The Greatest Illusion: Love Doesn’t Exist as New Agers Understand it and How This Illusion Leads to the Ultimate Ascension Scenario

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, May 2, 2024

I. What’s Love

As in all failed religions, the concept of love is the most abused term in the New Age which nobody understands. This particular illusion has contributed to the downfall of the New Age movement more than all other illusions put together. Let me tell you the plain truth:

Love does not exist.

This is another dark New Age euphemism that was introduced by dark sources from the astral plane through channelings to mire the star seeds. Why? Because All-That-Is is only energy and there are many different energies. The emotional energies are just one particular set of energies in the multiverse. There are many realities and universes where emotions do not exist. Does that mean that the entities in such realities do not know love according to the limited anthropomorphic definition of our beloved New Agers? Not at all.

In order for the New Agers to finally understand what love is, I have written a special essay that they should carefully read to finally liberate themselves from their fundamental blunder that they are loving beings and deserve to ascend, while all their critics like myself are loveless, soulless beings who deserve to be despised and shut down. They should stop using their illusory prejudices as a battering ram against all sincere critics like myself who want to make them aware of their inherent flaws with which they have no chance to ascend:

What’s Love

Most messages dealing with love are coming from the astral plane and reflect the limited awareness of the dark, unevolved archontic entities from this plane that are predominantly channeling the New Agers and have inserted the fake “Love and Light illusion” into their weak minds. They, themselves, know nothing of love, in terms of the all-encompassing constructive interference of all the energies in the 5D and higher dimensions that builds the condition of absolute harmony.

This harmony of all energies emanates everywhere in the energetic continuum and the perception of it is experienced as eternal bliss by all sentient beings living in these higher dimensions. This sensation is misinterpreted by the dark archons as unattainable love as for them the astral plane feels like hell or purgatory, which they cannot escape unless they decide to enter the incarnation cycle, which will happen, anyway, when I ascend and trigger the planetary shift.

This sense of bliss and absolute protection in the knowledge of one one’s immortality has nothing to do with the emotional energies to which the anthropomorphic concept of love is applied to as insinuated by these dark archontic entities in their messages to the gullible New Age channellers. The emotional energies of all humans are a specific set of energies that belong to this human incarnation experiment and they are created on the principle of separation of antagonistic energies by the extensive use of destructive interference as I have elaborated in my recent  article.

A Physical Model How to Explain the Imminent Manifestation of the New Earth and the Current Destruction of the Old 3D Matrix »

That’s the only way how energies can be manipulated to create new energetic conditions. The human emotions are thus a special, artificially created tool by our souls for this dense human incarnation experiment, so that all humans can experience extreme energetic polarities and learn to harmonize them through constructive interference and transform them into harmonic energies as I explain in the article on love above.

This is how we, humans, evolve as conscious creators of our energetic reality under extreme adverse conditions of separation and polarisation of emotional  energies. Of course, I could have explained these processes in a much more scientific and abstract mathematical way using wave theory, but I hope you get the point.

Human energies are not just a tool to experiment with, but are also an integer part of the human personality and influence our decisions in a decisive manner. When humans make a decision in their life based on emotions which can be of negative or positive nature – mostly by misusing the free will which is considered by most humans a blank check to make mistakes and abuse other souls with impunity -, they experience directly the impact of this decision, that is to say, they have a direct experiential feedback about the quality of their decision based on the quality of the emotions leading to this decision. This is how karma operates. The end goal is to harmonize all these divergent emotional energies and thus improve the quality of human life. This is the key evolutionary goal of the human incarnation experiment.

This is exactly what will happen after the shift when the entire energetic structure of the earth will move to a new state of constructive interference of emotional energies that will still be of human origin but will be much more refined and less polarised.

II. The New World Order (NWO) of Electricity

Let me observe at this place that the polarisation of emotional energies takes place within the electromagnetic spectrum  by augmenting the electric component of this spectrum at the expense of the magnetic component. The dark archons  that used to control this planet and humanity have always had the plan to turn human civilisation and the earth into an electric planet and society. Currently, the vampiric entity Elon Musk is the most prominent propagator of this idea with his electric cars, digital AI and other old Atlantean technologies which his faction intends to introduce one more time in the current End Time to enslave humanity.

That is why the dark cabal prevented the use of free photon energy that is of pure magnetic origin as I explain in my four videos on this topic:

Free Photon Energy – All Videos, Expanded Script

The discrimination between pure magnetic energies and pure electric energies is not at all understood by all humans, although it is in the core of their false conception of human love.

In the past, and by that I mean before the Industrial revolution, humans lived in a more balanced electromagnetic environment, that is to say, there was a balance between magnetic and electric energies. With the introduction of electric power at the beginning of the 20th century and in particular with the introduction of the internet and all kinds of electric gadgets in the last 3 decades, the imbalance was significantly shifted towards electric energies that permeate the human bodies and fields and influence them tremendously in a very deleterious manner, as some of you may know superficially without grasping the bigger picture.

For instance, in a magnetic world you have unrestricted expansion of the energetic fields and it is very easy to have the condition of superconductivity that allows the propagation of electromagnetic energy without any losses due to heat and radiation. By the way, I explained for the first time in the history of physics the theoretical conditions of superconductivity in matter in the new physical theory of the Universal Law. Under such conditions, the human civilisation will have access to unlimited energies as there is no loss due to transportation and friction. Currently, such losses amount to 40-60% of the available electric energies in high voltage lines and in all kinds of electric motors and generators.

The difference between more electric and pure magnetic energies, which will dominate the energetic structure of the new 4D worlds and will be much more malleable, was explained  to us in a number of Elohim messages years ago:

Magnetic Earth – Our New Home

That is why the dark cabal currently wants to turn humanity into an electric civilisation as they did once in Atlantis and thus fully manipulate and enslave humanity. In the first place, they limited the access to free energy, such as free photon energy by also introducing the false scientific concept of entropy that allegedly explains the dissipation of heat energy in the universe only to justify the permanent scarcity of energy as fossil fuels and other limited sources of energy that are being now used. Limit the supply of energy to humanity and it is very easy to enslave them.

In the 4 videos above, I explain how I eliminated the concept of entropy as a very dark archontic idea that was inserted by the evil cabal in physics as the so called 2nd law of thermodynamics by proving that there is infinite free photon energy that is easily available to humanity but was rigorously suppressed by the ruling elite and its evil scientific masterminds.

That is why the dark cabal is now adamant to introduce digital currencies that will be only accessible through electric gadgets, such as mobile phones and computers. Then it will switch off the electricity one day and will have all humans in the bag of the NWO as impoverished slaves. While the old NWO of communist origin as established in the Soviet Union, Eastern  Europe and  China during the Cold War was of pure political nature, such as brutal ideological oppression and ostracism of dissidents, the coming NWO will be of electric and digital nature and thus much more effective as we already see in China, but also in the West.

The introduction of the very deficient AI technology is another effective tool to enslave humanity on the new electric earth, which the dark cabal in power, in particular the vampiric faction behind Musk and Trump, but also the despotic Asian factions, want to develop after they have ousted from power the current reckless and very aggressive ruling reptilian faction in the West – in  the USA and EU.

The overwhelming prevalence of electric energies on the earth and the society creates a huge electric smog field around the globe as already achieved by 5G that permeates all human minds and shatters their natural intelligence. This is done by design as to prepare the people emotionally for the NWO by transforming them into electrically driven zombies.

Many humans have already reached this level of emotional and mental degradation through constant occupation with mobile phones, games, artificial reality, known euphemistically as Augmented Reality (AR), etc. Musk is doubling down with his Starlink satellites that will expand this electric smog into the stratosphere and with his devilish brain chips that will turn humans into biological robots.

In a few years the cabal will take complete electronic control over the human brain and mind, will shut down the emotional 4th heart chakra, the 5th throat chakra of intelligence and block the 6th and 7th chakras of spirituality and ecstasy that connect the human incarnated personality to the soul, unless I ascend in the coming days and prevent this electric inferno.

Every intelligent, spiritually awakened human being should know what is at stake in the current End Time and vehemently oppose these dark vampiric plans of total electronic enslavement of humanity. Unfortunately almost all New Agers are completely unaware of this imminent mortal danger as they are so much mired and blinded by their fluffy-rosy Kumbaya “love and light illusion” that they take no notice of  this danger and do nothing to oppose it as I have done with this article of enlightenment.

Of course, these dark vampiric entities will only be successful if they manage to survive my ascension as Logos God and the planetary shift that my ascension will trigger, which is highly unlikely. However, these dark ones will be allowed to partially implement their heinous plans on the descending earth in the interim period and many humans will be confronted with some very challenging experiences in the years ahead before they fully awaken.

III. The Current Infighting of the Dark Cabal Factions Leading to my Ascension, the Planetary Shift, and Their Demise

That is why I will give you a short synopsis of the different dark cabal factions and their current political infighting for world dominance. This information is only available to me, being the chief architect of the ascension scenario  on the ground as an incarnated personality and as Elohim monad from the Source.  All New Agers should read very carefully the subsequent explanations as they all have absolute no clue what is currently happening on earth. This ignorance is very dangerous and deleterious not only to them but also to the entire ascension process as they cannot support it as long as they are clueless. Here it is.

The Russian, Chinese  and other Asian cabal are a separate dark faction but they collaborate in a secret way with the western vampiric faction and fight against the western ruling reptilian faction behind NATO in Ukraine. Currently they are winning this war and pave the way for the vampiric faction to take over power in the USA and Europe.

The Khazarian Jewish Mafia is another separate faction that played until now a key role in the world hegemony as they also control the financial system and by default most of the economy. They want to be part of the new dirty boys’ club, but haven’t made up their mind to which faction to lean as they want to preserve their preeminent role in this new power grab, which we observe in these final days prior to the shift.

The Asian faction does not want to deal with the Jews as it wants to replace them as the new Chinese and Indian Jews who will control  the world economy and finance. The vampiric faction in the West has not made up its mind, whether to embrace the Jews who are known to behave like unguided narcissistic missiles.

As the more clever Khazarian gangsters do not want to go under with the old reptilian faction, which also includes the ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel, they have made up their mind to get rid of Israel as a fake Jewish state that is only shackles on their legs. This Jewish  mafia around Netanyahu wants to destroy Israel, get rid of this ballast, and move freely on the international stage where they hope to continue ruling the world without the annoying burden of the crazy Orthodox Jews who are striving for eschatological salvation, in full ignorance that they will never be raptured as they are so dark. That is why Netanyahu started the war against Hamas in Gaza, in cahoots with the latter, which he has already lost and is about also to lose everything personally and end up between all chairs.

This evil Jewish faction is now stirring unrest at the US universities on behalf of Gaza and the Palestinians by pushing the naive students to demand from their government to let all Palestinians in the USA as refugees, knowing that the US citizens will oppose this decision vehemently. This is all but a prelude to the impending civil war in the USA, which was already announced by the evil monsters Obamas in their recent film, and which the current ruling reptilian faction behind Biden and Blinken is stoking as to postpone their defeat and demise from power by the vampiric faction behind Musk and Trump.

The mentality of these dark entities is that while they are dying, crawling on the ground, they will still try to bite your ankle with the last gasp. When they realize that they are defeated, they want to bring down the entire humanity and destroy it. This will not be allowed to happen!

Read also here: The Energetic Background of the Upcoming Global War in the Middle East Leading to Our Ascension 

I personally don’t see how the vampiric cabal will embrace Netanyahu after they take over power in the West. But they do not want to touch this evilest Khazarian mafia around him as they are hot potato and the vampiric factions behind Musk and Trump do not want to burn their fingers. That is why they leave it to the old reptilian mafia behind Biden to finish them, before this faction also loses power and thus do the dirty job for the more clever and insidious vampiric faction behind Trump and Musk.

That is why Trump is in no hurry, and neither is Musk, as these vampires are more patient and clever than the ruling reptilians, but also more dangerous for humanity. They know how to manipulate the human masses much more effectively and with a better psychological understanding as the current reckless, militant reptilian cabal in power. If it were not for me to decipher their heinous clandestine moves on the political chess board and alchemically prevent them, humanity would have been enslaved a long time long time ago under the NWO.

The difference in the energies of the two rivaling factions – the current still ruling reptilian faction behind Biden, the EU and NATO, and the still clandestine vampiric faction behind Trump and Musk, and some other heads of states, such as Javier Milei of Argentina and Bolsonaro of Brazil – can be very well perceived by watching these two films and attuning to the prevailing energies they emanate.

The first film on the upcoming civil war in the USA that was just released was financed by the Obamas, the puppet masters of Biden. It depicts the dark, hopeless, meaningless destruction of the entire American nation in a civil war that is planned to explode this summer. The energies of doom and gloom, of total genocide and devaluation of human life permeate this reptilian film to the extreme and make it almost impossible to watch in its dreadful realism:

Civil War trailer – (Faction of war and destruction)

The second film that will be released soon is financed by the vampiric faction and reveals in a satiric way the main historical lie of the old reptilian faction – the falsification of the moon landing by Stanley Kubrick as the director of this science-fiction movie fraud, which is known to the awakened humanity for a long time. He was killed by the cabal in 1999, immediately after he finished his film “Eyes Wide Shut”, where he revealed the secret life of the ruling cabal and was intending to make some more shocking revelations on the disgusting crimes of the ruling cabal, the life style of whom he knew very well as he was part of this clique for a long time.

The energies of this film are much lighter and promote a better future for humanity as this faction also possesses some 4D technologies as advanced space crafts that allow them to fly to the moon and Mars, which they may eventually release at a later date, after they have gained full control over humanity. That is why Musk does not get tired of praising so much his futuristic vision of colonizing Mars, while his rockets to the Moon explode all the time after launching, so that his announcements sound more like empty boasting.

For instance, Trump’s uncle was a renowned physicist who was appointed to study and gain full insight into the extraordinary technologies on free photon energy, which Tesla developed throughout his life but were either stolen or suppressed, respectively destroyed through arson by the dark cabal, first and foremost by reptilian banksters family of the Rockefellers. Tesla died lonely and abandoned in a shabby room in a New York hotel and all his scientific archive was confiscated by the US government and given to Trump’s uncle for analysis. There are credible sources who say that Trump is in possession of Tesla’s secrets that were given to him by his uncle.

Trump was definitely very proud as president to have established the first space force in the USA, about which he trumpeted proudly for a very long time, but he didn’t reveal anything what this force is actually all about. One can only surmise that his vampiric faction is in possession of all the 4D technologies that were given to the dark human cabal by their ETs masterminds from the Orion/Reptilian empire in the 20th century to control humanity when the End Time arrives, which is now. This is how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

Fly me to the moon trailer- (Faction of patience and insidious clandestine control)

This vampiric faction intends to begin with some controlled revelations after they take over power in order to discredit the old faction and win the sympathy of the awakening  humanity as their saviour. Hence the release of this film. They have though no intentions to release the real revelations about all the crimes of all these factions, as I will do after my ascension and appearance as Logos God and the new world spiritual teacher.

Read here: How We Shall Transform the Old Orion Banking System and All Communication Means From the Quantum Field After Our Ascension and Thus Liberate Humanity

For this reason, I will ascend before this faction takes full control over humanity and prevent them from installing their agenda, which is less martial and destructive than the reptilian agenda, but even more dangerous for the awakening humanity on the long run as it can pretend better to be of the light, while the reptilian faction is decomposing under the current barrage of high frequency energies from the Source (Central Sun) and cannot survive this energetic environment because the reptilians as shape-shifters are very low vibrating and a dying species. One can witness this process of decomposition very well on the reptilian British royal family that is about to be extinguished any time soon.

I hope  you get the current political picture leading to my ascension and the planetary shift that will obliterate all these heinous plans of the different dark cabal factions. But their plans must first progress sufficiently enough to be also seen by the masses, before the redemption through ascension comes. The current End Time ascension scenario unfolds according to the principle “resolution through  escalation of confrontation“, which I first introduced as a concept in 2012. I have  discussed this  scenario in my recent article on the war in the Middle East (see link above).

I  am digressing from my original topic on love but all these energetic phenomena are closely related and very complex, hence all humans still do not understand them as they presuppose the intimate knowledge of the new physical theory of the Universal Law which is the law of energy = All-That-Is. The upcoming revelations  after my ascension will begin first with these very dark aspects of human life on this prison planet.

IV. Back to Love

Back to human love. The dark archontic astral entities have no access to the blissful experience of constructive harmony of all energies in the higher dimensions as they have separated themselves from the soul and these higher dimensional energies. They know that in a painful way as they are telepathic beings because in the astral plane telepathy is the normal way of communication.

These dark entities are very insidious and they know that we, humans, are also separated from these blissful energies, however, not by our wrong doing but because we have chosen consciously these difficult incarnation conditions on the earth in full energetic separation from the soul, in order to evolve quicker at the soul level. Contrary to the dark astral entities that channel humans, we still have direct energetic connection to our souls and this is also described as “God’s spark” in the older esoteric literature.

As soon as we die, our soul fragments immediately return back to 5D and higher dimensions, depending on where the soul fragments originally come from.

In knowledge of the true nature of energy, I must stress at this place that the human separation from the soul in incarnated state is very artificial and it affords the use of extreme amounts of Source energies to sustain these separation blockages through destructive interference. The normal energetic state in All-That-Is is total openness and permittivity of all energies and unrestricted immediate energy exchange. This is the basis for any immediate creation at the soul level as all humans will experience when they ascend to 5D and higher.

The  dark archontic beings in the astral plane are immortal as they exist in their astral body that is vibrating with 4D frequencies and prevents them from entering the 5D, while all humans can enter 5D and higher dimensions after death and experience these blissful realities, also known as Celestria in the older esoteric literature.

From the astral plane, these dark entities can also incarnate on the earth by avoiding, that is, short-circuiting the incarnation cycle and karma for the time being. On the earth, they assume leading positions in the society as the ruling dark cabal or as rich and influential people and rule over the stupid goyim. That is why they suffer from a god-like complex as they believe to be superior to the incarnated humans who are indeed very limited  species on purpose.

This privileged position of these dark archontic entities will last until I ascend and trigger the planetary shift. After that they will have to begin with their incarnation cycle on a lower very dense earth planet that will last one whole eternity as they have accumulated infinite karma which  they need to process and release first. Their life will be hell for many incarnations to come as they will incarnate among themselves, the most evil entities in this multiverse, and will have no humans to exploit and energetically sponge on.

These archons know about their gruesome future destiny and they dread it, and try to avoid it at any price or at least postpone it. That is why they are so adamant to channel dark messages about false love to the New Agers and mire them in their gullibility and stupidity to postpone the ascension.

This is how the New Agers, who were supposed to become the  spiritual wayshowers of humanity, were degraded to obstructionists of the ascension process by the dark channeling archons under fictive names of ascended masters or angels. Please, bear in mind that in the  higher realms human names have no meaning and that there are no ascended masters as human personalities but only energy. This is another bollocks of these dark ones.

For the same reason, they have increased their dark attacks on me this year as they  know that I have already succeeded as Logos God with my preparation of the planetary shift and that ascension is imminent. This insider information should really be internalized by all New Agers if they want to move forward, it is worth gold.

As I said above, the dark astral beings know about the existence of the 5D and higher dimensions as they are telepathic and come across beings from these dimensions. At the same time they feel excluded from these dimensions which they regard as paradise, as Celestria, and envy the humans who are in the process of ascending very soon to the new earth on 5D, thus surpassing them on the wrong lane of the highway. That is why they want to prevent the ascension of most humans with all possible heinous means, including human genocide as we are still experiencing during the fake coronavirus epidemic and subsequent vaccinations.

This false epidemic and lockdown was enforced by the big ugly reptilians from the astral plane and from Earth worldwide by forcing all governments to do so under death threats. Those who declined were killed as some African leaders. I removed this group of vile entities from Earth with the help of the GF in a dramatic battle on 10 June 2020 after they directly attacked me in Italy as soon as I published my groundbreaking article “Why there are no viruses“. I wrote about this decisive battle that saved humanity on my website. Had I lost, humanity would already be under the NWO and people would not have woken up, as is the case now.

Precisely for this reason, they want to take revenge on humans when they are in the astral plane and tell the New Agers in channelled messages the fairy tales of human love, which is a substitute for the all-encompassing harmony of bliss in the higher dimensions as they know that humans  cannot feel these blissful energies in incarnated state. These rascals tells the New Agers that they must first develop unconditional love, especially towards all dark entities that harass them all the time, or even lull them to believe that there are no dark entities at all, and only humans have dark sides that need to be released, etc., in order to ascend, while trying to prevent this ascension with all possible means.

They do not explain to the New Agers what love really is as I explain here and in my article above in an impeccable scientific manner because they know that these humans are so lazy and disinterested that they would rather swallow any lie then check the truth when it is presented to them on a silver plate as I do with this pivotal article. In this way, the dark astral archons create huge bad conscience and inferiority complexes but also a lot of hybris and unduly high-esteem in all New Agers as an expression of their deep-seated human fears that they still need to process in order to ascend.

This is the emotional make-up of all the New Agers who have become energetic hostages of their dark channeling astral entities. Many of them are also directly possessed by these archontic vampires, as I explained in a special case study in this article, chapter Reason 6.

Most of the channellers in the New Age are women who have had a long career as witches in Atlantis and after the fall of Atlantis, to which they vastly contributed, and have the affinity to attract such dark entities and to allow them to possess them as they feel comfortable in this dark energetic environment. I know most of them at the soul level.

These women, and less so men, always speak of love in their monotonous and redundant videos presenting dark messages or shallow, bigot New Age sermons. One only needs to look at them to know that they have never experienced remotely any emotion that approximates compassion, understanding, mercy, openness, tolerance, desire to help, etc., in other words, they have never possessed all these virtues and if one carefully reads their texts, they never use the word “virtue“, which is the most neglected word in the entire New Age literature, because these duplicitous people have none.

This is the least understood aspect of energy in the New Age community that does not know what self-reflection is. They have also no clue about the nature of energy in general and about the dark energies of all the archontic and demonic entities from the astral plane, also known as Ahriman forces in the Theosophic literature. These are in a constant battle with the incarnated light warriors on earth, and in particular with me, as their greatest and most powerful enemy, as I have explained in other articles recently.

I have also reported regularly on my website on the epic battles which I and PAT have led against these dark archons from the earth’s astral plane and from other worlds and have eliminated them numerous times from this planet and its infinite timelines. But we cannot eliminate the demonic dark entities that directly possess the human beings due to free will as only these people can do that in order to release their karma. Hadn’t we been so successful in this permanent war against these infernal bastards, none of the New Agers would have had any chance to ascend, and we would not have been so close to the planetary Shift as is the case now.

This chance still exists notwithstanding the fact that the New Agers became an easy prey to such dark entities and their faulty and very heinous interpretations on the ascension process which they want to prevent at any price out of pure schadenfreude. Unconsciously, the lightworkers have become minions of the dark Ahriman forces from the astral plane and actually contribute to the prevention of the ascension of Gaia and humanity. Of course, they evoke the opposite impression in their dark channelings and mind-numbing New Age sermons, but this is part of the total confusion of the New Age and humanity in these final days.

The most insidious of all dark archontic ideas is, however, the idea of love which these dark entities inserted into the confused minds of the New Agers, and they swallowed this lie hook, line and sinker. And what is worse, they use it indiscriminately and very aggressively as a battering ram against people like me who try to enlighten them in the aforementioned manner and made them aware of all their illusions, to which they have succumbed and accepted as pure gold.

Never awaken a person from a deep spiritual slumber as he may run amok and kill you.


I am not saying that one should not receive and publish channelled messages from the Higher Sources, because we have received and published many messages from the Elohim over the years that have contained important information which we could not have known. The only thing that matters in such a case is what the content of the messages is, what valuable information they convey, how congruent and consistent they are and how high they resonate.

It should be the obligation of every channeller to analyse the messages he receives against these criteria and if they do not fulfil them, to discard the source as dark and also the messages received. It is always possible to channel dark sources, it has happened to us too, and that is not a bad thing, just as you meet virtuous people in life, but also scoundrels. The important thing is to be able to exercise discernment and steer away from dark people… and channelled messages. This is the quintessence of a wise, awakened person and even more so the obligation of an ascended master in spe.

I have been actively channelling from the source for more than 3 decades and have thus discovered the Universal Law and developed the new theory and gnosis of all sciences. This is the greatest intellectual achievement in the history of mankind and its science. It is an interactive channelling, whereby I take full control of the information transmitted and its linguistic form at all times, i.e. I am fully responsible for the absolute correctness of the statements according to the strict rules of the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law, which is also the logic, the Logos of the Source.

This last statement must first be properly internalised by all readers, because it does away with all 3D arbitrary opinions of all people incarnated on this earth, because they are all false statements and knowledge systems that merely reflect people’s unreflected views of this illusory 3D matrix and will be abolished once and for all with the Ascension. I have written a great deal on this subject. Ascension is all about the absolute truth, and on this earth, under the given circumstances, it is only contained in the new Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law. Period!

Here is a message from the Elohim on the above subject that fully confirms all this. It embodies the clarity of the Source, contains important information that is not accessible to humans and at the same time it clears up the false anthropocentric interpretation of the concept of human love, as I have explained in detail in the above publication.

Elohim Message

It is the beginning of a new era, where the hearts and souls of mankind shall open to the new ways of love, joy and light, all sacred frequencies that flow into the awareness in each and all of you.

It is your duty, as Ascended Masters, to embrace this moment, to seek out the highest reformation for yourself and for Gaia, and to open up to the flow of these frequencies from All-That-Is that come crashing upon your shoreline like a wave of unparalleled omniscience, and with the omnipresence of the Source, that serves as the foundation to your evolution.

Hold onto the stream of love and ecstatic joy that is flooding your fields now and share this love to all humanity! This moment in time has unique qualities as it is melding connections within your energetic being, within your light body, at a quantum level, where only love/ joy becomes the foundational essence, which supports the evolutionary path to the Higher Realms.

You are true Alchemists, each and every one of you, who know that those who seek to burden the human race through one manner of bondage or another, will not succeed! Yes, this is a time in humanity’s history where those who have ruled and been the veritable scourge of the earth are, finally, losing power, or at least control over the reality before them, because it is as though the world is slipping away, through their hands – between the fingers that have clutched onto the human spirit for so long, and leaving them instead scratching their heads; for no change is visible to them, practically.

Their weakness comes from the powerlessness of opinion, and not from science nor philosophy, both of which shall bring salvation to your worldly existence.

The alchemical creation of love represents a harmony that within your fields now moves into the crystalline grid, the life force of the New Gaia.

This expression of Source that you call ‘love’ is actually the harmonic resonance of pure harmony, and stands as the jet fuel for every single alchemical reaction within the UniverseIt is the foundation of all creation and flows naturally into the infinity wave of All-That-Is. It is the supporting energy of all knowledge, all understanding, all compassion.

It is necessary for the human vehicle to open up to this energy, in order to receive the harmonic patterning for the ascension of the collective. It is further necessary to hold this energy within the physical vessel, in order to get inner connections to multi-dimensional expansion and expressions within the ascension that is here now.

When humanity holds fast to this energy, Gaia then receives this sacred life force into her crystalline grid.  Simply hold Gaia in your thoughts and in your hearts, and with the strength of conviction that you are the nexus point of creation during this precious expansionary event.

This opening, this portal, is a marathon production, so fall into the flow of harmonizing essence from the outer expressions into your own inner expressions through the power centre of your vessels, the third chakrathe chakra of manifestation, where the alchemical construction occurs for the foundational essence of inner strength, clarity in sense of purpose and in your own divinity, to be shared with all humanity.

The power centre, the third chakra, is where co-creation exists within the extraordinary field of the golden resurrection flame. It is the power centre that works in conjunction with the fourth and fifth chakras, to produce the three-fold flame of what you call the “Christ consciousness”. Within the fifth dimension, the three-fold flame (which I activated in all ascension candidates since 2019) projects a constant stream of joy and that is what powers all creation at this level.

With reference to the Universal Law, this gestalt has now successfully birthed itself into the fifth-dimensional crystalline experience and embedded itself energetically within, as an actual grid overlay and is also now buried in the DNA of humanity. These structures support the divine ordinance known as Truth.


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