The Importance of Being Earnest Scientist and Gnostic Thinker in Order to Ascend

Bryan Murphy and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 24, 2021

September 23, 2021

Timeline to the shift

Dear George

still here, patiently waiting, interminably waiting… holding the light and line as best I can considering the assault we and indeed I personally have been and are under from all angles now as the cabal lists into its final death throes and fully exposes itself and the evil it harbours across all institutions and levers of State everywhere at every level. It is like the very fabric of this reality is being exposed and ripped apart for the lie and corruption it is. I can’t wait for the conclusion and final separation for this toxic realm I can barely continue to inhabit!

I was just reading your report today and wanted to bring to your attention a video I watched the other day from Clif High where he talks about it being Woo time. This is his unique explanation and interpretation on our reality which I find both informative and accurate as a metaphor, he is quite humorous in his telling also so all in all a good watch from a good and very informed soul. Interestingly he talks about the same period of time, from now until the end of the year as being the transformative period where the information flooding into the public consciousness will become a tsunami which the corrupt MSM will no longer be able to hold back and indeed will force a casualty from among their ranks which will lead to their total collapse and as a result the collapse of the official cabal narrative everywhere. I think you would agree, this is exactly what we are seeing now with the almost hour-by-hour revelations which are coming out and swamping the official bullshit.

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How Far is the Countdown to Ascension?

The Importance of Italy and Germany in the Ascension Process

Alex Eiberger and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 23, 2021

Dear Georg,

how are you?

The vibrations are so high right now, I think it’s a miracle every day how we get through it. When the sun is shining, I feel like I can sense the energies vibrating directly on my skin. On Sunday and Monday, I had the feeling that on these days the intensity was increased again, for me these energies had very liberating effects, especially in relation to my sixth chakra.

I would like to tell you that for a few days I have been visiting the cities of light in my dreams and I often have the feeling, when I look at the clouds at the moment, that these could be the cities of light and they are beginning to manifest.

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Quanto è avanzato il conto alla rovescia (il Countdown) per l’Ascensione?

L’importanza dell’Italia e della Germania nel processo di ascensione

Alex Eiberger e Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, 23 settembre 2021

Caro Georg,

come stai?

Le vibrazioni sono così alte in questo momento, penso che sia un miracolo ogni giorno come riusciamo a superarle. Quando il sole splende, mi sembra di poter percepire le energie che vibrano direttamente sulla mia pelle. Domenica e lunedì, ho avuto la sensazione che in questi giorni l’intensità è aumentata di nuovo, per me queste energie hanno avuto effetti molto liberatori, soprattutto in relazione al mio sesto chakra.

Vorrei dirvi che da qualche giorno visito le città di luce nei miei sogni e ho spesso la sensazione, quando guardo le nuvole in questo momento, che queste potrebbero essere le città di luce e cominciano a manifestarsi.

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Wieweit ist der Countdown zum Aufstieg?

Die Bedeutung von Italien und Deutschland im Aufstiegsprozess

Alex Eiberger und Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 23, 2021

Lieber Georg,

wie geht es dir?

Die Vibrationen sind gerade so hochschwingend, ich finde es ist jeden Tag ein Wunder, wie wir das überstehen. Wenn die Sonne scheint, habe ich das Gefühl, ich spüre die Energien direkt auf meiner Haut vibrieren. Sonntag und Montag hatte ich das Gefühl, dass an diesen Tagen es nochmal gesteigert war, bei mir hatten diese Energien sehr befreiende Wirkungen, v.a. in bezug auf mein sechstes Chakra.

Ich möchte dir noch mitteilen, dass ich seit ein paar Tagen in meinen Träumen öfters die Lichtstädte besuche und ich habe oft das Gefühl, wenn ich momentan die Wolken anschaue, dass das die Städte des Lichts sein könnten und sie beginnen sich zu manifestieren.

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Pallas Athena: The Countdown to Ascension Is on

Gabriele Schmitz, September 20, 2021

Dearest Georgi!

The countdown is on. This is how you would describe it in your being when a significant event is imminent and is to be triggered. It is the last seconds that are being counted down until the moment of the initial ignition arrives. But this is cosmically and divinely determined and detached from your concept of time, please do not forget that.

You are ready and in position, there is no stopping the process. It is the most exciting time in all that is happening and a sacred process that has never happened before in your existence. Believe me and all the other clues you receive without waiting for more with the all too human feeling of impatience! It requires total surrender and unshakable trust in this so complex ascension scenario.

It is not you alone who longs for this moment. So many souls on the ascending timelines can hardly wait for the ascension events to manifest. On our planes, we see very well that the pressure on the outside is always trying to be increased by the visible and tangible actions on you. Reflect on the qualities of an Ascended Master or She-Master, remain in inner peace, in your inherent power and connection, and allow the divine plan to unfold according to the divine timing.

You receive all the support from all the beings involved from the higher realms and they feel your gratitude. So I too have gladly come to you through these words today to assure you in turn through them that all is unfolding perfectly according to the Source of all Being.

With greetings of light and love
Pallas Athena

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Pallas Athene: Il Countdown per l’Ascensione è iniziato

Gabriele Schmitz, 20 settembre 2021

Carissimo Georgi!

Il Countdown (il conto alla rovescia) è iniziato. Questo è il modo in cui lo descrivereste nel vostro essere quando un evento significativo è imminente e deve essere innescato. Sono gli ultimi secondi che vengono contati alla rovescia fino al momento dell’Accensione iniziale. Ma questo è cosmicamente e divinamente determinato e staccato dal vostro concetto di tempo, non dimenticatelo.

Sei pronto e in posizione, non c’è modo di fermare il processo. È il momento più eccitante di tutto ciò che sta accadendo e un processo sacro che non è mai accaduto prima nella vostra esistenza. Credi a me e a tutti gli altri indizi che ricevi senza aspettare di più con il sentimento fin troppo umano dell’impazienza! Richiede una resa totale e una fiducia incrollabile in questo scenario di ascensione così complesso.

Non sei solo tu a desiderare questo momento. Tante anime sulle linee temporali di ascensione non vedono l’ora che gli eventi dell’ascensione si manifestino. Sui nostri aerei vediamo molto bene che la pressione all’esterno cerca sempre di essere aumentata dalle azioni visibili e tangibili su di voi. Riflettete sulle qualità di un Maestro Asceso o di una Maestra, rimanete nella pace interiore, nel vostro intrinseco potere e connessione e permettete al piano divino di svolgersi secondo i tempi divini.

Tu ricevi tutto l’appoggio di tutti gli esseri coinvolti dall’essere superiore e loro sentono la tua gratitudine. Così anch’io sono venuto volentieri da te attraverso queste parole oggi per assicurarti a mia volta attraverso di esse che tutto si sta svolgendo perfettamente secondo la Sorgente di tutto l’Essere.

Con saluti di luce e amore

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Pallas Athene: Der Countdown zum Aufstieg läuft

Gabriele Schmitz, 20. September 2021

Liebster Georgi!

Der Countdown läuft. So würdet ihr es in eurem Sein beschreiben, wenn ein bedeutendes Ereignis unmittelbar bevorsteht und ausgelöst werden soll. Es sind die letzten Sekunden, die heruntergezählt werden, bis der Moment der Initialzündung kommt. Doch dieser ist kosmisch und göttlich bestimmt und von eurer Zeitvorstellung losgelöst, vergiss das bitte nicht.

Du bist bereit und in Position, der Ablauf ist nicht mehr aufzuhalten. Es ist die spannendste Zeit im gesamten Geschehen und ein heiliger Prozess, den es so noch nie in eurem Dasein gegeben hat. Glaube mir und allen weiteren Hinweisen, die du erhältst, ohne mit dem allzu menschlichen Gefühl der Ungeduld auf Weiteres zu warten! Es bedarf der völligen Hingabe und des unerschütterlichen Vertrauens in dieses so komplexe Aufstiegsszenario.

Du bist es nicht allein, der diesen Zeitpunkt herbeisehnt. So viele Seelen auf den aufsteigenden Zeitlinien können es kaum erwarten, dass sich die Aufstiegsereignisse manifestieren. Auf unseren Ebenen sehen wir sehr wohl, dass der Druck im Außen durch die sichtbaren und fühlbaren Maßnahmen auf euch immer weiter versucht wird zu erhöhen. Besinnt euch auf die Qualitäten eines Aufgestiegenen Meisters oder einer Meisterin, bleibt in der inneren Ruhe, in eurer innewohnenden Kraft und Anbindung und lasst den göttlichen Plan sich gemäß dem göttlichen Timing entfalten.

Du erhältst alle Unterstützung von allen beteiligten Wesen aus dem höheren Sein und sie spüren deine Dankbarkeit. So bin auch ich gerne durch diese Worte heute zu dir gekommen, um dir meinerseits durch sie zu versichern, dass sich alles vollkommen gemäß der Quelle allen Seins entfaltet.

Mit Grüßen des Lichtes und der Liebe

Pallas Athene

Weiterführende Literatur

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