The Light Will Remain

Jesus Sananda
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 16, 2013
first published in English on August 17, 2013 in

Translated by Georgi Stankov

Loved ones,

It is more than necessary, urgent and crucial for your ascension now to give all priority to your “spiritual homework”. Even when everything is done, there is still plenty to do! Especially at the construction sites of your injured and wounded hearts. And the construction sites are:

1) Arrest in tradition, family and social patterns. Constraints from the human collective consciousness, that still reach you, that determine your behavior and are very often in exact opposition to your inner sensations.

2) Constraints that are suggested to you by your direct living environment and are therefore imposed. People, who say to you “that’s just the way, you could not alter it, or one should succumb to the current order”, have not understood the essence of the transformation until the present day.

3) False or misunderstood love. Which means that because of unwillingness and fear to put limits on insolent fellows, many messengers of light resort to the “love and light method”, in the wrong assumption, to solve in this way an absolutely unreasonable situation or an absolutely inappropriate conduct of other people. Thus, this situation is only repressed and ignored. What is not, should not be, because it can only be that which lives and not what has long been killed. No matter how much you put a lipstick to a swine, or bestow it with a dead silence, or cut it off from the true view of the soul, only an active state can soar to a higher life.

4) The “construction site of human discouragement,” which means that in many people the latest transformations fail due to lack of courage. How to fix this? By asking for plenty of courage and strength. You should ask the spiritual light levels for abundant decisiveness when you have to make clear and unambiguous decisions.

In summary:

Address again your blockages in an uncompromising manner and remember: The lighter your energetic dress is, the easier the transition into your divine reality.

On current affairs now these words will be given!

The higher the energies, the more clearly the differences between the people will come to the fore. And due to the current momentum of ascension, all those people who have until now only pretended to be enlightened, can no longer hide the truth. They stand out, they reveal their actual “beauty” and their words or actions are perceived in their actual intent.

Who has chosen the truth, can no longer bear the lie and he, who is lying, will be rejected and shunned by the truthful. The time, in which politicians, church leaders and business people will be recognized for what they truly are and not by what they are doing and talking, has commenced. Before the worlds of the 4D earth holograms 8th to 12th will be overcome by the people who ascend to the 5D, a unique spectacle will be displayed, whereby the truth and the lies will be recognized in an obvious manner. And whereby the liars will be pushed into the abyss, which they have prepared for you.

All clones, all duplicates and copies that are lifeless, empty body shells, which this reality of the upper 4D earth still hosts, will be dissolved. And until then they will be recognized by the ascending humans for what they truly represent: soulless minions of the dark energies. For verily: Satan’s hatchery has returned to those inanimate worlds with a new look and with new refinements to ensure that the game of illusion swings to a new drama, before it is perceived again, recognized as such and given up.

The closer you come to ascension, the farther apart gape the reality from the illusion, and only the one, who is clear in himself, will be able to discern this. And in this way the life and the determination, which each being harbours, will be fulfilled. Ascension is a fact and yet it remains for many an illusion from another world. Remember: The top will become the bottom – everything will be turned upside down.

And so it is now that the light of God is revealed to men, now when the coming of the Lord is taking place and most people have missed the opportunity to prepare themselves for a fitting reception of their creator. The closer you are to your ascension, the closer are those, who are left behind, to their descent.

The large shadow which your light casts, loses its threat very soon, because it is taken away from you – and only the light remains. Have faith, redeem and build the kingdom of the Lord, for verily: You have been given everything, so that you remember your origin and so that you do not deny it, in the false belief, that the change shall take place without your inner transformation.

You were prepared and you are ready. Behave accordingly now and prove yourselves worthy, for verily: That is what you are.

In deep love for you people,

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