PAT Energy Report on the Last Judgement Day of Humanity, July 12

Hello George,

Before reading your recent several reports, I wrote this upon awakening the morning of July 12th:

“I watch an evaluator look at our bound reports/projects and see how little effort is put into deciding the good ones. Just a thumb through. First impressions. I am neutral, but follow behind and look at the ‘good’ stack wondering what set them apart. I do not feel mine is anywhere up for review.”

This dream was mostly energetic in nature. To me, it correlates to the karmic council weighing the souls, though it provides a stark tone. No details or exceptions, nor grading by letter scale, just a good stack saved, as if evaluating frequency and nothing more.

Most recent nights have been full of dreams and energetically all over the spectrum, though in meditation I am aglow. Especially the night of 12-13th was intense. It ended with a 5D-like dream of abundant laughter with a longtime friend in her purest form, so high vibrating I can barely recall.

I won’t keep you, GODSPEED and thank you. 



Dear George,

On July 12 I had a dream that I was working with the Karmic council sorting out the destination of souls that had very dark fragments embedded in their fields and I also was given a young angelic girl as an assistant. It started with me being on a bus, although this bus wasn’t like the ones in London, it was very wide and had metallic chairs, the whole environment was black and grey, it was awful. An elderly lady came on the bus and I was walking before her looking for a seat. She had a shopping trolley and she was using it as a Zimmer frame. Her eyes were huge and wide and her mouth sagging. I looked back and told her to please have a seat and I was going to help her get to it. She looked at me very aggressively and said “I don’t need you to show me that there is a seat available”. I looked at everyone on the bus and everyone was full of hate, rage and fear.

The scene changed, but it was in the same environment, I was in a building evacuating everyone. I had trouble getting a particular man out. He refused and was putting up a resistance saying his things were still inside and he needed to get them. He pressed himself against the wall and was looking at me very smug, although I sensed he was scared but he was trying to hide it. He reminded me of a person I knew that delved into the dark arts and thought he could overpower everyone. I looked him in the eyes and said sternly, “You can go in and get your things, but you will be accompanied”. He responded with “I don’t need anyone to go in with me, why do I need to be followed ?”, “Because I don’t trust you”, I replied slowly and surely.

He was irritated, but he had no way of arguing with me as my young angelic assistant (around 23 years old) with short black curly hair intervened and said “I can accompany him!” She was so enthusiastic, bouncing and ecstatic that I could give her first mission. I agreed, but I was watching both of them closely because he was a slick dark soul and she was angelic and this was her first chore in purgatory.

What amazed me was that somehow I mastered not to feel any emotion in this realm. I felt no fear, no hesitation and could easily be in this dark dense frequency without being affected by it. I loved it when I woke up, felt like a certain achievement on my part. Even during the day after I had this dream, I was still working there as I could feel it.

So much is going on, anything can happen from now on, these are truly exciting times.

With love and light



Universal Hogmanay

Dear George

Things are certainly ramping up now! France is showing the way in Europe it seems after Macron (former Rothschild banker) announced their plans for mandatory shots yesterday… I suspect it may be a catalyst for more countries to follow suit. Not that any of this matters to me now as I already know the outcome ultimately so I just sit as a passive observer mostly, I still have moments of anger, etc. but as was mentioned, I think this is perfectly reasonable considering the circumstances we are experiencing in this limbo clown world.

I wanted to write you a quick message of thanks for your recent and VERY timely articles which have allowed me to make sense of what has been a tumultuous last couple of weeks. I feel like I have been put through a full boil wash and left on an extra spin in the washing machine for an extended time just for good measure! However, coming through this I now have utter clarity. Reading your pieces and messages from Pallas Athene, Jonas and Rosemary today have given me a crystal understanding of what is currently happening and is about to go down.

I deliberately titled the subject matter for this correspondence as ‘Universal Hogmanay’ as it is exactly how it feels like to me right now. Here in Scotland, we call New Year’s Eve Hogmanay and is a celebration and remembrance of what has gone the past year and also to see in the New Year to come with all the hopes and dreams that might go with that calendar transition. So I think it is an appropriate metaphor for where we are right now. The next few days should be interesting to say the least.

I also wanted to specifically mention the night of 12th you referenced and confirm that I too was subjected to the most traumatic and torrid night I have suffered in many a year. I woke up at 3:33 am exactly completely soaked in sweat and tangled up in my duvet cover with such a start that I felt I wasn’t completely back in this physical body and none of my limbs would work properly to allow me to get up from bed, had this a lot in my life and I always know I have been away traveling somewhere, I don’t always get the message but sometimes I do. On this occasion, I got nothing and presumed I must have had a stinker of a nightmare but now I know what really did happen and it all makes perfect sense. Everything since probably Saturday last week has been swirling round in my mind and I hadn’t been able to really make complete sense of it all but thanks to your articles and messages and with a few days to consider, it is just today that I woke up with absolute clarity and indeed immediately felt a ‘shift’ to everything around me through the day. I can feel it in my bones, as they say! I also finally understand a lot of what I previously couldn’t quite grasp in terms of the relationships and interactions between the higher realms and this one which have always eluded me in the past and indeed it has also brought me clarity of past experiences in my life where I was at my lowest ebb, which is closing the circle in a lot of ways for me. Timing is everything!

On the message from The White Brotherhood and Hilarion mentioning the birds, I have had amazing experiences with the birds in my garden the last week or so. I have been sitting quietly just being and I have had several come right up to me and take some food from my hand, never happened before, also hanging about on the fence beside where I sit doing little dances and head tilts and shakes, sort of like they do for courting rituals but I instinctively knew they were trying to convey a different message which I knew could only be to do with what is coming. Just wee sparrows, nothing as exotic as your piping shrike but very moving regardless. All I could feel was a deep sense of contentment and happiness at them honouring me by coming over and talking to me like that. Also, our little pet hamster, Dandylion, has been extremely active (she usually slept for 16 – 18 hours a day before recently) and wanting close contact all the time she is awake, it’s like have a 2-year-old child in the house. I see it in her face also, she knows! She snuggles into the crook of my arm and just likes to sit there having a bath as hamsters do lol! Lovely stuff.

Finally, I wanted to ask if you were at the double bluff back in February with your article ‘Energy Forecast till The Lion’s Gate’ in order to mislead any prying evil eyes? I thought to myself at the time when I read it “We are probably going to be here right up until July knowing how this fucking charade has been playing out so far! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!”

You wrote:

However, it is unlikely that it will happen at the end of the cycle when the powerful Lion’s Gate portal begins to open with the Buck Full Moon because at that time there will be a stabilization of the energetic conditions at a very high plateau so that the social changes can occur smoothly in the second half of the year.” 

Did you always know?

Wishing you great success and best wishes for your impending Ascension, I can’t wait for the new dawn!

Best regards and love as always to all



Dear Bryan,

thank you very much for this comprehensive and valuable confirmation of the magnitude of the energetic events that are now happening and are shaping the destiny of mankind and the earth. I am happy to hear that you are gaining more and more clarity as this is the most important thing now and this is what will lead humanity out of its current predicament.

Take good care of yourself and watch as a dispassionate observer what will unfold in the coming days according to the old formula of ascension which I first introduced 10 years ago – resolution through escalation of confrontation. The dark macrons/morons in power are now doubling down and hammering the last nail on their coffins.

With love and light



Dear George

I have no words to express my JOY to read the latest message from Rosemary! My heart is full of JOY for you. Actually, since yesterday when I read your article of full stream ahead I was excited and had three interesting dreams last night.

One of them was that I Ascended after helping somebody else ascending. Another one was that you are lecturing in a classroom and I was invited by you to explain a slid you projected. It seems to show a cross-section of something like sweet corn (?). I said the pattern looks similar to that of Wheat about which I know quite a lot. I don’t need to go through many details, but they are sufficient to show the extraordinary. I thought I will write to you later, but can’t wait to congratulate you on your imminent Ascension after reading Rosemary’s message to you.

I am so proud of you! All sacrifices are paid off and Divine Plan Fulfilled! Heaven Rejoice.

Enjoy every blissful moment and see you soon in an Ascended state.

Sending you love



Thanks for your latest articles and particularly concerning the night of July 12th. I have been extremely busy with my nighttime work for the last month and so very fatigued in the morning and thru the whole day.

While this is nothing new, the intensity is so very overwhelming even for this veteran. I have had many graduation dreams in the past. Last night I was told I would be graduating in two weeks and it made me strangely sad even though the journey has been frightening and long.

We need badly to bring this chapter to a close. 



Dear Jerry,

I am happy to hear from you again and that you are somehow surviving these tense energies at the end. The previous night I was also told that I  have finished with this life and I also became sad as you did, which surprised me, but this is the sweet-bitter farewell feeling.

We have survived that far and now nothing bad can happen to us anymore – the dice have been cast and the when is irrelevant.

Take good care of yourself – we will soon enjoy our ascended reality and all pain will be forgotten within the blink of an eye.

With love and light



Lieber Georgi,

die Dinge entwickeln sich rasant.

Gestern hatte ich eine unangenehme Konfrontation, die ich CTB nennen würde (cut through the bullshit Methode).

Ich kenne diese Auslöser in meinem Leben, die meinerseits mit einer Harmlosigkeit beginnen (dieses Mal mit einer Frage) und anschließend eine Person bzw. eine Gruppe entblößen.

Ich beendete eine lange sogenannte Freundschaft.

Nachdem ich deine heutige Veröffentlichung las, bekam ich wieder einen Putzanfall. Ich kann dann besonders gut denken und erkannte, dass die Frau, mit der ich gestern diesen Eklat hatte, ziemlich genau die Mentalität der Deutschen mit ihrem Hochmut, ihrer Selbstgerechtigkeit und Scheinheiligkeit widerspiegelt. Sie sank vor meinen Augen auf eine sehr niedrige Zeitlinie, genau wie damals die Atlanter im Mai 2020, und nahm alle aus dieser sogenannten Freundschafts-Clique mit.

Wenn ich mich darauf einstelle, kann ich ebenso eine Seelenlosigkeit in der Bevölkerung spüren, wie du in Italien.

Mir geht es gut mit dieser längst überfälligen Entscheidung… Es waren Freunde meines Ehemanns…

Schauen wir, was noch so kommt.

Alles Liebe



Dear Georgi,

things are moving fast.

Yesterday I had an unpleasant confrontation, which I would call CTB (cut through the bullshit method).

I know these triggers in my life, which start with harmlessness on my part (this time with a question) and then expose a person or a group. I ended a long so-called friendship.

After reading your posting today, I went into another cleaning fit. I can then think particularly well and realised that the woman with whom I had this éclat yesterday pretty much reflects the mentality of the Germans with their arrogance, self-righteousness and hypocrisy. She sank to a very low timeline before my eyes, just like the Atlanteans did back in May 2020, and took everyone from this so-called friendship clique with her.

When I tune into it, I can sense a soullessness in the population just as you can in Italy.

I am fine with this long-overdue decision… these were my husband’s friends…

Let’s see what else is to come.

All love


Liebe Helga,

gestern brach die alte Matrix zusammen und ich hatte eine Flut von unangenehmen Erfahrungen. Es gab ein junger Mann aus Frankreich, der einzige, den ich kenne, der für spirituelle Sachen interessiert war. Ich betreute ihn für mehrere Jahre und antwortete viele seiner Fragen. Er war von seiner herzlosen dummen Familie auf Psychopharmaka für seine Ansichten gestellt und mehrmals in die geschlossene Anstalt verwiesen, so dass er meine Unterstützung brauchte. Vor einer Woche schrieb er mir aus der Anstalt einen sehr deprimierenden Brief, sehr verworren und ich habe ihm geraten, nach Hause zu gehen und keine Medikamente mehr zu nehmen. Dann schrieb er mir erneut, dass er zu Hause sei und dass er versagt hatte und der Aufstieg nie und nimmer statt finden werde. Ich wusste nicht, was ich ihm antworten würde, wusste aber auch, dass er suizidgefährdet war.

Gestern bekam ich eine Email von seiner Schwägerin, die mir mitteilte, dass er tot ist und mir ein Photo von seinem Sarg schickte. Sie beschuldigte mich für seinen Tod und wünschte mir dafür ins Gefängnis zu gehen. Das ist mir bereits einige Male in der Vergangenheit passiert und ich ließ es nicht auf mir sitzen. Ich antwortete auf Französisch, dass Gaspard von seiner herzlosen Familie umgebracht wurde, die ihn in geschlossene psychiatrische Abteilungen immer wieder verwiesen hat und ihn voll mit Psychopharmaka gepumpt haben. Und das ich den Beweis erbringen kann, denn ich besitze alle seine Emails aus den letzten 6-7 Jahren, in denen er mir seine Probleme geschildert hatte. Ich habe ihm nur aus der Entfernung geholfen. So dass sie eigentlich im Gefängnis sitzen müssen.

Es kamen auch weitere chaotische Begebenheiten auf einmal und ich wusste, dass meine Seele Nathalie mir mitteilt, dass die Matrix jetzt rasch zusammen bricht. Heute Nacht war Gaspard die ganze Zeit in meinen Feldern, aber er ist erleichtert, diese Hölle verlassen zu haben, zeitgleich mit dem Jüngsten Gericht.

Heute Morgen habe ich diese wunderbare Botschaft von Rosemary aus Australien bekommen und war begeistert, denn ich wusste, dass was wichtiges kommt. Lies sie.

Wie gesagt, es ist soweit und du hast aus erster Hand die Spaltung der zweit Welten gestern erlebt und mehr Beweise brauchst du auch nicht, dass das Ende bereits angekommen ist.

Versuche dich zu zentrieren und dich nicht zu beirren, von dem, was um dich herum geschieht, denn das kann uns nichts anhaben, wenn wir es nicht zulassen. Am Ende dieses Monats sind wir kluger.

Alles Liebe



Dear Helga,

yesterday the old matrix collapsed and I had a flurry of unpleasant experiences. There was a young man from France, the only one I know, who was interested in spiritual topics. I mentored him for several years and answered many of his questions. He had been put on psychotropic drugs for his views by his heartless stupid family and had been sent to the asylum several times, so he needed my support. A week ago he wrote to me a very depressing letter from the asylum, very confused and I advised him to go home and stop taking medication. Then he wrote to me again that he was at home and that he had failed and that the ascension would never, ever happen. I didn’t know what I would reply to him, but I also knew that he was suicidal.

Yesterday I got an email from his sister-in-law telling me he was dead (he must have committed suicide on July 12) and sending me a photo of his coffin. She blamed me for his death and wished me to go to jail for it. This has happened to me a few times in the past and I did not want to let this accusation unanswered. I replied in French that Gaspard was killed by his heartless family, who kept sending him to closed psychiatric wards and pumping him full of psychotropic drugs. And that I can provide the proof because I have all his emails from the last 6-7 years in which he had described his problems with his family to me. I only helped him from the distance. Therefore, they should actually be in jail.

More chaotic events came at once and I knew that my soul Nathalie was telling me that the matrix was now rapidly collapsing. Tonight Gaspard was in my fields all the time, but he is relieved to have left this hell, coinciding with the Last Judgement.

This morning I received this wonderful message from Rosemary in Australia and I was thrilled because I knew something important was coming. Read it.

As I said, the time has come and you have experienced firsthand the splitting of the two worlds yesterday and you don’t need any more proof that the end has already arrived.

Try to centre yourself and not be distracted by what is happening around you, because it can’t harm us if we don’t let it. By the end of this month, we will be wiser.

All love



Hallo Lieber Georg,

Ich möchte mich bei dir bedanken für deine unglaubliche Arbeit die du für die Erde und die Menschheit leistest. Vielen Dank.

Die letzten Botschaften von Pallas Athene und dem Karmischen Rat sind so hochschwingend und klar in ihren Aussagen. Wunderschön. Deine letzten Artikel sind ebenfalls wieder so deutlich spürbar hoch in ihrer Schwingung. Ich fand es sehr interessant von dir zu lesen, dass viele nach dem Lesen deines Artikels “Weitere Informationen des Karmischen Rates….” total müde waren und sofort schlafen mussten, um die Aufstiegscodes zu verarbeiten. Als ich diesen Artikel zum ersten mal gelesen habe, bin ich während dem lesen mitten im Artikel ohne Vorwarnung komplett in Tiefschlaf gefallen und war für ca 3 Stunden so tief im Schlaf, dass ich, nach dem Aufwachen erstmal gar nicht wusste wo ich bin. Als ich die Information von dir gelesen habe, hatte ich eine Erklärung dafür.

Ich bin seit dem lesen der letzten Botschaften in sehr optimistischer und euphorischer Stimmung, egal was im Umfeld um mich herum passiert und dort sind die Emotionen sehr extrem, zwischen aggressiv und depressiv ist alles dabei. Außerdem fühle ich mich seit 2 Tagen, also nach dem 12. Juli (Tag des jüngsten Gerichtes), sehr viel klarer und gestärkter.

Zum Schluss noch eine sehr interessante Begebenheit: Gestern war ich mit meinem Auto auf der Autobahn unterwegs und konnte mit meinen physischen Augen die Umrisse einer Lichtsäule sehen. Ich konnte es erst gar nicht glauben, aber sie war wirklich sichtbar, von den Wolken bis zum Boden. Wunderschön.

Ich freue mich schon auf die weiteren Wunder in den nächsten Tagen und Wochen.

Viele Grüße an dich und ich freue mich sehr für dich, dass es bald zu deinem Aufstieg kommt

Liebe Grüße



Hello Dear Georg,

I would like to thank you for the incredible work you are doing for the earth and humanity. Thank you so much.

The last messages from Pallas Athena and the Karmic Council are so high vibrating and clear in their statements. Beautiful. Your last articles are also again so clearly noticeably high in their vibration. I found it very interesting to read from you that after reading your article “Further Information from the Karmic Council….” many were totally tired and had to sleep immediately. many were totally tired and had to sleep immediately in order to process the ascension codes. When I read this article for the first time, I fell into a deep sleep in the middle of the article without warning and was so deeply asleep for about 3 hours that I didn’t know where I was when I woke up. When I read the information from you, I had an explanation.

Since reading the last messages, I have been in a very optimistic and euphoric mood, no matter what is happening around me, and the emotions are very extreme, ranging from aggressive to depressive. Moreover, for 2 days, i.e. after the 12th of July (Day of Judgement), I feel much clearer and stronger.

Finally, a very interesting incident: Yesterday I was driving my car on the motorway and could see the outline of a column of light with my physical eyes. I couldn’t believe it at first, but it was really visible, from the clouds to the ground. Beautiful.

I am looking forward to the other miracles in the coming days and weeks.

Many greetings to you and I am very happy for you that it will soon come to your ascension.

Love greetings



Ho appena letto il tuo ultimo articolo, scusa la mia ignoranza ma tu ascenderai anche col corpo? Potremo in futuro essere ancora in contatto? Ti auguro ogni bene e che tu possa aiutare tutta l’umanità, io posso fare ben poco, le persone sembra che vivano in un altro mondo, che subiscano la vita anzichè viverla.

Amorevoli saluti,

Franco, Diano Marina, Liguria, Italy


I just read your last article, excuse my ignorance but will you also ascend with the body? Can we still be in contact in the future? I wish you all the best and that you can help all of humanity, I can do very little, people seem to live in another world, to suffer life instead of living it.

Loving greetings,

Franco, Diano Marina, Liguria, Italy


Caro Franco,

Trasformerò il mio corpo a base di carbonio nel corpo di luce cristallina che ho già fatto nell’agosto 2013 e poi apparirò in questo corpo all’umanità che sarà simile al corpo umano ma capace di fare tutti i miracoli e naturalmente sarà molto più giovane. Dovrei leggere questo libro per avere un’idea migliore di ciò che sta arrivando.

Con amore e luce

La Nuova Gnosi: Il Salto Evolutivo dell ‘umanita’


Dear Franco,

I will transform my carbon-based body into a crystalline light body which is what I have already done in August 2013 and then I will appear in this body to humanity which will be similar to the human body but capable of all miracles and of course will be much younger. You should read this book to get a better idea of what is coming.

New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind

With love and light


I follow Magenta Pixie who channels the Arcturians. Is there anyone I can trust to advise me?  FYI  I’ve been getting information all by myself for 25 years, but I live in GivensGerberPark and am in trouble.  I’m constantly fighting the very negative people who live here.  Last night we had a power outage and I think it was me.

Thank you for all you do, in love and light,

Elisabeth, USA


Dear Elisabeth,

Magenta Pixie suffers from a systemic madness and is fully hijacked by dark sources. I actually do not know what is going on with her and if she is a human being. It is disheartening to see how many people follow her and are mired by her insanity. I am now talking as an MD and have studied her channelings for the last 10-15 years and at the beginning she was OK. I even wrote to her a few years ago to warn her and then she stopped channeling for more than half a year but started again and her sanity went by the wayside.

This negative judgment on my part is valid for almost all channelers on the Internet except for the ones I  publish on my website and with whom I am in close contact. But essentially I only follow my inner voice and channeling which I evaluate according to the axiomatic method of the UL and thus never make a false statement. Otherwise, I would not have exposed the entire human science as fake and substituted it with the new science of the UL that is impeccable and nobody can reject it.

With love and light



Oh well sh*t! just when I thought I found someone I could trust, I believe you and about no one else. She’s advocating using black flame and black crystals to protect yourself from the people who have had the vaccine. I suppose that’s all wrong too. I just petitioned the Karmic counsel to give me guidance and a mentor.  I am so lonely and don’t know where to turn. Sometimes I think I am almost there and this just shoots it all to hell for me.

Regards, Elisabeth


Dear Elisabeth,

I am sorry for your disappointment but this is the only way to reach the truth – through disappointment. This is just the beginning. Soon we shall experience worldwide pandemics of disappointment as part of the true revelations. This is what the revelations will be all about. A massive shock about how stupid this human race has always been and there will be no shortcut or false compassion.

With love and light



Dear George,

I have been seeing an MPR most of my adult life,  I’m sitting on the Brevard fault line, could I have moved to the worst place?  But it was my duty and I was sent here.  Believe the Baptists and hillbillies are not worth saving and a lot of them are living in my building.  I did have a vision where I saw a big lightship hovering over my building and I felt this building was like a military death camp or something.

I’m not this body and want my real one back.  I had someone (a man) say ready to leave all this splendor, it’s time.  I thought it was Yeshua.

I’m having a real hard time relaxing, I was meditating but not well.  I have something like ADHD.  Please let this be over with.

Love and light,



Dear Elisabeth,

it is interesting that you mention the Brevard Fault line. I am thinking these days a lot about the upcoming terra-forming events. I remember in 2012 when we prepared for the stargate 12.12.12 and expected the ascension, which happened for Gaia and some of the light warriors of the first and last hour, such as the PAT, but not the way the people expected it, we were talking a lot about the USA breaking apart with a huge rift in the middle along the Brevard fault line that will disrupt the entire life of this nation. Now you are mentioning it again.

I am not fixated normally on catastrophes as they are not part of my reality but as I am thinking recently often on this topic, there must be a reason. All I know is that the USA has no chance and will have to start from scratch after the shift, therefore it is logical to assume that this country will experience some huge natural catastrophes.

This is just a side note and I have no idea how the shift will unfold concretely and how some people will be involved in it while others will be spared this experience.

With love and light


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