Why and How All Light Workers Are Kept Ignorant and Stupid by Their Channeling Sources

by Georgi Stankov, August 22, 2013

Except for my articles and the messages from Carla, April, Dorie and Jahn published on the PAT website, there is not a single channeling or esoteric source and website worldwide that gives correct and truthful information what is actually happening behind the veil in the end phase of the ascension process. For instance that seven 4D earths have been created and that on all of them a devastating MPR has already taken place and has obliterated the vast majority of the incarnated human population in the End Time. And that the survivors have now been fully enslaved by the dark cabal under the banner of the NWO, as AA Michael confirms one more time in his latest message “Captain and Navigator“:

“While the dark forces have won a temporary victory on their assigned holograms, the Light Warriors have entered the portal into the light forever and have escaped the worlds of time and space.”

Carla was a direct witness of the last MPR on the 7th 4D earth on August 11th and she has still this dreadful experience deeply engraved in her memory. But she was courageous enough to expose herself in full consciousness to this dreadful event in her role as a messenger of good and bad news for the PAT, as I was informed by my HS about her mission three months ago.

The good news is that she is now the first human being to have achieved a full ascension in body, soul and spirit by transfiguration to the 5th dimension and back to the 12th level of the 4D. Abysmal disasters and blissful ascension go hand in hand in an intimate dialectical manner in the current End Time and determine the destiny of all incarnated human entities, as the latest messages of Jahn discuss at length.

We, both Carla and myself, were fully involved in the first MPR on 3D earth on May 24/25 and then on June 8th on the lowest 4D earth and experienced physically the abysmal collective angst that the incarnated populations of souls on these two earth’s timelines sent to the cosmos, but first and foremost, to us and many other PAT members (as reported on our website), so that it could be fully processed through our mental and emotional bodies before it could be released and stored in the Akashic chronics for ever.

The reason why we were exposed to these apocalyptic experiences lies in the fact that we are the actual creators of these realities and that we have incarnated in all these parallel earths. In addition, we are the most courageous souls in the whole universe and voted before our incarnation on this most toxic planet to have a full-fledged experience and information on all major dark events and facts, of course within the well-known limitations of human mind. This does not apply to other star seeds as I shall show below.

This is the reason why the PAT is the only group worldwide that knows with a high degree of precision what has happened in the last 2-3 months on the many 4D earths and that the scenarios there were worse than initially planned by the HR. Jahn’s sources have talked a lot about this negative outcome and have presented a vivid and dire picture of the disastrous conditions on the seven 4D earths, where the vast majority of the incarnated human souls now dwell with their soul segments, while here, on the 8th to 12th levels where we live, we only see their empty holographic images.

This fact is of key importance for an appropriate understanding as to what we shall experience in the end phase of ascension, as the outcome on the 3D hell earth and on the seven catastrophic 4D earths that are now fully sealed from the levels 8th to 12ths, which were created by the PAT to facilitate the process of mass ascension, has a profound impact on the destiny of the 800 million soul fragments on these upper levels that are now prepared for ascension. As we learn from Jahn’s latest messages, this number has been substantially reduced in the very last days as many candidates have betrayed their personal ascension plans and have resorted to the old human complacency, which has always been the source of all evil and human failure on this toxic planet.

The reason for this spiritual fiasco of the New Age community is very simple, though an officially kept secret: They all do not have, respectively have failed to develop a true personal courage, the stamina of the light warrior and the necessary intellectual fortitude, paired with immaculate ethics and ability of self-reflection as to bear the dreadful truth about this most toxic planet in the whole universe and still to follow indomitably their final goal of ascension of Gaia and humanity to the 5th dimension, as the PAT has paradigmatically demonstrated in the last years.

It has always been my declared goal to use this website as a platform of uncompromising truthfulness and critical assessment and to publish factual and clear-cut information from the astral planes, beyond any petty, fearful human considerations, as this kind of false precautions does not help anybody to become an ascended master. And while all other New Agers must now tremble whether they have made it, we, the PAT, know that we have reached for the stars – that our ascension to the Source is a done deal.

When Jahn began to publish more honest and critical messages about the deplorable state of the New Age movement (also under the influence of the additional information on the ascension process I regularly shared with him), which were imbued with a lot of compassion for the dire destiny of all these souls who have not lived up to their ascension plans and will have to go through the next challenging incarnation cycle of thousand years, these new level of honesty created such a surge of collective fears among his notoriously very fearful German readers that Asana Mahatari had to intervene and make them aware that Jahn cannot be made responsible for their unprocessed, deep-seated angst.

I have had this same situation since the opening of our website until the natural selection eliminated all fearful readers, so that this futile discussion about what one is allowed to say and what to omit under the dictatorship of the “love and light illusion” of the New Age in order not to trigger unprocessed fears in these compromised star seeds, simply died out.

But the New Age lies remained and prospered because these pseudo-gurus simply decided to resort to the usual human complacency of total denial and to ignore our existence and achievements, just as they have not got it yet that the first full ascension of a human being has already taken place and that this historic event of cosmic proportions has already changed the whole dynamics of the ascension process of humanity and Gaia as AA Michael confirms:

Therefore, I would like to point out that in the most auspicious moment of humanity, when the first human being (Carla, comment Georgi) has travelled in her entirety to the other world of the 5D, one should control his nerves, exercise patience and preserve serenity….The ascension process has achieved a new dynamics – at all levels. This means that the separation from the worlds of 4D will occur before you will ascend in great peace and solemnity that is appropriate for such an event. You shall arrive, yes, and I say unto you, you have already arrived, even though this fact has not yet solidified in your perception...”

The New Age denial of this most auspicious ascension event takes place at present in front of our very eyes, notwithstanding the fact that in many forums this news has been mentioned but rejected due to lack of any sincere interest. Which shows that these people will not ascend. The prejudice of the Light Worker as his major hindrance to full awakening and ascension. But the day of final judgment has already arrived and there will be no back doors to heaven for laggards.

This would say that the ascension scenario has changed one more time in the last few days, although the over-arching plan is now fixed. The successful ascension of Carla necessitated my partial retrieval from the editorial work on this website (I assume that you all have registered that I am still regularly publishing brand-new information on the unfolding of the ascension process in its final stage), so that I can now fully concentrate on my imminent ascension to the 5th level of the 5th dimension prior to the detonation of the PAT supernova as to supervize this event.

In the meantime I am sending every day new light codes of ascension to the PAT and humanity or anchor them in the 5th dimension. This activity squeezes and depletes me most of the time. My body is virtually sizzling under the inhuman energetic 5D vibrations and intensities, not to mention the emotional stress associated with the transmission of the new ascension codes, which dialectically cause massive releases of all remnant human patterns of aggression, nastiness and cruelty that have dominated life on the earth for eons and will very soon manifest at the societal level as crimes of the ruling cabal against humanity.

Fortunately we, the PAT and the first ascension wave candidates, shall not experience the fallout from these crimes, but they will affect all other potential candidates for ascension who still have a lot of unprocessed problems to solve.

The Facts of Our Souls

What are the energetic facts created at the soul level as already discussed on our website that are fully misapprehended by all other light workers?

1) This is a fractured reality since the ID split of the 3D dogs’ earth on May 24/25 and the creation of seven parallel 4D earths end of May, early June.

2) We now live and experience life on the 8th to 12th levels of the 7th 4D earth, which build an energetic continuum from the upper 4D to the lower 5D levels. The  PAT dwells at the 12th level at present, while the rest of the ascension candidates dwell at lower levels.

3) The destiny of the ascension portion of humanity has been determined to a large extent by the events that have already occurred on the lower seven 4D earths after the 3D earth was fully separated and sealed from the 4D earths end of May. In particular, the MPR has taken place on all seven 4D earths and has caused the death of billions incarnated human beings and the installment of the NWO by the ruling dark cabal.

4) Due to these dramatic events, the soul fragments of 90% of the incarnated human population that once lived on the old 3D earth now live under abysmal conditions of bare physical survival on all 4D earths.  About 90% of the humans, we currently see on the 8th to 12th levels of this illusory reality, are thus soulless empty holographic images that have no soul power to achieve anything. They do not participate in the actual ascension process and have no influence on it.

5) Due to this energetic fact of paramount importance, the ruling cabal consist now in their entirety of soulless clones and empty holographic images. No matter what they may decide to do in the next days, this will only have a pedagogical, dramatic effect on the still slumbering ascension candidates to help them awaken to the truth about this most toxic planet. But this will not affect the ascension process in any way which is the overarching process on the 8th to 12th 4D levels. Nobody will however ascend to the 5D before he has cleared his ideas and emotions about the actual reality and truth on the earth and the current incarnation experiment.

6) Those who will participate in the first ascension wave, will not experience any catastrophes as they have done their spiritual work and have voted for a new, higher dimensional reality in a conscious manner.

7) The first ascension wave will be bigger that initially planned and most probably there will not be any mass ascension late in the fall. Instead there will be individual ascensions after the PAT has been successful in creating an energetic continuum of upper 4D and lower 5D levels, so that all ascension candidates can now move individually to higher dimensions when they are ready for this. This includes their participation in natural catastrophes and/or social and economic collapses that will give them the chance to awaken.

8) The PAT will detonate the PAT Supernova and trigger the triad of big events –

a) The Magnetic Pole Reversal, MPR

b) The final ID split/shift of the 8th to 12th levels from the 4D overlays of the 7th 4D earth and the creation of the new balanced 4D earth (the old three-earth-scenario)

c) The first wave of ascension to the 5th dimension.

d) Eventually, the PAT Supernova may unleash the economic and social collapse of the old Orion matrix in case this has not commenced earlier. But the schedule of the coming ascension events no longer depends on what will happen on the ground and at the societal level. The reason for this is that 90% of the present-day society consists of soulless holographic human images that no longer have any effect on the ascension process. Their soul fragments have either died during the MPR or now live on the lower seven 4D earths under terrible living conditions and hardships. The destiny of these incarnated soul fragments has been sealed and their empty images have no influence on the outcome on the 8th to 12th levels as the lower seven 4D earths have also been sealed from these ascending timelines.

The Lies of the New Age

The esoteric lies and deceptions of the New Age movement now become pretty clear on the background of these energetic facts that determine the final stage of the ascension process. The major lies and blunders can be summarized as follows:

1) This is a continuous, linear reality.

2) Ascension and spiritual evolution can occur only after the ruling cabal is defeated and disclosure has taken place on this only timeline, which is still the same old 3D earth. The creation of seven 4D earths and higher 8th to 12th 4D levels do not exist in the minds of all light workers outside the PAT and the readers of our website.

3) This primitive, antagonistic, dualistic thinking simply perpetuates the linear 3D thinking of the old Orion matrix that must be overcome first before one can ascend. Hence the necessity of catastrophes as eye-openers for the vast majority of ascension candidates, who will not ascend with us in the first wave, but will stay on the 8th to 12th levels and will experience individually the collapse of their reality and world views, which they need to awaken and qualify for individual ascension.

4) All the esoteric channelling sources that now herald the coming of big changes at the societal level, such as financial crash and economic meltdown address this portion of ascension candidates that must go through these dramatic events. Please observe that all our channeling sources, such as Carla, Jahn and April explicitly tell us that we shall not experience any of these catastrophic events as we shall ascend before that and actually trigger these changes.

5) Those channelling sources that claim that we shall not experience any collapses and catastrophes are addressing the fearful majority of first wave ascension candidates that are not capable of accepting the truth and the energetic facts as presented above. None of them has the faintest idea that the MPR has already happened on all seven 4D earths and most of the incarnated humans at this End Time have already died in this catastrophe, while the few survivors are now fully enslaved by the NWO of the ruling dark cabal. This knowledge would crash their naive, idealistic views on life and they will be fully demoralized. This will hinder their potential ascension. Hence they are kept blind and ignorant by their channelling sources.

6) These naive, complacent light workers also do not realize that 90% of humanity they now observe are empty, soulless holographic images that will be dissolved as soon as the drama will begin to unfold, as Sananda informs us in his message “The Light Will Remain

All clones, all duplicates and copies that are lifeless, empty body shells, which this reality of the upper 4D earth still hosts, will be dissolved. And until then they will be recognized by the ascending humans for what they truly represent: soulless minions of the dark energies. For verily: Satan’s hatchery has returned to those inanimate worlds with a new look and with new refinements to ensure that the game of illusion swings to a new drama, before it is perceived again, recognized as such and given up.

Then he warns us emphatically:

The closer you come to ascension, the farther apart gape the reality from the illusion, and only the one, who is clear in himself, will be able to discern this. And in this way the life and the determination, which each being harbours, will be fulfilled. Ascension is a fact and yet it remains for many an illusion from another world. Remember: The top will become the bottom – everything will be turned upside down.

One must indeed internalize Sananda’s recommendation in its full depth as to become an ascended master.

Below I will publish the latest Manuscript of survival that proves in an almost sarcastic manner how all channellers have been deliberately mired by their sources by giving them only such esoteric information that painstakingly omits the hard facts of our souls. This most conspicuous silence of the higher realms now must be lifted by critical seers like myself, so that all these ignorant star seeds can finally awaken to the multidimensional reality that is awaiting them.


The Manuscript of Survival – Part 346, August 21, 2013
The Confession of Aisha’s HS: Why We Must Cheat you, Stupid Humans


As you have all been made aware of by now, much is going on behind the scenes that few of you have any detailed knowledge of. We know that this is enough to set many’s teeth on edge, but let us just say that all is in good hands, and the reason for this imposed silence as it were is simply this: you will not be exposed to anything that might be detrimental to you in any way, and that does include some of the information that is currently flashing by you at warp speed. This will sound ominous, but this is in fact merely a precaution on our side. You see, you are still under the deep influence of your human side, and as such, much of what is actually going on now might be hard to perceive, much less in a positive way, by you all.

We are well aware that this might seem to be more than a little condescending, but trust us when we say this is nothing of the sort. This is simply something that has been agreed upon from the very beginning of this operation, and it was done in full concurrence with you. In other words, before you came to be in this physical manifestation, you were all thoroughly briefed beforehand just what all of this would entail.

We know that to many of you, this will sound less than probable, as you are probably thinking that if this is true, then why on Earth did I agree to this in the first place? Well, you did, and knowing fully well what you do, you were still chosen out from a multitude of volunteers, all eager to be a part of this huge operation. But you were the chosen ones, and you are here, committed body and soul to see this carried through. We cannot thank you enough for that, but we also know that because of this ”disconnection” so many of you feel from this, the real knowledge you all carry within, sitting in the midst of all of this without any clear recollection of ever being told what it would truly be like, is not an easy task to carry out.

But you are all doing your part in this complicated maneuver, just as we are doing ours, and at the moment, you will feel very much ”out of it”. But you are not, you are merely removed from anything that can cause you to lose focus on your real task. For remember, this is indeed a complex operation, one that involves a whole set of different skills and different players, and as such, now is the time for you to simply sit back and BE in your roles as the human conveyors of this energy of change, while we are all busy taking care of so many other vital components in this operation. Fear not, you will soon be back in the know as they say, but until then, you will not be burdened by any extra baggage in addition to the one you already carry in the roles as wayshowers and caretakers of this new energy.

Channel: Aisha North

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