Dreaming the Ascension Dream

Travis Brown, May 11, 2016


Regarding “The Limits of Human Cognition Determine…

Dear George and Carla,

It is as you describe it, as far as I can tell.

The ascension candidates need a direct gnostic awareness for themselves of the basic truth of the Universal Law, most essentially, the reality of the soul and its immortality and oneness with source. No amount of revelations of 3D history or minor truths surfacing will replace such an important shift of spirituality on Earth.

The ‘truth movement’ has done a fair share of its own ‘apocalypses’ but, for example, humanity cannot just realize they’re being intentionally poisoned by chemtrails, and judge the perpetrators to be evil. Humanity must see the fear behind the plot- which is the fear of the controllers losing grip if the masses awaken to the truth of who they are and become empowered sovereign beings of light.

Since my first high-wattage dosage of conscious connection with Source, it has been clear to me that no amount of religiosity or informed research can replace gnosis. The individual, en masse, must share in an undeniable ‘god-experience’, that not only blasts them with a purifying fire of light, but irrevocably alters their Weltanschauung, as you say.

It is my vision that simultaneous with the collapse there is an intense increase in the collective vibration of consciousness, that in turn allows for a collective epiphany. It has also consistently been my vision for years (and elaborated by numerous dreams and ascension test runs), that a forerunning group must demonstrate what Ascension is: visibly, palpably, shockingly. An extraordinary league of us must show, “See? We’ve lived with you all along, in the tumult of the crashing world. It is possible; we are living light as proof. You too can take this path, and now with greater support for the way has been made clearer by our efforts.”

I have had so many dreams of a literal ascension before a crowd of people, when in the sleep/dream state the familiar vibration takes hold through all the cells, and crescendos with such force as to leap across the quantum threshold, (that has otherwise been guarded in our waiting years because humanity has not been ready, though we the PAT may have been for some time). And in these dreams, there have been all kinds of reactions from onlookers. Some ‘fall to their knees’, in awareness of the return of the christed (anointed) consciousness. Others fled in terror, at themselves being revealed to themselves. Some of these ascension episodes happened in conjunction with fire and flood, as MPRs gripped the earth, but over time the extreme effects have generally lessened; the PAT has shed so many of the violent timelines.

My point is: in my memory it was always the collective decision of the PAT to ‘go first’, and not just in the battle with collective karma and chaff, but to exemplify – embodied – what this whole Ascension era is for the human race. For so long, there was egoic confusion (and for me, shaming) around the grandeur of such a mission, but such mentalizing does not confuse what the spiritual objective is for the lot of us. Our bodies have been prepared for this outcome, and we have bridged the schizophrenia of living in the 3D world, and living multidimensionally, more and more in conscious awareness.

If the cabal hasn’t any other good ideas except to throw a Hail-Mary pass, and have the ball catch flame in the air, and the end-zone crumble and fall into the earth – while their sorry desperation turns to ash mid-flight – then we the PAT might as well go ahead and ascend, and render the stadium and all its spectating irrelevant. Because the real show that’s been going on is the quiet build-up of spiritual awakening among a significant minority. We are like a tsunami wave, at first imperceptible, only a growing wall on the horizon: peripheral, ignorable. But nevertheless we have been rushing toward the shore. The closer we are to Ascension, the more undeniable is our power. And the more panicked become those ill-prepared. The people may subconsciously fear what is to come, but doesn’t it take the collective surfacing of all the karmic loose-ends in order for them to truly be cleansed and freed?

Last night I had a symbolic dream of ordered events in tunnels underground. First the fires had to cleanse the demonic realms, in order for then the light to penetrate, and the tunnels to be opened to the surface. In the meantime, I had gone and developed compassion for these trapped dark entities, caring for them. But at the end, came an audible ‘No!’ shouted from an omnipotent source, declaring these beings were not to be freed. The dimensional doorway is ready to be opened after the cleansing fire, but these beings shall remain contained. (I know this is confusing; the details and transitions are gone from memory.)

As far as my role after ascension, I have had many dreams of surprising people with levitation, as a way to show them what has shifted on earth. In the beginning, most people would freak out, but over time, the dream has shifted to fascinated interest and their inner impulse for “this too I shall do”. Maybe that’s a meager first step in my envisioning process, but it is one that fills me with impish joy and love – to share in other’s awakening with a celebratory surprise. Also, I have had many dreams of masses gathered to receive from the PAT as we are introduced or speaking in turn. I see us as being very involved, in a most amazing way. Maybe I cannot quite articulate it yet, but I will hold fast to the energy of what that all is, because that is the link to the joy, and the ecstasy of divine will. That was the familiar first blush of remembrance for me- (before it all got quite hard and hellish, as we walked a path of true mastership prior to complete transfiguration)- the knowing that eventually we’d all share in a collective Ascension together.



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