Mein Jihad

Brad Barber, January 19, 2016

January 17, 2016

Dear George,

You are absolutely correct that it is time to pull all energy left that is supporting the real estate market.  This is the area where the matrix reprogramming since 2011 has ensnared the most people I know.  It’s the hornet’s nest of safe. I know you’ll provide your wonderful vision of moving forward from here so I’m going to step on the beehive.  We emptied the barrel on the monetary markets with “Bottom of the Barrel” and now it’s time to clear the chamber.  People will know they’ve crossed the dimensional bridge when this article makes them feel good.  I’ve gone through the walk-in process and I know what a transliminal soul likes to read.

I did want to add an important note to the Safety Dance article and a simple understanding on charting in financial markets.  Not everyone wants to even discuss the markets, but everyone I know is interested in the concept of creating your reality.  Every money manager in the world right now is looking at every chart to look for signs of strength as the markets are in turmoil.  Whatever maintains relative strength will see massive money flows immediately.  These money managers are investing funds from every area possible be it city and state pensions, teachers, 401 k funds, IRA, passive ETF’s, social security, etc.  If the 20 strongest charts in the world are Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Boeing, Lion’s Gate, Monsanto, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Raytheon, Northrup Grumman, Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Berkshire Hathaway, Sturm Ruger, JP Morgan, Citibank, etc. then that is the reality that gets created.  Thank you to everyone for taking a few moments to understand this as we now put an end to it.

And now it’s time to post the epitaph for the Jones family as we shall keep up with them no more.  I hear the first printing of Mein Kampf in 70 years sold out immediately.  I balance out the world in my unique way so……

Mein Jihad

(Dedicated to anyone who’s wearing the dynamite jihadi jacket of belief in this reality)

It is different this time.

Everyone is affected by real estate in some manner whether you own all of it all the way over to owning none and getting kicked off of it.  It is absolutely surreal to be in the United States and to see the housing market return to the exact same spot it was at the top of the last crash and to see how many people have engaged this echo bubble.  At least here people should have been given the hint what’s taking place.  Canada’s bubble has yet to blow and other areas like Australia didn’t get put through the same wringer.  I’m not very familiar the rest of the world’s real estate operation but I do know all of our shit ideas are what the NWO has been exporting so I’m sure this garbage is affecting everyone nearly everywhere.

This ties in so well with the Safety Dance taking place.  In 2008-2011, after the financial shakedown, everyone was talking about how they would never buy a house again.  Now, the majority are back in the game.  The fraud bought up and foreclosed on every home available when everyone was angry.  Several select firms like Blackstone were handed the real estate world.  After as much supply was locked down as possible, the Fed then went ahead and began the reinflation process with the QE2 and QE3 efforts directly targeting the assets they already owned and wanted to markup.  The banks then stopped foreclosures and kept much of their supply off market to give the image of lack of supply.  Then the owned media goons trumpet their recovery and spread the news that real estate is hot again.  Next thing you know everyone around you thinks it’s a good idea again.

You can apply this same concept to every real asset over and over and over and over and over.  Take possession of something people will want or need.  Find a way to constrict supply.  Buy it when you create the disaster.  Sell it off to the lemmings when they all agree it’s a good idea.  I don’t think we need to visit the obvious diamond scam, but with oil they used the world’s tankers to offshore supply.  What Clinton allowed the world of finance to do with resources…  People are just barely beginning to figure this out.  As Nigel Tufnel once famously didn’t quite say about Bill Clinton, “The question is….how much more dark could he be.  The answer is….none.  None more dark.”

Anyone that learns to communicate with their HS and source begins to notice the obvious repetitions that take place trying to get your attention.  I have heard a comment multiple times from several people I know sending me the clear message that real estate is going to get obliterated.  “I hear what you are saying, but real estate always comes back no matter the cycle.”

The matrix reprogramming since 2011 is even more dangerous to the general population than ever because it has enabled beings to double-down on young soul belief systems that have kept people safe in operating amongst the matrix.  You can see it in everyone around you if one is even slightly conscious.

As always, Dr. Stankov has so timely provided the information that is needed to be known to resolve the energetic deficiencies that exist to accomplish the upliftment that is taking place:

“The transliminal souls are now pedaling to the metal as they want to leave this reality as quickly as we do. For the first time in the history of this planet a large number of incarnated souls want to ascend and have not opted to go down the archon spiral of total enslavement. We have entered the most exciting time in the history of mankind – the time I have envisioned and predicted almost two decades ago and now finally this vision is becoming reality.”

The key piece of information that is taking place which is what transliminal souls want to hear is in the oil market and being spoken everywhere this weekend.  It’s exactly what a being thriving in the moment of Now wants to hear, but exactly what every other being can’t barely handle.  It’s the harbinger of change.  I have heard it multiple times.  It is the understanding that everyone is realizing that for the first time in known history, a collapsing oil price is not helping to generate economic gains.  In fact, it’s causing the collapse.

Just when I discovered the meaning of life, they changed it.” – George Carlin

Here’s the Fed changing the rules again.  The instant manifestation is incredible to watch.

Saudi Arabia’s markets are crashing right now after the fraud lets Iran unleash massive more supply into the world and a couple of people are finally crossing the bridge that the destruction may actually be intentional.

Oil was the safe asset of safe assets and the global shift in consciousness is allowing this market to be taken to the woodshed.  I had a good friend who went into the energy markets in 2011.  I talked to him a ton about gold and other concepts and he said to me, “I just can’t go there, no matter what.”  I wonder how wide open his eyes are now as the whole industry is toast.  He was a soldier for a belief system.

Most everyone in the Western system probably likes to believe that they are much smarter than some desperate Muslim who straps a bomb to their chest.  What everyone I know in the real estate market (and pretty much any other matrix belief system) doesn’t want to see is that they are a jihadi for debt pushing banks and archon enslavement.  They celebrate when they get access to more debt and celebrate when prices spiral higher.  People used to throw “debt relief” parties when they paid off their house.  Now they get excited when they get a new loan which is based on funds created out of thin air.

I discussed a lot about my experiences with real estate in this article and I discussed the very important topic of “sense of Home” which is one thing that transcends all:

An energetically advanced being here knows that Home just isn’t what we see here.  For most, it’s where they live as they don’t have the connection to Source.  The dark at work has commoditized the housing market and has made a joke of humanity’s sense of home.  It is laughing at and mocking us and it’s embarrassing at this point.  The real estate jihadis assist in the humiliation.

There’s only two ways to access the value of real estate and this makes it nice and simple to see.  One either has to take a loan out and pay interest or one has to sell the property to get paid.  Please, for the love of all that is no longer holy, let the world understand that and let it now fold in on itself.  I either have to move or take on debt.  This is why it all is ending. It’s lose-lose everywhere.  Look for win-win because that’s what’s coming.

The continual inflation of the price of housing is what allows the theft to take place and is why everyone is getting paid less and less for their actual work.  It also allows agents and brokers to insert themselves to collect fees at every stage just like all wonderful dark energy frauds.  My dad paid $30,000 for his first house and it was huge.  He was getting paid $50,000 a year and he was nervous then.  Now the average house is 5 times the average household income.

The false concept that has been embedded is that prices always need to rise for success.  I believed it.  I sat and watched my dad open all of his new tax bills on his rental properties two days ago.  Minimum raises of 25% on every one.  The government got exactly what it wanted and now the real estate market is being used just as Obamacare in the health world, as an asset stripping tool.  The prices of commodities are getting crushed, but energy bills just don’t seem to be going down either.  A house has become exactly the nightmare that is this reality.  It is a weak spot that allows karma be pushed onto an individual.  It’s just like your body.  You better never have a problem or this gulag is going to get you sometime.  Everyone in real estate is a potential jihadi time bomb ready to explode and take everyone in their immediate surroundings with them.  Just like Obama with drone warfare, the first responders will get taken out just like any good false flag or dark attack.

This is how you can tell the story on the Civil War in the US is such bullshit without even taking a minute to research it.  Dark energy wants you to be a voluntary slave and using someone’s currency is the best way to get ‘er done.  Someone was broke.  Someone got sold down the river.

The latest real estate price escalation has been funded by monetization of debt and by the biggest secret bailout in history.  Instead of calling out the system that it is broken and can’t pay interest on the dollar, the debt jihadis have taken their cash and bought rental properties to get return on capital.  Every pension fund is building apartments now and vacancies are just starting to sky-rocket.  The banking system is being bailed to the number of at least $1 trillion a year not paying interest.  The privy banks already leased all their properties in advance of passing the hot potato to mom and pop and sold collateralized rental loan portfolios to the desperate yield seeking funds of the world that aren’t going to be able to meet future promises.

Rents skyrocketed and are eating up a greater percentage of income than at any point in US history.  Now the tax bills are showing up and few are getting paid more to deal with it.  The best paying jobs that existed were in the energy industry.  The unicorn tech and biotech surge funded by printed cash is imploding.  Startup tech madness is done.  Uber loses massive money.  Tesla can’t make money.  Netflix is hemorrhaging cash.  Amazon doesn’t even cash flow.  Every company getting caught avoiding taxes.  Insane landlords will keep trying to raise rents as that’s what they think is justified to cover additional expense and less cash flow.  Again, it appears the Fat Lady is at home already tucked in having already downed half a bottle of gin because this is toast.  Please tell me dear debt jihadi, who is going to pay your rent.

One of the best parts about the current real estate surge is that Wall St. conveniently invented a new product this go around to accommodate the money printing for everyone.  Most of the very wealthy didn’t want to liquidate stock and bond portfolios because the propped markets wouldn’t go down and all greed just can’t miss out on something this great.  A ton of real estate, excluding the money laundered drug and weapon money, has been purchased the last few years with people’s equity and bond portfolios as the collateral.  The failure of the markets is now jeopardizing the only decent collateral that most banks are holding access to in relation to their loans.

I had the wonderful displeasure of doing some business in Wichita.  As I talked about in my other article, it was quite an experience to learn to read this world better.  That place is one of the darkest places I’ve ever seen.  It shouldn’t even be there, but there it is.  The brokers we dealt with were so dark.  The monstrous size of all the churches are breathtaking.  The people are even bigger.  Our partner only bought it and funneled many investors money into it because he needed to generate fees to keep his failing company afloat.  I brought my brother over one week to try and help cleanse energy from the property itself because a girl had been murdered by the BTK serial killer after he tracked her from the site.  The town’s even darker.  It’s a giant “company” town and it’s the home of the Koch brothers.  No surprise their dad knows Prescott Bush very well.

Who owns the US political process you ask?

For all you aspiring jihadis out there that are going to fix this reality with your wonderful revolution and be the first one to fix everything when you become rich, I now present Mike Hearn.  He’s one of the biggest developers and advocates for bitcoin which should be at the heart of what the next surge of spiritual evolution in this toxic hell is.  You can’t force integrity onto beings of no peace.  Mike was an advocate I should say.  I like his comment “a system completely controlled by just a handful of people.”

I recommended bitcoin at $12 and told everyone to sell the exact day it hit its peak at $1250.  The reason I knew the end is that is the day that multiple people on CNBC recommended it as they had finally seen the light of how amazing the blockchain could be.  Thanks Joe W. for being the ultimate fraud indicator.  It’s over.  It’s done.  No revolution.   Has anyone even noticed that no revolution has ever even worked?  Has anyone noticed that all that matters is where we are now and where it’s headed based on all current known and unknown factors?

I dealt directly with Home Depot.  I finally figured it out that the only reason it existed was so that you and I would continually fix up our houses for the bank.  I’m sure Ken Langone and the Koch brothers go to the same parties.  Make sure to have your goat head on before you step out of the limo.   Everything they sell is designed to dull or break to speed consumption and it’s getting worse daily.  Some may actually be horrified in a new area.  Many of the plants they sell are new GMO strains designed to kill bees.  Dark knows that gardening one of the few areas to escape.  It’s gotta own that too.

Speaking of wearing animal heads to Eyes Wide Shut parties, Stanley Kubrick is one of the greatest light warriors of all time.  People have no idea that the movie “The Shining” is actually about how Woodrow Wilson sold out the world with the creation of the Federal Reserve.  Jack Nicholson represented the dark energy at work that the systems were working through imbalanced people and he conveniently was trying to murder his Native American wife as well as his child who could “channel” source energy.  Kubrick’s next movie was going to be about jazz musicians playing in front of nazis in Germany displaying the ultimate power of non linear in the moment of now music telling the reich to go fuck its linear non creating ass self.  Man I wish he would have lived to make that one.

I haven’t fully dug into it, but there is a scene in Eyes Wide Shut that shows the name in a newspaper and also repeats in the credits that outs the head of the fashion industry as being the head of the fraud at the illuminati type freak fest.  Everyone is aware of the damage that fashion world does to human beings, but I only bring it up because the same fraud is perpetrated in the architecture industry.  Continual new concepts that don’t even look any good are now cycled constantly to force everyone to chase each other at all times.  The new designs that are implemented are intentionally designed so that they will look terrible in a few years forcing the cycle of consumption.  Every commercial property owner is continually forced to adjust as inevitable vacancies occur by remodeling to accommodate the current color scheme or look that reeks of success.  That reek of success is all rigged too.  The new buildings in Denver are stucco, wood, brick, and stone all at the same time along with yellow, gray, and red schemes.  All the debt jihadis walk around and shake each others hands as they agree in their collective haze how good these things look.  Progress.  Real progress I tell ya.  I can now double the rent and lever it up even bigger.  I sure hope my stock portfolio doesn’t go down.

The fraud knows they control everyone through visuals now and fancy lights and numbers that induce pleasure or fear and anxiety.  It’s not just the stock market and sports.  Image is everything.  They even managed to harness the anxiety of green and red numbers for the real estate market. gives everyone a number they can look up anytime to value their home.  People just haven’t figured out that they should be getting the anxiety as the price keeps going up.  I’m sure a transliminal soul would read it properly.

To know where it’s headed, you just have to know what dark energy is up to.  It’s ultimate goal is exactly what was pictured of the human race in the movie The Matrix.  It wants everyone being used as a battery to suck the life off of, and stuck in a house just like a chicken coop.  That’s why it’s so comical to watch all hipsters push these ideals of a rental life for everything with a tiny apartment and enslaving technology.  Man you’re so savvy with those tight cropped jeans.  I’m sure you’re going to fix it when you get rich too.

I hope everyone has figured out that your credit score is just how a measurement of well you are accepted by the ponzi.  No bank at this point should be able to tell anyone anything about whether or not they are worthy as the entire real estate, energy, and equity portfolios are worth at least 80% less than they state currently.  Everyone is getting raked over the coals to get approval from something that is insolvent.  I’m sure there are a couple “good” banks out there.  They’ll fix it too when they get big and rich.

I had a very good friend get into trying to repair food systems and doing some good.  God bless her.  I told her she should get rid of the nazis first.  Did anyone notice what they just did to Chipotle for sourcing local foods?  The number of propaganda stories telling everyone why now it should be obvious why you shouldn’t trust locally grown foods was mind numbing.  That’s why there’s no great child rearing books from 1930’s Germany.  If you didn’t get the hell out it wasn’t very good advice.

I exist on a planet where fresh food is a dangerous idea.  Let me say that one more time.  I exist on a planet where fresh food is a dangerous idea.  Let me put more effort into this reality because it’s really paying off now.

The great part is that they are growing human beings that will fold the tacos since I’m not giving in.

How about the paint that goes on and in my house?  I have a friend who was in the alternative energy department at Colorado University who said they had a paint years ago that would generate all the power you needed for your house with solar cells.  Instead, everyone I know who has been a lifetime painter is pretty much insane.  Here’s the logo for Sherwin Williams and I’ve never heard anyone say anything about it in decades of working on houses.

This makes the Nestle guy who thinks water isn’t a basic human right look like a pretty decent guy.

Anyone who has advanced their light body has most likely run into the problems with the electricity in their house.  When you really first get energies flowing you shouldn’t be surprised if you blow a few circuits in your house.  A computer or two along with a couple DVD players may not function so well either.  This is really when you learn what the electrical networks can do to human beings and the development of the LBP and you see what an asshole JP Morgan really was.  Holy crap this last century was a train wreck.  Now we have smart meters that actually can sense your development as an energetic being and can adjust electricity accordingly to make sure you don’t get too far.  How does my house use so much juice and the lights are off?  Man, I think I’ll go buy a house.  Oh wait….

The last phase of this discussion is what I call the Princess Leia syndrome and is why the fraud is trying so hard to have Hillary Clinton as the next President.  Most women I see and deal with are actually more male than the males I know.  The fraud is pulling every move to harness this female as its newest jihadi soldiers.  In Star Wars, the female had to be rescued from two places.  From the Death Star itself representing the systems as well as from the bounty hunters which represented the money.  Every woman I know is owned by one or the other or both and the anxiety they are intentionally exposed to is making them double down on whatever belief system keeps them safe in their mind.  Keep in mind that is because they are more male than they know and very little teaches the true balance of energies so I’m not insulting the female.  The hormonal structure of a female makes it easier to target and keep out of balance.  If you harness the female then you harness the male without doing anything further.

I have given the title to imbalanced women as the ponzi engagement machines.  Most men I know are buying houses to make their women happy that they are committed to them and doing what it takes to keep them safe for the future they have pictured in their minds.  They are just strapping bombs to their men by not researching and learning what’s going on.  This is what people do who are safe, sweetheart.  The women everywhere around here are fighting over everything and it’s brutal.

If you haven’t watched Bill Hicks’ comedy then you’ve missed one of the greatest.  Here is his piece on “picking up the gun” that is the root of what dark energy is after right now with women and why the military is opening up further to female enrollment.

The fraud is trying to get women to pick up the gun and push the dark’s strategy now that it’s losing many of the men that have been ponzed out for too long.  I hope for everyone’s sake they missed the new Star Wars movie but there has never been a bigger piece of propaganda ever produced.  The whole movie was about the new girl star picking up a light saber and fighting.  In fact, she didn’t even have to spend a minute studying the force of the universe at all, she just magically was ready to fight everyone.  Every new show or movie has some aspect of women fighting everything in some romantic way.  The new Supergirl show looks great.  Don’t worry her revolution will fix it all too.  Strap on the bombs girls.  In fact, everyone should listen to Miley Cyrus’ tune that made her millions and “Come in like a wrecking ball.”  That’s right.  Strap on the bombs and blow up everywhere you go to get attention and get what you need as the emotional vacuum of nothingness you truly are.  That goes for all the jihadis of belief out there.  You are a time bomb and your time will come.

Nothing in this reality is safe nor is it meant to be except that we are not of it.  No more pills are going to do it.  No more school is going to do it.  Not one big vacation is going to do it.  A better present isn’t going to do it.  A bigger Christmas won’t do it.  No more debt is going to do it and surely not more house is going to do it.

As someone pretty wise indirectly spoke of the Matrix, “You can’t fix stupid.”

And remember, when someone earns a fee based on you doing something, it’s always a good time to do whatever earns them that fee.

With love and light,

Brad Barber


Dear Brad,

An incredible work! I will read it tomorrow with fresh mind as I wrote today the whole day this article which I have just published and intend to write part II tomorrow. After writing it this evening I had a very elated feeling from my HS that we have made another major breakthrough and that now the road for the final collapse is an open highway.

I think that this article gives a good overview as to how we arrived at this final point. We are now creating the ascension scenario through the collapse of the old matrix in real time and it is the most exciting time I have ever had. By the way, the alchemical reaction to crash the real estate market continued yesterday and today (Jan 18th) and was even more powerful than the opening of the heart chakra and the left brain portal of the second wave ascension candidates as reported last year. Hence there is a lot of power behind it and am sure that we shall see very soon tangible results.

Thank you so much for your tremendous support. I will write back tomorrow.

With love and light



Dear George,

That is an incredible piece of work.  Like I told my dad the other day.  Your work is akin to a Van Gogh painting.  For most it has just been too bright to look at.  I had to experience my own death to find and appreciate it.  At least some have appreciated it while you are still alive.

Brad Barber


Dear Brad,

I do not know how much in common I have with Van Gogh, but you are indeed a modern Mark Twain and it is time for you to elaborate on this issue. The way you see and describe the American women is exactly how I see the women here in Canada. This is rather disheartening as I am used to more femininity in Europe and especially the Bulgarian women are very feminine without having lost their independence.

From what I gather from your article, the real estate market will simply crash because it was used as a collateral for all kinds of debt and when this debt cannot be repaid the housing market will also become insolvent. This makes a lot of sense to me. By crashing the real estate market I actually mean the elimination of the ideology of greed that underpins this market who serves the basic human needs of shelter and protection and to substitute it with a new attitude based on quality of life and aesthetics. Of course any idea of private property, of owning a house as an investment and capital gains, should be forgotten in the new worlds we are creating now.

When this whole story is over and this reality has changed for ever, we will have the deep satisfaction that we have contributed to the collapse of this Orion matrix more than all the other players in finance and management put together. I think that the collapse of the real estate market has commenced with full force and that all the banks are now on the verge of default. How could one explain otherwise the fact that while the Fed urges all banks to stop mark-to-market the bad loans from the oil shale industry, they at the same time increase the paper valuation of equity properties disproportionately as to jimmy their balance sheets.

I will publish your article after I have written and published today Part II of my latest article. It will come just on time to prepare the ground for some major collapses when the Davos conference will begin.

With love and light



Dear George,

I actually didn’t put much thought into how I believed real estate would crash.  I really just wanted to punch some gaping holes into the thought of it being something safe and I would love for everyone I know to even be able to explain to me why they decide to do what they do anymore.  No one can in any convincing manner of reason and it’s brutal.

It appears to me that all of the bubbles will all crash at the same time.  I think “infarct” is a great word that you have applied.  Let’s pile France and Italy onto the funeral pyre today. Hollande admitting economic disaster is a big one and one we need to hear a lot louder from them all.  It’s all ablaze.  Amen.  We’ve already lived it mentally anyway. Very few can see that we are actually some of the most positive people on the planet, but you can’t polish the turd of what is just to please people for now.  That’s true love in my book.

I will put the feminine issue in the crockpot and see what comes out over the next few days.  What really has happened is that the hijacked feminine revolution has now become a double standard where the man has to be the traditional man when needed and the man has to cover the traditional female roles when needed as well, as the woman is stuck in between not functioning healthy in any manner.  I am the functioning man and woman of the house and I know several other people in the same boat, though not everyone.  They want equal rights but that has been funneled into fighting in the work place and now militarily and when women get out and work they realize how bad it sucks so they just come home and complain and fight with each other.  No energy gets targeted towards the bigger picture which is causing the problems and all the anxiety gets unloaded onto the man or some other poor target.  The worst part is that many men are getting the hint that something is wrong and want to stop what they are doing but the women are clamping down harder than ever and demanding that we do, do, do, do, do, do, and then do more. Then they blame that’s it has been a man’s world and why it’s messed up even though they are mostly striving to sleep with the assholes that are destroying the place as money fixes their problems and the sociopaths have access to all the money.  What a clusterfuck.  I’m pretty sure the all the different pills are slowly changed in their chemical makeup to stop including medicines that were assisting some conditions to be replaced with ever-increasing doses of stuff that causes anxiety.  I know the pain pills are different.  That’s a start to this Western debacle…… I once saw a real woman on an old Peter Seller’s movie about two years ago.  There was a light like I’ve never seen exuded from a woman before.  I haven’t seen it around here.

According to my logic in repairing the place, you should have 500 million women lined up at your door if people could think clearly.  Maybe not the best idea I’ve come up with yet but I’m working on it.

With love and light,

Brad Barber

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