke up from the coma and I just started laughing because none of my Christian friends were going to believe what happened to me – it just didn’t fit their preconceptions.  And I was right about that. Only can tell the story to some special friends. I have never read any NDE story where anyone else encountered a tesseract and was told to change it.

Do you have any insights on what relevance changing a hypercube dimensionality might have with this whole ascension thing – if any? I did not know prior to this NDE there was any dimensional change coming.  I only learned that after I got back home from some channelings I had read online.

A friend gave me one explanation – non scientific and it is a possible explanation.  But you may have other insights.

Dear William,

Your NDE is similar to many others. Very little has been written however about this, as there is a massive censorship in the society. I German scientist collected for instance 10 000 such events in the 90s and after he published some of them, he was almost lynched by the press and the media.

The problem with such experiences is that they are highly subjective and contain specific symbols that only have a meaning for the individual during the NDE and this meaning is also associated with emotions, which cannot be perceived by an external observer. Therefore, it is only up to the person to make the appropriate interpretation.

In love and light

October 13, 2011

Ed is regularly posting all my articles on Rumour Mill News and other numerous blogs and helps me with great fervour to promote the idea of the PAT in the light workers community. Here, I discuss with him once again the most probable scenario of Ascension in the coming days.

Dear Ed,

I must repeat myself, but you are doing a terrific job for humanity  – not for me or you.

Let me now give you some glimpses. The events have started already and nothing can stop them anymore. The most important initial event was me (and Sue) collecting the members of the PAT around my/her website and Opening their portals and that of Gaia. This has been planned for a long period of time and is in the centre of Ascension. It has always been so.

All members of the PAT are experts in Ascension and have helped ascending many other planets in the past with me. Most of them know me at the soul level and they remember that they are here to do this job once again with me. Read their emails in my Ascension Reports and you will get it confirmed.

This has already led to the demise of the dark ones. When you read all my releases in the last 10 days, you will get all the information in the chronological axis. This  was the most critical part of my mission on earth.

Now that most of the portals are built, the Agarthans from the Inner earth can come. However, they will come after the stargate 11.11.11. has been opened and earth has ascended to the 4th and 5th dimensions and all PAT members and many other star seeds from the first wave of Ascension have ascended.

The Agarthans will, at the beginning, communicate only with these human Ascended Masters as the vast majority will not be even able to see them, due to their high vibrations. This is all physics of the Universal Law.

I have already predicted this scenario in my previous articles some time ago, which you can read. Only then, and only then, will the conditions on earth be such that will allow for the first Landing of the GF,

The fundamental difference between me and the PAT on the one hand and the rest of the New Age gurus and numerous channels of confusion on the other is that we do not rely on foreign, external aid, but we create the conditions on earth in a decisive manner. We are the makers of Ascension and not the GF from above, although most of the PAT members belong to the GF. But they do their job as incarnated human entities on the ground because they must also heave Gaia to the 4th and 5th dimensions by merging their energy fields with that of Gaia. Read my article on stargate 11.11.11, where I explain this process in detail.

In the last 10 days, the readers of my website, being most of them  members of the PAT or ascension candidates, created their numerous portals with my help the world over. I am the official Opener of all portals one earth, and this event created the conditions for the demise of the dark ones.

Read also about my incentive for meditation and purging the dark ones on 11.10.11. This is all part of the plan.

We are helped enormously from Heaven, but if we do not do our homework here on the ground, nobody can help us.

You should promote this view from now on as it is the only correct one, because most of the light workers now misinterpret the End Time scenario. This is normal, as they are not members of the PAT and have no idea of what is ongoing on earth. Their souls simply do not inform them and they do not get it. This is the red line between enlightened and still-to-be-enlightened entities, which was also the topic of my article on light workers confusion, which few people really understood.

I hope that this will help you interpret the coming events more clearly.

In love and light
October 13, 2011

In reference to the last Beatles – Ron White said it best, “you can’t fix stupid”. It is not my paradigm either way, poof has been talking about the funeral for these bankers for 10+ years.
Will read your Proof on the Star gate, but I do have a question as I have not “fully awakened” –  How do I know that I am going with? In my heart I “feel” something, and I have faith in the “transition”, but for those that have faith but are not totally awakened what happens?
Be well and thanks!

Dear Terry,

Just wait relaxed and have faith. Everything will be perfect. Build confidence in your inner space, because this is your portal of Ascension. Doubts are not helpful. 2-3 billion will ascend in a year from now on and they all are much less evolved and ready for the Shift than you are. Consider this matter in the right perspective.

October 13, 2011

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your email. It’s took some time to answer your email. It’s very difficult to write about own personality. I asked my friends to describe my person, what was very interesting and enjoyable experience for me.

I am a woman, 34, single, from Poland, but never felt connected to any group, country or religion (even if grown up in Catholic family). Since I was a child I had my own opinion and I was so-called “black sheep”, always going against the flow. I always felt that there is something wrong, until I read the book ” Hände weg von diesem Buch ” Jan van Helsing, and my eyes opened. Since then I believed that I live in Matrix, I met interesting people who think similar.

Since 4 years I was working in the Yachting industry and traveled around the world. I love that. Love to see new places, meet other people, confrontation of different mentalities.

Since a while, I felt like I need to spend some time for myself and research. I stayed at home in Poland and start learning to meditate, looking for answers in Internet and trying to find out what is happening with me. So I found your website and Sue website as well.

From this time I am busy reading your website every day and cannot wait for new posts. For the rest of my time, I am busy with “2011 Cosmic laws of creation and destruction”. I also contacted Susanne.

On 11 of October, I participated in the meditation at 11pm GMT. I had an interesting experience. As I started meditation and closed my eyes, I saw me and others seating in meditation position, all in white. We took our hands and created a circle, which grew and grew as the new co-participants came to the circle. In the end, we created a huge circle which start to undulate and vibrate and stretch more and more, creating very strong white rope connecting our hands and thus the circle stretched so that we embraced earth.

It was a very beautiful and powerful experience. I felt very strong and powerful and I knew that no dark ones can rip it up. No one even tried. It was too strong to them and they were very surprised. Everything lasted about 10 minutes of our time, but the strength of this gives me an incredible confidence. I am just wondering if anybody had any beautiful experience with that meditation?
I  also would like to say something regarding posts from others on your website:

It’s make me thinking why some people write to you and sign as J or M etc.. Do you think they are afraid that somebody will recognize them? I have message to them: “Don’t be afraid to be yourself.”

I had a lot of questions to you, but they are basically answered through the breaking news on your website. Do you have any information about portal openers?

Thank you for all, and hope to see you soon
Dear Agata,

Thank you very much for your email. I will start with the last question. I deliberately publish the emails with Initials or first names only as to protect the privacy of my correspondence partners. Only when they explicitly want me to publish their name and address,, I do this. If you wish, I may publish your email with your address in the next report and mention that you would like to establish contact with people, who have had similar experiences like you.

However, most of my readers are elderly people, like me, and they either have a family or have chosen to retreat from social life, waiting for their Ascension. Many of them belong to the PAT.

Initially, it was planned that the first wave of Ascension should begin after Oct 16, but now I have learned that they have again postponed it for the beginning of November. Nevertheless, there are only a few days left and many of my readers are impatiently awaiting their departure. This is a highlight in their whole incarnations cycle.

Your dream has shown exactly this event at the stargate 11.11.11, when all members of PAT will unite their energy fields in a ring of fire, merge it with the field of Gaia and heave it to the 4th and 5th dimensions. I have written about this in my last publications. If you have had this dream, you must be also a member of the PAT. However, only you can know what is in your soul contract.

Per chance, I know somebody who has just arrived in Poland and intends to stay in Zakopane for some time. His name is M. D., He is an American and comes from New York and is at about your age. He is a medical doctor, a neurologist and an unusually fine and sensible young man.

I have exchanged some emails with him and he is a very pleasant person. He does not speak Polish, and I assume that he will be pleased to establish contact with somebody like you, who speaks English. I do not know the personal ground for his travel to Zakopane, but he intends to stay there for some time. Below is his address.

I will write him a short message that you may contact him, so that he will be prepared.
Wish you all the best!

In love and light

Dear Georgi,
Thank you for your email and contacted Marco. I just emailed him. I don’t know what is in my soul contract, but I am ready!
I now that I will find my HOME, which I am looking for since couple of years and this will happen very soon. I don’t know, where it is. but when I find it, I will know this is it.
I was travelling for years, living in Germany, Spain, and Florida, wondering where is my place to Be, but just recently I found out that I need to look inside myself. So I am doing this right now.
I think, it is good idea to publish my email contact. I would love to get in contact with people, who feel that they need to share their thoughts and feelings with somebody.
Cannot wait for your next posts

October 13, 2011

Hi Callista,

I hope it is okay that I am writing to you.  I have been following your posts on George’s website and just felt the desire to reach out today.  I am in need of some support.

The last few days have been especially challenging for me.  I am so exhausted lately and am having some feelings I don’t completely understand.  I have a knowing inside that I will be ascending very soon, but I think I am afraid to really trust this knowing.

I feel super emotional.  I feel just so done with all the 3D mundane things. There is no place I want to go, nothing I want to do.  While I love my children dearly, I feel like I have no energy for them right now.  When their little voices get too loud, I feel like I can’t take it.

A part of me knows that I must be assimilating more light and that things are just moving along at rapid speed.  I usually experience some resistance during these times and feel like I am being pushed to surrender more.  But, these moments are coming so fast now.  It’s like I barely get a day of peace and joy and then I am right back to this intensity.

Any feedback would feel so supportive.  I thank you so very much!

Dena. Los Angeles, CA
Dear Dena

You are experiencing the feelings that everyone in PAT are experiencing right now. We are completely fed up with 3D and are itching to move on. We haven’t got long to wait, Dena, have a bit more patience. Because you are feeling so fed up, you know that is because you are waiting for ascension – you know there is something better for Humanity and it is just around the corner.

I admire anyone who has family living with them at this challenging time. But I am a mother and grandmother and I know how taxing and tiring the children can be. But they are also representatives from a high vibration and they can help you stay in the NOW and be in the moment and keep your heart in a loving space.

Be sure you get plenty of rest when the children are at school or resting. It doesn’t matter if the house is dusty or untidy – just keep your bedroom as your sanctuary to go and retreat to when things get too much. Then make sure you have food, clean clothes and that’s all you need to worry about.

Enjoy these last few weeks and try and get out into nature- the park or a walk in the forest or beside the ocean. Take the children, they will love the walking and it will tire them out so they sleep well. Try and keep away from the TV as it just churns out negative stuff that will make you all feel worse.

I hope that helps a little, my dear Dena. It is important that you have a good cry and let out all the emotion – it is an emotional time and I am often weeping for no reason and at odd and inconvenient times – but that doesn’t matter – just go with it.
Kindest regards from Callista
October 13, 2011

Dear George,

I hope you’re doing well today! I just wanted to let you know that I just published the above article at Ready For The Shift just now. This article really brought it home for us George! We have no doubt with this latest synchronicity regarding the imagined 10th and 11th Waves that everything is going as planned. It seems all so simple and has been staring us in the face for years. I have a funny feeling that Einstein was threatened/paid off for creating a formula that would make it impossible for us to ever reach another civilization. I never wanted to believe it myself and thought I was correct all along. I’m happy to see that velocity is indeed NOT part of the equation! We agree, frequency is the key to everything. We read this late last night around 3:00AM and were so excited we could hardly sleep. If those in the PAT not yet awake don’t get the message by reading this, I’d be surprised. It’s so beautiful in it’s simplicity!

We are going to wait a short while, probably later in the afternoon to post Sue’s latest message that you prefaced. We like to give our readers some time to digest what we’ve posted before hitting them with something else important.

Also, not sure if Wendy sent this to you as she’s still sleeping, but I thought I would forward it. It’s an article that Wendy wrote on our personal portal.

OK, off to do some reading. I noticed you didn’t give Wilcock a positive acknowledgement. I believe his newest book that came out on Aug 23rd “The Source Field Investigations” (video describing the book:, has 40 pages of references and is his “lifetime achievement”, apparently. I’m only about 50 pages in and Wendy is about half way done. He does have lots of science in that book George and you may want to take a look at it if you are so inclined.

Wilcock was the person that really got me interested in the marriage of spirit and science in regards to sacred geometry in his free “2012 Enigma” movie and that was a huge part of my awakening. I don’t think we should lose hope in Wilcock just yet. No idea why he likes this Benjamin Fulford guy. Some of what Fulford says just makes no sense at all and Fulford seems like a very paranoid man. But looking at Wilcock’s relationship with Edgar Cayce is pretty extraordinary. If you haven’t seen the movie “2012 Enigma”, you can watch it here:

A  good follow up discussion of the 2012 Enigma movie is found between Wilcock and Graham Hancock called “Setting History Straight”:

Speak with you soon!
Have a wonderful day George!

Much Love,
Dear Greg,

I am happy to hear from you again, Obviously your provider is functioning again. Thank you very much for publishing my latest article. Your portals are appreciated, and I sent them to some other people to publish them eventually.  I assume that you have been informed regularly  by Wendy about our intensive correspondence in the last days.

Now you should not take my critical comments on Wilcock too earnest. I simply do not want that these young people become too complacent, but to stir them to consider that there is much more than what they are preaching at the moment. As soon as they become somewhat prominent, they stop searching. If I do resort sometimes to intellectual challenge, it is only to achieve my pedagogical results quicker, otherwise they will not bother.

I have long time ago passed the boundary of personal animosities and see me only as a function of a higher purpose in a physical vessel. There is nothing bad about urging people to think beyond their current box, even when they are as advanced as Wilcock, but still have a lot to learn. The way to perfection is a spiral with no end towards the top.  And the spiral is at present extremely steep and people have to learn in a week more than they have learned in their whole life in the past. This causes a lot of stress, but it is useful.

Wilcock has not been able to achieve a true synthesis between science and esotericism, although he pretends to have one. He still sticks in old thinking patterns in this respect. I am genuinely interested to help him expand his knowledge, and if you have contact to him, you can make him aware of my books and my website, and I welcome him anytime to come and share my knowledge with him unconditionally.

Very soon, and by this I mean in the next 1-2 months, he will inevitably disregard most of what he is saying currently and may even disappear in oblivion, if he does not change rapidly his mind as to keep pace with the dramatic developments. The fact that he does not belong to the PAT is a proof that he still needs more spiritual evolution. And there is nothing bad about it. But the facts must be recognized.

In love and light
October 13, 2011

George, Thank You, and on a different note:

I discovered that I could explain the aspect of All That Is through Fourier`s theory by considering God to be a fundamental Square Wave;

A square wave according to Fourier is the sum of All the Harmonics to Infinity – so All That Is is the fundamental which carries all signature tones in all the universes to infinity – bringing us back again to the universal law of one.

Dear Divsy,

This is an excellent point of departure, Furier analysis is also at the bottom of my approach, but I try deliberately to keep it simple, otherwise nobody will follow me. Most of the people do not even follow me now, as they lack the knowledge, but your idea is correct. Check, please my concept of U-sets from a mathematical and cognitive point of view, before applying it.

October 13, 2011

Dear Georgi,

I was lucky to have the opportunity to run into your website and the teachings in Early September 2011. Amongst the things that I studied was the article “Appropriate Use of DMT”.

I followed the suggestion and began to explore the use of DMT. Here are my first hand experience that I would like to report. I had my first successful brew of Ayahuasca Analogue on October 12, 2011. I drank it at 8:00pm and waited for an hours with no significant effect. I fall into sleep.

I think it is at around 9:30pm that I woke up and found very bright light in front of my eye thought my eyes are not yet open. I pondered upon this phenomena for a moment. Then very quickly the light intensified a 100 fold. Wow,l that was magnificent and I just enjoyed it. After a second, the light intensified again to beyond measure. It seems the whole universe, the picture of the universe always has been a very dark background with some white dots as stars and galaxies, suddenly become all lit up. Instead of a very dark background, it become filled with bright white lights.

My being was/is within the white light. I AM that brightness, that infinitude, that all-pervading existence. As I pondered upon the situation longer, all my worries in the 3-D world seems to be fading extremely fast. I find that the financial problems, the news, the studies, the knowledge are insignificant issues. That being is most central essence.

After a while, when I was considering, whether there will be deeper experience, there was a further wave of energy coming up. The vibration of the energy wave was so intense that I was a bit worried that I will lose the connection with physical body. I had been chasing after these spiritual experience for 30 years and only occasionally have seconds of insight at the most unexpected moments. Now the whole load of spiritual experience is before my being and I had to call it to hold… I soon lost consciousness. When I woke up again, I found myself seems to be separated from my body. My mind was crystal clear, without the burden of the physical body and brain. I still remember clearly the glimpse into the being.

I believe the experience is brought about by the consumption of Ayahuasca. I wholeheartedly thank you for your advise of appropriate use of DMT. I trust the continued use of the DMT will bring about more spiritual experience which should have changed my whole mentality.  Perhaps this little experience can be shared on the Internet and inspire others to take similar actions on the use of DMT.

Best regards
Dear Stephan,

Thank you very much for your email and for sharing your wonderful experience with me after using Ayahuasca (DMT). Only yesterday I received an email from somebody else, who has had a similar expanding experience with psylocibin ( mushrooms).

This was the purpose of my article – to help the people open for their higher dimension, void of earthly fears and petty considerations.

I will publish anonymously, with first name only, your report so that other readers also profit from your experience. it is very important to open them for this dimension as to help them ascend.

In love and light
October 134, 2011

Hello . Just finished reviewing your book Universal Law of Bio Science and Medicine and I am considering using oral Nystatin to help with some of my ongoing chronic symptoms. Would this help facilitate the LBP and ascension. Also would you be able to recommend a quality source for it, I live in Arizona. Or would GABA that is more readily available be just as viable. Thank you ahead for your expertise on this subject.
Dear Manfred,

GABA does not have the same effect as Nystatin, it is much weaker and has a different distribution in the body. Nystatin is available as tablets of 500 000 IU in the USA (Lederle), as far as I am informed. You can take two or three tablets 3 times a day after mealtime. Nystatin has a very positive effect on the LBP in the sense that it will stimulate your immune system, which is, together with the CNS, the chief target of the LBP transformation. In addition, the better one feels – and  Nystatin improves the overall  performance of the body significantly – the better one copes with the LBP, and the more energy he will be able to receive, thus progressing more rapidly. Yes, take it for 6 months and experience the effects.

October 13, 2011


I have just found your site and quite frankly, the timing is perfect. I’ve just read the State-of-Ascension-Report-4 posted on Oct 10th. I resonated with it, but it was the post from Peter further down the page that really caught my attention. He posted that he received messages right before waking that said ‘first and foremost it is not real’ over and over again. I have had one experience similar to his on  September 22, 2009. What i heard was ‘Prepare for it’ over and over again. It didn’t seem malevolent at all, comforting actually. At the time (20 days prior) i quit my job because of an overwhelming urge to dive into my spirituality. In your opinion, was this message from dark entities?

…I am currently (Oct. 13, 2011) having intense tension only on the left side of my head and neck. It feels like my nerves on that side are exposed. It happens mostly at night in spurts. Your articles dealing with the left-brain being a portal for incoming energies struck a chord with me because you hit the nail right on the head with regards to that. I haven’t read what you have here anywhere else. My question is… is it supposed to be this painful?

In appreciation,
Mike T
Dear Mike,

Thank you for your email very much. Your dream does not seem to me to have been malignant, but a consoling one from your higher self. You have to check your accompanying feelings. If they feel good, then it is from your higher self.

Yes, the LBP can be very painful and strenuous most of the time. Any other statement on this issues is an outright lie and distortion of the true situation. But it is worth going through. Nobody has said, it would be easy – at least not from where I come. Only some dark channels may lull you in the opposite view to demoralize you, when you make the experience that it is painful and starts to doubt the appropriateness of the LBP. You see the hook?

October 13, 2011

Dear George,

I would like to talk about the past 2 days experiences for me. I carried out the PAT meditation on 11.11. at 11am and have since repeated the same meditation as many times as I could. Very powerful energy was building up around me, and physically I felt good. It has not had such a good effect on others though that I’ve come into contact with. They’ve been getting headaches, nausea, dizziness and my friend had to ask me to go home as she went into a semi trance state and numb whilst we chatted on the sofa.

I believe I’m doing the right things, and these are not coincidences, but the symptoms caused by it. I didn’t stop. Last night I slept, but during went through the channel via a moving staircase, as I looked up ahead were our galactic family, funny thing was we talked about my thumbs as a human, I have them but they don’t. They held me close, and gave me the biggest boost in energy- love. I felt grounded in MY SELF again, ready for what is to come. No fireworks, or fanfares, no  grandiose entrance, just Love.

Then this morning a friend sent me a picture of a portal with a family of Arcturians standing at the entrance, with many craft entering HOME. My friend knows nothing of what I have been doing, we have not spoken about ascension yet but we just KNOW. I recognised them from where I have been visiting.

This afternoon I went to the forest I tuned in, this time I was gently told that the dark had gone, and from now on I must channel the Love and high frequency energy to all leaders of countries in the world and tell them they are safe to over to the light, this will be the start of their journey to ascension, and that we can all send this message to them from our group.

This doesn’t happen to me usually I am not a commander type, I’m not even a teacher type, but I just know this is right for all humans ascension. I believe I’ve got my personal ascension on track, this is my intuition for my duty to all others.


Dear Bernace,

these are great news and they reflect the huge and powerful energies that flood earth and humanity these days in preparation for the stargate 11.11.11, when they will be augmented million-fold through the members of the PAT as to change the energetic atmosphere on earth for ever and heave Gaia to the 4th and 5th dimensions.

You have already started with this job now. If you have read the last message from Sue, on the very day, we performed our meditation (11.10.11), the dark ones have been obviously overwhelmed by the forces of light and all their underground bases were destroyed. Until the end of October, there will be a build-up of loving energies on earth, so that in November the first ascensions can take place. Then comes 11.11.11, and after that the earth will be a new planet. There is very little time left.

In love and light
October 13, 2011

Dear George


(With apologies to Gene Roddenberry, who is also one of us)

I realised this morning, that I have done all this Ascension experience before.  Probably many times.  Its not just a cerebral realisation any more, but I KNOW it deep down inside my essence.  It resonates within every atom of my Being.

This is true for you and Sue and many members of the PAT because we have gone throughout the galaxies and universes to enable many 3D planets to make their safe passage into 5D.

Now it is the time for Gaia to make her ascent.

There are some members of the PAT who are having this experience for the first time and there are some members who have had this experience many, many times.  The experienced ones are leading the novices by the hand and showing them how this process works.

So now I am boldly here in my dwelling place, my shimmering portal which has started to undulate with gentle waves in preparation.  I am secure in the knowledge that I KNOW what to do when the time comes.  I am a veteran.  I know I am acting according to my previous experiences and I know we are mightily triumphant.

Your courage, George, awakens the warrior in all of us and gives us the confidence to step forth boldly to where we have gone before.

See you on the flight deck!
Dear Callista,

Thank you very much for your precious clarification at the right time, which I will post in the next report. It is exactly as you say it.

October 13, 2011

Hello again Georgi,

I am just trying to get my head around the first wave of ascension on the 11.11.11. and how would other members of family react to our disappearance. We spoke previously and you had stated that when the first wave is ascended .”Do not be worry – they will learn from the mass media what has happened. There will be huge confusion, but that is part of the game.”

My question is this…if the Powers That Be have kept us in the dark for all these years (this is very apparent to me)why would they let everyone know within the media that some disappearances have happened and they have all ascended to a different dimension?

Please can you advise. Please note I am not nit picking but I think it is very important for your readers to know how this will pan out with regard to other members of the family unit.

Kind regards
Eric J,
Dear Eric,

because I see it in the perspective. Just as nobody knew me a month ago and now I have 4500 visitors a day, so it will be with this issue. The mass media may neglect it at the beginning, but they will not be able to hide it as Internet will be full of these news. And there may be some new technologies – wait and see, be prepared for surprises and miracles.

Thanks you very much Georgi.
Yes, I suppose it’s like the domino effect…

Kind Regards
Eric J.

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