Ascension Dreams, Visions and Prophecies

by Shirley Garmon and Georgi Stankov, June 22, 2015

Dear Shirley,

haven’t heard from you for some time and I hope you are well, notwithstanding the intensity of the waves that now transform our bodies in preparation for our move to New Lemuria.

I wanted to share some private information with you and to ask you if you can see better in this issue with your excellent gift of dream prophecy.

Carla visited last month two psychics – a young lady, who she did not know before and an older lady, whom she knew for some time and has had several readings in the past which were spot on. Both come from England and live here in Canada now. Both made the prophecy that next month we will see the breakthrough of the new theory of the Universal Law on a global scale and both of them saw a move for us to a new abode. As the two ladies have no precise idea of the ascension and us moving to higher dimensions, they presented their visions in 3D terms, but very precisely.

The two readings were before the reclamation of Lemuria (June 4) and the creation of New Lemuria (June 11th) happened and we did not know about these major events at the time of the readings which now obviously determine the final phase of our ascension. I myself undergo constantly huge transfigurations with maximal intensity and vibrate to such an extent that I am hardly able to do anything. Luckily, such energy bouts come and go very quickly so that I also quickly recover. But when they come, I am completely shutdown for any meaningful 3D activity. Carla is also under similar very intensive transfiguration.

That being said, I would very highly appreciate if you share your take on the current energetic situation and if you have any inkling as to the major breakthrough we expect for July. Of course we know that linear time is an illusion and that it may take some more time, but it is also obvious now that we are already in this final stretch shortly before crossing the finish line.

With love and light



Hello Dr. Stankov & Carla:

Yes, it has been a while since we’ve corresponded. For me, personally, the Creator had me undergoing a deep chastisement period these months. With the great evils currently being committed here against humanity, animals, nature, etc., (USA & Worldwide), I was in somewhat of a negative state of mind. I do not choose to say why I  was chastised, specifically, but it was necessary. I can, however, say that the chastisement was because some of my personal feelings, emotions, and prejudices were becoming too pronounced, and the Creator needed to act quickly, which “Prime Creator” did, and I’ve learned and it will never be repeated. I volunteered to come here to Earth of act as a vessel for the Creator’s grace and love energies, not to fall prey to negativity, prejudices, etc. Point of fact, in case you’re wondering, my chastisement had absolutely nothing to do with any of my prior visions or dreams. They were all very true and as they say “dead on.” Additionally, I was chastised because I’ve withheld, what is, most probably, considered to be valuable information from the PAT. Please know that this was not, in any way, intentional but my frame of mind was somewhat negative in view of all of the atrocious evils being committed, and there were many days, when I thought, why bother? Anyway, enough about that, just wanted you to understand.  Even though Creator was putting me through this chastisement period, I’ve had, what I consider to be important dreams and visions as if watching a movie play out on television.

In order for you to understand the dreams and visions, they were journaled as I’ve always done. Dr. Stankov, in regard to the question that you asked of me, via email, yesterday, I believe you will find the answer that you seek contained within the information I’m about to disseminate. At least, I hope so. Please see below dreams and actual visions as they occurred by date. I am very sorry, but this will be very lengthy, which I hope is okay, if it provides the answer(s) you seek. If it does not, it is still very informative!

Dream Date: April 23, 2015

I’m at my brother’s house; we are celebrating. I’m getting ready to move across the street from him. He takes me and shows me two apartments from which to choose. The first apartment, I do not like because it is very small. Then we descend some very deep stairs to another apartment and it is beautiful to behold. The rooms are huge. It is comprised of two kitchens. I look into the refrigerator and it is stocked with champagne. Some of the bottles are half empty and some are still full. This dream is indicative of movement and change!

Dream Date: April 28, 2015

I dreamt that I’m home and my old bosses are sitting at my dining room table eating. I pass by, wave and keep going. I walk up to ex President George W. Bush. He is flirting with me romantically. Presumably, we are dating. My old bosses walk up and start hugging and congratulating me. They know that I’m dating President Bush. I try to politely pretend there is nothing between President Bush and myself, but my old bosses know better. They are congratulating me because of all the power I will potentially have by dating a President. To dream of a President symbolizes, authority, power and control.

Dream Date: April 28, 2015 Second Dream Same night

I dreamt that I am walking down an office hallway, tap-dancing. Everyone, in their offices, are smiling and happy because of the dancing. To see someone tap dancing, often represents the rhythm of life. To keep up with life or one may get left behind.

Dream Date: April 29, 2015

I’m sitting outside of a building. It is cold and snowy. Someone or something is hurling giant boulders at me. As the boulders come close, I cause them to instantly disappear. They are steadily being tossed at me, but they always miss and disappear. Not sure what boulders imply, but according to the dream dictionary, it symbolizes an obstacle or problem in your life, however, since they were immediately disappearing, I assume, means I was able to over-come the obstacle(s). It could be the issues with the Creator’s chastisement, which I over-came.

Dream Date: May 6, 2015

I dreamt about President Obama. We are sitting on a bus and he is speaking with someone over the telephone. My sister tells me that she’s waiting for him to get off the phone so she can invite him to sit with us. This is the second dream about a president, and dreaming of them, denotes, great power, authority, and control as previously stated in the dream of April 28, 2015 of President Bush.

Actual Vision as if watching a movie: May 9, 2015

I am flying with a pool of dolphins and whales. This, I believe, is actual teleportation. I am actually flying about 20 ft ahead of them. I stop, turn around and start to communicate with them telepathically from the Pineal Gland, which people call the “Third Eye”, but is actually the “First Eye.” I see the telepathic waves leaving my First Eye/Pineal Gland, and it is flowing to them. The telepathic waves are purplish and violet in color. To see a Dolphin, according to Dream Dictionary represents: the conscious and subconscious aspects of yourself. “To see a dolphin in your dream symbolizes spiritual guidance, intellect, mental attributes and emotional trust.” (Dream Dictionary) on-line. In my opinion, very indicative of what  is actually going on with the conscious mind and higher self, Primer Creator, and the Ascension. Dolphins play a major role in the Ascension as they currently hold the Creator’s Energies until humanity has reached their supreme level when they can relinquish control to humanity, provided, we stop killing them, and in so doing, destroying our futures.  Sorry, must not let negativity overcome me again.

Actual Vision as if watching a movie: May 10, 2015

For a long while now, sometime, when I close my eyes, I see myself flying over land and see. I observe nature and it is extremely, lush, green and beautiful. A few months back, I mentioned that I teleported back in time witnessing Christ deliver the Sermon on the Mount. Well, forge ahead to this particular night of May 10, 2015, I barely close my eyes when I start seeing, again, beautiful, lush, green valleys, and I am teleporting back into time again. I arrive at the Sea of Galilee. I’m standing by the bank of the sea. I look out toward the sea and Christ is walking on the water approaching me. He arrives and give me a wonderful hug. We walk back out into the sea. I have all of my magnificent powers in tact, and I’m thinking, “why walk on the water” when we can fly up to the Heavens. WE IMMEDIATELY ASCEND. We are moving through the Milky-way System and its beauty is unparalleled. We continue ascending until we disappear. In my opinion, definitely, indicative of Ascension. Again, Dr. Stankov, this was absolutely no dream, but a beautiful vision as if being watched on a television, and from my point of view, just as powerful or more powerful than a dream because, I’m actually witnessing this. As my physical body is still here, it was the spirit that was transported into the Heavens with Christ, which may represent The Christ Consciousness and Ascension being very near. I open my eyes, and the vision has ended but it was a very powerful vision, much like the vision of the “Sermon on the Mount” some months back!!!

Dream Date: May 21, 2015

My older sister is with me. She give me a dress that cost $137 dollars. The numbers are very specific to me. 1+ 3+7 = 11. According to Dream Dictionary:

Eleven stands for intuition, mastery in a particular domain, spirituality, enlightenment, and capacity to achieve.  It is symbolic of your creativity and your vision. It is the beginning of the universe, creation, God’s holy number(s). Dr. Stankov, interpret this, as you will. Maybe there is significance or maybe not.

Dream Date: May 23, 2015

I dreamt that the entire world is empty and completely devoid of life except me and a few other people who are milling about. This is what I see when I look out the window, in this particular dream. I wake up, go to the washroom, come back to bed. I’m thinking about the implications of the dream, a little bit, and then go back to sleep, and the same dream, continues. The entire world is emptied, devoid of life, including animals, except for a few souls, humans, milling about, of which I am one. Absolutely not sure  what this dream signifies. Any insight on this would be appreciated.

Dream Date: May 26, 2016

I dreamt that I’m in a classroom. It is very noisy. The teacher calls me up to her desk. I can barely hear her with all the noise, and I tell everyone in the room to shut up so I can her what the teacher is saying. She calls me to her desk again. I go up to her desk and she states that it is time for me to take over the class.  I feel fear because I am ill-prepared to teach the class. I tell the teacher that she should have given me some notice so that I could have prepared a lesson plan. I sit back down because I’m ill prepared to teach. Dr. Stankov, this is one of the dreams, that I believe, the Creator wanted to impart to me, in re, my chastisement. Not certain, however but it is what I believe.

Dream Date: May 28, 2015

I dreamt that I’m in a building. I go to the washroom and sit down on the commode. There is a mirror directly to the left, and I look into the mirror. The reflection is not of me but of someone else, who is, obviously a mean-spirited person, (from the scowl and frown on her face) most definitely not me. I immediately turn away from the reflection and wake up.  Again, this is  ,for me, the Creator’s chastisement, which is to say, I looked in the mirror and saw someone else, not myself. To see someone else in a mirror while you’re looking at it is to say, “who are you? what are you doing? I’d lost my self-identity. I’d changed negatively. Again, this Chastisement by the Creator was done because I was losing myself and forgetting the purpose of why I volunteered to come here. A definitive reality check was needed. And, from my perspective, that just about did it, although the Creator gave me a final dream of Chastisement. See below.

Dream Date: May 29, 2015

I dreamt that I’m at some sort of convention. Everyone is talking and sharing knowledge. I am asked by these people if I am a Republican. I answer “no.” They immediately say, they will not impart any knowledge with me because I am a Democrat. I say to them, “what kind of logic is that? That does not make any sense.” But, actually, after the dream was over, I knew, once again, Creator was not done with the Chastisement. I think this dream was given because I’ve withheld, what I believed to be valuable information which you and the PAT may find useful or not. I was fighting my consciousness of sharing these visions and dreams, and decided against it during this time, because, again, was going through a negative period due to all the evils being presently committed against humanity, animals, natures, etc. And was asking the Creator the question, what will change, if anything? Negativity had ahold of me during this period.

Dream Date: June 6, 2015

I dreamt that I’m being initiated into an evil organization. The people are devil-worshippers. There is no way, this would ever be me, but again, perhaps, indicative of my negative situation for a short while, I was traveling down the wrong path, having negative thoughts, emotions, prejudices, etc., Initiation means traveling down a different road, which meant some different aspect of me that was not really me. Again, Chastisement by the Creator or reality check.

Dream Date June 6, 2015: Second Dream same night

**I dreamt that I was on a train and it was traveling in the absolute right direction!!!. In the dream, I did not know what city it was headed for, specifically, but knew we were headed home. My family was there. My brother and his wife were also on the train with other family members. My niece was there, and she died in 2007 from Stomach cancer. She was a small baby again of about 2 years old. I picked her up and was walking thorough the train cars. I gave her to my brother and his wife, as she was their daughter. I continued walking through the train, and then, I was on top of the train cars. The train was moving swiftly. I noticed that that train came upon a ditch of dirty water, and I just jumped over it, along, with the train, and we just kept on trekking. In the dream, I knew we were all headed home. My sister-in-law, got on one of the loud-speakers in the  train and started to speaking. Every one was dancing, laughing and cheering. All were happy on the train! For me, this is the final journey home. Creator brought me through the rough patch, and now the journey home in the right direction. Again, there were many people on the train, including my family, and we knew this was the right direction to finally go home!!! I cannot emphasize that enough. In the dream, it was a strong feeling that we were finally coming home and it felt wonderful!

According to Dream Dictionary, to dream that you are on a train symbolizes your life’s journey. It suggests that you are on the right track in life and headed in the right direction.  A fitting ending to all that has been going on with me personally,getting side-tracked away from the mission that I volunteered to leave Heaven and come here to fulfill. I heard the Creator’s call and answered it to come and help “Mother’s Earth and her inhabitants.”

Finally, Dr. Stankov, we arrive at the end of this email, however, we’ll end it with the last vision, (not dream) that I had a few days ago, June 18, 2015.

Vision June 18, 2015

I go to bed, and had barely closed my eyes, when immediately, a large United States Flag appear, the old Red, White and Blue, blowing in the Heavens, more like the Universe, for about 5 seconds. Then, it disintegrates/dissipates and one side of the Heavens, stars and all is Blue, while the other side of the Heavens, stars and all is Red. Both sides slowly merge together and become one Heaven again in mixed colors of purplish and pinkish or violet color.    I open my eyes and the vision has ended. I know that pinkish, purplish colors and violet colors are very powerful, and according to the Dream Dictionary mean:  Purple is indicative of devotion, healing abilities, loving, kindness, and compassion. It is also the color of royalty, high rank, justice, wealth and dignity.   The definition of “High Rank” may imply that we’ve gone as high as we can go on earth; now it is time to move on to the next level. Also, it seems that the other dreams that I’ve had over the last month or so, would coincide with, “High Rank” and moving to the next level.

Dr. Stankov, sorry this is so lengthy but I thought, if the answer you seek is contained within these dreams and/or visions, then you should be privy to review them all to possibly find what you are seeking. I truly hope that I’ve been able to answer the question(s) from yesterday’s email.  God bless you and Carla, and the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT).

Also, please feel free to share with the PAT as they may find it enlightening!

Love & Light,



Dear Shirley,

what an amazing dream and vision journey! It’s beyond what I expected but I was sure that you have been receiving your clear visions all the time.

However, I must admit that I am reluctant to accept your interpretation of being chastised by the Prime Creator for having some negative thoughts on the state of humanity. Who of us does not? I am not a great friend of the Christian concept of castigation or chastising as it presupposes the existence of the original sin and this is the most insidious idea that the Church has successfully used to suppress humanity by instigating bad consciousness and the sense of guilt in the believers for two millennia.

What is true is that since February we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, were engaged in the massive final cleansing of Gaia and humanity which takes the form of an alchemical reaction. During such an alchemical reaction we experience in a very personal, intimate manner all the negative patterns of humanity as these low-frequency energies flow through our mental and emotional fields, and even through our physical bodies, in order to be intensively felt and processed by us in an all-encompassing, conscious manner and then released in the Tao for ever. Such an alchemical reaction is a very personal experience and it does feel very bad and depressing for the most part.

I have gone many times through such cleansing episodes and really hate them. I remember that once I was so overwhelmed that I asked for help and relief from the HR. As Carla was with me, she received a message from the Elohim that I have given consent at the soul level to this kind of unpleasant cleansing experience and that there is no way to avoid it as I am very good at that and All-That-Is needs my contribution badly. The Elohim promised us to make a dispensation for a relief as they knew how much I detested such alchemical waves, but, in truth, nothing happened and there was no relief in the next two years.

I am telling you about this event to confirm that we have dedicated ourselves to this dirty cleansing work as light warriors of the first and the last hour, which manifest at the human level as a kind of castigation or chastisement, at least in the eyes of other people with a Christian background. Indeed, nobody can redeem us except when our HS allow this, which may seem as if the Prime Creator has taken our destiny in his hands, which is essentially true.

It is also true that this massive cleansing effort since the beginning of this year finally ended with the reclamation of Lemuria on June 4th and the creation of New Lemuria on June 11th.

I made the effort to follow your visions with respect to what we did at the same time based on the reports on our website and there was a clear correlation between your dreams and the parallel energetic events we were engaged in. This is for me the clearest evidence that you have not been chastised by the Prime Creator for whatever reasons, but have simply participated in a very active manner in this final cleansing effort.

Now we have entered a new stage in the ascension process, where we are only dealing with the ascension and anchoring of our 18 bodies in the New Lemuria. The transformations which Carla and I undergo these days, also today, are of extreme intensity and power and they come all of a sudden and smash us like a blob on the carpet, figuratively speaking.

I have forwarded your email to Carla to read it and then I will publish it tomorrow as it gives testimony to our steady ascension and merging with the unity Christed consciousness.

Thank you very much for your huge effort to make this documentation available to me and the PAT.

With love and light



You are very welcome Dr. Stankov.  It was an honor to compile this for you. Thank you for all of your feedback. God bless you, Carla and the PAT.

Much love and light,



Dear Shirley,

I also thank you from the bottom of my heart for this very important feedback on the current events. I will publish our correspondence today.

This night I dreamt, among other things, that I am a medical student in the last practical year as they call it in Germany and went with a doctor-teacher to the ICU with a group of students like me. There was an old woman delivered in collapse and now in coma and we were supposed to treat her. When the teacher wanted  to give an injection to this lady I recognized her to be a neighbour I knew very well. I asked the teacher if I could hold her hand and when he agreed, I took her hand and gave her a huge amount of vital energy. She awakened all of a sudden from her coma and when she saw and recognized me, she was in great commotion. So did the teacher-doctor and the other students around. “How did you do it?” they asked me. “Didn’t you know that I am already an ascended master and can heal anybody with my energies? ” I responded with some pride and they were all very delighted to hear that. During this conversation the old lady had already left the bed and disappeared from our sight, walking like a healthy person. “What about this lady?” I asked the teacher-doctor. “Will she make it on foot to her home? Why didn’t we ask for an ambulance to drive her home?” But she was already gone and we could do nothing about her and obviously nobody was particularly worried about her wellbeing, which meant to me that she was taken care of and nothing would happen to her.

I think that this dream and some more from this night dealing with New Lemuria and the upper 4D worlds indicate the full reclamation of our creationary activities as ascended masters and that we are now in the final preparation for this event.

Wish you a beautiful day today.

With love and light


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