Meine Vision für die neue Erde

Josef Fleischman, 7. Mai 2021

Lieber Georgi,

da es im Grunde nichts Neues zu berichten gibt, da wir fast alle unsere Möglichkeiten ausgeschöpft und die gegenwärtige Situation auf der Erde aus allen möglichen Blickwinkeln unter die Lupe genommen haben, habe ich mich entschlossen, zumindest meine Vision für die Neue Erde mitzuteilen, da dies das ist, was meinen Geist in diesen absurden und schrecklichen Zeiten am Leben erhält. In diesem trostlosen Sumpf gibt es kaum noch etwas, woran man sich festhalten kann.

Ähnlich wie du bin ich all der Alt-Medien-Denker überdrüssig geworden, da ihre Intelligenz auf den Grund des Marianengrabens gesunken ist. Sie liefern nichts von Wert, sie haben sich dem Schreiben ihrer verruchten Fantasiegeschichten hingegeben, sie haben ihre dunkle Vorstellungskraft, die von ihren unverarbeiteten Ängsten durchdrungen ist, wie ein gefährliches Biest frei laufen lassen und ihre armen Leser mit in den Abgrund gezogen.

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My Vision For the New Earth

Josef Fleischman, May 7, 2021

Dear Georgi,

since there’s basically nothing new to share as we’ve nearly exhausted all of our options and have scrutinized the current situation on Earth from every possible angle, I’ve decided to at least share my vision for the New Earth as this is what keeps my spirit alive in these preposterous and dire times. There’s hardly anything to stick around for in this desolate swamp.

Much like you, I’ve grown weary of all the alt-media thinkers as their intelligence has sunk on the bottom of the Marianna trench. They provide nothing of value, indulged in writing their wicked fantasy stories, they’ve let their dark imagination mired by the their unprocessed fears run loose like a dangerous beast, dragging their poor readers with them into the abyss.

Anyone who has successfully opened their heart chakra and is capable of discerning the truth from a lie, thus developing their conscience and a Unified chakra, better follow their intuition and discard all these abominations. One could compare it to the compass of Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean – it points to whatever you want the most. And that would be the Shift. Everything else is a fallacy and a false notion which only aims to create discord, misconception, division and disharmony. The Universal Law is Unity and Perfection.

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l portale 5.5.5 – Un appello alla vigilanza

Michael Schmitz, 5 maggio 2021

Rapporto energetico attuale sul portale 5.5.5

Georgy Alexandrov Stankov

La preparazione del portale 5.5.5 è iniziata 3 giorni fa e le energie si sono rafforzate lunedì e martedì. Lunedì ho camminato sulle colline, dove si trova l’interfaccia del Centro di Guarigione della Luce con questa realtà, e mi sono collegato con i regni superiori. È stato un incontro armonioso perché sapevo che lo Shift, lo spostamento stava avvenendo in piena forza ora e non avevo bisogno di chiedere di più.

Tornato a casa, ho notato nel silenzio dell’appartamento che stavo ronzando incredibilmente e mi trovavo in un vortice enorme e molto potente. Il suono ad alta frequenza era assordante. Il mio corpo era insolitamente dolorante e non poteva essere dovuto al solo vagare. Sapevo che le linee temporali dell’ascensione stavano attraversando un’altra anomalia magnetica dovuta all’IPM (inversione dei poli magnetici). Ho dovuto sdraiarmi dopo aver fatto la doccia e mangiato qualcosa perché ero esausto. Altri membri della SAP mi hanno scritto che anche loro hanno sperimentato un vortice lunedì pomeriggio e si sono lamentati di una forte nausea.

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The Portal 5.5.5 – An Appeal to Vigilance

Michael Schmitz, May 5, 2021

Current Energy Report on the Portal 5.5.5

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

The preparation for the portal 5.5.5 started 3 days ago and the energies picked up on Monday and Tuesday. On Monday, I went hiking in the hills where the interception of the healing centre of light with this reality is and connected to the higher realms. It was a harmonious encounter as I knew that the shift is happening now with full force and I did not need to ask for more.

Back home, I noticed in the silence of the apartment that I was buzzing incredibly and was embedded in a huge and very powerful vortex. The high-pitched tone was deafening. My body was unusually painful and this could not be from the hiking alone. I knew that the ascension timelines were undergoing another magnetic anomaly due to MPR (magnetic pole reversal). I had to lie down after I had a shower and ate something as I was exhausted. Other PAT members wrote to me that they also experienced a vortex on Monday in the afternoon and complained about strong nausea.

In the night to Tuesday, I had a splitting headache on the right side the whole time due to massive downloads of source energies. The pain continued unabated in the morning and then even peaked in the early afternoon. I knew that we were separating again big numbers of timelines that didn’t make it for the shift and some of them were destroyed by MPR as I felt the magnetic disturbances in my stiff and very painful body as has always been the case in the last 10-20 years.

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Das Portal 5.5.5 – Ein Appell an die Wachsamkeit

Michael Schmitz, 5. Mai, 2021

Aktueller Energiebericht zum Portal 5.5.5

Georgi Alexandrow Stankov

Die Vorbereitung für das Portal 5.5.5 begann vor 3 Tagen und die Energien haben sich am Montag und Dienstag verstärkt. Am Montag bin ich in den Hügeln gewandert, wo die Schnittstelle des Heilzentrums des Lichts mit dieser Realität ist, und habe mich mit den höheren Reichen verbunden. Es war eine harmonische Begegnung, denn ich wusste, dass der Shift, die Verschiebung jetzt mit voller Kraft geschieht und ich brauchte nicht um mehr zu bitten.

Zurück zu Hause, bemerkte ich in der Stille der Wohnung, dass ich unglaublich summte und in einen riesigen und sehr kraftvollen Wirbel eingebettet war. Der hochfrequente Ton war ohrenbetäubend. Mein Körper war ungewöhnlich schmerzhaft und das konnte nicht allein vom Wandern kommen. Ich wusste, dass die Aufstiegszeitlinien eine weitere magnetische Anomalie aufgrund von MPU (magnetische Polumkehr) durchliefen. Ich musste mich hinlegen, nachdem ich geduscht und etwas gegessen hatte, da ich erschöpft war. Andere PAT-Mitglieder schrieben mir, dass sie am Montag nachmittags ebenfalls einen Wirbel erlebten und über starke Übelkeit klagten.

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Bjoern Kurt and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, May 5, 2021

Hi dear George, 

It has been a while that I felt urged to write you and today my thoughts seem to be ready, the time available and since we have a perfect triple five constellation day  (5.5.2021 = 5 + 5 + 5) I seize the moment to express some thoughts on the aspect of trinity.

I have been following your webpage ever since and I feel honoured to be part of the readership from your very early days back in Bavaria. What a journey!

The frequencies are rising and rising and many of the past weeks have been physically distressful with all of the symptoms as left brain pressure and all other ailments connected with the growth in the light body.

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Michael Herrmann and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, May 4, 2021

Deutscher Michel: German national figure

I have been following your process and your website for several years now. As I have always had an interest in questions such as “How did the universe come into being?”, “Does it have a beginning and an end?”, “Why is nothing faster than light?”, “What is mass?”,… especially your explanations of the Universal Law and its application to physics have had a magical attraction on me. I have read your explanations to the light body process and ascension with interest, however, my mind always stopped here and I was often in the astonishment and admiration, how such a thing is possible at all. Nevertheless, deep inside I was always aware that your work and that of the PAT are as real as these unbearable political, economic, and social developments here in the 3D world. This brings us to the actual topic.

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Michael Herrmann e Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, 4 maggio 2021

Michel: figura nazionale e persona non grata

Ciao Georgi,

Seguo il tuo processo e il tuo sito web da qualche anno. Avendo sempre avuto un interesse per domande come “Come è nato l’universo?”, “Ha un inizio e una fine?”, “Perché niente è più veloce della luce?”, “Cos’è la massa?”, … specialmente le tue spiegazioni della Legge Universale e la sua applicazione alla fisica hanno avuto un’attrazione magica su di me. Ho letto con interesse le tue spiegazioni sul processo del corpo di luce e sull’ascensione, ma qui la mia mente ha sempre smesso di funzionare e spesso mi sono stupito e ammirato di come una cosa del genere sia possibile. Tuttavia, nel profondo sono sempre stato consapevole che il tuo lavoro e quello della SAP sono reali come questi insopportabili sviluppi politici, economici e sociali qui nel mondo 3D. Il che ci porta all’argomento vero e proprio.

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