Personal Opinions – July 28, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Feminine Energies


I have been calling this phenomenon the “Princess Leia” syndrome.  In the movie Star Wars, Leia represented the feminine energies and she had to be rescued twice. Once from the Death Star and Darth Vader, which represents the failing Orion systems as well as being chained up by Jabba, the Hut, who represents the bankers and money and application of the ego to our daily decisions and wants.

I know so many decent guys who want to try and make a difference, but they are absolutely being “thrown under the bus” by the systems and their women, who won’t stop and see the disinformation and lack of truths behind their lives. That’s not to say the men are completely innocent either, but they seem to try harder. The programming on TV is horrific and it’s what most of the women watch, especially here in the US. There’s a “real housewives” show on every channel rampantly spreading the disinformation. Even if they had all the money in the world, it wouldn’t pacify this displacement of energy.

The systems, through pharmaceuticals and multiple other angles, are doing everything possible to keep the feminine energy from being harmonized. They know that as long as they control the feminine energy, we are all screwed. That is, of course, without an MPR and a shift in the way the playing field works.

I have been thinking about this way too much the last couple of years, so I had to write when you posted about it.

I just ran into this video that was on the Internet about a man posting his wife’s erratic behavior. It’s priceless. I’m seeing this kind of garbage in relationships of so many friends. They get yelled at or threatened with divorce because they are trying to escape from the Orion systems and stop spending money. They are being called greedy for trying to stop being greedy. How much more toxicity can be attained? I think none. All I see, is the macro picture, but very few even want to discuss it.

You are a rock star in a world with very little rock and roll. Thanks.

Brad Barber

Dear Brad,

thank you for this insightful contribution to the topic “rampant female energies”. It think that this topic is very important indeed and will stay so even after ascension, as we need the female energies to balance the prevailing male energies on this planet, so that she can ascend. But one must be aware of the fact that energy can be harmonious or destructive, no matter how you name it. Female energies make no exception in this respect. They also follow the laws of constructive and destructive interference.

With love and light

The “Leia theory” is really just a fun way to engage some people who’ve never thought about much and are just now noticing how out of whack their lives are.  An old statement from George Carlin comes to mind, “Jesus was a cross-dresser.”

I am reading New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“.  Amazing work.

I really like the line, “Although it is rare enough to find true love on this planet, it is still more common than finding a true logical mind.”

Brad Barber

Dear Georgi,

I would like to comment on your recent email exchange with Alice. I have read many years ago the history and teachings of the White Brotherhood as well as books on El Morya teachings. I am grateful that Alice pulled many of El Morya’s quotes to refresh my memory as they would be difficult for me to find, but they are internalized.

I was surprised to read in your first response that you felt your major effort has been for our physical survival. My experience is although that has been of great benefit, your teaching and channel presentations have helped us all grow into our Spiritual Ascension. You have shown us how to be taught from within. I am also sorry you feel ‘mutated’ to a nurse. It is most certainly a valuable service at this time, and I am very honored to be in my 66th year and a nurse. It is a gift I have to offer and almost never rewarding. That is why it is a gift.

I would like to address Alice’s comment on what was probably my email concerning ‘bug bites’. I did respond to your reply, but perhaps you did not receive it. In my observation presented to you, I was trying to make two points, which Alice did not understand and perhaps you as well. First, and this has been addressed in a recent channel from you, the energies cannot but influence all elements even the grass. I was making that very observation to you by stating just as the venom from people, if so inclined will increase, so will even that of the insects and plants (poison ivy) in my example.

The second point was that this prevented me from working on my gardens, which is the joy in my life. I was being guided to let go of all, even the things I called ‘good’. It led me to a full time devotion to Gaia in spirit only, not physically. We are being told to let go of all and be in constant observation of what is around us and learn to understand the signs.

To quote El Morya in Alice’s email, “It is precisely the fire of straight-knowledge that enables one to perceive the unique qualities of the new signs in the midst of daily life.” In regards to Alice’s take on my email, I was not complaining to you about a LBP symptom or asking for a medical treatment suggestion. There is however, much to learn from this whole paragraph. If this is how you perceived my email then I apologize to you. I can only be responsible for my intent.

I have always enjoyed the email from all PAT expressing their experiences. It is a safe and supportive place to be. Even the emails that are either sent with malice or ignorance have been informative examples of even light workers, who believe they have reached the pinnacle of learning and are not open to others’ experience. Even the experiences presented by PAT emails, although not experienced by me, have guided me to explore further.

Again these are quotes from El Morya from Alice.

“Only conscious battle can lead the spiritual toiler to the fulfillment of his task, And a cloud of malice will pursue him because he strives to bring the planet out of it’s isolation.”
“Truly, only a few learn to rejoice at the need to face and conquer obstacles.

These quotes from El Morya speak to the PAT and specifically to the paragraph regarding the “silliness” of my email. I am always interested in how situations present themselves to others. Some situations ‘seem’ unbelievable, but as one remembers All-That-Is, you know we all have a piece of the puzzle and to respect that.

Quote from El Morya,

“The present day hero is sustained by the realization that from no earthy quarter can he expect cooperation.” I am proud to be considered a ‘madman’ who has severed herself from the ordinary, everyday way of thinking. I ask the HR to allow the PAT to remain in cooperation while on earth and in this forum, and to allow with respect and honor all pieces of the puzzle, especially the ones with integrity of intent.

Lastly, your quote from email exchange,

“This time is not about words, but about energies, which display their own truth in an inexorable manner and how one can incorporate them in his physical vessel

Indeed this time is about energies. The time devoted to reading the ‘words’ of the masters is much less in these times. We have read them, incorporated them into our being and remembered who we are. Now is the time to observe and listen to the energies and what they have to teach us and how they are guiding us.


Dear Jennifer,

in this very long letter, the only aspect that has been “left too short“, to quote a German saying, is the sense of humour. None of what has been said or published on this website is so important as not “to take the mickey out of it” (“Auf die Schippe nehmen” as the Germans use to say). Jerry has proved this in a brilliant manner recently with his ten points satire and he has really “nothing to laugh” (another German saying) after the death of his wife and due to his relentless LBP.

Besides, this comment was of general character and not addressed to anybody particularly. I have not complained that I have mutated to a nurse as I have made a conscious choice to do so for a limited period of time and this decision was indeed based on my deep understanding that it is about the physical survival of many members of the PAT, based on my personal experience with the LBP. The scientific, philosophical and gnostic background was always available from the very beginning and it has played a huge role for our common survival and comprehension of the murky situation on this most toxic planet in this universe. It all adds up to this end.

And if your email has contributed to it, even at the expense of an alleged misunderstanding on the part of others, one can as well close an eye to it and swallow it with humour, because  “the importance of being earnest” (Oscar Wilde) can kill any good human intention.

I think that certain topics should not be overkilled with extensive explanations, just as a patient should not be killed by an over-dosage. This is from one nurse to another. We are now entering the era of lightness, where everything we shall be able to create very soon will have the ability to dissolve in the infinite humour of All-That-Is.

With love and light

Dear George,

Thank Alice for her interesting contribution “About Rampant Female Energies“. Alice, as you share about Agni Yoga and ascended master El Morya  I found myself underlining much of page 6 after printing your article this morning.  It is so personal to you, George, in your fiery and dedicated effort, ending finally with the statement “The new scientific research will be inspired by the fire of straight-knowledge.  It is also deeply personal to PAT.

And I agree with you, Alice, with sadness. The clueless condition of New Agers is due to lack of focus created through profuse marketing of spirituality for money. There are practices and teachings that could have been sincerely and successfully focused upon and internalized to take one beyond their ‘comfort zone’. But then, perhaps these folks never really wanted ascension at this time?

George, we know you have dedicated yourself to the physical survival of PAT members and kept the morale high at the expense of your science. If we don’t say it often enough, we all deeply feel it and deeply know it. That is why we read only your website every single day at the exclusion of other news and websites. Your fire absolutely physically kept PAT alive and able to continue to undergo our own LBP, our mutation successfully.

In Light & Love,

Dear Dr. Stankov and the PAT,

I write to sincerely congratulate you on your magnificent service to humanity and in particular, to Gaia, herself. The past few weeks of reading at your site have inspired me and lifted my spirits no end, though I continue to experience LBP agonies and now dizziness to the extent that I know we are in the midst of, and near the end of, the great changes we have worked so very hard to accomplish and are about to experience. It has always been my contention, though I am often chastised for it, that there must be a reward for our work, that, yes, we may have volunteered for the job, but having, in my opinion, gone very far beyond what was required of us, the only worthy reward is reconnection to Source and a cosmic party! From my heart  I thank you and the PAT. I do not consider myself a member of the PAT, because I have no desire to lead, nor to teach, and have been here on a side mission, so to speak, knowing that eventually we will know that these most extraordinary times have not been in vain.

A special thank you to Jerry. His Top 10 were hilarious and it was wonderful that his humorous take happened to exactly coincide with my own explosion into high-spirited joviality, which continues. I raise a glass to you and to the PAT. Thank you.


Dear Barbara,

thank you for your good wishes and I do wholeheartedly agree with you that we now enter a new era of high-spirited joviality, padded with a good portion of cosmic humour.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I just wanted to tell you that my dream last night was being present  with I believe other PAT members in a huge field. There was a huge gigantic harvester– the kind of harvester you see on these huge industrial farms especially in the Midwest of the USA.  And this harvester was “people harvesting”– picking up huge collections of people  and depositing them where they needed to go– different 4D earths, I assume.  There was a kind of sadness and heavy feeling in the dream as if this great people harvesting was something that “had to be done” , i.e. the sadness that all these entities have had to fall to different timelines, etc. but there was also a sense of impending accomplishment.

That’s why I thought it was interesting when I read April’s message and her HS used this term “collective harvesting”, since we were busy people harvesting last night and soon it will be our own collective harvest – the PAT supernova. hooray!

Wishing you waves of bliss Georgi, and thanks for all you’ve given us and all your endless patience in your current role as  ”  nurse”!

love, Sarah

Dear Sarah,

the collective harvesting is now in full force and the ascension waves roll over us one after the other. Today (July 27) is another such wave and the peak is visible.

Then there will be no more “nursing”

With love and light
Your “nurse”

Dear George:

Thank you for the nursing assistance as it brings great energetic comfort. I stock my own insect repellent and apply as necessary. There is lots there in the exchange between you and Alice.

The Fire of Straight-Knowledge is quite a crucible and cannot be sugar-coated as sugar burns to ash, doesn’t it?  So you help us bear up and as this “beaten dog” stumbles across the crumbled landscape of a “comfort zone”, I think of all of you and smile. This time really is about energies, a statement that exists completely beyond words.


Dear George,

Much gratitude to you and April for confirming my personal experience of yesterday, July 26th, and events to come. I can testify to being untouched by lower energies in spite of the mundane events of the day.

Yesterday was a remarkable, out of the ordinary day energetically. Even with shoulders in and out of pain, headaches/nausea off and on and blah, blah, blah, my spirits were so high yesterday it was unbelievable. Nothing mundane or complicated could take them down.

In the afternoon my time and energy was dedicated to helping youngest daughter through issues that touched every Orion category – relationships, transportation, legal, banking, administrative and communication technology. Yet none of these phased this high energy I felt and everything went smoothly due to this energy. It was as if anything, anybody, any environment could not drain or disturb it.

HS did inform me a month ago to make dedicated time to go inside.  So I’ve been doing this during lunch time most days.

Here’s to Monday’s Alignment and PAT Supernova,


Dear Georgi,,

Thought I would check in with you.

I also have been feeling that calmness inside, and yet also an anticipated excitement, coupled with the fact I feel like I have been run over by a truck!  Physically I feel like I am coming apart.

Last night my head and ears started buzzing so loudly that I literally couldn’t hear out of my left ear. This morning the buzzing is pronounced in my left ear and head.

My husband and I had been bemoaning the fact that we wouldn’t be able to afford to go to the beach this summer, as it is a place we love and can relax. So we decided to save what little extra money we had and sell off things we didn’t need anymore, so that we could at least spend a day or two there.

This is the high season there, and we were afraid we couldn’t find any available rooms at the hotel we always stay at. The 29th was the first available day that was open! So I figured what better place to be if things go down that day!

Hope you are feeling well this day!

In Love and Light,

Dear Carla,

I have just received another cc-wave with huge descent of source energy (13.00 p.m. CET, July 27) but not as massive and painful as yesterday night and throughout the day. But the fact that I have two cc-waves in a row points to a series of ascension test runs that fuel incrementally our final ascension as PAT supernova and the triggering of the MPR. If I have tomorrow another cc-wave, which is highly likely, then we must expect the MPR any moment, Monday, Tuesday ,etc…

What is your feel? Tomorrow you must return to Canada as far as I remember your travel schedule. July 29th is the likely date to have an energy peak.

With love and light

PS: The intensity of the vibrations has increased one more time in the last hour (14.00 pm CET, July 27) and my left brain portal has now developed into a huge vortex. The frequency of the waves have also augmented and the headache is gone after a short nap, while the source energies seem now to embrace my body as if caressing and sucking it upwards. This is definitely a huge energy peak with a new quality. If it goes like this, the MPR may come even sooner than July 29th.

Dear Georgi,

There are massive energies around me as well. My dream was of a beautiful earthly vision of space ships a few hundred feet above ground with small shuttles going between each of them.

A MPR had occurred as there was destruction of a natural design (not from war) where buildings had collapsed.

I was there helping a woman out of a fallen down home, where she would not accept the help of the men, and they were reverent towards me, either as a woman (there were few women) or because I was an Ascended Master. I believe the latter because when I woke up energies were flowing out of my hands at high heat and velocity.

With love and light

Caro George,

solo per comunicarti la “notte di energia” che ho passato. Non riuscivo a dormire, avevo dei formicolii (tinglings/pins and needles/formications) su tutto il corpo, è iniziato dai piedi, come se mi pungessero tanti spilli. Mi sarò addormentata verso le 4 (guardavo l’orologio di tanto in tanto). Durante il sonno ho sentito una voceperentoria che diceva: “28!” e basta. Non ho sentito altro.

Ti mando un grande abbraccio e mille grazie per tutto quello che fai per noi.


Dear George,

just to let you know about the “night of energy” that I went through. I could not sleep, I had  tinglings / pins and needles / formications all over the body, it started from the feet, as if I was stung by many pins. I was be asleep at around 4.00 am (I looked at the clock from time to time). During sleep I heard a loud voice that said: “28!” and that’s it. I have not heard another.

I send you a big hug and thank you very much for everything you do for us.


Dear Rita,

thank you for this information. It is quite likely that we shall reach a peak in the night of July 28/29 when the new week begins. This is what I have just written to another PAT member. Today (July 27) is another cc-wave for me in a row which points to an imminent energetic peak – MPR, PAT supernova, etc.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

After a horrible week since July 19th, yesterday morning I woke up feeling joyful, light as if a great burden has been lifted off me. I felt like dancing all day and wanted to dance with each and everyone in this whole wide world, take their hands and pull them close to me and twirl them, and share big smiles with them. As the day progressed have felt tremendous love for Gaia and its inhabitants. And I don’t know how to explain it properly but I could feel as if I was lifting beautiful Gaia with my vibration and dancing with it. I am happiest when I dance so am not surprised this is how I envision it. Later in the afternoon yesterday I read your update about the MPR’s arrival and how we should hold Gaia up in the highest light. Wasn’t surprised when I read it.

Last night felt the thundering energy waves run through my body. It was a strong one. Today I was hit hard with another cc wave, probably feeling what you felt yesterday, it always hits me a bit later than you. But I can feel the excitement building up and here’s a big cheer for the Grand Finale!!

Love and Light to PAT,

Dear Pinakini,

thank you for your confirmation of the exuberant quality of the new source waves that accompanied the latest leap to higher dimensions yesterday as part of the incremental ascension process of Gaia and humanity in preparation for the detonation of the PAT supernova, the MPR and the final ID split (a triad of terminal events).

I can assure you that today I also have another cc-wave with another huge descent of source energies in my field, although not as powerful as yesterday. But the very fact that these ascension test runs now occur in series each day is the most reliable sign that the last phase of the ascension process has already commenced  and is inexorably climbing to a final peak…

With love and light

Even those not part of the PAT are being affected by Archons and proton waves

Dear George,

About 2:00 PM EDT, on the 24th, I received, what I considered, some very bad news from HUD regarding our complaint against our apartment manager. The manager was unwilling to apologize, but offered us $1,000 as a settlement for us to move. Given that my wife has been the active antagonist in this dispute with out manager and has continued to agitate even during the period of sensitive negotiations,

As a result, we will be forced to move from our apartment, in which we have lived for 13 years. I felt a huge amount of hostility and resentment against both my wife and the manager. I immediately began experiencing a severe migraine headache, which kept me in be for over two days, subsiding sometime around 2:30 this afternoon EDT. In retrospect, I could not help but feel part of this was the result of my ignoring Archangel’s Jophiel’s warnings about remaining centered and not “arguing” with those too grounded in our present 4D reality.

In retrospect, I became seduced by the praise which had been given to my latest short story; and, perhaps, I just wanted to believe I had somehow achieved a modicum of “success” and wanted to “bask” in it just a while longer. In any event, the last 48 hours has been incredibly painful, and I thank Archangel Jophiel, Jesus Sananda and those of you in the PAT who have guided me back to the correct path. While my dreams contain much of the same imagery as described by many of your PAT members, I still feel no inspiration from my HR of impending ascension.  However,  from now on, all I will take all guidance in your articles as if it were directed at me.

With love and light,

Dear Bob,

this is a very good decision and the right one at this time. Just let all these events not disturb you as they have no longer any power over us.

The MPR is coming in the next few days – read the latest message from April.


Dear George,

I’m prompted to send you a brief e-mail, having just read the July installment of Juliano’s lecture from the Arcturian Group of Forty.

In the past, I remember that you had a high regard for this source of information.

The lesson for July seems to be ominously benign in its lack of reference to the recent topics we have seen discussed by yourself, PAT and your other readers, viz. splitting 4D into separate timelines and their catastrophic events etc.

But most specifically, in the final seven short paragraphs of this article, Juliano defines a mandatory role by a Council of Elders (or surrogate), required to fulfil the Ascension protocols but appears to be oblivious to your/PAT presence and effectiveness in this role.

Two pertinent quotes he makes:

“There is absolutely no planetary Council of Elders now……….”

“My answer again is that there is nobody else doing that!”

Do you think maybe this source has also lost the plot in recent months and joined the ranks of the New Age Numpties?

Here is the link in case you have not yet read it:

I end by wholeheartedly adding my voice to the many expressions of gratitude and love, which you receive for your monumental service towards the Ascension of Gaia and which Juliano – the Arcturian – fails to notice!!

With Love and Light,
Henry (UK)

Dear Henry,

I read this lecture yesterday and was hugely disappointed for exactly the same reasons which you have so diligently outlined in your email. That is why I decided not to publish it. I almost expected such a downfall in quality as the channeller is completely unaware of the actual situation and will probably not ascend as the dices have fallen in the meantime. It is always like this.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

In the Energy Update of July 26th, the very last item on the page is a message from Birgit along with 3 photos of Angels. Let none of the PAT members doubt about these photos.  They are real.  (See Arthur Douët, French-American artist)

I found a wonderful quote from Emanuel Swedenborg’s works:

The angels are in sorrow about the darkness of the Earth. They say that hardly anywhere do they see light, and that men seize upon fallacies, confirm them, and by this means multiply falsities upon falsities…the angels especially lament over confirmations about faith separate from charity and justification thereby. They also lament about men’s ideas about God, angels, and spirits, and about their ignorance of what love and wisdom are.

In Love and Light,
Henry Clymer, USA

Dear George,

I experienced an attack a few days ago in my sleep (probably when we are more vulnerable) and woke trying to scream. I have been in the habit of asking for protection whilst asleep, but had been a bit lax in asking lately. It did me a favour as I am now back in the habit and indeed had the best night’s sleep last night that I have had for a long time.

The last week’s energy waves have been intense and have affected my legs to the point that they don’t feel at all solid when I wake. Two nights ago I had an intense pain in my right thigh which then moved to my lower leg and then a throbbing pain in my big toe. This went away during the morning.

My partner has felt depressed this week which is not normal for her, but understandable after reading the latest messages.

I have been fed up too, but feel much better today. The change is palpable and much lighter. A lot of people around us are acting out negative behaviours and I think the message to “say NO” to people is very accurate and timely. No more being a people pleaser.

I loved Jerry’s article especially the chocolate and bed part. Well done to him for still keeping a sense of humour in these end times. Better to help to get a perspective on the hologram with humour rather than angst.

Thank you for everything you do for us. You probably won’t know how many people you have helped until after ascension. But its likely a lot more than you realise.

Lynn, UK

Truly wonderful. Big sigh of relief from the PAT.
Thank you nurse George! Its probably your sense of humour that’s got you through this.


TO the Honorable Master,

Hello. It’s Mr. Trueman.

Today I had a dream, where I was in this White Place. All the people were white and bald. They all looked the same, you could not tell if they were man or woman.

I was surrounded by white. The people were transparent. And I felt good energy all around me. I did not feel anything bad at all. I felt all Pure.

I kept hearing voices all around, while at the same time people were talking. But the voices were coming from all around me, like it was coming from a stereo system. It sounded like prayers or hummings.

Some of the people there would just disappear as they were walking. And the energies felt good and like I was in a place, where everything was happiness and all Pure. Where you could never be uncomfortable or unhappy. I knew all of this was good. I knew it and I felt it inside of me.

And I don’t know why I visited this place. But I do know that I like it and I liked it a lot. One of the people there looked at me. And he just stared at me, but with kindness. After that, he looked away and disappeared.

Everything there, the buildings, the sky, was white. The buildings and structures there all had rounded domes. There were no doors, but there was a space in the form of a door to these structures. Inside these structures you could not hear the voices around anymore. You could just hear silence. When you went inside one of these structures, you could only feel your own energy and it felt like it was your shield to keep your own energy inside, where you could pray and concentrate and help the world separate. Inside the structure was all white and there were stairs inside but I didn’t go up the stairs.

After I left one of these structures, I felt even more of my energy alive. And like I recharged myself like a rechargeable battery. I walked a few steps and I saw a hole opening up like a wall before me. It opened up and first it was white, but the white started fading out into a pinkish color, then light blue, and after that it started turning dark blue with shining lights.  And as I walked into it, I felt a little bit dizzy. And two seconds after that, I just woke up. As I woke up, I felt really good with a lot of joy. It felt like it was a new day and the world had higher vibrations .

And I THANK YOU for posting your daily reports and I will be waiting to hear from you again on the website and I would be happy if you could help explain to me my dream and where I was if you could. And thank you for your help. I am now 13 years old and my mother never believed in reincarnation or in the things I tell her, until she read your writings and information. My mother understands me now. But my mother has a different sort of memory as to where she came from and how she got into this Pit. I say Pit because this world IS a pit now, but in a little while we will be in a much better place like the place I was in today.


Dear Trueman,

thank you for contacting me for the first time and for sharing your dream with me. It is obvious that you have visited in your dream the cities of light which are in the 5th dimension, where humanity will ascend very soon. All your experiences there fully coalesce with experiences made by other people, including myself, who have visited these cities in meditations or in the dream state. There are also out-of-body reports on the Internet which report the same things you have seen.

Hence you have been very lucky to have this vision as to know what is awaiting you in the coming days.

It was a good idea to inform your mother about our website and what is currently ongoing behind the veil.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

First, to know that you are experiencing the “bliss of 5th dimensional energies” after so many, many years of the LBP brings a huge relief, as I felt I could no longer bear one more report of your increasing physical agony. Furthermore, after experiencing the disappointment of all of the ascension delays, as well as the incessant attacks from your enemies, your victory of experiencing the “bliss of 5th dimensional energies” must surely feel all the “sweeter.”

Any words seem so very inadequate in expressing my tremendous happiness and respect for your sublime triumph in overcoming all of the extraordinary difficulties and sacrifices that were involved with your mission in service to God. You steadfastly “stayed the course,” exhibited enormous integrity, never settled for previous levels of attainment, endured all of the hardships, and — undaunted — demonstrated the greatest love for the highest truth.

Secondly, to receive the confirmation from April’s HS, in addition to the Elohim’s most recent message, that we are indeed on the cusp of our collective ascension has brought me indescribable happiness. I’m sure I speak for us all. It is like any professional athlete, musician, scientist, architect, artist, teacher, etc. who has devoted their life’s daily energies, through great striving and sacrifice, to achieve the culmination of their Divine Plan — and the victory is finally, finally nigh. The sense of excitement and fulfillment are almost overwhelming. My stomach is a bit nauseous today or else I would literally be jumping for joy!

With deepest, eternal gratitude, respect, and love, dearest Captain,


Dear Alice,

these new energies just give us a preliminary taste of the infinite bliss that is awaiting us in the higher dimensions very soon. The fact that this is possible now when the masses are about l go under in the huge deluge of the MPR is the most reliable sign that the ID split has commenced and we are on the cusp of our ascension…..

With love and light

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