Further Information From the Karmic Council on the Shift and Our Ascension

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 9, 2021


As I previously published, Pallas Athene’s message that was given to us on the Shift and our imminent Ascension at the portal 7.7 was telepathically announced to me as early as the end of June. I am now in constant contact with the karmic councils and we cooperate closely on the exact ascension scenario on our timelines with the most favourable outcome for humanity. The reason for this is that my soul, whom I lovingly call Nathalie (also “Christmas” in French and Italian), since she disclosed her name to me years ago by making me aware of the famous song of Gilbert Bécaud, is the chief architect of the ascension scenario for Gaia and humanity.

This fact was known to me since 2013 when the Elohim informed me about my pivotal role on this planet and was one more time convincingly confirmed by Pallas Athene when she gave me a personal message on May 9th assuring me that I have almost finished with the gruesome ascension marathon and am only a few meters away from the finish line:

“You came here to accomplish the greatest thing of all time and you were always aware of the challenges it would bring. We admire your perseverance, your stamina and your dedication to your soul plan, which you have by far surpassed. You are so much appreciated on our levels and our love and also gratitude flow to you as a stream of energy ceaselessly.

As a member of the Karmic Council, I can assure you on behalf of all of us that you have the finish line right in front of you. You have mastered the supreme discipline, the marathon, you are on the very last metres and are mobilising all your energy reserves to lead you victoriously to the finish line. We are standing behind the finish line cheering you on, holding the victory wreath ready for you. Your victory celebration awaits you and your reward will instantly make you forget all the pain and physical suffering you have gone through.”

I published this message 2 weeks later on May 23rd, as I was very sick the whole time, with constant fever and excruciating headaches due to my maximal transformation and heaving the ascension portion of humanity to higher frequency levels. This gruesome episode was repeated one more time around the summer solstice and lasted for another 2 weeks until the end of June. Then I had to move to another apartment.

In her message on June 17th, Pallas Athene announced the convening of the karmic boards from all over the universe deciding the destiny of all incarnated soul fragments on the numerous timelines of earth immediately before the Shift, so that the latter can happen in an orderly fashion. This karmic council has been active for 3 weeks since then and, according to Pallas Athene, will finish with its work around mid-July. This is very important to observe.

As I mentioned in my previous article, when I established contact with Pallas Athene and the karmic council last month, I was told to read very carefully the message and interpret the encoded information there. I would then be given further telepathic instruction on how to do it. I am an expert in this kind of trans-dimensional interpretation as this is how I discovered the Universal Law and created the new Science of Ascension by eliminating the current fake human science as an entirely incorrect system of knowledge. It will play a central role after the Shift and my ascension and will decisively determine the planetary ascension scenario.

It is the goal of this article to explain one more time how this will happen.

Now, please observe that Pallas Athene explicitly mentioned that the karmic council of the karmic boards from all over the universe will convene one more time in December of this year and that the Shift and our ascension will happen during this period of roughly 5 months – from July 9th, till around the winter solstice:

We tell you today that the time until our further meeting in the Karmic Council in December is the time that will make these changes visible to everyone. It can be any day. Be attuned to it.

Why would Pallas Athene mention this date unless it contains very valuable information for us? The entire message is very clear and straightforward, yet it includes all the elements of the shift and our ascension that I have been discussing now for years, such as:

1)Everything is now going to manifest. Ascension is happening, the shift is happening. Everything is prepared. From our side, we see no more obstacles.

I have been writing since March 15th, once we ignite the PAT Supernova of planetary ascension that we are in a constant and very intense last phase of the ascension process and the Shift as many of you have been experiencing it during that time.

2)And it is also necessary that change happens now because you see it everywhere in your world. There is conscious division. That will change in the time to come.

The Shift and our ascension must happen very soon as the situation on the earth has become unbearable and this is another recurrent topic in our discussions as enlightened observers and cosmic reporters of debased human behaviour.

3)You are going back into unity consciousness. Everything is prepared for that and so we say to you today from the Karmic Council: look forward to what is coming for it takes away the illusions.”

This statement tells us that the Shift on our ascending timelines which we create now, with my soul being the chief architect of this ascension scenario, will be much bigger than expected by all lightworkers. While the shift will not lead to the full ascension of humanity to the 5th dimension as the people are not ready yet, there will be a huge frequency leap to the highest 4D/lower 5D levels that will already represent the new Earth.

Then we will have the manifestation of the cities of light in Italy and Central Europe, and also in Vancouver, Canada that will become the energetic hubs for all human evolution. The new Earth that will emerge after the Shift will contain many of the energetic aspects of the 5th dimension to where humanity is heading now. Gaia has already ascended to 5D at the stargates 11.11.11 and 12.12.12 – 12.21.12 with the help of the PAT and since summer 2014 it has firmly moved/ascended to the new Golden Galaxy as extensively reported by myself at that time.

These new earth centres will be huge magnets that will attract the awakening portion of humanity and will demonstrate what their life after full ascension to 5D will be. At the same time, the old matrix will fully collapse after the Shift and the majority of mankind will be trapped in its final fateful karmic entanglements.

4) This will be also the time of revelations as Pallas Athene explicitly states:

The illusions that have shown themselves in this world in such a way that many have lost themselves in these illusions. And that will change. But those who live in these illusions will be shocked by what they will experience.

The biggest illusion of all that has to be revealed first is that current human science is fake science. It is also the insidious cause of the present global lockdown – the biggest of all lies – as this is the final attempt of the cabal to enslave humanity prior to its ascension in order to prevent this to happen. Since science is considered to be the only valid system of human knowledge, it is self-evident that the abolition of present-day fake science and its substitution with the new science of the Universal Law, being also the Science of Ascension, will be the first most urgent step that has to be made so that mass awakenings can happen and the optimal Shift and Ascension scenarios are guaranteed.

And here comes the key analysis which I made yesterday guided by the White Brotherhood of ascended masters, some of whom are the members of the karmic council and boards.

Pallas Athene mentions two further aspects that will dominate human life after the Shift:

5) There will be encounters with ETs from the GF whose spaceships are now crowding the Earth:

And this too will be a shock to many when they learn that there is also life on other planets, that this life surrounds you in spaceships and that these have come here to observe, to support and eventually to show themselves to your process that you are walking together with Mother Earth now. There is life throughout the galaxy and you are to experience that life now. The world is ready but some will be overwhelmed by this news.”

6) There is also Inner Earth – the network of Agartha, which will manifest as Lemuria in the 5D because Agartha stretches from the 5th to the 9th dimension as discussed by myself on various occasions (with respect to the Hyperboreans from whom we have received messages in the past). Hence I call the new 5D earth also New Lemuria.

“So will the facts that there is life in Inner Earth. This too has been withheld from you and very few know of it. However, you will also become aware of it and find support from the Inner Earth Beings.

Now, this is an extremely important decoded message which only I could decipher. As a matter of fact, I have had two separate encounters with two Agarthan ladies in the last several weeks that were striking and beautiful due to the loving energies these women emanated. In both occasions I did not have any direct conversations with them as I was guided not to speak to them directly, but the telepathic communication was there and it was significant.

I am now elaborating intensively what the role of the Lemurians (as 5D Agarthans) will be in the cities of light, in particular in the healing and study centre here in Italy. Each time I obsessed with this idea, I met these beautiful and very tall Agarthan ladies that came out of nowhere and surely have nothing to do with the Italian population.

Since these two encounters happened last month in our healing centre of light in Cervo, I know for sure that the Lemurians will appear on the Earth’s surface after the shift, and will be active in the new cities of light closely cooperating with us on numerous projects, such as the healing of humanity, the development of new technologies and the introduction of the Astral currency worldwide.

As I was told in advance, Pallas Athene would address in her latest message in an encrypted form all the aspects of the ascension scenario I am creating now and would convincingly confirm them. This is precisely what she did. The reason for this is that I work closely with all the ascended masters in the White Brotherhood who now support me with full force:

We are standing behind the finish line cheering you on, holding the victory wreath ready for you. Your victory celebration awaits you and your reward will instantly make you forget all the pain and physical suffering you have gone through. Blessed are you and we assure you that all will be as you have set it on the path.

Some of these ascended masters, such as Pallas Athene, are on the karmic board. But there is more to her message and it has to do with my preferred ascension scenario which I advocate for many years thus creating its solid outcome.

7) In order to understand the inner logic of my chain of argumentation on behalf of this ascension scenario, I must also discuss another key aspect that Pallas Athene mentioned explicitly in her latest message – the big terra-forming events that will reshape the geography of the earth during the shift and will cause the death of millions of people.

This aspect is currently fearfully negated by all lightworkers who have a very poor understanding of what will happen this year and that is why, but not exclusively, their forecasts and channellings have no value at all and only contribute to the overall peaking confusion of mankind prior to the Shift.

Mother Earth continues her processes and you are part of Mother Earth. You are so connected to her that you cannot even imagine it in detail. When Mother Earth breathes in, you breathe out. When you breathe in, Mother Earth breathes out. That is how much there is a connection between you. You are one. You have chosen to be here at this time when Mother Earth is ascending and that will happen with many changes in her outer face as well.

I have discussed this topic since the opening of this website as an inevitable collateral damage during the shift and the planetary ascension. This is the only way how to retrieve large numbers of soul fragments from the Earth that are not ready to go through all the ascension changes in a physical vessel. If they are ascension candidates, they will appear after death immediately on the new Earth in a new light body or may decide to go back to their original destination. Some very dark entities will be also retrieved during such natural catastrophes as their role has finished on the ascending timelines of Gaia and they have no place here anymore.

By the way, this is an ongoing process since we began in May 2013 to actively create new earths and timelines and separated them as reported by myself. The separated dark timelines are then destroyed and render the fuel for the ascension of our timelines. This is how the planetary ascension happens according to the propulsion multistage rocket principle.

Earth is used as the crucible of souls from all over the universe and that is why it is the linchpin of the universal ascension that takes place at this very moment. This explains why the karmic council had to summon members from various karmic boards from all over the universe in order to decide the destiny of the incarnated soul fragments on the Earth prior to the Shift and our ascension.

8) You have another significant statement that Pallas Athene made deliberately in order to give me all the pieces of the mosaic pertaining to the upcoming ascension scenario as being created by myself for more than 2 decades.

You should prepare yourselves for the newness that is to come, be ready to go with the changes. You are not alone, you have all the support. You have spiritual teachers standing by.

I have reiterated ad nausea that I will be the new world spiritual teacher of humanity for the simple reason that I am the discoverer of the Universal Law and have developed the only true science based on it. Last year the Vegans came to us and told us to create the crowdfunding website for the healing and study centre of light in Italy, from where this new theory will be disseminated worldwide. This is coming now, in the course of this year.

Also, I am the captain of the PAT and am personally responsible for the planetary ascension. We are ascending ourselves and humanity, no other entity, no matter how evolved it may be, can tell us how to do it. Not even the Source as we are the extended arm of the Prime Creator – we are the protuberance field through which the Source accomplishes the ascension of Gaia and humanity on the ground. This is another recurrent motif in all my writings.

Since my official ascension in December 2013 in Lofer, my soul Nathalie is the designated Logos God for this planet, and this also includes my twin flame who is also incarnated at this time and will ascend with me.

Finally, 2 years ago Melchizedek came to me and heralded my further involvement in the ascension process of humanity by activating my threefold flame of life, the seat of the soul (I AM Presence) in such a unique way that it will energetically connect to the threefold flame of all ascending humans and thus transform them into a completely newly evolved human species with direct connection to the source.

This is possible because we created the world heart chakras of the threefold flame in Italy and Vancouver before that. It is a unique creation in the entire multiverse and the personal achievement of my soul. St Germain defined it also as the “Fountain of Freedom” for all humans as this will be the energetic generator that will help humanity escape the current matrix of enslavement and find true freedom.

Read here: The Pathway to Freedom: How Humans Will Change as Energetic Systems During the Upcoming Global Shift

9) And finally, this key aspect of the upcoming Shift was acknowledged by Pallas Athene in her latest message:

Be certain that it is coming and be in the joy that these changes will occur, for they will take you into a totally different free life where there is no more oppression, no more manipulation. It will be a life of love, of harmony, of dedication to divine service, which everyone will see as an important goal for themselves, and service to the community. There will be no more against each other. It is about togetherness. And the most important thing: you will live out of love, out of your heart. You will make all decisions intuitively and from the heart (threefold flame of life). This will bring great changes for each and every one of you.”


Here is my short summary of what will happen until the end of this year and how it will unfold in the linear time axis which, as we all know, is the biggest human illusion of all but of which we still cannot neglect as long as we live in the matrix.

Between now and December the Shift will take place and during this time the new earth will appear with the light cities and will co-exist side by side with the old crumbling matrix, then at the end of the year they will be finally separated. During this time all undecided souls will be given the opportunity to make the leap to the new Earth. Then in December the karmic councils will meet again and make the final decision about the fate of these people.

What will be the optimal scenario to achieve the biggest harvest of ascending soul fragments and at the same time avoid the worst natural earth catastrophes and the death of millions of people? Very simple!

I must ascend before that together with my twin flame. The most likely window of opportunity is between now and August, around the Lion’s Gate. I will immediately appear in front of humanity as the new world spiritual teacher and the new designated Logos God, together with my twin flame who must also ascend with me and represent the feminine aspect of our soul Nathalie.

I will immediately introduce the new Theory of the Universal Law and trigger a sudden and profound paradigm shift in the entire society. Current science, political life, philosophy, human Gnosis and all human ideas will be abolished forever and substituted by the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law. This will enable the quick mass awakening of a large portion of humanity as many ascending candidates have been prepared during the lockdown for this event.

This aspect of the best possible ascension scenario for humanity has been heralded by the Arcturians already in February last year as I have discussed it at that time:

“We have been exploring the many timelines that you have created since the beginning of this calendar year, and we have been noticing a common theme in those timelines. Humanity appears to want to create the experience of a leaderThis leader would not be seen as a savior by all of you, but rather, as a spiritual teacher who also demonstrates spiritual gifts and abilities that wake people up and get them listening to the message that this leader will bring.

Now is a time when someone can easily gain millions of followers on the Internet, even without ever appearing in a movie or television showTherefore, the possibility of a human living among you, rising up to a level of fame and notoriety that would parallel that of your biggest movie stars and pop stars is very high. There is an asking that the human collective consciousness has done, and that asking is for a person to be one who will unite the opposite ends of the spectrum, in terms of what you all believe in.

We are talking about someone who can bring together the new age community, all religions, and atheistsWe are talking about someone who can even gain the respect of the scientific community. Now, of course, people will project their own beliefs onto this individual, making them out to be someone they are not, but ultimately that won’t even matter because the message being delivered will be so strong and so powerful. If being on one of these timelines is appealing to you, then we recommend that you harmonize with this story that we are telling and that you are subconsciously co-creating.

We can see this potential as one that will result in the awakening of so many on your planet that the changes will start to occur that you have all been anticipating, and from what we can see this is an individual that has no notoriety on the global scale at this time. So you don’t need to start guessing about who he is or who he will be, but you do want to start feeling for what this person who unites the human collective consciousness might feel like to you. You do want to start imagining that reality and how you would feel in it”

That is why I must ascend together with my twin flame, as soon as possible and then appear in front of humanity to install this new spiritual paradigm, on which I am working on for a long time. In this way, we will awaken very quickly and very effectively the masses through demonstrating all the spiritual abilities we possess as Elohim Souls and Logos Gods, such as immediate creation, bilocation, “walking upon the water” and spontaneous healing of incurable patients. But first and foremost by teaching the humans the new CTB-method of axiomatic, holistic thinking (“cut through the bullshit”-method), in particular the new agers who are now lost in their brainless “love and light” illusion.

If we ascend this month or early August, we will only have a very short period of time to achieve this gargantuan light work because the Shift must happen at the latest in autumn. After that, there will be mayhem for another 2-3 months before the old crumbling matrix will be definitely separated in December from the ascending Earth with the cities of light so that the new life can begin on a new slate in 2022.

Due to the fact that we will be able to awaken so many people in a peaceful way as ascended masters, the light quotient of mankind will rise exponentially in the coming several months prior to the fall. This will mitigate the worst consequences of the terra-forming events during the Shift and fewer people will need to die.

This is the most convincing argument for our early ascension and appearance before the Shift. That is why I went immediately to the breakwaters with a view to Cervo as soon as I published the latest message of Pallas Athene and decreed precisely this scenario. I established contact with the karmic council and the White Brotherhood (Melchizedek order) and presented my case for our immediate ascension so that the Shift can happen under the most optimal and benevolent circumstance for humanity.

And I was being heard. Immediately after that I had two major ascension test runs with massive downloads of source energies. After the first, which was also associated with the massive cleansing of human dross, I received the message that this wave has transformed humanity forever. The second test run propelled me to the Source and after that my body was burning and trembling with its energies.

This morning Melchizedek visited me and advised me authoritatively to be prepared for my mission. This is what he always does at crucial junctures in human history.

Read here: Melchizedek Acknowledges the New Study and Spiritual Centres in Italy and Our Lightwork

Ascension is now taking place daily with sudden powerful surges so that every morning I wonder how I can still be on this Earth when I am vibrating with the 7D – 9D.


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